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How to Make Love to a Woman All Night Long Like a True Pro

#2 Foreplay Is Everything!

It is very crucial to build her body up for the finale.

Don't forget that for most women Indirect Stimulation and the "Less Is More" Anticipation are the prime "Sexual Arousal Drivers".

You can use this to your advantage.

If you are not sure what to do, be Indirect. Her sexual responses can be powerfully built up by being indirect…don't forget!

The key to making love to a woman all night by turning her on is possible only when you build up the maximum sexual tension in her.

She will be begging for you to be inside her, she will cum in ways you can't even imagine! Penile thinking is a strict no-no.

,Learn to avoid this classic mistake of thinking how to have sex with a woman, better focus on how to sexually build her up by relaxing her mind and enjoying the experience.

Try to view the process of turning her on as part of the enjoyment and not as something you have to do just to be able to penetrate her.

This way you can not only turn her on quickly but also fully, thereby guaranteeing optimum enjoyment for both of you.Now you might wonder how that happens.

This is because a woman, unlike a man, can always sense when you are trying to turn her on because of your needs, and it does affect the way she responds to your sexual play.

If you can delay your urges for just a little time and concentrate more on WHAT SHE WANTS (both unconsciously and consciously), she will hit your world like a ground shaking earthquake!

She will make YOU have the ORGASM of your lifetime. But wait, this does not end here.

She will get out of her way to take care of your wants even out of the bedroom. We have counseled, advised and warned you- now it is YOUR CHOICE.

#3 Go From Soft to Hard

The secret to making love to a woman and getting the best sexual response from her is to stimulate her gently at first and then gradually increase the stimulation when she is aroused.

Now this will mainly work the best if it is your first time with a specific woman.

Unless she tells you to grab her hair by the roots or bite her nipples hard, this slow to fast step will work.

When you work your way through her gradually, you also get a sufficient amount of time to judge whether or not she likes a specific stimulation.

It also gives her enough time to build up stimulation in one erogenous zone.

Research shows that women can be aroused by strong sexual stimulation but these work only if you do them GRADUALLY.

The dichotomy thus, to make strong passionate and successful love to a lady is…..

Proceed Slowly to Make Her Cum Fast!

The good part of the news is that the sooner you have internalized secret tip #1, the better will it be for you in bed.

You already know how to "unlock" her pleasure key and what to do to turn her on better and faster.

It's better to play the game by the rules rather than use the trial and error method or go with the cookie cutter approach.

Most guys use either or both of these methods to see what works best with a woman only to lose their chances with her completely.

But the rules you see her will only help you the gain the most from your partner!

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#4 Sexual Fractionation

Leave her wanting for more- that's the key notion about sexual fractionation.

This means that when you induce a state in a person, break it up and then put them back in that state, the person goes deeper into that state.

This means that when you are sexually fractionating, you are actually coupling to and fro between areas of high arousal capacity and sexual sensitivity and the areas of low arousal capacity and sensitivity.

For instance- the Neck and the Face

You can couple back and forth between two separate areas that have high arousal capacity and sensitivity but different sensations.

For instance- The Breast and GB 21

When you go back to the high sensitivity zone, she is aroused more and more; however the trick to achieving the best results out of sexual fractionation is that you get the time factor correct.

Sexual fractionation has to be done within a proper time period to get the best results; but if you for instance, delay a lot you might lose the arousal effect altogether.

#5. Touch your Lady Continuously

Now this point is important for most people misunderstand this one and think it's a no-brainer.

They mix continuous touching with the fact that "I'm already touching my partner while having sex" routine.

True and False

Continuous touching simply implies that one of your hands or even body part is on your partner and that you never remove it unless another of your body part takes its place.

Most Reiki practitioners and massage therapists use this as a guiding principle to provide the best therapy to people.

When they are about to work on another part of the body they usually "glide" their hand to the second place from the first place.

Or they simply put their hand on the second place and keep it in position until their other hand is ready to take its place.Let me simplify it.

Your partner should never at any point feel that there is no physical contact between her and you.

There should not be a space or gap between one contact and another when you make passionate love to her lovely body.

