May 5, 2022

10 Ways To Bridge Effective Communication In Your Relationships

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Have you ever felt detached, disengaged or unconnected while communicating with your partner. A huge difference of opinion in thoughts and actions even though you are having communication on common topic but the words in moving in different directions from one another.

Why is this difference of thought with most couples having communication in relationships?

Either it is due to lack of proper communication at different stages of your love life and relationship or lack of engagement and interest in each other’s life.

communication in relationships

Before I start writing this post ask yourself do you communicate effectively with your partner?

Communication in relationships is based on different stages and each stage has it’s own importance and cannot be skipped if you want to communicate well in a relationship you have to built the bridge of connection between your hearts.

Let’s find out some important ways of communication in relationships

 1Listen with your heart

I know you are reading this article to make your communication effective and worthy with your partner. In fact you are even trying to prepare your mind to make effective use of whatever information you would receive from this post.

But have you ever thought when you communicate with your partner on any matter the moment they disagree with you how frustrated you get. In matter of seconds your bedroom gets tense. You just forget the good things you learned isn’t it?

I know it’s hard especially when you are frustrated to keep your point aside and listen to your partner. But that’s what communication is you need to listen to your heart and not th mind in order the bridge the communication gap with your partner. It’s possible only when you keep your ego aside and listen to what they have to offer and than move on from there.

2. Talk with emotions and be soft

If you want to know the secret behind right communication in relationships, you have to master the art of talking soft and with emotions. Before we move ahead ask yourself how many times have you been patient and soft while having communication with your partner?

Always ensure you speak soft and with emotions. Believe me when you talk rudely and don’t value the words of your partner they tend to lose interest and ultimately the love and trust also starts to fade away. On the other hand talking emotionally and softly helps you to connect positively and build strong foundation to strengthen the bonds for future.

non-verbal gestures matters a lot in effective communication

3. Non-Verbal gestures matters

For effective communication in relationships non-verbal gestures play very important role. But sadly most couple ignore this very important factor. The way we talk, our facial expressions, posture, tone of our voice cannot be ignored.

For proper communication every couple needs to understand each other’s body language. I believe it’s an influential tool if used correctly can improve your relationship and if not can ruin your relationship. Whatever gestures you make while communicating it should reflect truly in your words.

It shouldn’t be like you are speaking something that you actually don’t mean or you are just pretending. Be true to each other to build clarity of thought and rapport in your relationship.

For example –

  • Do you look in the eyes of your partner while you say “I Love You”
  • Do you sincerely mean what you say?
  • Does your partner trust you when you say “I Love You”

Remember that you have to build a base in your relationship that reflects trust, honesty, integrity and sincerity towards one another in all the different modes of communication verbal or non-verbal.

how to communicate well in a relationship

4. Choose correct moment

There are times in relationship when you are anxious about something or other and want to discuss it with your partner. You don’t understand when to and how to talk about it or how to start the communication.

Being in those scenarios can really make or break your relationship if you don’t choose the correct moment. Ensure that you keep your patience and have control over your emotions and choose the right moment to initiate about your concerned topic.

Don’t bother your partner or start it in the middle when they are busy doing something else. It may divert their attention into different things ultimately ending up in not being able to do both the things correctly. To have better communication try talking while you go to sleep when you both are free.

It will help them to listen to your problems carefully paying attention to it and arrive at a better solution. Sometimes choosing the right moment becomes extremely vital for effective communication in relationships.

5. Communication through physical touch

If you want to learn how to communicate well in a relationship you have to be cautious about your physical approach towards your partner.

Speaking kind words, listening patiently and emotionally is no doubt very essential. But do you know that whatever you speak, listen and convey with your emotions has to be complimented with physical touch. You have to show your love by physical touch in your day to day life and it cannot be avoided in any situation

For example

  • Curling their hair with your fingers
  • A affectionate hug combined with a sweet kiss
  • Hold their face in your palm
  • Hold their hands while crossing the road
  • Forgive them on mistakes by patting them with love on their back

Remember action speaks louder than words and it shows that you care. These are small things but they count in the long run. If you are not exercising physical touch in your relationship.

I believe you start it from today itself and make habit of it. Not exercising physical touch is simply a sign of unhealthy relationship and that’s not what you want.

6. Be open and true

No relationship can survive if there is even a little spark of dishonesty. Relationships where their is no trust reveal their vulnerability and lack of communication gap, distrust and disbelief. Both the partner’s need to be aware of each other’s feelings and emotions.

Being true and honest is just like a open bridge where two of you can walk without stumbling or being afraid of falling. It is as good as trust exercise for couples which acts like bridge of connection between couples to make their relationship strong and long lasting.

say no to anger

7. Say no to anger

It’s very common for any relationship to go through bad phases where you don’t exactly understand sometimes what is wrong or what is right. You don’t know what to expect from your partner and what to say them in return.

You feel irritated and confused, it’s due to lack of communication in a relationship believe me guys it’s a fact that most of the times we ignore.

Trust me no one in the world can make good or positive decision when they are angry. There will be testing times in your relationship but you need to learn to say no to anger or you can just leave the discussion and move from that place.

No doubt it will take time but believe me once you start controlling your anger. You will automatically feel less confused and irritated also the understanding level will increase substantially which in turn will help you in having better communication with your partner.

8. Never impose your thoughts

Would you ever be with someone who impose their decision on you with authority without understanding your emotions and feelings.

To me it’s simply a sign of no communication in a relationship as only one person is speaking and the other is forced to listen. Relationship were you not allowed to express your thoughts and opinions is as good as prison. Can you imagine how the receptive partner will feel.

It’s important to be polite and not to impose your decisions on your partner. Speak right words at the right time and use your words with caution. Keep yourself in their shoes and imagine how would you feel if you are treated in that manner. I guess if you are sensitive enough you got your answer.

9. Learn to forgive and forget

The weak can never forgive, forgiveness is the attribute of the strong – Mahatma Gandhi. There will be situations in your love life when your partner will make mistakes or do things that you might not appreciate.

But you have to forgive them after all they are your reflection that’s what couples are known for isn’t it? And more importantly forgive them because you love them how can you hurt someone you love. Mistakes happen but you cannot hold grudge and stretch it.

You need to learn to forgive the one who cannot forgive cannot love it’s as simple as that. You are reading this post because you want to learn something good than why not start it from today. Believe me or not when you learn to forgive people you will always be at peace of mind. It’s my personal experience and if you think i am wrong try for once in your life.

10. Never argue

The aim of argument or of discussion should not be victory but progress – Joseph Joubert. There’s no harm in arguing and arguments can happen in any form of relationship.

In fact argument is must in any kind of relationship. But it’s important to convert an argument in an healthy argument only than it makes sense. Unhealthy argument can make the communication ineffective and spoil the whole environment.

To be respectful of one another and for the sake of the relationship, it’s important to ensure that the argument is focused on improvement which is one of the important aspects of healthy communication in relationships.

Watch this video on communication in relationships

Communication is key for success of any relationship but where can you find the right key that unlocks the door of your partner’s heart. It’s a big question and i guess the answer to it i have already provided in the above post. Any relationship where there is lack of communication between couples will always fail to withstand the difficult situations of life.

Relationships where two people are involved with all their heart and soul will always flourish irrespective of circumstances. If you really want to make the bridge between your hearts stronger than you have to learn to be better communicators only than you can meet each other’s needs and demands.

I hope you found the post on communication in relationships useful enough to find the right key for better communication in your relationship.

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