May 4, 2022

Dirty Talking Ideas to Seduce Her Using Skype And Phone Sex

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Talking dirty to a woman is one of the keys to keeping your relationship fresh and juicy. Dirty talk is a powerful tool to seduce a woman.

Dirty talking with the help of phone sex and skype is a powerful tool to maintain a juicy sexual and emotional connection with your woman in the new age of technology.

Technology plays a key role here. Texting, with your phone, and Skype are your sexy secret weapons to talk dirty with your partner.

In this amazing guide, I'll show you how to talk dirty to your partner using techniques like phone sex, skype sex and that too without actually sounding dirty.

Whether you are in a long-distance relationship where miles separate you 24/7, except when you have planned visits.

Or long-term separation with a specific date to be reunited (such as a military deployment or a 3-6 month employment contract)

Or you have a short-term separation due to a business trip or other circumstance (generally a few days to a few weeks).

This dirty talking techniques will work anywhere and everywhere.

I urge you read this 4000 word guide on dirty talking ideas to make a woman want you sexually. Believe me you won’t regret reading.

So, if you are ready let’s begin, using the power of dirty words to enhance your sex and love life.

# How Dirty Talk And Sexting Go Hand in Hand.

Sending sexy texts is the easiest way to talk dirty when you are away from your partner. You can say crazy perverted things without showing your nerves.

And you don't have to worry about privacy or scheduling logistics like you do with a phone call or Skype.

Creating a Sext Starter.

It’s a good idea to start out with something playful texts that requires a response.

If you were here . . .

Guess what I’m doing . . .

Wish you were here . . .

Stop . . .

Mmmm . . .

You have me soooo . . .

I have an idea . . .

Using the ellipsis after the thought tells her there is more to the thought. She may feel confused at first, but soon, it will become a powerful trigger for her erotic brain.

From there, you can steer the conversation in any direction you like to seduce her mentally.

You can jump right into the action with a “sexting quickie” or draw it out for a long sexting tease.

Here are some possible dirty talking ideas for you:

Playfully innocent—

If you were here I wouldn’t be able to control myself and you’d see just how much you turn me on.

I’d have you bend over. And I wish I was inside you right now. And you could see how much you turn me on. I had you in my mouth.

Mmmm . . .

Do you have any idea how much I want you? The things I want to do to you are so naughty. My cock is throbbing so hard.

Jump into the action—

If you were here. I’d be licking and kissing you all over.

I would bend you over my knee and spank you for being such a naughty girl and even make you squirt.

I would be pressing your body hard against mine making you so horny that you can’t concentrate on anything else!

Sexting Quickie.

If you were here. I’d be licking your wet pussy until you beg me to fuck you.

If you were here. I’d have your ass up in the air and I’d be pounding you hard and you’d be enjoying my big, hard cock.

Mmmm . . .

Baby my cock is so ready for you. I want to lick your pussy right now.

You have me so horny right now. I need to fuck you bad. I want to be inside you so bad, fucking you hard.

Hopefully, she'll decide to jump into the action and provide her own dirty talking commentary back to you.

Let her have a hand in steering the dialogue. Both of you being active participants is part of the process of building the sexual connection.

If your woman is shy or not totally comfortable sexting, asking questions that only need a simple yes or no response is perfectly acceptable. Things like:

Does that feel good? 

Want me to keep going?

Would you like that?

Are you wet/turned on?

Sometimes you might not get a response right away after firing off a sext-starter.

You can decide to continue on and send the second part of your message after a few minutes, or you can simply wait.

Perhaps turn it into a tease when you see or speak to her next. Ask if she saw your text.

When she says, “Yes, what were you going to say?" you can say, “Only good girls who reply back get to know what was on my mind,” and change the subject.

This trains her to pay attention and reply if she wants the reward.

When you get ready to send that first sext-starter, here is what I want you to do . . .

Take a deep breath

Let go of the expectation of what will happen next

Remember that you are confident and in control and will handle things as they come.

Power of shared memory in your dirty talk.

Using the power of shared memory in your dirty talk is a great way to immediately get her mind exactly where you want it.

These also boost her confidence by letting her know just how great a job she does at sexually satisfying you!

With these texts, you are going to paint a vivid picture about an intimate moment you've shared.

You can start these with a curiosity hook or just launch into the story, the choice is yours!

I can’t stop thinking about that romantic night once we spent in that hotel. Do you also Remember that time . . . 

My mind keeps drifting back to . . .

Follow up with the memory:

When you showed up at my work and nobody was in the office . . .

Last summer when we were on that hike and you were wearing those hot, little, booty shorts and how I shoved you in the backseat of the car after the hike and fucked the hell out of you?

