November 15, 2022

11 Ways On How To Rekindle A Relationship To Make It Last Forever

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  • 11 Ways On How To Rekindle A Relationship To Make It Last Forever

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How To Rekindle A Relationship And Make It Strong

Before I start writing this post on how to rekindle a relationship. I want to clear one thing to you all there’s no such thing called a complete partner. But it is possible to find an ideal partner? And how do you define an ideal partner? As far as I am concerned an ideal partner is the one who knows how to rekindle a relationship, the one who know how to be in a relationship, the one who know the importance of love and respect in order to maintain a healthy relationship. If you look back in your relationship you would realize that the first few dates, months or maybe year everything seemed fantastic and on top of the world. Both of you couldn’t wait to see each other the eagerness and excitement was high. You felt like perfect match made for each other without any doubt in your minds. But things changed with time and circumstance, nothing feels like it was before. What once felt endearing and elegant now feels like someone is pricking a needle in your ass. It’s a common story of most relationship especially in the modern era. This is the reason I am writing this post to make you understand how to rekindle a relationship and make it feel like the way it felt once in the past.

decide what you want getting hurt or loved

1. Decide what you want getting hurt or loved?
Most couples who lack and don’t understand the importance of communication in a relationship. There relationship end in pain, resentment, fight and even in divorce someday. It happens to many couples but why? First off all understand one thing no one fall.. in love to face hardship, pain and betrayal. Every couple when they first meet are actually optimistic about making the relationship work. But it’s the unwanted circumstances that creates indifference in relationship. Now you ask a question to yourself how many times in your relationship you tried to solve problems mutually? Think over it and tell me later in the comment box. Remember it’s you who decide the fate of your relationship not the circumstance. When you first met your spouse or partner you ignored every little mistake or something they did but you didn’t liked. You did it just to please and keep them happy isn’t it? Maybe because the relationship was new romance and sex was at peak? The point here is why not continue to do the same thing for the rest of your life in order to have a healthy and strong intimate connection with your partner even after the initial romance fades away.

2. Grow up to rekindle your relationship
If you want to know the secret behind how to rekindle a relationship than grow up. Now what does it mean? I will tell you one thing that many couples don’t realize in relationship is that growing up isn’t just a matter of behaving like an adult or about getting old. Growing up is actually behaving maturely and taking complete responsibility of your actions and behaviors. Maturity in a relationship is not about searching for someone who will complete your incompleteness. In fact mature relationship is about complimenting each other’s actions and behaviors in a positive way. Even if there is something wrong criticize in a healthy way without hurting the sentiments of the other partner. Growing up in the right direction is one of the main foundation premise that every couple should embrace with open heart to rekindle a relationship.

how to rekindle a relationship

3. Build trust with time
In order to rekindle a relationship and make it feel like the way it felt when you first met with your partner you need to build trust. To be more precise trust cannot be built over night. It’s an ongoing process that continuous to grow in any long term relationship. If you want to have the relationship you want than understand one thing that there is no place for dishonesty as it destroys trust and the relationship itself. A simple example is the moment doubt and suspicion arises every single thing that you do become complicated in your partner’s eye. It proves that dishonesty and suspicion has the most destructive impact on any relationship. If you want to ensure your relationship does not fall in the traps of dishonesty. The only thing you should practice is build trust over time which is possible by being open to everything by having clear communication on every little issue with your partner. Good or bad everything must be discussed in clear and concise manner. When you continue to practice it in your day today life you eventually start to build trust which is the key to any successful relationship.

4. Support and kindness
Most relationships and marriages fail due to lack of support and kindness among couples. If two people in a relationship learn to be supportive and kind towards one another, it can save them from breaking up. I believe support and kindness can be developed when you are sensitive not only to your own wants and needs, but equally sensitive towards your partner’s wants and needs too. Remember in an ideal relationship two people wouldn’t ever dream of attempting to control each other with threatening or even manipulative behavior. An ideal couple would be fully and completely supportive of each other. Do you guys possess the quality of an ideal partner? Think for a moment- if your answer is “Yes” great and if it is a big “No” go ahead and rekindle your relationship.To be frank it’s not going to happen overnight. But what matters is when will you start.

