May 5, 2022

How To Turn A Guy On Step-By-Step In 10 Mouth-Licking Steps for u

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If you are reading this now here are 10 downright HOT things you can try to turn your guy on.

My beautiful ladies, read this amazing guide on how to turn a guy on and see For Yourself How This Sexy Article Will Transform Your Overall Sexual Experience With Your Guy.

Every girl wants to be the best for their guy when it is question of sex and intimacy in their relationships.

Being a girl you should learn the art of how to turn a guy on. What are the secret ingredients that can spice up your sex life to take it to the next level?

# Turn ons could be different for different guys.

Some guys prefer to have rough sex in bed, while some love to have soft but intimate sessions.

Some guys get horny when they see their girlfriend wearing a thong or sexy seducing lingerie.

More or less but it’s different with different guys. Girls let’s accept the fact in order to satisfy your guy you need to learn the secrets behind turn ons for guys.

The way you love to get satisfied by your guy same holds true for him too.

In fact I believe nothing feels sexy than realizing that you have what it takes your guy to get so turned on that he simply cannot resist

Believe me girls when you know how to turn on a guy it is definitely a morale booster and this how important is sex in a relationship.

So girls let’s find out the secret ingredients on how to turn a guy on to make him weak at the knees and explode his sexual desires and release the sexual tension.

1. Find His Secret Sexual Fantasy to Turn Him On.

If you ever want to learn the secret behind how to turn a guy on the best way is to find out his sexual fantasies.

What he likes the most while having sex in the bed, note that most guys don’t reveal what they like in sex. It’s you who need to dig deep to find out his sexual urges.

Believe me girls it’s the sexiest thing you could ever do to your guy. Remember not to ask him directly as it may get him nervous.

What you could do is start talking about your own deeper fantasies and kinks with him by talking dirty.

#2. Make Him Feel Sexy to Seduce Him

It’s very easy to make him feel sexy and awesome. If he loves to be with you and you guys have already share good emotional and sexual connection in past.

It’s more than enough to make him feel sexy. But you can add little more by praising his sexy body

Some sexy phrases that you could use are

• Baby I love the way you hold me in your arms with your masculine power
• Being with you makes me feel lucky and protected
• You look so sexy and hot when you take off your shirt
• Baby! The smell of your body really drives me wild

While you are saying all these words look into his eyes touch his arms, caress his neck and feel his sexy masculine physic and tell him “Wow…..

Honey you are so hot for any girl to resist, you are so sexy any damn girl would sleep with you. Let him know how you feel about him.

It will make him feel more special and wanted. Trust me it’s very influencing and tempting for any guy.

Girls do make a note of this simple recipe on how to turn a guy on in bed by praising him.

#3. Expose Your Sexy Skin a Bit to Get Him Horny.

It’s a fact that guys are very visual creature they assume and portray a sexy picture of any girl they love to have sex.

Believe me or not most guys fantasize about their favorite sexy female celebrities while having sex with their wives and girlfriends.

It’s because they always see them in movies wearing sexy bikinis and lingerie while performing sex scenes in movies.

Being a girl why not use this idea and try it on your guy. Reveal your beautiful skin a little bit extra and see the effect I believe that’s what turns a guy on.

Get into his mind by wearing a flimsy skirt or bikini exposing your sexy thighs or go panty less whispering slowly into his ears “I am totally naked down below”.

Believe me girls the moment he listens to your words he would be pumping hard down under.

The basic idea here is to wear less but look seducing to make him admire your sexy body and not to let him feel or touch you as far as possible.

The temptation of seeing you half naked will make him squirm with desire which I believe is an appealing turn ons for guys.

Girls if you want to know how to turn a guy on use this little tip.

I believe it’s irresistible for him and it would also turn your romance into movie scene kind of adventure.

#4. Give Him a Nice Blow Job to Heat Things Up.

Even if you don’t know how to give a good blow job just go on and give it a try you won’t go wrong. Whatever you do it will only excite him.

Go down on him and make your tongue dance and caress his manhood like it is ice candy and you are a girl who craves sugar.

Take it slow and steady that’s what turns a guy on. Note that nothing about a blow job should be rapid only than you can make him squirm.