When you woke me up by giving me the best blowjob ever. You know exactly how I like it. Wet and dirty.

Obviously, I don't know your specific memories. I just created a few dirty talk examples.

For longer memories, you can break them up into sentences and send them one at a time.

With memory recall texts, she might not respond, which is OK. At the end of the memory, you could ask a simple question that only requires a “yes.”

Wasn’t that a great night? 

Want to recreate that memory soon?

Are you as turned on as I am now?

If you want to get a dialogue going, you can ask something that requires a longer reply:

What was your favorite part of that night?

What memory of our sex life turns you on most?

Dirty Texts To Build Sexual Tension With Women.

These texts get straight to the point. You are going to tell her exactly what you want her to do to you OR what you plan to do to her.

Basically, you can construct these texts using the following formulas or ones that are similar.

Almost like Mad Libs. Very naughty Mad Libs.

I can’t wait for you to _____ in my _____. 

I can’t wait to slowly undress you and lick you.

I can’t wait to bury my hard cock in your tight little pussy.

Tonight, I’m going to ______ your _______ until you ______.

Tonight, I’m going to stroke you with my wet, hot tongue until you go over the edge into orgasmic bliss.

Tonight, I’m going to eat your pussy until you come.

Tonight, I’m going to fuck you from behind until you cum so hard, baby.

I want you to _____ my ______ until I’m ______.

I want you to suck and tease my cock until you have me begging to fuck you.

First, I’m going to _____. Then I want you to _____.

First, I’m going to torture your clit with slow, soft licks. Then, when you can’t control yourself one more minute, I’m going to have my way with you.

First, I’m going to slather whipped cream all over your tits. Then I’m going to take my time licking it off.

These are just a few basic formulas that make it easy for you to get started when it comes to dirty talking.

And as you can see from the examples, sometimes you have to tweak them slightly so they make sense for the specific instruction you are giving.

As you grow comfortable, by all means unleash your creativity and write out your own explicitly specific texts!

The Power Of Phone Sex To Turn Her On.

Lots of people wonder how to talk dirty over phone and have no idea how to initiate it or how to actually do it. The good news is that it's easy to learn.

Talking dirty over the phone adds other elements that digital communication lacks.

Your voice and the immediate back and forth of conversation definitely add another level of sexiness.

The bonus is that you still have the safety of appearing confident without her actually seeing if you are nervous, but it's slightly more risky since it's live.

“Phone sex” is engaging in explicit sexual conversation for the purpose of sexual gratification (orgasm).

Now that can certainly be a goal for some conversations, but not every sexy phone call needs to end with a big finale.

I'm going to have you build up to the main event. We will start out just by getting comfortable bringing up sex over the phone.

Here's Exactly How To Talk Dirty To a Girl Over Phone:

Start with having a back-and-forth conversation. These conversations may or may not end up with one or both of you masturbating, so don't focus on the end result. Yet.

The main point of talking dirty over the phone is to paint the visual picture in her mind of what sex with you feels like. How turned on you are.

What you are wearing (or not wearing). Letting her know through your words and the sound of your voice that you are full of desire on the other end of the line.

Desire for HER. Remember, this is your golden ticket to making her feel deeply & emotionally connected to you.

When you show her how irresistible and attractive you find her, she feels worshiped, a feeling she deeply craves.

How you initiate the conversation is actually the same way you initiate via text or email. Start out with an open-ended question.

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Guess what I’m doing right now? 

Know what I’m thinking about?

Those are two really great ways to start. When she asks “What?” you launch into a dirty description.

You: Know what I’m thinking about? 

Her: What? 

You: That way you get all flushed when we have sex. 

Her: Oh really?

You: Your chest turns all red and I know you are really turned on. It makes me so horny to think about you looking that way.

From there, you can decide to continue the sex talk, launching into more description. She might decide to take the lead and start asking you questions or feeding the conversation.

Like you practiced in the porn script, getting comfortable saying these words is important. If you haven't already done so, using your porn script is PERFECT phone sex.

Practice saying the lines in sexy ways. Alter the tone and cadence of your voice to find what feels good and sexy to you.

Again, you will likely feel really silly at first. But it's important to play around with how your voice sounds.

The more you get used to verbalizing dirty phrases, the more confident you become.

How to Plan For a Great Phone Sex.

Like I said, every time you talk sexy on the phone it will not end up in orgasms for you both.

But setting out with that as your specific plan is something I want you to try.

The first time you do phone sex with the goal of orgasm, it's best to plan it out a little bit.

First, tell her you want to talk on the phone at a time when she is alone and not distracted.

If you are in a long-distance relationship, this can become a key part of your sex lives.

