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How to Make Love to a Woman All Night Long Like a True Pro

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How to Make Love to a Woman All Night Long Like a True Pro - Guides and Best Practices

Table of Contents

7 Exclusive Tips on How to Make Love to a Woman Like a Pro.

I am going to share with you the holy grail of tips to please your woman in bed.

These tips start from soft to advanced moves that will rock her world.

After you read them all (and of course, practiced), you will be able to make any woman do whatever you want.

And not in a manipulative way... but because she will enjoy doing it.

Tip #1 - Give Her The Right Kind Of Attention

Always give attention to your girl. This is one thing I continuously harp on.

Sex for a woman is not just sex; it’s a physical and emotional reflection of feeling desired.

And giving her your full attention will make her feel desired and more in love with you sexually and emotionally.

Doing these little things will not only make her feel comfortable with you, but it will also build trust and love between both of you. 

And at the same time, her feedback will enhance your sexual skills.

Giving attention will help you see what is working and what is not.

Say for instance, you can ask her:

  • “Does that feel good?” 
  • “Do you love the way I’m touching you there”? 
  • “Am I pleasing you the way you want”? 
  • “Do you want me to try something else”? 
  • “Do you have something to say?”

There are many things that escape the attention of ordinary people. Even if you know nothing else; knowing only this will help you figure out the rest.

 Learning to be responsive and giving her attention will gain you serious appreciation from your girl” says Pella Weisman, a dating coach, and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. 

Pro Tip - Giving her attention is also about building the anticipation in her mind before the actual act. 

Using flirty words and dirty talk will help things to get going and also warm her up. 

Not only that giving her this special attention and asking for feedback will also help you to tailor your foreplay to get the responses you want from her. 

She will be ready on a plate hot and horny, just for you!

Tip #2 - How To Make Love To a Woman With Better Foreplay Before Sex

Making love to a woman the right way can be really rewarding.

It’s not an easy task (to do it right), but when done with the proper techniques, you can easily master it and love your woman like a real pro.

To achieve this you must learn the secret foreplay moves that you can work into your sex... to keep things new and exciting.

When you pay attention to those things; it gives you a far better chance to captivate the mind of your lover than any other rival.

This is the most important skill that you ought to have if you want to be the master of the bedroom.

The Best Foreplay Moves To Do Before Sex

When it comes to foreplay and exploring her body, don’t just dive right into the genitals. No, seriously! 

This is what foreplay is: taking the time to explore her body and see how she responds

What turns her on, what raises goosebumps on her skin, what makes her smile, melt, squirm, and giggle with pleasure.

Pro Tip: The best thing about foreplay is that she will emotionally attach these feelings to you because it was YOU who made her feel this way. And that is how you become her “best lover” in her mind. This is something she simply can’t control.

There is a whole body to explore, and without the act of foreplay, it’s just not possible so make sure you check out every luscious curve, swell and groove to find the secrets spots that turn her on.

To become really good at foreplay and seduction, you need to go very slow and be patient, coaxing her slowly, until she is hungry for your touch and begging you to penetrate her.

Here are 3  foreplay moves that will get her soaking wet in bed for you.

Foreplay Move #1 - Give Her An Erotic Kiss

The mouth is possibly the most erogenous zone for both men and women. 

With it, you can peck, kiss, lick, suck, nibble, smooch, and French kiss.  It can be dry or wet, firm or soft, quick or slow.  

You can kiss her on the lips or open-mouthed, entangling tongues, and swapping saliva.

Saliva contains testosterone which also helps to increase our desire as well, just try not to be too sloppy.  While wet kissing can be exciting, do not to drool in her mouth.

You can kiss and lick her entire body, suck, or softly bite with your teeth.

Believe me, this type of erotic kissing is very pleasurable to most women.

“Even the best kissers can add bewildering power” explains Shelley Hess, author of Pucker Power: Great Kissers Make Great Lovers. 

That is why it is very crucial to play with her erogenous zone and build her body up for the finale.