Take him to the edge and bring him back from the brink to intensify the blow job as it will leave him wanting for more.

Lick, suck and linger the sensitive parts around his penis like the testicles, the tip of the penis and the shaft.

While you are sucking his hard penis let him see you giving him the heavenly pleasure. Nothing is more seducing than looking at your partner satisfying you inch by inch.

5. Build The Sexual Anticipation

It’s a fact that guys love sex more than girls do. I know it might be a controversial statement but I believe it’s true and I can prove it.

Most guys are almost always ready for sex anytime of the day, but it’s different with most girls if not all.

They love to have sex only when they want or when they are highly aroused and seduced.

That’s what guys actually want, but most girls actually don’t know.

Being a girl you should know how to build the sexual anticipation in his mind right in the morning to intensify the level of excitement.

It is important when you are planning to surprise him for a sexy night full of steamy sex.

As he is moving out for work nudge him gently or brush his neck with a loving touch of your beautiful lips slowly whispering in his ears “I will be waiting for your return”.

It will definitely explode him as he moves out of the door waiting eagerly for the night.

Just to keep him on his toes send him couple of racy pictures of you wearing sexy lingerie or thong.

It would make him more eager to come home from work and grab you right then and there on the kitchen or the sofa or the edge of the bed.

These are little things to take care of when it comes to know about how to turn a guy on and make him crave only for you for life long.

#6. Strip Tease Him to Turn Him On

Make his sexy dreams and lusty desires come true by strip tease taking control of the moment.

Strip tease is basically giving him what he craves for and the moment he feels he is getting it all, slowly taking it away leaving him craving for more.

Believe me when you slowly build the sexual tension the release is that much more pleasing.

Make sure you dress up in black or red skirt with nothing underneath.

More importantly feel sexy from deep within to get in the mood for sex. Unless you feel sexy inside, you cannot make him horny.

Reveal all your deeper fantasies while doing strip tease.

Show of your neck, deep valley and some part of your beautiful thighs, but expose only little not everything.

Now dim the lights and play some soft music to set a romantic mood.

While you continue to strip tease slowly undress yourself and sensual rub your body against his body.

But make sure you do not allow him to touch and grab hold of you, make him wait.

Now look deep into his eyes lifting your skirt up. Believe me girls it’s very tormenting and teasing as I am thinking about it right now.

I guess it’s more than enough now it’s time for you girls to make your man’s release extremely pleasurable.

#7. Show The Hidden Wild Sex Goddess in You to Make Him Horny.

No doubt every guy loves to be with a girl who is well mannered, sweet to talk and gentle in action towards him and his family.

Trust me girls it looks and feels good only outside the bedroom. Inside the bedroom every guy wants his girl to make him feel more sexy and desirable.

At night you need to express your wicked sexual fantasies.

It doesn’t matter how good you are in your day life, better make sure you are extremely naughty and kinky in the night life.

To make that happen you need to reveal the sexy wild tigress hidden in you.

It’s really a big turn ons for guys when you show your wildness by biting your juicy lips making it wet.

It’s really exciting when you reveal your dark fantasy by making seducing eye contact.

It’s really amazing how much you can convey with one look.

Get close to him, touch him, caress him and give him love bites everywhere on his body.

Believe me girls it’s so pleasing that the reminder image of you revealing the dark side of your lust would keep him going for weeks.

#8. How To Turn a Guy On Through Casual But Sexy Talking

Texting is an art, but before you start texting examples to turn him on you must understand few important things.

Ask for his help on something. It’s simple. But so many times we phrase it in other ways that don’t trigger his inner hero

I need you to. . .You need to. . . .I want you to. . .this are some common and boring lines to ask him for help.

Instead try to ignite the curiosity by using phrases like “Will you help me with something?” or “I need your help with this.” It seems subtle, but he will perceive it in a completely different way.

Decide whether you are going to dangle a possible sexual reward or bring out his white knight.

Throw in some sexy lines to feed him some genuine appreciation by telling him flirty things like. . .

  • You look sexy mowing the lawn, like my own personal hot gardener!
  • Seeing you handle those power tools makes me think of some other things you can handle
  • Hurry and finish that chore. . . I’ve got another task for you inthe bedroom
  • I love seeing you get your hands dirty changing the car’s oil.So manly!