So you've selected the time for the call. She might have an inkling of what's to come, especially if you've been naughty texting. This is good – anticipation is your friend here.

Before you call her up:

Take some deep breaths. 

Think about what turns you on.

Read through some of the dirty text conversations you’ve had with her.

Get naked.

Dim the lights.

Make sure all distractions and interruptions are at bay (children, pets etc.).

Have some lube handy. Coconut oil is a great natural lubricant.

Remember: you are confident and sexy and about to totally blow her mind!

I find that the best way to do this is to plan on following a bit of a script.

There are countless variations, but what needs to happen is that you describe the scene, give her lots of juicy details with adjectives, and talk through having sex.

Here is an example script you can follow. This is just a guideline; I want you to read it through and then determine ways you can make it personal.

Recalling intimate memories of times you spent together in the past is a great way to personalize the experience.

Her: Hi! 

You: Hello, are you alone?

Her: Yes. What did you want to talk to me about? You: I want you to close

your eyes, sit back and relax, and listen very carefully to everything I’m about to tell you.

Her: OK.

You: I’m lying on my bed, naked, thinking about you. What are you wearing?

Her: I’m sliding out of my clothes right now. I will soon be naked, too.

You: Good girl. I’m thinking about some very naughty things right now.

Want to know what they are?

Her: Yes.

Now you are going to run the show, narrating in detail step by step what would be happening if she were with you.

You: I’m imagining you running your hands all over my body. They are so soft and small. You are alternating between lightly caressing my chest and lightly scratching. 

You: Your hands start to explore, lower tracing my abs and drifting over my pelvic bones. I moan in anticipation of where you are headed. I am already stiff and waiting.

You: You wrap your hand around my cock. You can see how turned on I am by how rock hard I’ve become. This makes you happy doesn’t it?

Her: Yes. (if she can even speak)

You: You start at the base of my cock with your tongue and slowly lick the length of me, flicking and swirling once you reach the head. Damn, baby, you feel good. You know just how I like it.

You: You take my whole cock in your mouth now. Sliding up and down at first, slow but then speeding up the pace. Take me all the way down your throat. So tight. So slippery.

You: Oh God, you drive me crazy! (moan)

You: But I know you are a horny girl with a juicy wet pussy who needs my hard cock inside. Deeep inside. (moan)

You: You straddle me and I have the most gorgeous view. Your breasts are jiggling, begging me to squeeze them.

You: You slide my cock in and let out a loud moan. Then you stop and look me in the eyes with that determined look you get, and I know you are about to fuck the shit out of me.

You: You start teasing the head of my cock. But every few strokes you slam down hard taking me all the way in.

You: Oh baby. Do I feel good to you? Do you like fucking me?

You: Yeah. You like how I feel. Because, I love how you feel. Your tight, wet, little pussy taking me deep. I love how you fuck me. Oh baby! . .  

At this point, you are both likely furiously getting yourselves off. Keep the dirty talking conversation going if you'd like, or you can just let it dissolve into moans of climaxing.

To reiterate, you can use this script or adjust to anything that feels good to you.

I do recommend practicing it OUT LOUD a few times. Just like an actor knows his lines, the more you've said these words, the easier and more natural it will be during the phone call.

The Combination Of Dirty Talk And Skype Sex.

Skype sex is powerful and fun! It is the most intense way you can share your bodies with each other when you can't be face-to-face or touch each other.

And as I've mentioned all throughout this article that, women yearn to feel desired.

They want to know that you find them irresistible and that they have the power to turn you on and get you addicted to them.

Allowing her to witness your unbridled passion because of her sexual prowess, and letting her see, uncensored, just how fucking turned on she gets you is probably one of the most powerful ways you can bridge the distance between the two of you.

Initiating Skype Sex With Dirty Talk.

I believe it is best to not make Skype sex a surprise. Women want the opportunity to make sure they look sexy and have everything they need for a Skype sex session.

When she feels prepared, she will be much more confident and adventurous. So, I suggest that you text or call and ask her when would be a good time for a Skype sex session.

You could even tell her to wear that bra and panty set you really love. Or ask her to have her favorite vibrator nearby because you want to see how she fucks herself with it.

1. Start out by telling her you miss her and wish she was there.

2. Just like phone sex, you are going to let her know where your mind is.

Some ideas could be:

Just looking at you is getting me turned on.

Do you have any idea how sexy you look right now?

Are you wearing any panties? I bet you are already really wet.

Your tits look amazing in that shirt, and I bet they look even more amazing without it.

You turn me on when you look at me like that.

You know exactly how to get me hot/hard/in the mood.

