May 5, 2022

How to Please Your Man in Bed sexually (Learn 17 Next Level Tips)

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Please him like this and he’ll never ever leave you. ..

Do you know how to please your man in bed step by step sexually? I am asking this because I know what a healthy sex life can do for couples, and what happens to a relationship when their sex life isn’t exciting or passionate.

In this guide, you’ll learn exactly how to please your man in bed step by step.

Remember having an exciting sex life can help ignite a romance indefinitely, and cause a once luke warm commitment of love into one of hot passion, affection and romance for the long term.

Are you rarely in the mood to have sex, and does he complain about needing more?

Whether sex has caused a bigger problem in your relationship or other issues has caused sex to be at a standstill for you and your partner, revitalizing your sex life must be a priority.

Discover the secrets to pleasing a man in bed and vamping up a stale sex routine, and keeping it hot and high priority in your life.

Remember nothing is stopping you from reaching new heights in your sexual relationship?

Learn how to keep his interest in you, at an all-time high by satisfying him by giving exactly what he needs in bed.

It’s all here in this article, so get ready to become more attractive to your man, sexy and desirable than you ever have before!

Part 1 – How To Please Your Man in Bed And Understanding Why Sex Matters To Both Men And Women

#1. Sex is Important For Men And Women Both

Sex is a huge part of the relationship and depending on how satisfying your sex life is for you and for him, it always proves the same thing: the satisfaction of your current sex life (no matter how often or pleasing it may be) acts as a gauge for the closeness you experience.

Are you getting your needs met emotionally and sexually?

Is he?

Is your partner getting his needs met, sexually and emotionally?

When it comes to sex, there are a few things that always hold true.

First, when it comes to sex in long term relationships, the romance and affection dies shortly after their sex life does.

Secondly, a yearning for good sex often dies off because your emotional needs aren’t being met.

It doesn’t matter if you’re frustrated over a recent breakup and want to find someone you are truly compatible with, or you’re in a long term committed relationship and want to spice up your sex life.

Sex, and the act of showing love and intimacy with another, is about the passion, the yearning and the love that exists between you and between him.

Learn how to feel sexy, show off your sensual side and ignite a more satisfying love life for the both of you by applying the following tips in this article.

What you’ll find when you bring forth creativity, a desire to please and experience pleasure in new ways is a deeper love, bond and connection to your partner and for your partner than you have ever experienced before

#2. Va-Va-Voom Body Language Play a Very Significant Part in Pleasing a Man

As every magazine, movie trailer or highway billboard proves over and over again, sex sells.

Sex sells because everywhere you look, advertisers focus on the appeal of a woman licking her lips before biting onto a piece of food, or stroking a man’s back in a sensual way; kissing slowly and passionately to excite him to make the next move, or even stare at him with a longing that he can’t refuse.

It’s hot. It’s sexy. And it’s what attracts you to him, gets him hard and him to you.

#3. What Type of Sex Language Do You Speak?

Who do you lust?

Is it your boyfriend or spouse?

Is it a friend you want to turn into your lover?

Do you lust after someone you’ve only gazed longingly at, but haven’t worked up the courage to talk to?

Practice exploring feelings of lust, and when the time is right, act on it!

If you get butterflies in your stomach when just thinking about your boyfriend of just two months, show up to his door wearing nothing but underwear, his t-shirt and an overcoat.

Remember learning how to please a man sexually is a subtle art that you’ll learn only when you’ve the courage to try new and kinky sex ideas.

Part 2- Understanding Sex And Love – Why Both Are Different But Important For Your Man’s Sexual And Emotional Needs

#4. Your Love is Real – So, Show It!

The media has many ways to demonstrate what sex is, but how realistic is it?

Sex in a real relationship of love is not always the stuff found in movies or magazine ads.

It’s real.

It can be messy, and the fool proof moves as seen in a steamy sex scene don’t always go so smoothly in real life.

But your sex life as you know it to be today can become even better than a multi-million dollar romantic movie.

With the right moves, the right words and the right attitude, bring sizzling sex back into your life as never before!

That’s because unlike a movie, your love – the love that exists between you and your partner is real.

He’s real, and so is his appeal for you.

You’re real, with real emotions for your partner, which means that with the right sex moves in the bedroom, your sex life has the potential to be hotter than any two actors going at it on screen.

Sometimes, nothing is as sexy as a silent moment between you and him.

After all, it’s when passionate kisses, lustful holding, and pulsating moves come into play and these little moves make men cum easily.

