May 6, 2022

19 Hotsex Moves That Will Blow Your Mind & Set You On Fire Right Now

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  • 19 Hotsex Moves That Will Blow Your Mind & Set You On Fire Right Now

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Are you bored having sex in the same style and positions? Here are some hotsex moves that you probably never tried in your sex life. Sex is a life long game and you are never too old to try new sex positions.

Hotsex or kinky sex ideas is what every couple want in their love making sessions to take it to the next level. But the only question is - Are you ready to take the initiative?

Believe me guys if you are ready, I am ready to teach you some hotsex moves that would pay off big time.

Every couple in a relationship needs to be in full control of their sex life.

Bad sex life can really ruin your whole relationship and that’s not what you want.

So guys if you want to learn some new sex moves to take you and your partner to the orgasm land join me in this post.

Get ready to learn some amazing bedroom tricks and sex moves and begin your new journey to ultimate orgasm.

But hold on even before I actually start this article I want to get you on a role by lifting your mood read this sexting example below first.

In the current modern era sending sexual texts messages is the simplest way to get dirty when distance separate you. You can say crazy perverted things without showing your nerves. And you don’t have to worry about privacy or scheduling logistics like you do with phone or Skype.

Here is an awesome example just read it and follow me it you will definitely love it.

She: If you only knew. . . 😉

He: If I only knew what? 🙂

She: . . . how hot I’m getting thinking about your amazing dick right now.

He: Oh really? What would you do if me & my dick were therewith you?

She: First I’d tease you by running my wet tongue up and down your shaft.

He: mmmmm

She: Then when I knew you were dying to grab my head and force yourself inside my mouth, I’d take you all the way in to the back of my throat in one move

He: I’m so hard right now

She: . . . swirling my tongue over your tip each time I slide my mouth over your entire length

He: oh god. . . I get so hard thinking about you sucking my cock. I want to grab a fistful of your hair while you are sucking me.

She: I love fucking your cock with my mouth. God I want your dick so bad my mouth and pussy are aching.

He: I’m going to cum in your mouth and watch you swallow.Then that pussy is all mine. I want to taste you then fuck you so deep.

She: mmmmm.. .

He: I’m going to spread your legs and your lips so I can lick your clit and stick my tongue inside you. Your whole body trembles and quakes as I lick and suck your sweet pussy.

She: Make me cum baby then give me that dick. Throw me on the bed with my hands behind my back. Yank my hair as you push inside me. Hard.

He: I’m going to tease you first. Just the tip. Until you beg me to go deeper. Beg me Katy. Tell me how bad you want it.

She: I want your cock so bad! Fuck me now baby!

He: I push my rock hard dick into your tight little pussy as deep as I can. I pound you from behind and spank your ass because you are my dirty girl.

She: I am yours baby. Do what you want with me. Everyone in a2 mile radius will know because I’ll be screaming your name!

This lines sounds are like sexting pros. Would you believe that just in few months this sexting trick can improve your overall sex life and relationship so try this and trust me you won't regret.

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1. One of the best hotsex moves that you can try during lovemaking sessions is hold his dick with your fingers muffled around it, subtly pressing it on the lips of the vagina.

Move your body by rubbing up and down to build the sexual tension. Believe me guys every couple should try it in their sex life. It really feels amazingly hot and sexy trying this sex move.

2. While he is eating you out licking your juicy vagina, ask him to put his fingers inside to find the G- spot and rub it sensually. 

Once you feel the sensation is increasing ask him to put one more finger inside.

It’s really a pleasant feeling getting fingered awesomely by your man so nicely.

3. One of the craziest sex moves is to ask your man to sketch some of your favorite alphabets or numbers with his tongue, while he is going down on you.

Ensure while he is drawing sketch no inch of your vagina is skipped in the process.

Starting from the labia (lips of the vagina) making his way to the clitoris, moving on to the vulva and ending up having intense orgasm

I know some of you have already started to imagine in your mind.

That’s how freaking this hotsex moves are, try this one you will definitely love it.

4. While you are turning wild in ecstasy, use a vibrator to make things more sensual.

Ask him to gently roll the vibrator on your clitoris to build the sexual anticipation to make you feel easier orgasm and get sexually satisfied.

5. If you girls want to have the control in your hands, try this one. It is one of the top hotsex moves in my sex guide.

Sit on the bed keeping your legs open and your thighs on the edge of the bed. In this position he will have perfect view of your juicy vagina.

Ask him to kneel down in a way, that his penis and your vagina face each other.

Now tell him to enter his manhood and you use your legs and arms to move up and down on him rubbing slowly and steadily until you both experience climax

6. Girls if you want to leave his wanting for more, try this one. It’s amazingly hot.

Lick and kiss him on his neck and the earlobes, make your way to the stomach and then sliding down playing around his pubic area, but stopping short of his dick.

As he looks at you, smile on him and continue to do the same thing again and again, leaving him wanting until he asks for more.

7. The picture of romance and sex is ingrained in our mind when we think of rain.

On a cold rainy day make sure to have spicy and steamy sex by burning some candles in your bedroom, playing some soft music that would set the tone for a night full of hot sex.