3. Segue into touching yourself. Removing some or all of your clothes is natural. Tell her what you would want her to do to with her your body if she were there, and describe what you'd be doing to her.

You can go into descriptive dialogue like you'd use in sexting/phone sex, such as:

If you were here, I’d be licking and biting your nipples. Then I would lick my way down to your wet little pussy and suck on your clit until you cum. You taste so good.

I want to turn you over, grab your hips, and slowly bury my cock in your pussy. I would start off by slowly teasing you until you were begging me to pound you hard.

I want you to suck and lick the head of my cock, teasing me until I’m begging you to take me all the way down your throat.

If you were here, you’d suck and lick my balls while holding onto my hard cock, jerking me off fast.

You can also use shorter sentences if you find it tricky to carry on dialogue while you are touching yourself.

I love it when you/how you . . . 

Lick my balls.

Suck my cock.

Take it in the ass.

Ride my hard cock.

Eat my ass.

Deep throat my cock.

Take my cock deep inside you.

Like me to fuck you hard?

Beg me to fuck you harder.

Feels so good to be inside you.

I love how good your pussy feels.

4. Solo- or mutually-masturbate to climax.

5. Vocalize what is happening and what you are feeling. Make sure to give her encouragement if she's masturbating at the same time. If she's not being vocal, you can get her to talk by asking questions or making demands.

Do you like what I’m doing? 

Do you like this?

I want you to . . .

I want you to cum for me.

6. Enjoy a little “pillow talk” afterward. Just like you would if you were face-to-face, revel in the afterglow. Let her know how wonderful it felt or what you liked best. Talk about other desires and things to try next time.

A Couple of Variations Of Dirty Talking using Skype Sex

If she is timid about talking, Skyping, and masturbating at the same time . . . or if you are into the dominant/submissive angle with sex . . . you can do this:

Tell her you want to do a Skype call where you “direct” her to orgasm. You will tell her the dirty things you want to do to her body while she closes her eyes, leans back, and gets herself off to climax while you watch.

If she is flat out uncomfortable with masturbating on camera but doesn’t fear talking dirty, you can do the opposite.

Let her talk you through a sex scene while watching you masturbate.

Either of these options still accomplishes the goal of sharing a sexual experience together.

Cautions and Concerns about Sex Skype.

If you are doing Skype sex with a new partner, it is a good idea to discuss and agree on your rules, such as not grabbing screen shots to share online or with other people.

I’ve found that most women’s main concern is this issue of privacy. If you make sure to agree to these boundaries (and keep your promises), she will be much more open and willing to try Skype-sexing with you.

FAQ's - Dirty Talking Ideas To Turn Her On.

#1. How do I talk dirty to a girl?

  • Use triggers words to build excitement
  • Don't get too cheesy when trying to seduce her, maintain a balance.
  • Stop feeling undue pressure.
  • Stick with what works for you and use this guide as a reference.
  • Be positive and speak with confidence.
  • #2. Do women like dirty sex talk?

    Dirty talk when used in the right way, yes. The woman I've been with gets aroused by a well timed and appropriate dirty phrase.

    But at the same time dirty talk can be really cheesy and it can spoil the mood if not used in the right way.

    If you are a beginner, I would rather begin by simply narrating the scenario or what is happening in the moment. Even something really simple.

    “Your juicy pussy feels so perfect wrapped around my hard cock”.

    This is probably totally true and it’s a simple statement. I would rather stick with genuine and clear statements and not what you read in porn.

    #3. I don't know how to sext. What do I do?

    If you are new to sexting the best thing you can do is to be polite and respectful. Don't ask, but let the dialog mood drive the flow. Don't try too hard .

    Avoid being selfish or using very cheesy lines in the beginning, instead try to be for your partner.

    Remember the one you are talking to is a human and not a sex doll or a machine.

    It's important to stay romantic, interested in her by creating a cozy environment that will eventually lead to naughty sexting.

    #4. How do you end a sexting conversation?

    Look into her eyes and tell her it was fun spending time with her. Ending a sexting conversation should not be always HOT and seducing.

    If possible at the end kiss on her forehead which will make her feel that you are not only after sex.

    The relationship or the date means a lot to you and you really care about her. This way you'll not only end the sexting conversation on a good note but you'll also win her trust and love.

    Summarizing Dirty Talking From a Distance.

    You can keep a strong sexual connection even if miles separate you.

    Using tools like texting, phone, and Skype keep you connected.

    Introduce novelty and surprise by varying the raunch factor.

    I will stop here. I hope you loved this detailed guide on how to talk dirty to your girl in different situations.

    If you loved this article. You’ll definitely love this (My Strong Recommendation)

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