May 6, 2022

Kegel Exercises For Men For Longer And Stronger Orgasm

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Kegel exercises for men for Longer and Stronger Orgasms.

What If I told you that you could have longer and more intense orgasms just by learning a few techniques and making a few minor lifestyle changes, would you be up for it? 

I’m willing to bet that your answer is a resounding YES. ​

It's common for women to have orgasms of varying intensity depending on many factors, but many people think that men don’t have the ability to have the same kind of pleasure variation. 

If you think back on your sexual experiences you’ll know that statement simply isn’t true.

In fact, the best sex of your life was surely better than the time you masturbated in your childhood room for the 100th time. 

Dude, if you really wish to learn how to have longer and stronger orgasms and how to harness that skill in order to enjoy the best orgasms of your life. This Step by Step guide on kegel exercises for men is must read for you.

That is exactly what this guide aims to do.

It will teach you various techniques and lifestyle choices that will help you to enjoy sex and orgasms significantly more, as long as you’re willing to learn and make the effort to change.

And why not, if the promised result is more pleasure for you?

There are a lot of pills, creams, and other over the counter remedies that promise better orgasms, but at we prefer to teach you the safest, most natural ways to better your sex life, not sell you a product that may or may not give you a little temporary boost.

Then there are other tactics used to make men last longer that only distract them from their pleasure or attempt to numb it down.

Neither of those things sound like something that will give a man a better outcome in the end.

What we want to offer you is something that will improve your sex life in every way and give you more pleasure.

#1. Working Out Your Pelvic Floor Muscles is the First Step While Doing Kegel Exercise.

Kegel exercises need to be learned and practiced correctly or they won’t have their desired effect.

In fact, if done wrong, they can lead to some issues in the bedroom.

That’s why it’s important to read over this step by step how-to guide and follow each step to the letter.

You will find that Kegel exercises are especially helpful to you if you’re interested in:

#1. Delaying ejaculation - Many men want to learn how to last longer and having better control over your pelvic floor muscles can get you there.

Delaying ejaculation also has the benefit of building up your sexual excitement and the intensity of your orgasm when you finally do give in.

You probably already know from experience that your orgasm is much better when it builds up over time than when you cum quickly.

Learning to control these muscles will allow you to stop ejaculation from occurring even at the very last moment.

#2. Better, stronger erections - Nothing gives you more confidence in the bedroom like a full, throbbing and rock-hard erection.

Kegel exercises actually help males to pump more blood into the penis which can have various amazing results.

It can actually make your penis bigger and harder because it is more engorged.

Good practice of kegel exercises can also make it easier to get erections in the first place or maintain one once you have it, if that is a concern for you.

Finally, they could allow you to keep your erection even longer than you usually do.

#3. Stronger ejaculation - Men who have well trained and developed pelvic floor muscles often find that the force and amount of their ejaculation is much stronger than it was before they began these exercises.

#4. Better, longer, and stronger orgasms - Well, this is the whole point of this guide, isn’t it?

Men who practice and learn how to do Kegel exercises every day often have much more powerful orgasms.

Some are even able to train themselves to have multiple orgasms during sex. 

They use the pelvic floor muscles to keep them from ejaculating, but they are still able to orgasm.

They are therefore able to orgasm more than once before finally climaxing with ejaculation.

You better believe that leads to a much more intense orgasm.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As I mentioned before, you must know how to do kegel exercises and correctly train and use your pelvic floor muscles during sex in order for them to benefit you.

Upon learning these exercises, many men think that they need to be flexing and releasing their pelvic floor muscles constantly during sex, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

You want to clamp down on your pelvic floor muscles just before the point of ejaculation in order to prevent it from happening.

The rest of the time you should try to keep your pelvic floor muscles as relaxed as possible.

Research has been done on the subject that has found that working your pelvic floor muscles during sex other than during the point right before an orgasm actually will lead to a faster climax.

Relaxing these muscles in all other moments during sex will help you to last longer and build up a better orgasm.

We will discuss a useful form of reverse-Kegel exercises that you can use to stay relaxed in the next portion of this book.

Kegel Exercises For Men - The Nitty Gritty

Where are the pelvic floor muscles located?

Knowing exactly what muscle group you’re looking to strengthen is absolutely key to training them because training the wrong group of muscles won’t give you any of the above results at all.

The pelvic floor muscles are actually a group of three different muscles found the pelvic region (think: penis, “taint” or perineum, anus, and the area surrounding).