And if you’ve been missing this in your life, and your relationship is desperately asking for it back, consider this article all you need to resuscitate the romance.

It’s about you and him – a passion, and a longing to be intimate; to feel as if no one else exists but the two of you.

If, despite how much you love him and he loves you, you haven’t experienced that sense of urgency your partner has for you, it’s time to stop talking and start strutting.

Your sexual partner wants to pleasure you without being dictated on the right way and the wrong way to do it.

Are you a talker, chatty during most of your waking hours?

Turn up your sex life all by showing him the moves you have, so that he’ll turn on his best moves accordingly!

The right body language can show that you lust him, crave him and can’t live another second without being in between the sheets with him.

Use the wrong body language and you may prevent an opportunity for not just a satisfying sex life but a satisfying love life, now and down the road.

Here are some tips to seduce him any time of the day or night and to motivate him to become the best you’ve ever had – all without saying a word at all.

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#5. Show Him How You Strut.

If you’ve lost your strut in the bedroom over the years by being in a long term relationship, now’s the time to reclaim it!

Practice giving him a new walk, and instead of walking fast paced or ordinarily as you from the home to your office, spice up your walk by strutting over to him slowly, provocatively and with a look in your eyes that you’re hungry for him.

You know you’re in the mood, and if, in the past, he hasn’t always been able to tell you’re ready for sex, now’s the time to up the ante.

Walk over to him without talking – without saying a word.

Look at him similar to the way a tiger slowly walks towards its prey – eager but in control.

Give him a second to notice you, and wonder what you could possibly be thinking.

Stop when you’re about an inch away, gentle push him down on the bed (couch, against the kitchen counter, etc.) and go in for a kiss that screams out, “I can’t wait another minute.”

Practice this move just once on him, and he’ll know you’re not teasing him. You mean business.

#6. Grab His Belt – Sex Move He Can’t Resist

This is an easy foreplay move, and one that can give the both of you hot, passionate results.

As he gets ready for work, or has just come home after a long, stressful day at the office, you know he could use something naughty to take his mind off of the many thoughts he’s thinking.

Don’t say a word (again, you want to use a sexual body language to spice things up!) and place your hands on his belt.

Look him dead in the eyes, and give a slight smile.

Without taking your eyes off of his, unbuckle his belt, slowly and controlled.

(This one may take practice as some belts can be tough to loosen up without fumbling).

Showing him you’re in the mood by undressing him will give him a new way to look at you and bring back passion that may have been lost.

And if you’re more of a passive lover, this is one of the easiest ways to show him you can be assertive when you need to be.

Heck, you can even be aggressive.

Don’t worry if you’re used to filling the role of being pursued instead of doing the chasing.

Many women are accustomed to letting their partner be the one to initiate sex, and that’s ok.

What often presents a problem in the bedroom is keeping the motions of foreplay the same by never changing up the sex game, and routinely putting the pressure on him to initiate it – every single time.

You want to let your partner know that you desire him as much as he desires you, and often all it takes is a simple move like undoing his belt, or taking off his shirt.

You can fulfill his fantasy just by showing him new tricks you have up your sleeve and new roles you can take on, which will bring in new opportunities for romance in your relationship!

Whether you realize it or not, he’s dying for you to unveil an easy but exciting move just like this one!

#7. Lean in Slowly and Show Him You Lust For Him – And Only Him

The power of the lean is another great sexual body language tip you can use, and can be used at any time.

When he can see that you’re in the mood to spice things up, what you’re really doing is giving him the ‘go ahead’ to turn up the passion and reciprocate the romance.

Whether he’s watching TV, texting a message to his co-worker or talking to his best friend on the phone, lean in to spice up the evening, and show him just what you have in store for the two of you.

Lean in slowly, smile, lower your eyelid and come up to his face so that your noses are about to touch.

Hold your expression and your stance for just a moment, and let him make the next move. Show him you’re controlled, but he’s in control.

There’s a difference between the two, and when you give him the opportunity to make the next move, you’re not just letting him know you’re into him and lusting for him, you’re still letting him take on his role as the man you can’t wait another second for.

Part 3 – How To Please a Man Sexually With Sexual Gestures And Touch.

#8. The Power of Your Lips To Satisfy Him

Your lips always have something to say, even when you’re not literally saying a word.

Practice using your lips to communicate what you’re thinking in another place besides the bedroom to kick start romance for the night.

