July 27, 2023

How To Spice Up Sex Life With 13 Super Tantalizing Ways

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How to spice up sex life a daunting question asked by many men and women since ages. But why?

It's because it has been observed in recent survey by counseling professionals from yourtango.com.

The most important reasons for divorce in marriage is due to a lack of proper communication and low sex life.

I believe it happens when the spice in sex life fades away.

Low sex life results in low communication and communication gap eventually destroys the marriage.

Now the question is how to spice up your sex life? Trust me it’s much easier than you think to spice up your boring relationship.

Remember in order to enjoy a satisfying sex life both the partners have to put equal effort.

Proper channel of communication by suggesting new and innovative ideas to improve sex and relationship is important.

In this guide, let’s find out in 13 easy steps how to spice up sex life by taking the necessary steps to build an exciting and thrilling relationship.

#1. Provoke Each other to Spice Things Up In Your Stale Sex Life.

If you want to learn how to spice up sex life provoking is one of the best way.

Start caressing your partner sensually licking the sensitive parts of their bodies like neck, ears, lips and below the waist just to provoke and ignite the fire within which will also spice up the whole bedroom.

Kiss the earlobes gently believe me it feels gentle but vibrates the whole body.

Try using this touch caress technique to provoke and grab your partner close to your lips to have wonderful sex again.

#2. Never say no to sex If You Want To Add an Element of Spice in Your Sex Life.

In the busy schedule of life we often get so tired and stressed that the only thing we wish is to jump on to the bed and go to sleep.

But I believe the best way how to spice up sex life is by using sex as weapon to distress and overcome tiredness.

Never say no to sex try to have sex as often as possible without giving stupid reasons like headache or I am not in mood.

Tell your partner in a sensual voice what you need in bed let the sexual tension build by the time your partner reaches out to you in the bed you guys will be rolling over each other.

Trust me once you get into the groove it is great fun. This is how to spice up your sex life and keep the honeymoon phase fresh and alive like perennial stream.

#3. Spend Romantic Time Together to Bring Passion Back in Your Relationship.

To build strong base for success of relationship, it is important to spend quality with romantic and intimate time together. Romance is the best way to add spice and tinge in sex life.

Cuddle one another lying down in the bed rubbing each other’s body to feel the added friction of intimate arousal.

Allow things to turn sensual and feel the first time excitement again and get wild to have an explosive sex like you had at your first night.

#4. Have control on emotions

Many times it happens in sex life that one partner is highly aroused and the other one is totally in opposite mood.

It is important to avoid forceful sex, have sex only when both of you are comfortable or else it can turn into an abusive kind of relationship.

It is one of the main reasons why sex life gets destroyed in relationship.

Keep emotional touch and be gentle enough to sacrifice your mood for your partner’s sake.

 Don’t make sex a priority give respect to your partner’s emotions and their feelings.

It will help to build better communication and trust in your relationship which is again a great way how to spice up sex life.

#5. Reconnect Through Old Memories to Spice Things Up in Your Love Life.

Nothing can be more sexier than reconnecting with your partner through past memories. Try to make best use of idle time you guys get.

Listen to your favorite music holding each other’s hands sitting together and recall those loving moments that made you guys come close and fall in love with one another.

Look in each other’s eyes with appreciation and love that will help to awake the sexual chemistry again with new energy and with the music on it all happens naturally.

All you need to do is create conducive environment to spice up your sex life and things will happen on its own. This small little tweaks can do wonders to spice up your sex life.

#6. Compliment on Body Parts to Spice Things Up in Your Love Life.

There’s a saying that slow and steady wins the race.

One of the sexiest trick for good sex is to appreciate your woman while undressing her simultaneously complimenting her physical traits.

Slowly undress her caressing and kissing her body parts. Touch her sensitive zones to make her feel sexy and wanting for more.

Note that your woman wants you to see her naked and appreciate her with your killer eyes until both are ready for the hot action.

Give your sex life a new turn with new feel and convince your woman with your creativity and skills.

Guys if you can do this stuff you will definitely add spice into your sex life and at the same time you will win your woman’s heart too.

#7. Avoid Same Sex Positions to Stop Boredom From Creeping in.

In order to add lot of spice into your sex life, play sex games as it is important to try new positions.

Having sex in the same position again and again can be boring at times.

Try different positions to make your sex life adventurous also new ways develop new curiosity in mind.