8. Giving him blow job is awesome, but you want to make it feel more awesome than ask him to release his cum on your breasts to make you feel the heat in it.

9. Give him a sensual oil massage by rubbing his body and penis to get his blood pumping.


While you are performing this hotsex move, roll your tongue between his testicles with circular motions.


As he gets aroused pour some oil on the tip of his penis moving it up and down to make him feel the tickling.

10. Use ice cube to run it over all the sensitive areas of her body like her neck, her nipples, her stomach, her back and don’t forget the most sensitive area which is her inner thighs.

Continue to do it until the whole ice melts and she craves for more.

11. During foreplay tease her by entering only the head of the penis inside and then slipping halfway inside her.

Grinding slowly in circular motions making intimate eye contact.

Penetrate her deep when she is least expecting deposit your cum inside her to finish on a high note.

12. When you are giving her a nice oral sex. Move your tongue in circular motions around the clitoris and the inner thighs.

Your tongue dancing on her clitoris would really set the whole room on fire. It feels super intense as her pussy juices start dripping out.

13. Ask your man to sit on a chair and straddle him. Start licking and biting him to intensify the moment.

Now gently run the tip of your nails all over his body, as you see him getting highly aroused.

Slowly penetrate his manhood inside you holding him tightly wrapping your legs around him. It’s one of the best sex moves for fast and intense orgasm.

14. Every once in a while try having hard sex in rough way. Rough sex is very exciting sometimes if not always.

Believe me guys, girl’s love that every girl wants to be fucked like a whore once in a while.

"Play with her body like she is a prostitute, but make love to her like she is a queen"

It’s tempting, teasing, dirty and arousing and that’s what you want sometimes isn’t it?

15. If you want to make him feel the tightness of your vagina, try this hotsex move.

Bring both your legs together moving them upward and then resting both on his shoulders. This sex position is awesome for ultimate orgasm for him.

16. While you are riding his dick in woman on top sex position. Sit on top of his penis leaving your arms on the bed for support.

Play with his penis by rolling your vagina on the top surface, the sensual touch of your clitoris will turn him wild.

As you start getting wet slide it fully inside him, while you move up and down on him try contracting your vaginal muscles.

The contraction of your vagina will help you to have sweet orgasm and to him it will give tight feeling of having sex for the first time with a woman.

17. If you have seen a woman’s clitoris, you would know there is area just above the clitoris called front commissure “says. Dr. Ian Kerner. Phd a sex counselor and founder of Good in bed”.

In the process of arousing and satisfying a woman through clitoral stimulation, 90 percent of men ignore this area.

When a woman is on top and rubs herself against the pelvis. It creates a natural angle that directly hits that area.

Believe me guys it’s very tantalizing and sensitive, she might not even realize how sensitive she is over there.

Give her a surprise by rubbing your hard penis in up and down motion which will really stimulate and turn her on.

18. To add new twist in your hotsex adventure, try this one. Believe me if you do it correctly she will be your fan for the rest of your life.

Amy Levine, sex coach and founder of Ignite Your Pleasure says”

When you are going down on her for oral sex, give her a surprise by changing the position.

Perform oral sex on her from behind, lying on your back with your legs moving away from her body.

Giving oral from that angle adds new twist and sensation, as you lick the clitoris from behind rolling your tongue trying to figure out every inch of her vagina.

Believe me or not it would make her feel different than what you do while facing down.

This sex position gives you new way of satisfying your woman which really feels great.

19. Discovering new sex moves is really an important factor for mental and physical satisfaction in a relationship.

But you can also try different variations of old school sex by implementing them in new and exciting ways.

One good example of that is the blindfold technique were you tie a silk scarf on her eyes.

As you restrict her one sense of communication, it automatically influences the other sense in a very sensual and pleasing way.

She smells you but cannot see you she hears your pleasing sexual voice but cannot see you.

She gets chance to feel every little move and action you perform on her body.

Believe me or not when you don’t get to see it, the intensity increases naturally to feel it and it feels so awesome.

I believe every couple should try this hotsex move in their sex life to intensify the sexual experience by taking it to the next level.

These are some hotsex moves that are guaranteed to thrill you and your partner.

Sex is all about doing it in a way it excites you and your partner.

I believe every couple should try and find new sex moves and sex ideas to keep things interesting in longer run.

Sex is really a powerful tool to ignite your senses and satisfy your sexual desire.

Healthy sex life connects you emotionally and physically in a strong and beautiful way.

If things are not moving smoothly in your sex life for what so ever reasons.

I believe it’s a wake-up call for you both.

But if you try the above sex moves in your sex life, no matter how worse your situation is, you both simply cannot resist it I can bet on that.

Sex can get you closer in your relationship as physical attraction in humans is so appealing that no one can deny it.

So guys what are you waiting for go ahead and try it in your sex life.

Before I conclude I would love to show you something I don't want to talk much about it. I urge you to click the link below and see for yourself and believe me you will love it.

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I hope you found the post on hotsex moves useful. If you really liked it please comment and share.

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