May 5, 2022

Power of Dirty Words To Wake Up Her Inner Lusty Side

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Do you know that we humans are always in a perpetual state of creating our own inner reality, which creates our sense of self and one of those reality is the power of dirty words.

Yes! Dirty words. This is fucking GOLD, because this is exactly why dirty words and dirty lines have such power and meaning in our lives and over our sexual identities.

And using this dirty words you can seduce any woman and get her in mood fast.

Sexual identity is also in flux, sometimes flipping from one sexual identity to another. The more experience we have using the Language of dirty words, the more working knowledge we gain.

The more working knowledge we gain, the smarter we become about sex and women and understanding her sex drive.

And I know that if you are reading this, you are fully capable of making deep changes in your own mind, and in the minds of your girl to make her want you.

Language of dirty words is the doorway to change. 

Research suggests that the Language of dirty words is a direct doorway – a secret pleasure pathway into the emotional and sexual centers of a woman’s brain.

Here’s why. The reality is that we can use words to change our minds and remodel our brains from the inside out.

This is hugely important for becoming a master of erotic language, using it as a way to intensify lust, passion, and pleasure in a woman’s body and in her erotic mind.

Words pack emotional punch, meaning, and power. Each culture has trigger words that create cascades of sensations and emotions in the body.

This is the dramatic power of dirty and naughty talking.

For more on dirty talking you can read my amazing article here

For example, people have powerful emotions connected to the words that comprise the acronym GMO – Genetically Modified Organisms. From road rage to orgasms, power words trigger emotions.

SLUT is one of those powerful dirty words that has the potential to change our mind, our brain, and our experience in either a good way or bad way.

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Here's what I mean.

Basically, for a woman's entire life, she's had a difficult relationship with the word slut. But the power of dirty talking technique can change this.

It's a control word that mommy, daddy, friends, and teachers instilled in her and used against her to maintain psychological control over her sexual behavior and her pussy.

This control is all based on sexual shame. In basic terms what parents are saying is “If you don’t do what mommy and daddy tell you to do, we will shame your vagina.”

What this also means, however, is that if she uses the word slut, by choice, she turns a disempowering, controlling word into a self-claimed empowerment word.

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In other words, she can use the energy trapped in the word to increase her erotic nature and her lusty, animalistic pleasure.

Here’s why. In context, the thing we "shouldn't be," the thing that mommy and daddy say is wrong, is the very thing that we secretly want to be!

It’s a way to secretly be a “bad girl.” It’s a way of saying “no” to mom and dad. Because, no matter how we morally feel about sluts – a slut is SEXUALLY FREE!

She has no social constraints. A slut has permission. She has full permission to fuck. She's living for her pleasure and living for the moment.

When a woman owns the word slut, she is learning to own her sexual power.

A slut can be as selfish as she wants to be, fuck whomever she wants, whenever she wants wherever she wants. Sluts are sexually liberated people.

Let’s Talk About SLUT – Sexual + Liberation + Unleashing + Treasures

For the purposes of our article, I want to use the word slut as a mnemonic device.

SLUT = Sexual + Liberation + Unleashing + Treasures

We’ve all been lied to about sex, so my intention is to have you take back your power and experience liberation.

And in taking back your power, you can help guide a woman to unleash her own treasure trove of pleasure on herself – and YOU.

The reality is that pleasure feels good to our bodies. It’s not like we have to do some crazy magic tricks to make people want to move toward pleasure; we’re wired that way.

We have a natural tendency to move toward pleasure and away from pain.

So the first step in taking back our power is learning how to reclaim our own pleasure, to reclaim our own bodies.

Nobody owns your genitals.

Nobody owns your genitals. Not mommy. Not daddy. Not your school. Your genitals are yours and yours alone to share, for pleasure, with whomever you choose.

The sooner you realize this, the sooner you are free.

Pleasure comes from allowing ourselves sexual freedom, giving ourselves permission to feel good sensations in our bodies.

A woman’s body is also wired for pleasure. Her mind is wired for new experiences. She wants to feel good. She wants to let go.

She wants to feel things physically and emotionally that she’s never felt before.