The Bulbocavernosus muscle (or BC muscle) is located internally leading up to the shaft, at the base of the penis.

And likely the most important of the pelvic floor muscles when it comes to better, longer orgasms and all the other great sexual benefits of Kegel exercises.

This muscle works to push semen and urine out of the penis and to squeeze more blood into the penis (one of the reasons why doing Kegel exercises increases blood flow and therefore size of the penis).

The Pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle) is a long muscle that stretches from the pubic bone back to the tailbone.

This muscle plays a role in urination and defecation and is often exercised for people having trouble with urinary incontinence.

It contracts during an orgasm and forms a large and important part of the pelvic floor in men and women.

The Iliococcygeus muscle is also part of the pelvic floor muscle group, but does not play an important role when it comes to sexual functioning.

Nevertheless, you will use this muscle when exercising the other pelvic floor muscles.

When you first begin Kegel exercises you’re probably not going to be able to tell the difference between one muscle and the other, but over time and with practice, you should be able to hone in on the exact muscles you need.

There is a lot of information out there about Kegel exercises, but a lot of the information is aimed at women and therefore isn’t always that helpful when it comes to men.

For example, the exercises when done with women often focus on the PC muscle, but the BC muscle is also extremely important when it comes to Kegel’s for men. 

First, let’s talk about how to locate these muscles. There are two ways:

#1. Find the pelvic floor muscles while peeing - Next time you’re in the bathroom peeing, stop the flow of urine mid-flow.

The muscles that you flex to do that are the pelvic floor muscles! You probably didn’t even know they existed until now.

Try flexing them several times to really get to know the muscle group.

Depending on the current strength of these muscles you might be able to easily stop the flow of urine or it may slowly trickle down.

Either way, if the flow changes you have found the muscle group you’re looking for.

If you are able to stop the flow easily, your pelvic floor muscles are already in good shape (but there’s always room for improvement!).

If your urine just slows down a bit or it’s hard to stop the flow, that probably means that you need to get yourself on a Kegel exercise routine to build up strength in this area.

Note: *This is an exercise for locating the pelvic floor muscles, but it should not be used on a regular basis to exercise them.

Stopping and starting the flow of urine regularly can lead to urinary tract infections and other urinary issues and is not recommended by medical experts.

#2. Squat and feel - This might sound like something out of an awkward doctor’s visit, but it’s actually another way to locate those pelvic floor muscles.

Lie down on your bed and raise your knees to your chest.

Reach down and touch the area between your anus and your balls.

If you’re not already familiar with this area, the official name is the perineum, but you may have also heard it called the “taint.”

With your hand on this area, imagine you are trying to stop the flow of urine in the bathroom.

You should feel muscles contractions under the skin in this area.

You’ve found them!

Contract and release several times feeling around that area to make sure you’ve got it right and you know what you’re working with.

I would recommend using both methods for finding your pelvic floor muscles because you will not only be able to feel the sensation of the muscles using the first method, but you will also be able to physically feel them with your hand using the second.

This will come in handy when performing the kegel exercises later on.

#3*Bonus method - *Penis Push Up - Have you ever made your penis do a little lift or push up when you’ve had an erection?

Maybe you were pressed up against your partner in bed and wanted to give her a little “nudge?”

Well, if you have, THAT is using your pelvic floor muscles!

Those are the muscles needed in order to do a successful “penis push up.”

Now that you have located this important muscle group, it’s time to learn about how to exercise it.

Like any other workout, you need to have an exercise plan when it comes to strengthening these muscles or else you will never see results.

As eager as you might be to strengthen these muscles FAST, you also need to be careful not to overdo it when training them.

Again, this is like any other workout.

If you work out your biceps every single day, you run the risk of damaging the muscle.

You need to give the muscle days off as well.

In the beginning you should do your Kegel exercises every other day.

Where and when? One of the things that most people boast about this particular “workout” is that you can do it anytime, anywhere without anyone having an idea what you’re doing!

This is true, but it’s not what we would recommend here at lovefindsitsway.

You will get the best results if you do your Kegel exercises when you’re in a quiet place on your own so that you can fully concentrate on what you’re doing.

We also recommend doing it at the same time every day.

This won’t make a difference in your strength training, per say, but it will help you to develop a routine of Kegel strength training, which will make it less likely that you will forget or not find the time to do your exercises.

Doing them first thing in the morning when you’re still lying in bed often works best for most people.

