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13 Role-Playing Scenarios That Will Moisten Her From Inside.



13 role play tips to moisten her panties try them tonight

 “For women the best aphrodisiacs are words. The G-spot is in the ears.” –Isabel Allende – And when you add the spice of role-playing scenarios and ideas in it, the pleasure of G-spot doubles.

I love women. Through and through. All parts, shapes, sizes, and minds.

I always make sure that my lovers know that no matter what they are into, as long as we talk about it, I’m open and she has a total safe space to explore her sexuality while making love in different role-playing scenarios.

But in order to create that safe space, you have to be willing to explore.

That’s why, if I have a girlfriend who is into being humiliated in the bedroom, I’m a total hell yes to acting that out to the degree that she’s interested in exploring it.

Because I understand that what we play in the bedroom and in her lusty erotic mind is all good.

It’s not for me to judge – but instead my job is to stoke the flames of her raw sexuality.

A Moment of Sexual Zen. Help her get out of the cage of sexual suppression and into the freedom of her body and the clarity of her mind. Her body is where sex happens. Her mind is where eroticism happens.

The Sexual Mind – The Power of Her Imagination

If you’ve read my articles in past.

I believe that you should have developed the art of navigating her inner world, you probably have been given some great ideas for possible role-playing scenarios but aren’t sure how to go about it exactly.

Role-playing ideas doesn’t have to be elaborate. Nobody has to dress up in a costume and you certainly don’t have to invest in a bunch of crazy props (though I have done this).

Costumes and props can be a lot of fun, if that’s what you’re into!

Many role-playing scenarios involve a power dynamic. Meaning, one person is often the person with the power and the other person submits to their desires.

Recognize this key point: that what makes these scenarios erotic is the IMAGINARY play of power.

You both know that, at any moment, someone can say, “Stop,” and whatever is happening will come to a screeching halt.

You also know that you are both actually consenting adults, even if one of you is playing a college coed and the other a horny professor.

Actually taking advantage of someone is not hot. Someone giving consent to be “taken advantage” of is hot.

In other words, just because you are turned on by the idea of your girlfriend acting like a young girl does not mean you want to have sex with young girls!

So you can let go of any shame you might have about that. 

Play The Role and Roll Around Playing.

Role-playing scenarios and ideas:

1. Professor and student – show a women with a teacher fetish how she can become teacher’s pet.

2. Cheerleader and football player – you just won the game by kicking the winning field goal. The head cheerleader thinks you deserve a reward.

3. Delivery guy and customer – she is crazy horny for dick and sees the perfect opportunity to satisfy her hunger.

4. Massage therapist and client – dim the lights, play some soothing music, and burn some incense.

You guys can decide beforehand if the therapist or client will be doing the seducing.

The therapist could be an innocent professional, but when she sees your hard cock underneath the sheet, she is unable to resist massaging it with her mouth.

Or the client could be expecting a normal massage, but then finds (himself or herself) getting really hot and bothered and starts fishing for happy-ending possibilities.

5. Escort and client – have a white envelope next to the bed with her “escort name” on it. Tell her you are nervous because it’s your first time, hiring someone for sex. Let her take control and teach you how to satisfy her.

6. Strangers who meet at a bar – you can actually go separately to a bar and pretend to be meeting for the first time.

7. Exhibitionists – create a hot imaginary audience to watch the two of you.

8. Porn Stars – pretend you are porn stars filming your next smash hit (you can either really film it or simply pretend you are being filmed).

9. Royalty and servant – be fed grapes and give orders. She/he must obey.

10. Doctor and patient – be her gynecologist and give her an exam she’ll never forget.

11. Yoga teacher and student – make her your star pupil when you show her a variation of downward dog she’s never tried before.

12. Boss and employee – somebody might be getting a raise!

13. Voyeurs – watch each other masturbate. Show each other exactly how you like to be touched. Take notes! You might want to use some of the techniques she shows you later.

Role-playing ideas can be spontaneous and doesn’t necessarily require any acting out of a specific scenario.

