May 5, 2022

How to Control Premature Ejaculation: Ins & Outs to Master Ejaculation

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The natural, instinctive goal of a sexual encounter is pleasure. During pleasure, men naturally strive to ejaculate because, and sorry for stating the obvious, ejaculation is an essential part of the perpetuation of life.

The issue is many men don’t know how to control ejaculation also called premature ejaculation.

So as a basic instinct, ejaculation is desirable; however as humans have evolved, sex has stopped being purely about cumming quickly and has turned into more of an art form.

And this is where the idea of ejaculation comes in, no pun intended.

Ejaculation is the process of preventing ejaculation while simultaneously experiencing the feeling of an orgasm – sometimes referred to as a dry orgasm, or an energetic orgasm.

It is thought that the techniques used to do this were devised by monks from the ancient Taoist civilizations, and that they developed the techniques as a form of contraception.

That’s right folks, monks at one time at least, used to have amazing sex!

Although there is no proof that ejaculation was first devised by Taoist monks, much has been written and speculated about on this subject.

To understand the concept of controlling premature ejaculation you first need to fully understand the process of ejaculation.


So back to the birds and the bees basics. When you ejaculate, you produce semen.

Sperm is manufactured in the testes. When we ejaculate, sperm are propelled from the epididymis, a coiled tube at the back of the testicle that stores sperm. Sperm leaves the epididymis and travels along a duct known as the vas deferens.

This carries the sperm upwards from the scrotum towards the penis.

On its way, fluids from the seminal vesicles (a pair of tubular glands located near the prostate gland) and the prostate gland dilute the sperm.

This formed fluid provides the perfect environment for sperm to survive the acidic environment of the female reproductive tract.

Tiny glands, called bulbourethral glands, secrete a clear, thick fluid that drains the urethra when a man becomes sexually aroused.

This is often referred to as pre-cum and is thought to cleanse the urethra before ejaculation and act as a sexual lubricant.

Finally semen passes into the urethra and out of the head of the penis – yes, yes, yes – uhhhhhggggggg gurrrgle! Pant, pant.

Know Yourself

Understanding the male sexual organs to have better sexual stamina.

Most of us are familiar with the penis and the testicles as the male sexual organs, but there are other parts of your sexual anatomy that are important when considering advanced masturbation techniques.

These include:

The Prostate Gland – This gland is located at the center of your pelvis, above the perineum and just behind the pubic bone.

A healthy prostate is necessary for male health and well-being. A healthy prostate will also control premature ejaculation and enhance your sexual well-being.

The function of the prostate gland is to provide lubrication during ejaculation.

Fluids secreted by the prostate are added to the semen and other fluids involved in ejaculation.

Interestingly, these fluids help to increase the PH levels in the vagina, making it a more hospitable environment for fertilization.

The prostate has been likened to the G-spot in women as it is highly sensitive and stimulating; this area can heighten your levels of sexual pleasure.

Like the G-spot the prostate becomes engorged and extremely sensitive when a man becomes aroused.

It also produces fluid when the male is aroused and contracts to empty itself during ejaculation.

Your Prostate is Your Friend. Pet It Regularly to Control Premature Ejaculation.

If you have never felt your prostate during the process of arousal and ejaculation, I’m going to give you a homework assignment.

Get into a position where you can insert a finger up your bum, and feel the way the prostate swells – and becomes super hard – as you cum.

It’s an amazing thing to experience, and will also offer you valuable feedback as to what your body does physically when you orgasm.

I’ll discuss more techniques to stimulate the prostate later, however you should be pleased to find out that ejaculation via prostate stimulation is incredibly powerful and intense. More on that to, er, uh, cum . . .

Strong PC muscles  – The PC muscle (pubococcygeus) are in fact a group of muscles that are vital in advanced masturbation.

They exist in both males and females. In the male, the PC muscles surround the prostate gland.

Strong PC muscles mean stronger orgasms, and I’ll share techniques for strengthening this area later.

The Perineum – The perineum is the area between the anus and the scrotum and is considered to be the gateway to life and death by the Taoists.

This area is important in advanced masturbation because it plays a powerful role in delaying and controlling ejaculation.

