July 28, 2023

How to Ride Dick To Drive Him Wild – 14 Sex Positions Tips

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how to ride a dick using 14 sexy sex

Learn Step-by-Step how sexual pleasure and sexual chemistry gets enhanced when a woman knows the exact secrets behind how to ride dick correctly.

Riding dick is really fun, as it is one of the top hot sex moves that every man and woman love. It is also known as woman on top sex position, and it is one of the favorite sex positions for a lot of women around the world.

It’s because bouncing up and down gives full control on the depth of penetration, which in turn helps her to reach orgasm at her will.

Though the woman on top sex position is exciting and thrilling, it also requires some skills and ideas to do it nicely.

In this post, you will learn how to ride a dick effectively, and riding dick tips, using proper rhythmic movements for better sex, simultaneously helping your guy to feel the pleasure inside him.

The main theme of the girl on top sex position is the men gets the perfect view of your bulging breasts, erect nipples and your sexy lingerie, which is really a big turn on for him. 

Riding dick is all about touching the right spots with proper speed and timing.

You need to make sure that the angle or the sex position you chose while riding his dick is perfect for intercourse.

Note, if you want to learn the secret behind how to ride a dick, you need to make sure you provide your guy with all the fun and pleasure he deserves.

Riding a dick is not only about women’s enjoyment, it’s also about making the ride joyful and pleasurable for your man too, using multiple woman on top sex positions.

Let’s learn how to ride dick perfectly using different woman on top sex positions.

1. The very first thing you need to know while riding a dick is not to feel nervous or anxious about it. Take it as fun and enjoyment, forgetting all your worries to have perfect dick ride.

Otherwise, it could be painful and tense for both of you. So better avoid a situation where you guys regret about it and never want to try it again in life.

2. Secondly, to enjoy this woman on top sex position, start with a nice foreplay, kissing, biting, hugging and teasing one another in order to ensure you both are highly excited and turned on. He should be hard below, and you should be wet inside.

3. Foreplay in sex is the best tool to get things going. You cannot just go on top of him, vibrate back and forth, grind and moan and start riding him bouncing up and down.

You need to understand that vibrating back and forth to enjoy steamy sex is a secret that you need to learn. Start slowly because sex cannot be enjoyed without good foreplay

4. Stay bold enough to look straight into his eye. Talk dirty to boost your confidence and build the required connection and intimacy while riding his dick.

Once you feel confident, you can also start talking dirty with seducing facial expressions to make him feel that you are his horny wild tigress absolutely ready to give him the best ride of his life.

5. I believe teasing in sex is the most important foreplay idea. That is why every couple should learn how to flirt and tease during sex.

Don’t rush immediately to ride his dick, take it slowly get on top of him, grind your hips and stand on his head sensually running your clitoris on his lips.

Let him suck your beautiful juices for a while to make you moan and groan with immense pleasure for a while.

6. When he is done licking your juices, stretch it a little further to make him wait a bit in order to build up the anticipation by running your clitoris on tip of his dick.

Grind on top of his tip going deep but only a few inches, massaging his balls. Now rub your clitoris against his balls to make things more slippery and hot. 

You can see from his expressions that he is dying to take your cunt deep inside his penis. Make him beg for it (that's the beauty of this woman on top sex position) and when he is least expecting, just push it deep inside while you're on top.

Believe me or not, it’s really tempting and enjoying, and you cannot ask for anything better than this.

7. Now, it’s time to continue the whole process as you vibrate back and forth & thrusting in him deep to and fro. Remember one thing, if you feel that he is really enjoying the whole thing, he will definitely cum early.

To make it last longer, try to slow down things a little bit to delay the ejaculation process to get a little bit extra out of the sexy dick ride.

14 reasons why riding dick is absolutely fun for women

8. Another way you can start is by asking him to lie on the bed, and you get down on your knees in a kneeling position. Fold your legs inside his knees and curl them.

Bend forward and get hold of something to support your hand, maybe the bedsheet or the corner edge of the bed.

It will provide stability while moving up and down, keeping you in control of the movement.

Now squeeze your buttocks and grind your hips moving to and fro in small but tight motions its great fun riding his dick being on top using these tight motions.