#Different types of Kegel Exercises:

Quick pump and squeeze - With this exercise you quickly pump and squeeze the muscles and release. You can do many of these in rapid succession.

Kegel Muscle Hold - With this exercise you contract and hold the muscles tight for a certain length of time and then release.

When you first begin it might be hard to hold the muscles contracted for the full length of time, but you can work up to it, doing what you can until the muscles are better trained.

Reverse Kegels - This is an exercise that you need to know in order to learn how to properly relax the pelvic floor muscle group. We will go into this in more detail in the following section.

The How-To

Now that you have all your background on the pelvic floor muscles and Kegel exercises, it’s time to get down to your exercise plan:

#1. Step one - Kegel exercises while flaccid.

For the first three weeks focus on doing your Kegel exercises only while flaccid.

Start with 5 sets of 10 quick pump and squeezes, fully and completely resting for 30 seconds to one minute between sets.

Then try 5 sets of Kegel muscle holds, holding for 5 seconds and resting for 30 seconds in between.

You may find that this is difficult, but hold it for as close to 5 seconds as you can.

Your strength will build over time.

Between exercises, during the resting time, make sure that you allow your pelvic floor muscles and entire body to relax completely.

This is an important part of the training and will come in handy during the reverse Kegel exercises you will learn later.

After a week or two you can begin to add more quick pump and squeeze exercises and hold for longer periods of time.

Remember to begin by doing these exercises every other day.

As you build your muscles you can do them more often, but always rest for at least 2 days a week.

#2 Step two - Kegel exercises while erect.

Once you have practiced your Kegel exercises while flaccid for at least 3 weeks you can begin to also practice them while erect.

Remember that you should still continue to do them while flaccid.

You can do a similar routine to the flaccid exercises: a combination of holds and quick pumps and squeezes.

Improving the amount of time that you can hold is important since that is the technique you will use when you are using them during sex.

# Important things to keep in mind while doing kegel exercises for men.

If you feel any soreness, pain, or discomfort you might be working your pelvic floor muscles too hard, too quickly.

Take a couple of days off and when you begin again, slow your exercise routine down a bit.

Remember that overworking this muscle group can have detrimental effects on the areas you’re trying to improve, so working them too hard isn’t going to get you to where you want to be any faster.

If you have any persistent pain or discomfort you should stop your Kegel routine and consult your doctor.

Do not squeeze too hard or intensely. It shouldn’t take a lot of intense effort to do Kegel exercises.

If you find the exercises difficult in the beginning, hold and squeeze as you can and remember that your strength will build over time, just like with any exercise routine.

Relaxing is JUST as important as flexing, squeezing and holding.

You want to learn how to control this muscle group and have a balance between tensing and relaxing.

# How to Use Kegel’s During Sex

This is one of the most important parts of your learning about Kegel exercises and the pelvic floor muscles.

Many men make the mistake of overusing their pelvic floor muscles during sex, which can actually lead to cumming much more quickly.

A Kegel hold should be your defense against ejaculating before you’re ready and therefore it should be used just before you are about to ejaculate, and not before.

This will allow you to prolong the sexual experience and continue to build up your sensations and eventual orgasm, ending in one intense explosion.

When you feel that you’re approaching the point of no return (that moment when you feel like ejaculating is inevitable), you should do a Kegel hold to stop ejaculation from occurring.

You might need to hold it for up to a minute before releasing (it could also be much less).

Hold it until you feel the sensation has passed.

It’s often helpful to slow down after this and take the time to change positions.

Give your body a little mini break.

Remember that keeping these muscles COMPLETELY relaxed during all other times of sexual activity is just as important if not MORE important than doing your Kegel hold at the right time.

It may be difficult to master the right timing when you first start out.

We would suggest starting by practicing holding off ejaculation with a Kegel when masturbating.

There is much less pressure in that situation and if it doesn’t work then it’s no big deal, you can just try again next time.

Once you have mastered the timing during masturbation, you can try it out with your partner.

You might find it’s harder with a partner.

That’s normal, after all, being with your sexy partner is a lot more exciting than your hand, isn’t it?

# Reverse Kegel Exercises.

It’s interesting to think that reverse Kegel exercises are just as important, if not MORE important, to improving your sexual experience and stamina because most people don’t even know what they are even if they are familiar with normal Kegel exercises.

First it’s very important to already be familiar with the pelvic floor muscles and Kegel exercises.

You need to use the same muscle group for reverse Kegels, so the more comfortable and familiar you are, the easy this will be.

