July 27, 2023

How to Turn Her On Sexually & Emotionally in 11 Mouth-Watering Steps

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Seducing Your Girlfriend 11 Steps You Must Master

Welcome to this article on how to turn her on. Now, if you want to understand turn ons for girls, you also need to understand how brain chemistry works, before seducing a woman.

How her brain works when it comes to sex, hands down, the key to amazing sex.

Learning about her brain sexual chemistry is all about sparking ideas to refine the way you use language to talk to her body.

The language of dirty words to turn her on and make her want you.

So, let’s talk to her animal brain directly and find out what turns her on.

A story to start with.

When John texts his new girlfriend, she often says to him, “You have no idea how YOU affect me.”

But John does know because he’s been putting into practice the principles of dirty talking and dirty pickup lines, I teach in my articles.

John loves turning hot, young women on.

For information, John is my email subscriber from Canada.

Basically, what I want to convey is language is the key to turn on a woman sexually.

So let’s review what she’s saying when she says, “You have no idea how you affect me.”

What she’s saying is that she is feeling things that are beyond her conscious control. Her body is reacting before her mind realizes what is happening when John texts.

“. . . Oh my goodness . . . what you do to me . . . I'm trembling. I feel you . . . my god, I could almost . . . cum . . . just listening to you.”

In order to understand exactly what’s going on inside her body, we need to understand a tiny bit about her brain structure.

Although controversial, triune brain theory suggests that there are three distinct brain structures within our one brain.

Triune just means three theory identifies the “mammalian” or emotional portion of the brain called the limbic brain, a more primitive or “reptilian” portion of the brain that is responsible for basic things like muscle control and breathing, and a more recently evolved portion of the brain – the neocortex – that controls speech and reasoning.

All three portions work together and in competition with each other to create what we think of as human behavior.

In order to effectively bypass your woman’s rational mind – her neo cortex – you want to stimulate her mammalian brain – her emotional brain to arouse her sexually and turn her on.

This is what we will call her animal brain.

Once you understand that you are actually talking to a different part of her brain, with an entirely different language, what I’m about to teach you is easy.

The rational mind likes logical arguments, words, and discussions.

The animal brain likes images, feelings, and emotions. So to talk to her animal, speak in BIG BOLD images, use sensory dirty lines and words, and speak about powerful, emotional feelings.

For example, I could say, “Do you want to go out to dinner and a movie tonight?” She would reply yes, no, or maybe.

But there’s no emotional stimulation. There’s nothing happening. If she’s bored by your words, she’ll be bored with you.

And if nothing is happening emotionally, then her sexual energy is also stagnant – and she feels nothing.

So here are steps and tools you need to understand how to turn her on by talking to her brain, stop thinking, and get fucking.

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Step 1: Pick an image system like “I’m taking you on an exciting adventure.”

Step 2: What do you want her to feel?

In this case, I want her to feel open and sexually free. I will circle around these two themes over and over and over and over again.

Step 3: Share sensory rich details about the impending adventure while inserting what you want her to feel. “I’m going to take you someplace you have never been before.

Someplace with wide open, sun-swept, glistening spaces that will allow you to be totally free, released, open.”

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Add more details.

“Imagine your feet, walking through the sand, the water of the ocean tingling between your toes. The warmth of the sun against your skin. Which makes you relax.

Step 4: Give suggestions about how you want her to feel and act.

For example, I tell her, “I want you to climb out of your sexual cage. I want you to find your inner power, your inner animal, and let her come out and play with us.”

“I want you to relax your body completely.”

“I want you to let me take control.”

“I want you to completely let go and open your pussy to me.”

Step 5: Tell her how turned on she makes you feel.

“Your tits drive me wild. I want to suck them, devour them . . .”

“I want to feel your hot, juicy pussy wrapped around my cock.”

“My body is tingling all over thinking about what I’m going to do to you when I see you tonight . . .”

Notice I’m using trigger words – words that evoke a sensation. The animal brain loves sensations. Sensory words trigger feelings in the body.

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Step 6: Give directive commands to turn her on mentally.

“I want you to get on your knees as soon as I see you and open your mouth. Don’t say anything. But imagine the delicious taste of my cock in your mouth . . .”

“I want you to slowly take off your shirt and tell me what you want me to do to you . . .”

I like to ask questions that give me an idea of exactly where she is in the process – how turned on she is.

Step 7: Rinse and repeat.

I like to cycle through all the steps of the entire process, coaxing her inner sexual animal out of the cage that culture has forced her to live inside.

She wants out. And I want to be the one with whom she can be completely free and open.

Now, some bonus content that will help both of you to get turned on and also stay relaxed mentally.

Sex is important, but what’s more important is to feel good in your body. No matter what you’re feeling, say “Yes.” Welcome the sensation, welcome the feeling.

Step 8: No matter how good or how bad the sensation is, understand it will pass. This can be your sexual Zen mantra: This too will pass.

Step 9: Know that every time you allow sexual energy to move through your body you are expanding your sexual intelligence.

You’re expanding your capacity to feel. And sexual pleasure is directly related to how you feel and how much capacity you have to feel.

Think of it as electricity – You’re expanding your capacity to allow more current to flow through you with less resistance.

Step 10: Include self-pleasure or partner-pleasure to turn each other on. So if you’re feeling down just include some form of self-pleasure.

Whether it’s a vibrator, whether it’s some sort of item or object like a masturbation device, like a Fleshlight, anything, but include self-pleasure and the self-pleasure experience while you experience the emotion.

Step 11: Relax and let go. Relax and let go.

In this case, I like to do comfort touch where I place one hand on my genitals and one hand on my heart.

And I just imagine a kind of energy circle or loop that goes from my genitals to my heart and back down and around.

In this state, breathe deeply, relax, and let go.

This method for riding out emotional storms can be used in all kinds of situations.

It is very, very powerful, and I have taught this technique around the world.

In essence, this is a way for you to feel whatever you’re feeling completely, allow it to move, wrap it in a context of pleasure, and then take it all the way to the point where you can literally let go of any anger, fear, or resentment in your body.

Of course you can also do this with your partner. But first I want you to practice with yourself.

Practice with yourself, no matter what you’re feeling, practice.

Give it a try. Once you have enough experience with relaxing in the face of emotion within yourself, you can then help any partner move through whatever they are feeling in their body. And this is why sex as bonding is so important.

Special Bonus: The key thing to understand here is that you need to be relaxed, you need to know that it’s going to pass, and you need to have that experience in your body.

That experience gives you confidence to turn her on or any woman you want to have sex with and that confidence translates to your partner.

It also gives your partner a sense of safety and relaxation because they know no matter what they bring, you have the capacity to handle it.

Now just to be clear, I’m not talking about tolerating abusive situations.

What I’m saying is that when your partner is having some kind of emotional spiral or emotional storm, or you are, this technique can allow that energy to move, like a storm, through you and out the other side so that you come back to that state of calm, relaxation, and peace.

A couple phrases to practice

Phrase 1: “I’ve got you.” That’s something you can say to your partner. “I have got you.”

Phrase 2: “Is that all you’ve got?” The Emotional Revenge Method

Phrase 3: “Relax and let go.”

Phrase 4: “Keep letting go.” “Keep opening.” “Keep relaxing.”

Phrase 5: “I can handle it.”

That wraps up our article on how to turn her on sexually and mentally along with the BONUS on Relaxation and mental peace.

I urge you put this to use immediately because it is a very, very, very powerful way to experience emotion and build your emotional intelligence which is directly related to your ability to experience more and more pleasure in your life.

And spread that all over your body.

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