9. While you vibrate back and forth in slow and tight motions, try rotating your butts in circles to see how it feels.

Move your vaginal opening in circles around the tip of his penis to make his dick slip in and out, which will help you to feel the length of his dick on the clitoris and the lips of your pussy.

Grinding will help to increase your clitoral sensation, which in turn will stimulate your vagina and add charm in the overall process of riding his dick.

10. Make sure you are in good rhythm while you grind forwards and backwards in tight motion. You cannot go all over the place while riding a man moaning and groaning, it will not make any sense.

11. Now it’s time to turn around (Reverse cowgirl position) to do it the other way and make him watch your beautiful buttocks bouncing up and down on his penis.

Make sure you dance on his dick in a way that drives him wild looking at your ass.

As I said before, riding him is not only about grinding your hips and moaning or vibrating back and forth. It's about making everything look sexy and feel even sexier.

12. Cuddling up is another good way of riding his dick. All you need to do is get on top of your man with your knees on both sides of his chest.

Let him enter you from below and once he enters, you can ask him to sit up in the penetrated position.

In this position, it will appear as if you guys are sitting together and looking in each other’s eyes enjoying intimate sex sessions.

13. Riding his dick is all about feeling secured with your man because this position called woman on top is meant to display confidence and dominance.

Being a girl, you need to understand you are the one who is in charge of the position. The trigger for fantastic sex and intense orgasm is in your hands, as getting on top takes all the control away from men.

14. To make things turn really hot and exciting, force him into the bed and play with him to display your sexual thoughts.

Show him how badly you want him, and you are so turned on, guide his way to let him know how desperate you are feeling.

Bounce on his dick to make him feel you are a wild tigress ready to eat him up and make sure you are not intimidated by your guy under you.

These are some good ways of riding dick, all you need to do is mix things up in between changing your position and angles depending on what angle or position gives you more pleasure.

And girls be bold enough to try new kinky sex moves to make thing adventurous in your sex life.

Before I end this post on how to ride a dick, I want you to read a very nice and seducing sex story that will definitely blow away your mind.

The story goes like this - "The best ride of my life".

It was back in 2011 I met Michael for a business deal to discuss on some important matter. We were partners for the last six months, and we were both married too.

I have to accept the fact that I really liked him the way he talked and discussed things, displaying good confidence. Since we were business partners, things between us were within limits.

We flirted a little bit every now and then but kept it light since we both knew we were married.

But, the tides changed when we went together for a deal to meet our client. This was the first time we were going together, but we made sure we would stay in different rooms.

We were in another city alone, free from everything, so we planned to go out for dinner in a nice restaurant after the meeting got over.

During the dinner session we came a little close talking to each other, we also revealed some sexual stories from our past.

Things were really getting heated up and the sexual anticipation was definitely starting to build up, and we knew it very well in our mind.

We had some wine in the restaurant and things changed dramatically in a span of a few minutes.

I was astonished when he told me he was not happy with his wife physically and mentally, he was living a sexless life.

The same was the story with me too, but I never wanted to admit it to anyone. But I still wonder what made me admit the hidden truth of my life in front of him.

I even told him how much I loved doing sex, in fact, I didn’t remember when was the last time I slept with my husband.

For a moment, there was utter silence, we kept quite looking in each other’s eyes.

And suddenly, he said, "well, I have a big hard dick. I don’t mind if you want to ride it"

I almost got wet underneath because the way he said it was really very hot and sensual.

I didn’t know how to react or what to say, but I loved it. He was really a handsome man with a sexy smile and an awesome look. I was all wet inside, I knew. That night I felt we could wind up having a great night full of thrilling sex.

"Um ok, yes, let me taste how hard you are" I whispered slowly with my eyes blushing with a hint of a smile.

I came closer to touch his arm to confirm that I was ready

He said, "there’s one problem"

I asked "What"

He told "My dick is so hard that I cannot get up from this table"

In my mind, I was dying to touch and feel how hard his dick was. We stepped out of the restaurant and decided to stay in his room that night in our hotel.

As soon as we reached the hotel room, he started kissing me intensely. I could feel his erection between my legs, and it was really hard, like an iron rod.