She just needs permission – whether it’s from you or from within herself.

And for this permission to occur, one way or another, in order for her to turn off her processing mental mind and turn on her freer erotic mind, she has to feel safe, understood, and encouraged to be her fully empowered sexual sex.

We can use the Language of dirty words to give her permission to let go sexually by asking questions that explore how she’s feeling about the intimate moment you are sharing.

Here's an example: "If you feel really good in your body, right now, would you continue to explore your desires?" – If she says "yes," then you know you are creating a safe space for her.

If she says “no,” then you have feedback that you haven’t connected deeply enough to create that safe space.

Another way to claim your sexual power is to focus your attention on what you want to cultivate inside of you.

You can ask questions like "Do you want to completely relax and let go or do you prefer to just chill and explore and have fun?"

We create situations with language, so that whatever choice is made (between complete relaxation or exploring and having fun), it leads both of you to the feeling of relaxation and safety that you want to cultivate.


How To Do It

Step 1:

What Experience do you want to create?

Like anything, it’s important to know what you want. If you don’t know where you are going, how are you going to get there?

Step 2:

You need to lead her into the experience you want by going there first.

Don’t expect her to magically go to a place of pleasure and release if you don’t feel comfortable inside of yourself with feeling and sharing pleasure. Yes, I know this can feel weird.

But if you want magical results, you have to get comfortable feeling uncomfortable so that you can feel super comfortable. (That’s some more Zen shit for you.)

You want to be cultivating the feelings you want to feel in your body first. Your words will reflect these feelings you are actually creating in your body.

Step 3: Run Simulations

Imagine a situation that lights you up erotically – and makes your body feel calm and relaxed. Use your brain’s natural ability to run simulations in your head to make yourself feel the kinds of feelings you want to create.

Step 4: With your sexual pump primed, invite your lover to come play with you.

An invitation is a request to share pleasure together. Invite her into your world.

Step 5: Be flexible. It’s the real world and things don’t always work out as we planned. Be willing to roll with whatever happens. It’s a process.

For example –

1. What do I want? I want to play with her ass tonight.

2. Go first. I’m going to get comfortable with that desire in my body. I connect with my lust for that.

3. Run simulations. I imagine, vividly playing with her ass – exactly the way I want to. I give myself permission to go in all the way in my mind. I let my animal desires run crazy. I feel the simulation with all of my senses.

4. You are primed, now invite her to play with you. Use the power of speaking your desires to create shared sexual realities together (remember the last section).

From this place, though your words may sound like questions at times, your tone should match what you are feeling inside and what your intentions are.

By cultivating, creating, and stating out loud your desired realities, people can choose to come, jump on board, and play.

And play is fun. Lots of fun. I’m inviting lovers to play in my sandbox.

The beauty of sexuality, desire, and erotic turn-on is that it’s always in a state of flux.

We can play with the flow of sexual energy and stimulate our bodies and our own erotic imaginations.

It’s from our erotic imagination that we speak and communicate the quality of calm, relaxed, confident sexual energy – energy that she will respond to with her body.

And always be flexible. Things change. Not everybody wants to play in your sandbox. That’s life. So make sure, no matter what you are doing, you are both having fun.

Section Bonus – Always think ROSA

Think ROSA – Relax, Observe, Suggest, Act.

Relax into the calm, assertive energy in your body.

Observe the effect your words and energy have on her body and erotic mind.

Suggest to her what you desire to experience.

Act, based on direct feedback, freeing both of you to feel erotic intimacy and immense pleasure.

The point is this: we can always say “no” to a question. We can’t say “no” to an energy, a feeling, a vibe.

A vibe is something you can begin to make real using the power of suggestion. And confidence is key.

Be confident that your partner is interested in what you are suggesting. Be sex-positive – by remembering that no matter what happens you are learning – and learning is a beautiful thing.

Use the dirty talking skills you’re developing and become more and more confident that your partner is, at the very least, interested in what you are saying and in expanding her sexual sense of self.

For more on dirty talking you can read my amazing article h​​ere

I will stop here. If you loved reading this article on importance of dirty words to seduce a woman, then you’ll also love my powerful recommendation.

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