For example, when at a party with him, are you used to going your separate ways, talking to friends and acquaintances without mingling together, and spending that time together in a social setting?

Do you and your guy go to a party together, only to separate and do your ‘own thing’ just as soon as you arrive?

As it turns out, this is a big mistake.

This is a mistake, because it may signal a bigger problem, such as a lack of attachment, not closeness.

You by no means have to be stuck to one another like glue, but being together and enjoy a social situation together (as opposed to enjoying your time apart) is important.

Go over and whisper something to your partner.

Tell him how much you love him, or how amazing he looks in that shirt, those pants, or whatever compliment comes to your mind.

Graze his back with your fingernails, and lower your hands down the side of his pants, giving him a quick caress.

Walk away while looking back at him briefly and smile.

Come back to him a few moments later when he’s alone and away from the crowds of friends and co-workers, and kiss him softly and passionately.

Let him know you’re there, and you can’t wait to get home with him and finish what you’ve started.

Remember these are little tactics that will help you to please him sexually in bed and outside the bedroom.

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#9. Walk Your Talk.

By showing him that you’re turned on by him no matter what life brings you can help to eliminate periods of a dry spell.

You may not want to be intimate every single moment that he does and you may not feel very romantic after a slight disagreement, but try to think about that in terms of the past and the present.

Creative problem solve to get the argument in your past, refocus on feelings of love and respect that helped you to resolve the issue, and work on the passion of your present moment to make love.

You love him, you desire him and you are passionate for no one else but him, so let him know it.

After all, you aren’t one of those women who insist on holding onto a past mistake your partner may have made, or something hurtful he said and uses it as a reason to withhold sex.

That’s not an act of love; that’s an act of control and a relationship will go nowhere fast if you treat sex like a power struggle.

Sex is about letting go and an exciting, romantic sex life is about living with one another in the moment and bringing it all to the table – your trust, love and affection.

Walk your talk when it comes to your sex life, and guaranteed, you’ll see the love and connection you have worked so hard to attain, explode into a better relationship than you could have ever hoped for.

#10. Show Him Your Sensual Side To Please Him Sexually.

Sensuality is a desire; a gratitude for all the pieces of the puzzle; contentment, joy and bliss.

It’s about using and enjoying the sights, smells and tastes of the moment to enhance joy.

Being sensual involves being aware of the moment you are in, and enjoying every moment of it.

It’s not about sex, and the raw primal urge you have to be with your partner – it’s about appreciating his face, his body, and the way he looks at you, kisses you and touches you.

Sensuality is about the awareness you have to receive pleasure and to give it.

It’s not just to give and receive pleasure, but to get a personal satisfaction from each and every moment.

And without sensuality, you wouldn’t have the capacity to bring romance into the relationship as you do.

Getting back to your sensual roots is important, and a crucial ingredient in your recipe for romance.

As a woman, sensuality is part of your nature.

It’s about accepting every part of yourself – as a sexual woman, a sensual woman, a nurturer, a giver and a taker.

It’s embedded in you.

Mostly, it’s about satisfying the many urges you have as a woman, and when you activate your femininity (which is a major turn on for him!) you can bring forth new levels of romance for you and your partner!

Use what you’ve got, and show off yourself in a way that’s truly irresistible.

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#11. Getting Back to Your Sensual Roots.

Sensuality is about appreciating every part of your body and showing your partner that you aren’t hiding who you are, what you look like or what you represent.

Studies show that a woman who doesn’t have the perfect figure but knows how to work with what she does have (and feels good about it) is more attractive than an insecure woman with the ‘perfect’ body.

Sensuality can be found in the way you walk, look, talk and even the vibe you send off to your boyfriend/spouse/etc.

If you feel like you’ve temporarily lost touch with your sensual self, here are some creative ways to get it back and show him just how desirable you can be!


Part 4 – Secrets To Satisfy a Man By Building The Sexual Anticipation in His Mind.

#12. Make him curious to find out more about you.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together with your partner.

If you’re in love and committed to that love, there is always more to discover about you that he hasn’t unraveled yet.

Head towards uncharted territory by reciting a few lines of a poem from your favorite author and stop.

Look at him, and repeat a few lines that you personally have written.

Don’t make it like a cheesy pick u​​p line, and don’t make it unauthentic.

Just make it come from a genuine place, and by doing so, he’ll start to wonder what other mysteries about yourself you’ve kept from him.

#13Explore his body for ten whole minutes.