must have qualities in men and women to rekindle a relationship


5. Unconditional love and commitment
Have you ever experienced another human being in this world who completely understands you and your emotions at all levels? Have you ever experienced someone who loves you one hundred percent unconditionally and fully accepted you without any judgment and assumptions of who you are and how you should be? As I said in the first line of this post there’s no such thing as a complete partner. To be frank it’s tough to find someone in today’s generation who loves you unconditionally with full commitment without expecting anything in return. It’s still possible you see when two people in love commit to understand each other they actually get aware of the good and the bad in each other with a view of understanding each other and at the same time appreciating the differences too. If you are want to learn how to rekindle a relationship start complimenting each other on the good points and accept the bad points compassionately. In this way both the parties will feel appreciated, complimented and ultimately loved and that’s what you want to have a healthy relationship.

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts

the secret to love that last

6. Good sense of humor
Successful couples have one significant quality that set them apart from unsuccessful couples which is good sense of humor. They will be able to laugh at themselves in tough situations. Having good sense of humor is one of the best ways to rekindle a relationship and add some spice init. What I want to say is the ability to laugh at our problems in the most challenging situations and taking it positively is simply a quality that every couple should inherit to maintain a healthy relationship and perspective. Note that every couple at some point of time in life goes through tough situations and couples who enjoy each other’s company will often diffuse tough situations with their good sense of humor. All I want to say is healthy sense of humor will always ease tense moments to help you take decision wisely.

7. Anger or your relationship
Remember one thing anger always kills. This is one very important change you need to adopt if want to find out ways to fix your relationship. One fact you cannot deny is that it’s very difficult to control anger. The best way to avoid angry situations is to simply walk away instead of screaming, arguing and using words that would hurt your partner’s feelings. Believe me guys anger is a known relationship killer. Anger is as good as poison, it kills your relationship and destroys emotional intimacy. Anger was one of the key factors why my relationship ended with my ex and we ended up being like virtual strangers even after having intimate and close connections. It’s because words spoken in anger feels like someone is purposely pricking needle in your body. It ends up doing irreversible damage to your relationship. The point here is the angry partner needs to decide that avoiding the tense situation to save the relationship is more important or their ego. What would be your priority if it is your situation? Ego or relationship please do voice your thoughts in the comment box.

8. Have personal time
Sometimes it becomes important to give your partner some space and personal time. Believe me it’s very important just because you live together as a couple in a committed relationship doesn’t mean that you have to spend every single second of your free time together. Taking a break in a relationship is important for couples. In order to have some personal time and space as it keeps the spark and intimacy alive without turning it stale. On the other hand spending some time away keeps couple excited enough to look forward to being united again.

physical intimacy matters a lot in a relationship

9. Physical intimacy
When I am talking about physical intimacy I don’t mean sex only. No doubt sex is very important in any relationship. But to spice up your sex life you need to build emotional connection first which is possible through physical touch. Touch each other affectionately every morning when you get up. A sweet kiss while you go office, a gentle hug when you come home. Note that this are little gestures but they slowly and steadily build up the required physical intimacy in the long run. If you want to rekindle your relationship and add spark in it. Start today and make habit of practicing it in your daily life with your partner it will not only improve your sex life but you will also feel less stressed.

have fun together watching stars under the open sky

10. Have fun time together
Due to lot of work load and demanding situations you are constantly under stress and pressure. On the other when family issues add up. It makes the situation more tense and vulnerable. In order to rekindle your relationship and keep things smooth try to go on dates in every fortnight. Plan adventurous trip and explore each other’s interest. Once in a week sleep under the open sky looking at the beautiful stars together and have romantic conversation. You could talk about how you met each other the first time, your first kiss or anything you love. Believe me guys it will refresh your past memories and eventually help in making new memories.

11. Make each other better person
Last but not the least relationship is all about making each other better person. Always strive to be better than who you were yesterday. “When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too” Paulo Coelho.

I think now you have better understanding on how to rekindle a relationship and make it last. Before I end this post just understand one thing that the above mentioned steps are very important for success of any relationship. Making a relationship work is a lifelong and ongoing process which is possible only when two people in a relationship are ready to strive hard and work together consistently.

Hope you found the post useful and shareable and if I have miss some points please share your thoughts in the comment box and I will appreciate that.

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