This secret step is your key to the passionate world of female sexual arousal.

It builds up a strong connection between you and your partner and becomes the strong thread that binds all other sexual arousal activities and thrusts her into an earth shattering world of one strong orgasm after another.

So as a matter of fact, never lose body contact with your partner.

Whether you are going from one body level to another, or changing your sexual arousal technique, always touch her body. She will be gratified and so will be you!

#6 Go From Poles to Equator - And that's how the Cookie Crumbles!

Work your way around her body from the extremities towards the torso. But this also applies when you are navigating your way around her torso.

Move from the distant portions of one e-zone to the central portion of that e-zone.

To put it in a more technical language, move from the low sensitive part of an e-zone to the high sensitive part of that ezone, in one phrase- go from poles to equator!

For instance,From the Extremes to her Body Core Face along with Neck to the Breasts From the Extremity of an E-zone to its Center Outline of her breast to the nipple From the Minimum Sensitive place of her E-Zone to the Maximum.

One Guide your fingers from the face to neck and then to the GB 21 "pleasure point".

Let your Sense of Touch Guide You The best way to do this is to see if you are feeling good while touching her.

This means that if touching a part of her body is giving you pleasure then more than likely, it will also be giving her pleasure. It took me a long time to figure this secret tip out.

But don't worry you got it today and this will help to understand how to make love to woman and also gain complete mastery over her sex response cycle.

Also women are much more sensitive to touch than men so you can be sure of the consequences.

If you doubt what I just said, then see for yourself. What kind of clothes do women wear?

What kind of fabrics and textures are those clothes made of? You will soon get my point.

The reason why women have women lovers!It's nothing but the magical touch, guys!

All you need to do is to learn how to develop the magic sensation of touch and keep making love to her with your hands.

Remember Your fingers are your "magical sensing devices" which can sense when and how to give a woman a rapturous orgasm.

She will be begging to be your love slave and do anything you want her to do- inside and outside the bedroom!

All you need to do is to harness this "Magic Touch".Your dreams and sex fantasies will come true and every man will want to be you.

Every woman would lust for your touch because she has heard that you are good with your fingers.

Trust me; I know how this works. This power can do wonders for your reputation, confidence and not to mention, sexual prowess.

It's not too late; be the tiger you were always meant to be! You CAN DO IT.

#7 The Stretching Secret

Some times it so happens that you try to find gold and hit oil instead! The stretching secret is something like that.

I learnt this art to affect a person's nervous system so as to be able to strike a pressure point more effectively and make it susceptible to the attack - a fighting skill.

But this also holds true for sexual arousal techniques as well.

The same nerve can be used by virtue of stretching to carry forward the pleasure signals also.

So remember this, the moment you lightly stretch an e-zone or another body part, you are making the nerve cells at that end more active, receptive and more able to transfer pleasure stimuli to the spinal cord and the brain.

Some examples are given here:

For instance, Stretch and lift her breast upwards towards the face and lick as well as stimulate the downside at the point where her breast gets attached to the torso.

A similar thing can also be done with the help of the teeth, tongue and lips with the nipple.

But for that to happen you need to have proper oral control which you can achieve easily by following the exercises mentioned in this article.

The best part about this sex arousal technique is that you can also apply this to her clitoris.

It will rock her world as if a hurricane as hit and she will be thrust into boundless passion.

Getting the ladies to bed had never been easier!

No Particular E-zone or Technique Holds the Key What is important for you to understand if you want to succeed in this endeavor is that there is no one particular e-zone or sex arousal technique that will please her for sure.

There is not short cut to success. Remember that! Every woman is distinct in personality and the way she responds to sexual stimuli.

Therefore the types of techniques and sequences that will work on one need not necessarily be the same that will work on other women also.

Hence… Always Keep your Foreplay Techniques in Hand Learn the secret to using three to five of sex arousal techniques or e-zones at one time and become the undisputed master of the bedroom!

Select three to five areas of the body and practice the techniques taught in the book to stimulate those areas.

Go slow if you want to spice things up It is better to be good at a few of those areas than to really be horrible at all of them!

One good sexual technique is all it takes to switch on a woman's arousal completely.