The way he kissed me it proved he was really a good kisser. I moaned with pleasure. Then, he started kissing me on my neck sensually, it was so pleasing and hot.

Then, unexpected, he pushed me against the wall and pressed his hard erection inside me. I could feel his big hard dick oozing to come out of his pants.

I couldn’t wait to taste it, I unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his underwear and then saw the sexiest dick of my life.

It was really big. It had all the ingredients of a big and healthy penis, perfect height, perfect length and perfect width, truly a masterpiece.

I started sucking his hard dick. It was so big I could hardly take it fully inside me.

After a few minutes of sucking and foreplay, we both were very anxious to get fucked. I pulled my panties off and asked him to lie on the bed, sitting on top of him.

The moment I entered into him from the top, I could feel his huge penis fill my pussy up.

I started the dick riding exercise, moving up and down on him with so much intensity and pleasure that in seconds I was about to come.

I told him I was coming. He could feel my body shaking in pleasure and my legs getting weak.

But before I could come he pulled off, I was really furious, but I could understand he wanted to take it a little longer to make it feel even better.

I had my bra still on, but he pulled the straps and took it off.

Now he gently pushed me down, pressing my boobs harder.

He parted my legs pushed me closer to him, shoving his hard dick inside me and believe me, in one shot he was full inside me.

For a moment, I felt little pain as it was too big, but pain mixed with sweet pleasure was really exciting.

I started moaning and screaming with immense pleasure as he continued pumping inside me harder and faster. With each thrust inside me, I was getting wetter and wetter.

He asked me, "Are you enjoying my hard dick inside you, looking into my eyes?"

I told him "Yes I am loving it and asked him to fuck me harder looking into his eyes"

I could feel his strong legs pushing me harder holding my hips in his arm, he went on to fuck me harder and harder.

It was so pleasing that I was about to come, and I could feel the vibrations of his dick ready to come inside me.

We both came at the same time as he filled my pussy with his hot cream, and I must admit his cum was really hot and sticky.

And that night was the beginning of our awesome, sexy affair.

I hope you enjoyed reading this amazing guide on how to ride a dick using multiple sex positions. If you truly enjoyed reading, do not forget to watch this powerful video presentation just below.

FAQ's - How To Ride a Dick.

#1. Do women like to be titty fucked?

Some women enjoy titty fuck especial with heavier boobs, some of the time, but it's not going to excite them much. Some women do not like having a partner ejaculate on them at all.

But riding dick is an altogether different experience. It's more fun and adventurous for a woman.

#2. When a woman is on top during sex, should a man be relatively still or should they thrust?

As far as woman on top sex position is concerned, this sex position can be dangerous if not taken right care. Don’t laugh. I said “it can be.”

If he’s not keeping his dick still it can break during sex, when you are blissfully moaning and bouncing away, having fun and suppose it pops out and you slam down on it. It happens.

Not always, but it can happen. That is why it's very important for a guy to keep his dick still especially when she is bouncing and thrusting.

#3. How to support yourself as a woman when you are on top during sex?

When it comes to making love in women on top sex position, first you need to be comfortably positioned, you need to settle into right rhythm that will help you climax, because that's pretty much the whole point of women on top position.

"Try moving your thigh in a circular motion in a steady way. "With this movement he'll be able to rub his penis against all sides of your vaginal walls, and most of all it provides you with the luxury of positioning and penetrating in a way that feels best for you."

Or slowly rock your hips in to and fro motion instead of jumping up and down, moving your body forward until your clitoris presses against his pubic bone.

The feeling of having him inside you as you're experiencing that clitoral stimulation can make you lose it.

#4. How did it feel like once you start to insert penis into vagina?

It is different for different women, ‘initially you feel heavier, and then it feels warmer and cozy as the dick goes in and out. You mainly feel fullness and warmth.’

As I said, it is different for different woman. But most of all it's a feeling of being filled up and stretched completely by a dick.

When a woman is highly turned on and excited, it may feel like that she won't feel satisfied until she experiences that filling sensation.

Fingering or oral might satisfy her sometimes, but when a woman is in the mood, she just wants to be stretched fully by a rock-hard dick.

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