Note that these are curiosity based lines that will trigger his emotional buttons and that's what you need to do to turn him on.

It was just an example, you can create you environment and lines to trigger his emotional buttons.

#9. Ignite His Secret Obsessions With Romantic Lines

A lot of women complain that their guy isn’t romantic. And it’s true a lot of men have no idea what romance really means to a woman.

It’s a bit of a foreign language since it’s not generally part of their sexual needs.

Add to the confusion factor that romance isn’t some universal thing. . . it can mean different specifics to each woman

What romance generally boils down to is feeling appreciated and adored.However, men are not mind readers. They respond to simple and clear directions.

So this step is going to involve you telling him exactly how he makes you feel appreciated and adored, both sexually and not sexually.

Use this lines and see how it transforms your overall relationship and sex life with him.

I feel adored by you when you. . .. . . take me out to a nice meal

I feel appreciated when you arrange for a babysitter so we can have a date night.

I feel appreciated when you run your fingers through my hair.

I feel adored when you kiss me sweetly when you get home at night.

I feel appreciated when you sneakily grab my ass when we are out in public.

I feel adored by you when you spend a lot of time on foreplay.

I feel adored by you when you cook dinner and do the dishes after.

I feel appreciated when you do what it takes to make sure I’ve had an orgasm.

I feel appreciated when you massage my shoulders after a long day.

Whatever it is that you want to do, tell him! It can be sweet or it can be explicit.

Personally speaking go with sweet talks first and then shock him with a totally graphic reply. This is one of the best ways to turn him on using romantic lines.

10. Let's End This Post With a Sexy Story "First This, Then That"

The “first this, then that” is a way to quickly get right into the action of a sexy story. Start with the “first this” and leave an ellipsis on the end. Then send the “then that” section

If I was alone in the bedroom with you right now...

first I would ask you to undress me. . . then we would lay down on our bed..

first I would pull off your shirt. . . then I would unzip your pants..

first you would kiss me. . . then I would slowly sink to my knees..

first I would greet you at the door naked. . . then I would pull you in for a passionate kiss..

first I would lay you naked on the bed. . . then I would begin to caress your tired muscles...

first you’d come up behind me in the kitchen. . . then you’d grab my hips and press against me...

You keep adding to the story by telling him what you’d do next, “NextI would. . . ” He might jump in and start narrating what he would do,too.

Also, you can vary the story, making him the aggressor, “Next you would. . . Then you would.

Next I would run my hands over your body. . . caressing you, teasing you, enjoying every inch of skin...

Then I would slide my fingers up your inner thigh, pausing for a moment, knowing how badly you want me to slide my hands over your erection. . .

Then you would grab my arms and flip me onto my back, pinning me under the weight of your body..

Next you would trail kisses from my shoulders to my breasts, watching my nipples stand at full attention..

Then you would slide your fingers up my inner thighs, feeling my muscles twitch in anticipation..

Next you would move my legs apart and lower your face between them. You know this moment before your tongue meets my skin is the most delicious bit of torture...

Then you begin to lick, suck, and swirl until my entire body is quivering and quaking. I feel the most incredible spasms of sheer pleasure as I climax against you.

The sky is the limit, here! Add in anything your naughty mind can think of 😉 You can also add in playful and seemingly random questions in there, too, to mix it up

Source -

The beauty of these types of texts is that you can control the pace of the action.

It’s like a more simple and improvised form of the Erotic Action Movie and quite similar to the Lust Mirror.

You can narrate the story to include your favorite bits of foreplay, oral, and intercourse as you want.

These are some really good secret ingredients and seducing tips on how to turn a guy on.

And one more important thing I would love to add before I end this post is that turning on a guy or girl is really not a big deal.

It’s actually very simple the only thing you need to do is making the other person to imagine being sexual with you and that’s what turns a guy on and a girl too.

When it comes to guys they focus all their attention on what they like the most in girls and not on what they don’t like.

So why not take advantage of it and give him what he likes the most and I believe what they want is nothing more than a sexual adventure or hidden sexual fantasies.

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I hope girls you definitely learned something from this post to try it in your love life to keep your man in the confines of your heart for the rest of your life. If you found the post on how to turn a guy on useful please share and comment.

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