The Anus – The anus is another powerful sexual area that is packed with big bundles of highly sensitive nerve endings.

Because of its ‘functional’ use as an exit, some people have something of a problem with this part of the body.

As long as the exit is clean prior to any sexual stimulation (and/or you use a standard latex glove – snap, snap), there is no reason why you should not include and enjoy sexually exploring the anus.

Ejaculation vs. Ejaculation 

Many of the ancient myths believe that semen contains the very essence of man – his vital life force.

Taoists, for example, view ejaculating as a loss of vital male energy and consider it to be a great sacrifice on the male body.

Essentially the belief was that ejaculation depleted the man, so you can see why Taoist methods for preserving semen were devised. Taoists wanted to:

1. Find a way to have more powerful orgasms.

2. Experience more satisfying levels of sexual pleasure while retaining their vital energy.

3. Be able to maintain erections and satisfy their partners.

4. Possibly prevent pregnancy. (Personally, my techniques are meant for entertainment purposes only – and certainly are not meant to be used as a form of contraception.)

Hold back and experience more pleasure.

The theory is that ejaculation can leave your body drained and that ejaculation can make you feel refreshed and revitalized – whether you are in your 20s or 30s or in your 50s or 60s.

The natural benefits of ejaculation include:

The body retains sexual drive and energy, meaning that sexual intercourse can be immediately enjoyed again and again. More pleasure for you, more pleasure for your partner!

Endorphins are released just as they are when you ejaculate so you will still feel amazing.

The post-sex hormones that leave you feeling fatigued and drowsy are not released.

Your sexual organs and entire body is revitalized due to the increased blood flow and oxygen circulating through your system.

Learn how to have the stamina of a Sex God

Techniques to control premature ejaculation and have sexual stamina you can be proud of – very proud of.

And with increased sexual stamina comes increased sexual pleasure – the two go hand in hand.

Once you have mastered these techniques of controlling premature ejaculation, it becomes easier and easier to not ejaculate and no matter what age you are, you could easily be having sex several times a day.

Sex does not have to be draining and exhausting. It should energize you and make you feel more alive than ever!

But will I ever ejaculate again?

The answer to this is a very loud YES. You can and should ejaculate frequently as this also benefits your health by keeping sexual fluids moving and, as I mentioned earlier, ejaculation is vital for strong male sexual and prostate health.

Quite simply the art of controlling premature ejaculation teaches you how to have better sex with stronger orgasms, leading to a happier and healthier you in both mind and body. Who wouldn’t find that invaluable?

Bonus Content 

Let’s get something clear from the outset. We all have various responsibilities that we have to learn to accept and live with, but quite simply, life should not be all about pain and suffering and does not have to be.

In fact, I would argue: Life is about learning to cultivate pleasure.

Unfortunately, all too many people needlessly feel guilty about sexual pleasure, their bodies, and their genitals.

This can be for several reasons, maybe you had a religious upbringing, or maybe you were brought up to believe that life is all about hard work and sacrifice.

Or maybe there is some other reason you have felt the need to deprive yourself in the past.

The endless stream of abuse a person can give themselves via inner talk would not remotely be acceptable if it were directed at another person – and yet many people still give themselves a hard time when it comes to pleasurable and enjoyable experiences.

One of my favorite exercises for bringing this agro-mind-talk phenomenon into conscious awareness is having a person stand naked in front of a mirror and listen closely to the inner voices that come up about their body.

Who we believe we are on the inside tends to come to the forefront when we are faced with viewing our naked skin on the outside.

Like many of us, our self-esteem regarding our bodies can be very negative and aggressive. I have a male friend who, when looking at himself in the mirror, has said, “I am a fat pig”.

However, if you learn about sexual empowerment, sexual expansion, and freedom – something amazing happens: those inner voices of the mind get very, very quiet.

I will stop here. To be honest this article on how to control premature ejaculation is not directly related to controlling ejaculation.

But it has a lot to do with your mindset. No matter what medicines you use to control your premature ejaculation it won’t work unless you train your mind.

And that’s the reason I believe this article is worth reading.

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