Most couples spend their sex lives pulling out the same moves. It’s not always laziness or from a place of habit.

It’s simply what it is – a couple who has been together for a while and not quite knowing how to put the spark back into a relationship.

Bring the sensuality back into the bedroom by taking your time. You have all the time in the world, so spend this time touching his body, caressing it and enjoy it for all it is for ten whole minutes.

This may seem like a long time but it’s really not in the grand scheme of things, and he’ll enjoy every minute of it.

#14. Guide him with your scent.

Did you know that smell is the most powerful sense we have as humans?

Whether you realize it on a conscious level or not, you’re attracted to your partner because he smells good.

In the same way, you’ll been repelled by other potential mates because their natural odor wasn’t for you.

You may not know it, and you may not go from man to man sniffing each one’s neck (that might be a strange way to start a first date, after all) but you’re responding to pheromones for good or bad.

Your pheromones are a powerful thing and dictate who you’ll be with and most importantly, who you will not.

You already smell amazing, otherwise you and your partner would not have made it to the relationship stage.

So now it’s time to cleverly add a new scent to the mix.

Choose a feminine perfume – something pleasing, and something subtle as only you can pull off.

Spray a little bit of it on your bed sheets (new satin bed sheets you’ve bought recently for the occasion) and dab a little bit of it on your neck.

Go in for a lean so he can take a whiff, and let him make the next move. He won’t know what hit him.

#15.Turn your home into a sensual one. 

Sensuality starts with you – your walk, the way you talk in a feminine tone, and the way you make him feel.

It can also be found everywhere around you, and what better way to bring more sensuality into your relationship than by surrounding yourself and your partner with it at home?

Everyone needs variety – that means you! – and there is no better way to put a new spin on an older relationship than by sprucing up the bed sheets, lightening and overall mood of every room in the house.

Start with the easiest room in your house, and where all the magic happens – the bedroom.

Paint your room a feminine color, and one that screams out romance. It could be your favorite shade of red, pink or purple.

Throw out your cotton bed sheets for something that feels good rolling around in such as satin, or an Egyptian cotton.

Buy a romantic shade of solid color sheets (just be sure to buy plain colored ones that aren’t too overwhelming or busy in pattern).

Adorn your bed with some throw pillows that are soft to the touch and go with the paint you’ve just applied to the walls.

Clear out the clutter on your nightstands, and replace it with a few objects such as scented candles of various sizes and styles.

Drape your curtains with a style he hasn’t seen before, and gives you enough privacy from the sun that comes in in the morning.

Has your home office invaded your bedroom?

This is a big mood breaker, so take away any representations of stress such as papers, work assignments or your briefcase that has accidentally made its way into your bed or on your nightstand.

Your bedroom should be an oasis of romance and passion, not a work space in which you’re up late in bed struggling to meet your deadline.

Your bed should only be a place for you and your partner, and will be with some changes that will excite both you and him for night after night of romance!

The same sensual, romantic vibe can be applied to any room in your house.

What room do you spend the most time in?

Is it the living room, kitchen or dining room?

Start by cleaning and clearing out each room of its clutter.

Throw away loose papers that have stacked up on the kitchen table, and create a living room with plenty of space to relax and enjoy each moment.

Go through old photos of the two of you, and hang them up above the mantle.

Light some essential oils which you can display around the house such as lavender, vanilla, jasmine, eucalyptus, or rose.

Light up a fire, bring in some fresh flowers you can place alongside a clutter-free table, turn off the TV and replace it with some soft music right before he arrives home from work.

This isn’t something you have to get into the habit of doing nightly, but when you want to bring some more romance into the everyday events of your life, it’s an easy way to get into the mood for the love that already exists.

Part 5 – How to Please a Man Sexually By Talking Dirty

#16. Learn how to talk sensually.

There are many ways you can talk to your partner, but as many right ways as there are, there are wrong ways – those ways he will respond negatively to or that won’t encourage him to bring forth his passionate self.

Have you ever experienced saying something to your boyfriend or husband that you thought was romantic, and then he shut off and shut down?

Maybe he even went so far as to give you the silent treatment for the rest of the night when you thought you were doing everything right.

He’s not a robot but a person just like you that can react positively or negatively to any particular thing that’s said.

Express yourself in the right way and you’ve set the stage for romance and yearning.

Say the wrong thing, in the wrong way and you may have a silent night.

As one of the secrets he wants you to know, he needs to feel needed by you!