Foreplay Move #2 - Teasing Her Sensually To Please Her Sexually

A teasing stroke is light grazing that is usually feather-light.  You can use one finger or a few to draw teasing strokes over the sensitive parts of her body such as the lips, the breasts, the nipples, and other sensitive bits.

A sensual stroke uses a bit more pressure than a teasing stroke, rather like a caress. It is usually slow, seductive and lingering.  

You can use your fingers, or the sides of your hands or full palms to create a sensual stroke.

Foreplay Move #3 - Play with Her Neck and Her Ears

The neck is a truly sensuous area of a woman’s body

Kissing softly down the side of her neck, or blowing whispers across her nape will send chills of excitement straight to her genitals, and start doing all the work for you!  

Try grazing her pulse point with your teeth, and even biting gently like an erotic vampire ready to devour her. 

And, don’t forget sucking.  Remember being a teenager and giving hickeys?  Just don’t leave marks where they can be obviously seen.

The ears are super sensitive to light touches, soft blowing, licking and sucking.  

Try whispering in her ear and telling her all the naughty things you’d like to do to her, as you nibble and suck on her ear lobe.  

This way you can not only turn her on quickly but also fully, thereby guaranteeing optimum enjoyment for both of you.

Now you might wonder how that happens.

This is because women, unlike men, can always sense when you are trying to turn her on because of your needs, and it does affect the way she responds to your sexual play.

If you can delay your urges for just a little time and concentrate more on WHAT SHE WANTS SEXUALLY (both unconsciously and consciously), she will hit your world like a ground-shaking earthquake!

She will make YOU have the ORGASM of your lifetime. But wait, this does not end here.

She will get out of her way to take care of your wants even out of the bedroom. 

We have counseled, advised and warned you- now it is YOUR CHOICE.

Tip #3 - How to Create Instant Sexual Attraction.  The Power Of Sexual Touch and Mental Stimulation - Where And How To Touch a Woman

"Sexual touching is an art that causes sexual arousal and potentially orgasm for the person being stimulated" says Dr. Steve McGough. In other words, touching in a way that feels extra good.

Play With Her Mind to Seduce Her - Sexual Fractionation (Hot Advice!)

Leave her wanting for more- that's the key notion about sexual fractionation.

This means that when you induce a state in a person, break it up and then put them back in that state, the person goes deeper into that state, also called mind control… here is my best guide on seducing a woman mentally.

This means that when you are sexually fractionating, you are actually coupling to and fro between areas of high arousal capacity and sexual sensitivity and the areas of low arousal capacity and sensitivity.

Let me make it more clear to you. 

It has been proven time and again that the brain is our most important erogenous zone because without it we wouldn’t feel anything.

Sexual arousal begins with a sexy thought, image, or touch from your partner, as the brain sends signals to the genitals to trigger sexual arousal. 

These signals come in the form of “love” hormones such as Dopamine, Adrenaline, Testosterone, Oxytocin, and Serotonin.  

All these chemicals work together to get you in the mood and feeling sexy.

So, without the brain being aroused first, we can’t physically feel desire

That’s why we may not be “in the mood” at any given time. 

The same holds true for her. 

If you can arouse her mind, her desire to have sex with you will follow. 

So, foreplay and seduction, as well as stimulating the erogenous zones can turn that erotic switch on even faster.

That’s what sexual fractionation is teasing a woman and getting her to the point of no return.

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Play With Her Neck and the Face To Please Her Sexually

The face is not often thought of as a sensitive zone, but it can also be stimulated by caressing her facial parts such as the lips, nose, and cheeks with the gentle touch of your fingers.

The neck which is just below the face is highly sensitive and contains lots of nerve endings that are highly sensitive to stimulation.  

A gentle touch with your fingers and bite of your lips on her neck can help her unwind and relax while flooding her body with blood and feel-good hormones

Pro Tip: Try a little hair pulling as you kiss her, bite her sensually on her neck and show her she is your possession. Many women get turned on by erotic hair pulling, or just holding her still by her hair

Play With Her Breasts To Get Her Hot And Horny

"The breasts and nipples are hugely erotic and some women can orgasm from nipple stimulation alone" says sexologist Sadie Allison.  

