April 29, 2022

How To Tell If a Guy Likes You in 25 Smart And Easy Ways

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Before you start reading this post, let’s clear few things. I believe you are totally into a guy and want to have a relationship with him in true sense.

But you are confused whether he feels the same what you feel for him- Isn’t it? If this is exactly your situation you have stumbled at the right page. How to tell if a guy likes you? that's what you want to find out right?

I know this is one question that haunt you day and night and maybe you have tried searching at many blogs, forums and Q&A sites but just couldn’t find.

Don’t worry I will tell you how to know if a guy likes you. No doubt it can be quite tedious to find out what’s exactly going in his mind, what he think and feel about you.

But there are certain body language and behavior pattern which give signs that a guy likes you and he’s into you.

Let's find out what those behavior patterns and body language signs of a man are that reveals he likes you too. 

1. How To Tell If a Guy Likes You With His Body Language. 

Body language is one of the basic patterns that reveals the overall working and behavior of any individual whether it's a guy or a girl.

Being a girl you can learn a lot from his facial expressions, the way he walks around you, how he smiles when he look at you, how he behaves when you are around, his approach and behavior in your presence and many more things that will prove whether he desires you or not which we will discuss in this post.

Note that he will do many gestures and actions if he's really into you and you just need to understand them to get confirmed whether he feels the same what you feel for him.

Is it a too way process or you are the only one who's having crush on him and he's least interested. So girls lets understand all this patterns and behavior that will give signs that a guy likes you.

2. How Do You Know If a Guy Likes You If He Copies You.

When you start to like someone, you start doing crazy things and copying someone is also one of them.

If a guy is into you and something is really cooking in his mind then he will, unconsciously, start to copy your movements and actions.

Note that it's not to embarrass or make you feel uncomfortable, he does that just to show he's interested in you.

If you sit down then he sits down, if you smile, then he smiles. If you get upset, he too gets upset.

I believe it's quite natural and something that we all do, in fact it's something we naturally do it when we like someone, so keep an eye on him if he's copying your movements and actions


3. How To Know If a Guy Likes You With Accidental Body Contact.

Body contact is something that is very common and there's nothing special in it.

But when a guy who likes you accidentally touches your arm or accidentally his fingers meet your fingers as he passes by you or the facial expression, the way he look and the way he smile will be entirely different from the normal course.

If he's into you, getting closer to you will make him feel like heaven. He will love that gentle feel of your finger on his.

As I said above you will be able to sense it with his movements and actions after the accidental touch as all his actions and behavior will change and suggest that he's is happy with your gentle accidental touch. Probably he want it to happen again and again.

4. How To Tell If a Guy Likes You When He Shows Interest In Your Interest.

If he really likes you he will start showing interest in things he never ever loved doing just to show you.

For instances you love rock music, but he prefers instrumental, he will shift his interest to rock music to impress you and show how important you are to him.

Watch out his reaction and interest to something you brought to his attention and suddenly it becomes his favorite thing too.

Following your interest and passion going out of the way by turning it into his own interest and passion is clear sign that a guy likes you. 

5. How To Know If a Guy Likes You When He Gets Nervous.

This is quite obvious when you like someone and he or she suddenly appears in front of you. It definitely makes you feel little nervous.

Does he get nervous when he's near you or he laughs nervously when you are around this are subtle hints that he's attracted to you.

Watch him, how he behaves when you catch his eyes while he's looking at you.

Does he quickly sighs away or looks down pretending he was not looking at you? These are undoubtedly killer hints that he's attracted to you.

6. How Do You Know If a Guy Likes You By Watching His Friends Closely.

There's no question about it, if a guy likes you he will never hide it from his friends. It's a very common thing guys do when they are seeing a girl.

It's a natural and very common instincts in almost every guy and you must take advantage of, if you want to know whether he's into you or not.

Watch out how his friends react when they see you. Do they crack jokes or tease him by taking your name. More importantly how he reacts on their jokes and comments.

Does he sighs away when they are making fun of him. Do they look at you in a way that makes you feel there's something that they know, but you don't. These are little signals that you must look for. 

7. How To Tell If a Guy Likes You When He Teases You.

Now this one is very important I will tell you why if he teases you playfully by making sure you are comfortable, meaning he is not going out of his limits at the same time he is teasing you gently it means he's seriously attracted to you.

But you to be cautious of one thing which is the reason why I said this one is important.

Better ensure that he teases and flirts only with you and not with other girls around. If he is doing the same act with other girls too.

It means you too fall in the same category for him and it makes no sense. So better watch out this kind of guys and play safe around them.