Spontaneous Role-Playing ideas.

For instance, when you guys are making out and things are starting to get hot and heavy, you can start a role-playing conversation by leaning in and in a low, sexy dirty voice whispering, “You know I could get fired for this, right?

I mean a professor/doctor/boss is never supposed to fuck one of his students/patients/employees.

But you come to class/my office in your short fucking skirts and taunt me with those perky little tits and that wet little pussy.

I wear suit jackets to work to cover up the boners I get when I look at you. I hope you are ready for me to destroy that tight little cunt!”

All women want to feel irresistible. That’s what makes these role-playing scenarios so much fun.

For a lot of women, the idea of men being powerless to resist the masculine primal urge to fuck women (especially when it’s taboo) is very arousing in a role-playing scenario. 

Role-playing can also be fun to actually act out.

For instance, if you have a desk, it could be fun to call your partner into your office, berate her for having poor grades, or not meeting a work deadline etc., then tell her you’re willing to overlook these flaws if she’s willing to pull up her skirt and bend over your desk.

(When my wife was reading this, she got so hot and horny thinking about this scenario, she masturbated right in front of me and then had me how wet she is for being such a naughty girl.)

You then walk up to her and push your cock into her thigh and tell her how horny she makes you.

Rub your hand slowly over her ass and then down her thigh and back up.

Lightly spank one bare cheek then give it a good squeeze.

Pull her pussy apart and tell her you can see how wet she is and that you always knew she was a dirty whore (use “whore” only if you know she likes to be called names like that).

Tell her how you are going to give her an A or extend her deadline if she’s a good girl and doesn’t tell anybody about what she’s going to let you do to her.


Role-playing ideas are powerful. Playing with power dynamics is also erotically charged.

Have fun. Talk a lot about what turns you and her on specifically.

It’s always fun to decompress afterwards and talk about what you loved and what you didn’t.

This allows you to create a mental “turn-on” map that you can use in connection with other techniques.

I also love to use this time, post orgasm and playtime to set up exactly how I want my partner to feel about the experience.

I affirm how beautiful it is to see her open up. I talk about how good she's going to feel later, when she thinks about this experience.

Remembering how great it feels for her to feel totally safe and completely let go.

Always speak simply and positively.

Bonus Affirmation: While she's in an open, post-orgasmic state, I love to affirm that she's strong, sexy, smart, and that her body is filled with pleasure.

More and more pleasure.

*** A brief note on the word CUNT.

I personally love the word because it’s so charged.

I’ve actually never had a woman push back on the word – in the right context. I know it’s charged, so I use it emotionally, to generate more energy.

But if it’s a word that she finds humiliating or hurtful, there’s no way I’ll use it.

However, like any word, I encourage my lovers to claim power from any words that have power over them - like cunt, slut, or whore. If you own the power of dirtyking, it has no power over you.

I will stop here. I believe you loved reading this article on role-playing scenarios to turn her on.

Before I stop. I would love to share with you an amazing program that has the potential to turn your life around with women (in fact any women)

I urge you to Watch This Video Below and decide for yourself.


How to make love to a woman

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  1. hi, I been texting this woman for awhile. she now wants me to try to control her (roleplaying). I know all about her. just dont know how to excute it right. Im surposed to be dominant and tell her what to do and so fourth. eq- get on your knees and beg. she does that. but all I end up doing is telling her what to do and it goes nowhere, game over. and I get screwd up when shes says no,and says ” Im not going to do that”. I’m surposed to force her to do what i said, blackmail or something. to get her to do it. I fail at this part. and its game over. this all probally is messed up for you. I just need help on how to to this type of roleplaying. where Im to try to control her. can u help

    1. Listen buddy, Role-playing is not about force it can only be done with consent. I would suggest you go slow first start with easy things in role-playing which she likes and enjoy and try to pleasure her in those easy role-playing and then you can slowly build up by winning her confidence and love. This may take time but in the long run you’ll enjoy it…I hope this helps.

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