According to researchers, stimulating the nipples turns on the same area in the brain that activates an orgasm.  

Breast and nipple stimulation also causes the brain to release oxytocin into the bloodstream, which can cause intense uterine contractions and the tingly sensations associated with orgasm.  

So, don’t forget to give her breasts lots of attention during foreplay and sex.

Tip #4 - How To Love Her By Playing With Her Intimate Parts

An erogenous zone is anywhere on the body that has heightened sensitivity and can elicit a sexual response when stimulated," explains Jane Greer, Ph.D., a sex and relationship expert. 

To take things up a notch in the bedroom here is how to love her and play with her intimate parts sexually.

How to Stimulate Her Most Sensual Erogenous Parts

The secret to making love to a woman and getting the best sexual response from her is to stimulate her most sensual erogenous zone gently at first and then gradually increase the stimulation with other intimate parts when she is aroused.

Now this will mainly work the best if it is your first time with a specific woman.

Unless she tells you to grab her hair by the roots or bite her nipples hard, this slow to fast step will work.

When you work your way through her gradually, you also get a sufficient amount of time to judge whether or not she likes a specific stimulation.

It also gives her enough time to build up stimulation in one erogenous zone.

Research shows that women can be aroused by strong sexual stimulation but these work only if you do them GRADUALLY.

Here is how to stimulate her most sensual erogenous parts gradually to please her sexually 

Step #1 - Play with Her Navel to Seduce Her

Because of the visual similarity between the belly button and female sexual organs, psychologist Dr. Elmar Basse explained for German Bild that the navel is a “small vagina,” which makes it hard to resist for men.

The belly button on a woman is closely connected to her clitoris and is grown from the same tissue in the womb.  

So, kissing, licking and even gently fingering this area can be highly erotic. This area is also close to our sacral chakra, which fires up our sexual energy

Pressing on this area can relieve the abdominal tension, strengthen the urinary and reproductive systems, and increase sexual intimacy and pleasure.

Step #2 -Touch Her Sexually Behind the Knees & Inner Thighs

One of the most explosive nerves in the body is located at the top of the inner thigh, “It’s called the ilioinguinal nerve, and it’s incredibly sensitive to touch” says Dr. Leah Millheiser.

The inner sides of the legs are very sensitive to touch including behind the knees, the tops of the kneecap and the inner thighs.  

Again, light, feathery, tickling types of touches work well in these areas.

Also, try soft nibbling above the kneecaps as well. Because of how close the inner thighs are to the genitals, erotic teasing can go a long way here to get her really wet and wanting you.

Step #3 - Play With Her Butt

The butt is very close to her genital area and loves erotic attention. Start slow with soft gentle caresses and then build up the pressure.

Try kneading her hungry flesh and playful spanking her cheeks as she squirms in your lap.

Percussion play is a great way to practice your drumming techniques and get her cheeks all rosy and flushed, ready for more intimate erotic play. 

Just above the buttocks is the Sacrum, which contains the sacral nerves that transmit pleasure straight to the genitals.  

So, be sure to massage or gently tap this area to build arousal in the genitals. 

Tip #5 - Different Techniques To Touch Her Sexually And Make Sex Exciting

Touching a woman in one way is easy, but knowing how to touch her in different ways is an art that is confusing and quite worrying.

And that’s what we will discuss in this part of this article, so you can have a complete guide on how to make love to a girl.

How to properly touch her to keep her seduced and horny (The secret key to make love to her all night long)

Step #1 - Start with light touches

Begin by lightly touching her body with just the tips of your fingers, running them over her neck, back, arms, legs, and buttocks. 

Step #2 - Maintain constant contact with her skin

Now run your hands over her shoulders, upper back, and neck. 

Keeping your hands in contact with her skin at all times, lengthen and deepen your touch strokes (as if you are giving her a sensual massage). 

Ask her for feedback if the touch is too hard or soft.  

Step #3 - Run across her whole back

Run your hands down her back, over her buttocks to her feet, and spend a few minutes sensually.