Follow these simple steps to do a reverse Kegel:

#1. In order to identify how you’re going to use the pelvic floor muscles in this exercise, you can also identify the movement when you’re in the bathroom peeing.

Instead of trying to stop the flow, like you did to find the pelvic floor muscles before, trying pushing the pee out faster.

#2. Sitting comfortably in a chair, try engaging the same muscles you would use to fart or go to the bathroom.

This might seem odd or even embarrassing, but it’s all part of engaging these muscles in the right way.

#3. Notice how your stomach tenses and pushes out when you do this.

#4. Follow the same steps as before but while breathing deeply watching your stomach rise up and fall.

Many people breathe from the chest, but you want to focus your breathing in your stomach, or more specifically, the diaphragm.

This will help you to be able to focus on the correct muscle group down below. Put it all together now.

Do the pee pushing movement, the farting muscle engaging, the stomach tensing and breathing.

Practice this for a few minutes every day.

#5. Once you have mastered this you need to try to do the same thing, but without relying on tensing the stomach muscles and breathing.

Try practicing in this way for a few more days until you feel you have it down.

#6. Now you’re ready to experiment during sexual activity.

First try this out alone when you’re masturbating before moving on to doing it with a partner.

The first many times that you do this you will still be learning about how everything works down there with Kegels and how you can use your pelvic floor muscles to the fullest.

You should begin by doing some normal Kegel exercises and then trying a few reverse Kegels.

Pay attention and compare the differences between the two sensations.

What happens to your body, your arousal and your erection when you do each one?

#7. Just like regular Kegel exercises, you don’t want to do them all the time during sexual activity, but rather only when they are needed.

Reverse Kegels are to be used when you feeling tension building up, NOT meaning tension because you are about to ejaculate, but when you need to remind your pelvic floor muscles to remain relaxed.

You’ll find that by practicing them more, especially when masturbating, you will learn exactly when they are needed and will be most helpful to you.

Kegel exercises and reverse Kegel exercises are key to gaining control over your pelvic floor muscle group.

As we mentioned earlier in this step by step guide, having control over this muscle group will help you to enjoy a much more satisfying and enjoyable sex life, including helping you to have more intense, longer and stronger orgasms.

# Your Speed and Rhythm

Your instinct when you’re caught up in the moment of an amazing sexual experience might be to speed up and go at it like a wild animal.

While that might lead to an amazing orgasm, your orgasm will be even better if you stay in the zone and slow things down, delaying the gratification of the final act.

Your instinct to give in to the orgasm is often just too enticing to ignore.

You might even know that holding off and letting your orgasm build and build will give you an even stronger and better one, but once you start feeling those sensations, it’s sometimes hard to control yourself.

That being said, the road to better and stronger orgasms needs to be paved with self control and patience.

# Edging.

Edging is a practice that involves bringing yourself to the point of orgasm, stopping stimulation for 30 seconds (approximately), and then continuing sexual activity once the urge to ejaculate has passed.

Edging is done repeatedly until the man decides he wants to finish, in which time he finally allows himself to orgasm and holds nothing back.

Men who practice edging have reported that after a while of doing it, some have even experienced a “dry orgasm,” which is an orgasm without ejaculating.

These men orgasm, but don’t ejaculate so they can continue having sexual activity and orgasm multiple times.

Like practicing Kegels and reverse Kegels, it’s best to practice edging alone during masturbation before trying it out with a partner.

This will allow you to get to know your body and all of its sensations better before having the distraction of a beautiful woman in front of you.

Breathing is very important in edging.

Once you are nearing the point of no return you should begin to slow down your thrusting and begin to breath slowly and deeply.

When you reach the point of no return you should stop all stimulation all together and continue to breath slowly and deeply.

Once the feeling has passed you can begin sexual activity again.

Don’t be surprised if you can’t stop ejaculation from occurring when you first begin to practice edging.

It’s completely normal to have false starts in the beginning as you’re starting to get to know your body and sexual response better.

Edging has the amazing effect of prolonging the sexual experience which will make your eventual orgasm even better, but there are benefits for your partner as well.

If you’re able to prolong the experience, she will have more time to have an orgasm (or maybe even a few) before both of you have finished. It’s a win win!

I will stop here. if you truly loved reading this step-by-step guide on kegel exercises for men I request you to Watch This SHOCKING Video That Reveals A Simple New Trick To Last Longer Tonight.

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