You don’t want to tell him what to do and how to do it, just as much as you don’t want him to control your words and actions.

Bring out your sensuality by getting back to your feminine roots and talk dirty and softly and without revealing all of your thoughts at once.

He loves the chase, and when you’ve been “caught”, he craves to feel that there is always something more to learn about you.

There’s a difference between acting like a tease, and acting mysterious, and when you talk sensually, you’re signaling to him that while you’re his and no one else’s, you are also of a vast body, mind and soul that has yet to be discovered by him.

The next time you are out on a date, remind him what moves he has that turns you on.

Lean over and whisper in his ear what you love and that only he has been able to achieve for you – a stroke of your inner thigh, the way that he kisses your ear lobe, or even how he looks at you right before he kisses you.

In a quiet voice that’s just loud enough for him to hear, tell him the move – blow by blow – that he does well.

Then lean back and watch him take in your words.

Show him you are confident about your sexuality and your sensuality – two very important components for him when it comes to romance – and give him an audio cue that you’re ready to supercharge your romance right now.

It’s important to make sure that you’re teasing him for what’s to come later on in the night, so no empty promises for what might come later, and by all means, don’t give him too-subtle comments that he may or may not be able to interpret.

What you do say to him in a flirtatious manner he’ll take literally!

Give him a few minutes or an hour to use his imagination for what’s to come.

As he’s busy thinking about you and your previous sensual comment, order desert.

When it arrives, give him the first spoonful, and feed it to him without taking your eyes off of his.

Then feed yourself, and take a bite slowly and as if it’s the best thing you’ve ever tried.

He’ll think of you, he’ll think of how sexy you are, and it won’t allow him to want anything else but you.

This is one of the most visual images you can give him.

When he watches you devour the desert, his imagination will go straight to the act of sex, the act of love and with no other option but to want you in every way sexually, sensually and passionately.

There will be no room for hesitation.

You’re giving him a night of flirtation and foreplay that he won’t be able to ignore.

Continue to keep the sensual foreplay going by leaning over and again tell him you have a secret to dish.

When he comes up close to you, give him a kiss for the movies!

Hold the kiss for a moment, move your tongue around his, and show him that you’re cranking up the romance the whole night through.

#17. Turn on some music and show him your moves.

What woman wouldn’t love the opportunity to dance, and move her body to and fro?

I’ve heard the complaints of women over and over again when it pertains to a lack of romance: They want to dance with their man who doesn’t like to dance.

Why is dancing such a sensual act?

Because it’s romantic without being sexual. It gives you and him a chance to be romantic in seconds flat.

It allows both you and him to feel desired in a simple, easy way.

Whether he wants to watch you dance alone or dance close to you doesn’t matter so much, as the way you move as he witnesses every turn and sway.

One of the easiest ways to turn up your sensuality is by slowing moving to the beat, and when you throw him off guard, he won’t be able to resist joining you for a dance or two – no matter how much he insists he’s not a dancing kind of guy.

He will have no option but to join you in on the fun.

After all, who could really resist you swaying back and forth, as if a provocative nature and sensuality runs through your blood?

Just by dancing for a moment, he’ll see you in a sexy, feminine light that perhaps has been missing for him.

Dancing is about stopping whatever you usually are busy doing – cleaning the dishes, getting out of your work clothes and into a comfy pair of jeans and t-shirt, or making dinner.

It brings forth for him (and remember, men are visual beings that need to be reminded of romance in a way they can literally see with their own eyes) the essence of you in all your glory, attractiveness and as a result, will make him see you as an irresistible, romantic creature of your own rite.

Just make sure that when he does join you in a slow sway, you don’t ridicule him, criticize him or laugh.

Dancing is about the two of you reconnecting at a deep level. It’s not a dance competition.

However you dress your home, talk to your partner and add some spice into your love life, know this: your efforts will go a long way.

Romance for many men is a visual experience, and comes in many forms.

From a new pair of lace underwear to whispering how attractive he is to you and by even trying on a new scent for him to enjoy, he’ll be able to translate the message you’re sending and reciprocate it.

Romance is alive in your home, and it’s with every step you take; it’s the way you walk, talk and make him feel.

Keep it alive and kicking at full speed by trying out any – or all – of the above tips mentioned and you’ll surely bring out a new passionate love affair you can enjoy time and time again.

I will stop here. I believe you truly enjoyed this step by step on how to please your man in bed sexually.

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