At the same time both the partner’s needs to be prepared emotionally and psychologically for new techniques.

Nothing is more erotic than trying new things with little bit of aggression and asking the partner what they want and how they want it.

Having this little surprises keeps both the partner’s on their toes feeling loved and special with hope of trying something new and exciting.

#8. Spice up Your Bedroom With Dim Lights.

No one loves to have sex in bright lights. The best way to create sex friendly environment is by lighting up your bedroom with dim bulbs.

Sprinkle some seducing scents and put some fresh flowers to add some romantic flair to gear up and build up the sexual tension.

The condition of your bedroom has lot to do with the intensity of your sex.

To have great sex it is important to take care of little elements that will make your bedroom more sensual and pleasurable.

To enjoy good sex life and keep your wildness alive you have keep trying unique things to spice up your bedroom too.

#9. Use Seducing Scents to Get Horny

Every once in a while just spray his favorite perfume on the bed, but make sure he doesn't know about it.

Believe me girls it works like charm. Doing this you will push him to chase you and bang you all night in the bed.

It's just that you need to find the right trigger button to get your man going in the bedroom.

#10. Wear his favorite red thong

If you want to build the right sexual chemistry for good sex life, always try to be creative.

One good way to spice up your sex life is by wearing his favorite red thong he gifted you on valentines day.

Slowly whisper into his ears saying "Do you know I am wearing your tonight your favorite red thong".

It will ignite the dark side of his lust and that's what you are looking for right?

Believe me this are little romantic triggers that turns out very captivating and irresistible when used correctly.

#11. Have Aggressive Sex.

Having aggressive sex every once in a while keeps the sexual tension and intensity under check for longer romance in your sex life.

If you are guy you must know that every girl once in a while wants to get dominated and treated like a whore in the bed.

Tell her about your desires, reveal your sexual fantasies and desires looking into her eyes

"Tonight i want to make love to you the way I want too and you won't stop me promise me" This will really trigger her heart bit and attract her response.

If done correctly with little aggression it will turn her on and keep coming back to you again and again in future.

#12. Have Sex in Morning.

Believe me this one is killing, if you really want to start your day positively on a high note try having sex in the morning.

Just before the dawn while you are in the bed make her feel your erection from behind.

Believe me it will really kill her on and she won't be able to resist it. She will be left with no option other than surrendering herself in your arms.

In fact according to the report in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology it has been revealed that morning sex is best for good health and over all mood.

The testosterone is boosted and you have more energy and power to go and finish on her with confidence.

#13. Send Him Kick Off Messages.

This one will seriously drive your man crazy girls just try it sometime to boost your sex life.

This isn’t a tease text. You are going to hit him like a ton of sexy bricks out of the blue to provoke that automatic physical response.

So dive right in with something direct. I like to start with a compliment on how sexy he looks:

Your biceps look so muscular in that shirt…

Your ass looks hot in those jeans…

You look fucking sexy in that suit…

That 5 o’clock shadow on your face is sexy...

You look so masculine and sexy tonight...

Another idea is to compliment him on something he did recently:

You looked so strong chopping that firewood earlier...

I loved how sweaty and delicious you looked after your workout...

Damn your ass looked great when you hopped out of the shower this morning...

I love how smart and powerful you look when you are engrossed in work..

And follow that up with telling him how he’s turning you on:

...and I’m having all kinds of naughty thoughts.

...and it’s turning me on.

...and I wish we were alone right now.

...and it’s got me very horny.

With other sexting, you generally let him join in and banter back and forth. But with Verbal Viagra you are the “drug” doing the work. So tell him not to reply. Just read

If he is used to being the dominant one in your sex life, this will turn the tables on him a little bit. You are the one in charge 🙂

So guys these are some sensually sexy ways on how to spice up your sex life. Remember good sex life requires effort from both the individuals involved in it.

To be able to build right sexual chemistry for all your life it is important to keep improving by making the right efforts and moves.

Every individual is different and everyone thinks differently. Same goes with sex too what turns you on might be awful to your partner.

Finding out each other’s fetish with mutual concern and trying to work out them in unique ways is the best way to spice up your sex life.

Finding out fetishes and building the sexual tension helps both the partner’s to meet their needs and demands likes and dislikes while having sex.

If you ask me how to spice up sex life I believe the above ingredients are good enough to add all the required colors and spices in your relationship to have good sex life.

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