Touching her foot and playing around them with the soft touch of your hands.

How to Touch Her Continuously - The “Mix Match” Technique

It is just like touching different parts of her body but in this touch, you’ll also be kissing and licking her body parts simultaneously.

When you touch her, be sure to use variation in the type of touch, pressure, and pacing.  

Be in tune with her body as you tease, titillate, tantalize, tempt and entice her, making her want your touch more and more.

Let me explain.

Brush the nape of her neck with your fingertips, kiss her eyelids, whisper in her ear, and nibble on her neck.

You want to build up tension, suspense, anticipation, and desire.  

Arouse all of her senses (by kissing and touching her at the same time) and make her want you so bad by the end of it, she’s like a crazed sex kitten. Meow!  

Continue to move down her body, getting closer to her most sensitive areas: lower back, thighs, hips, buttocks. 

Squeeze her buttocks and suck her breast to give her two different sensations of pleasure at the same time.

Continuous touching simply implies that one of your hands or even body part is on your partner and you are also kissing or licking her with your mouth at the same time.

Pro tip: You can also keep touching and playing and never remove your hands unless another of your body part takes its place.

Most Reiki practitioners and massage therapists use this as a guiding principle to provide the best therapy to people.

When they are about to work on another part of the body they usually "glide" their hand to the second place from the first place.

Or they simply put their hand on the second place and keep it in position until their other hand is ready to take its place. 

Let me simplify it.

Your partner should never at any point feel that there is no physical contact between her and you.

There should not be a space or gap between one contact and another when you make passionate love to her lovely body.

This secret step is your key to the passionate world of female sexual arousal.

It builds up a strong connection between you and your partner and becomes the strong thread that binds all other sexual arousal activities and thrusts her into an earth-shattering world of one strong orgasm after another.

So as a matter of fact, never lose body contact with your partner.

Whether you are going from one body level to another or changing your sexual arousal technique, always touch her body

She will be gratified and so will be you!

Tip #6 - How to Caress a Girl And Play With Her Body

Great sex is all about caressing a girl in a way that feels pleasing and exciting at the same time.

But the problem is most guys don’t know how to caress a girl the right way.

We’ve got you covered, learn the hidden art of caressing a woman the right way.

Caress Her Like This Way and She'll Go Wild And Wet

Work your way around her body from the extremities towards the torso.


Let me explain the whole process on how to caress a woman to arouse her.

  1. Glide your hands and slowly caress the underside of her neck from her chin to her throat.

  2. The sides of her neck from her ears to her shoulders.

  3. Her inner arms and the creases of her elbows

  4.  The inner curve of her waist and the sides of her hips

  5.  The lower curve of her belly, above her pubic hair

  6.  The backs of her knees.

  7. Glide your hands over her legs, brushing her pubic area on your way down. The idea is to titillate her. Work your way back up again from her feet, using the same sensitive caress and brushing her mons once more. 

  8. Gently caress her shoulders, working your way down her arms to her hands. Use the flat of your hand and touch her very lightly.

  9. Move your hands to her breasts, running your hands and fingers over them lightly, just caressing her nipples.

  10. Stroke/Caress the length of her body down to her pubic area. Tease her by gently brushing your fingers over her inner thighs.

  11. Return to her breasts, using your fingers to stimulate her nipples until they’re fully erect.

  12. Run your hands down her torso again and touch her pubic area more firmly, using your fingers to lightly massage the outer labia. 

  13. Take a few moments to run your hands over her arms and legs again, barely touching her.  Hit a few of the erogenous zones you identified in Tip - 3.

  14. Return to her breasts and caress her nipples, and then move one hand to her pubic area, very gently stimulating her clitoral hood. Interchange stroking these areas until she’s extremely aroused.

Allow the erotic energy to build up until it seems like a natural time to start shifting the focus to more explicitly sexual activities.

This means that if caressing a part of her body is giving you pleasure then more than likely, it will also be giving her pleasure.

It took me a long time to figure this secret tip out.