Most men can only dream to be there. But you, who have got hold of this great article, why should you stop with one?

Through the techniques I have taught you in this article, you can get hold of three to five cataclysmic arousal techniques that will make your lady scream your name out so loud that everyone in your neighborhood will know who the undisputed king of the bedroom is.

She will cry, moan, and get thirsty for your love. She will become mad for you.

She will start screaming what a fantastic lover you are even before you have inserted your penis in her.

Practice makes a man perfect so get on practicing and make your skills deadlier! Cycle (Fractionate)

To and Fro to Build up Arousal You might know a lot of techniques but using them in isolation will be of no avail.

Combine your techniques with the 7 powerful secret tips you have learned in this article.

Always pile up your techniques and fractionate between them to build up maximum arousal.

Go from the poles to the equator, slower to faster, giver her attention and use all your knowledge of touch to the maximum potential.

Also do not forget to stretch her body part, enjoy the process and use your complete knowledge of the secret sexual tips that you have just learnt.

Through all of this touch your partner continuously; however when all of this fails….Pay her back in the same coin- Whatever she does to you, do it to her.

All the secret tips that I have talked of so far are some of the most successful tips you can use to get women to bed.

However if at any point these tips don't work then here is the master secret key which will help you unlock the keys to a woman's body.

I see this in use every single day of my life and so far it has been successful wherever used.

In fact, I have successfully used this tip every time.

Even if she is a cold fish, she will turn into a hot cake especially for you if you use this tip.

There are two reasons for this. First, you can virtually get ANY WOMAN to bed if you follow this simple trick along with the nine other super secrets.

Second, if the other tips haven't worked so far, even then you can use this tip to get what you want from her.

Give attention to her and pay her back in the same coin - do what she does to you, this is the most important step to become a great lover FAST!

So what is the real deal? Every person has an internal map of how she would like to be approached and how she would like to feel aroused sexually.

There is a set of steps that have to be met for her to be romantically attracted to someone.

Now every human being projects those desires onto other human beings instinctively.

This means that she will be doing those things to you .So all you need to do is to pay attention to her and find out what kind of behavior she does with you.

Pace her Up - Try to match up to whatever she is doing and give it back to her in the same way.

This will help you to build up sexual and physical rapport with her. Whatever she communicates to you during this interaction will be automatic and natural.

There is no question of resistance because this is automatic and also because she will not be aware of your method.

You will understand and speak her language as probably few men have ever understood their partners and even she will feel connected and attracted to you.

This will happen through a natural process and that too very fast.

The steps of desire and arousal will come up very quickly in her because of the one simple fact - you have eliminated any chances of resistance by following her internal code - speaking the language she speaks!Lead her on - This is the fun part.

Once you have followed her code and know how she wants her arousal to be done, you can gently try to lead her on to where you want to go.

Once she is beyond a certain point in the sexual acceleration process, she will pretty much follow any lead you give her so long as it is properly made.In fact, you can even give strongly sexual impulses.

But you should always lead in small parts. Don't ever forget to pay attention to her behavioral responses. Make sure you do not violate any of "her" rules.

For instance, if she likes to be kissed a particular way, make sure you kiss her like that first.

Then as this process unfolds, you change back to your preferred style of kissing.

Do your homework properly and she will kiss you just the way you like it.

Try it….it is a charming piece of work! Now you can well imagine that when this is translated in terms of multiple orgasms, how stronger the effect is!

I can make any woman do anything I want to and the best part about this? She will greatly ENJOY IT.

This is it, people; your guide to the Super Secret Keys for Optimum Sexual Arousal that will make you a sex god!

Women will fantasize about you and beg to be on the bed with you.

And once you learn making love to a woman you are on your way to becoming one of the master soldiers renowned for being the Greatest Bad Boy Lovers of all time.

Every part of her body will moan in rapturous delight at your name and she will light up at your very name!

Sexual mastery is a form of art that can enlighten you and teach you many things about the discipline of life; however that's not why we are here, are we now guys?

This is it I will stop here, I hope you enjoyed reading this article on how to make love to a woman like a pro all night long.

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