But don't worry you got it today and this will help to understand how to make love to a woman and also gain complete mastery over her sex response cycle.

Also, women are much more sensitive to touch than men so you can be sure of the consequences.

Want to do a quick check on what I’ve just said? 

Ok, What kind of clothes do women wear?

What kind of fabrics and textures are those clothes made of? You will soon get my point.

The reason why women have women lovers! It's nothing but the magical touch, guys!

All you need to do is practice the above steps to develop the magic sensation of touch and caress and keep making love to her with your hands.

Remember, your fingers are your "magical sensing devices" which can sense when and how to make a woman squirt  and give her a rapturous orgasm.

She will be begging to be your love slave and do anything you want her to do- inside and outside the bedroom!

All you need to do is to harness this "Magic Touch".

Your dreams and sex fantasies will come true and every man will want to be you.

Every woman would lust for your touch and caress because she has heard that you are good with your fingers.

This power can do wonders for your reputation, confidence and not to mention, sexual prowess.

And the best part? It’s super easy to do it.

Tip #7 - Bonus  Tip - How To Squeeze Her And Please Her Sexually (Advanced)

When it comes to squeezing a woman sexually or her intimate parts is something that you should not do without her permission.

At least, not in the beginning. 

Once she is highly aroused, she will naturally allow you to squeeze and play with her sexual parts.

But remember her body is delicate and squeezing hard can be painful… 

Squeeze her like a lover not like a desperate.

Let’s see how to do this.

The Squeezing Secret To Love Her Like a Real Pro

Sometimes it happens that you try to find gold and hit oil instead! The squeezing secret is something like that.

I learned this art to affect a person's nervous system so as to be able to strike a pressure point more effectively and make it susceptible to the attack - a fighting skill.

But this also holds true for sexual arousal techniques as well.

The same nerve can be used by virtue of squeezing (note: only a little bit, not much) to carry forward the pleasure signals also.

So remember this, the moment you lightly squeeze an erogenous zone or another intimate part, you are making the nerve cells at that end more active, receptive and more able to transfer pleasure stimuli to the spinal cord and the brain.

Examples of how to squeeze her sexually

For instance, stretch and lift her breast upwards towards the face and lick as well as stimulate the downside at the point where her breast gets attached to the torso.

A similar thing can also be done with the help of the teeth, tongue, and lips with the nipple.

But for that to happen you need to have proper oral control which you can achieve easily by following the exercises mentioned in this article.

The best part about this sex arousal technique is that you can also apply this to her clitoris.

It will rock her world as if a hurricane as hit and she will be thrust into a boundless passion.

Getting the ladies to bed had never been easier!

No Particular E-zone or Technique Holds the Key

What is important for you to understand if you want to succeed in this endeavor, is that there is no one particular e-zone or sex arousal technique that will please her for sure.

There is no shortcut to success. Remember that! 

Every woman is distinct in personality and the way she responds to sexual stimuli.

Therefore the types of techniques and sequences that will work on one need not necessarily be the same that will work on other women also.

Hence… Always Keep your Foreplay Techniques in Hand. 

Learn the secret to using three to five of sex arousal techniques or e-zones at one time and become the undisputed master of the bedroom!

Select three to five areas of the body and practice the techniques taught in the book to stimulate those areas.

Go slow if you want to spice things up. It is better to be good at a few of those areas than to really be horrible at all of them!

One good sexual technique is all it takes to switch on a woman's arousal completely.


Sexual mastery is a form of art that can enlighten you and teach you many things about the discipline of life.

If you can get a hold of three to five cataclysmic arousal techniques explained in this article…  you can make any woman do anything.

And the best part? SHE will ENJOY IT.

Women will fantasize about you, and beg to be on the bed with you.

Every part of her body will moan in rapturous delight at your name and she will light up at your very name!

This is it, your guide to the Super Secret Keys for making love to a woman like a real man that will make you a sex god!

I will stop here. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this article on how to make love to a woman like a pro all night long as I did writing it.

And please, if you feel this can help a friend, share it.

If you have any questions or want to say something comment below!

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