8. How Do You Know If a Guy Likes You When He Listens To Everything You Speak.

If he's into you he will love to listen to everything you speak, he just can't get enough of you and he wants to spend time listening to you.

Believe me listening is an art in itself people get bored listening to others, but if he's attracted to you, he will keep listening to you without getting bored.

It's because he want to know every little detail, every story, even the insignificant ones.

If a guy asks you a lot of questions about you, your family and friends and shows true interest in trying to understand you and what you like or dislike, he is seriously investing in you.

More importantly he will remember everything you said where you went to high-school, and how you quit your first job, the name of your first childhood friend.

He will also want to share his own stories with you to make you familiar and comfortable with you.

You will also observe he discuss about his future life plans. This is because when he's into you and really wants to impress you, he wants you to think highly of him.

Note that some guys might just do this because they have weak ego and want to show off and prove a point.

Better watch out for this sort of guys who just want to boost about themselves.

9. How To Tell If a Guy Likes You When He Tries To Initiate Conversation With You.

Note that a guy who's attracted to you will always try to find ways to initiate conversation with you.

It's because he wants to take the crush game to another level which is possible only by having powerful and intimate conversations with you to go deep into a relationship.

For instances you are attending a common friends party, he approaches you and strikes up a conversation.

If you’re not in the same immediate vicinity, he reaches out to you. Finding a reason to initiate conversation is not a big deal.

If he really likes you and wants you to notice him, he will definitely use his logic to start out conversation with you.

It's because he doesn't want to miss this opportunity as he know at the back of his mind that there are other guys too in queue waiting for their chance.

So do watch out how he behaves with you while talking, ultimately your comfort matters the most.

And if he is able to provide you with that comfort and at the same time if he is able to engage you in a nice and interesting conversation you must respond positively towards him.

10. How To Know If a Guy Likes You When He Compliments The Way You Look.

Note that there are many guys who will compliment your look, obviously because they find you attractive.

But there's a difference between the compliments you receive in general and the one you receive when a guy is interested in you. I will tell you how it is different. 

A guy who really likes you will say you look gorgeous instead of beautiful. Note that there's not any difference meaning wise in the two words.

But the impact is unique when you use the word gorgeous. It is lot more powerful and influencing than the word beautiful.

If he says he likes the way you walk, it means he notices your overall appearance.

Note that man who likes a woman’s confident walk must be a self-confident guy.

Saying that you are attracted to her confident walk will already make her feel attracted to you and that's what he wants from you.

Giving all these compliments are his way of showing you he's conscious about you and wants to make you feel good.

Also, watch out his facial expressions and the way he speaks while he compliments your appearance, it will be lot more unique and different than the general compliments you receive in your day to day life.

11. How To Tell If a Guy Likes You When His Questions Just Don't End.

If he's attracted to you, he will try to ask as many questions as possible to keep up with the conversation.

Firstly, because he wants to spend most of the time learning about you, secondly, he just cannot take his eyes of you.

Being a girl the most significant question he will ask you is do you have a boyfriend?

Are you in relationship with someone. If he asks you this he's into you there's no doubt about it and also you must realize that when a guy doesn’t like you, he simply won’t put in the effort unless he has something to gain out of it.

Better watch out his questions are they general or close questions related to your personal life.

12. How To Know If a Guy Likes You He Asks Your Phone Number.

This one is quite obvious, if he likes you he will find out reasons to get your number and be in touch with you whenever he wants to.

It's obviously because he wants to move from friendly zone to relationship zone. One tip if you too like him and want to give him your number than throw a bait and see if he bites. 

It's because some guys are sigh and even if they like you, they may hesitate to ask for your number.

In such a scenario be polite and talk in a way that would make it easy for him to ask for your number.

But beware of guys you meet in parties, clubs or restaurants who are almost strangers to you.

This are guys with bad intentions in their mind, so be careful while sharing your number and judge his integrity before revealing your phone number.

13. How Do You Know If a Guy Likes You When He Lock Eyes With You.

If he is really interested to you, then you might catch him frequently looking at you.

You probably know that eye contact during a conversation is a good sign, if you were in a group then he will give you the lion's share of eye contact.

He will probably want to look at you all the time he will also want to look away as soon as you catch him looking at you.

It's because he will not want want to reveal he is interested in you in order to protect his ego.

Also, it has been found in research that the eyes of the person who likes you will shine in your presence.

The eyes of that person will become more moist and so they will reflect more light thus appearing shinny.

It's all because he feels happy with your presence, so girls do make note all these gestures how he play with his eyes when you are around.

14. How To Tell If a Guy Likes You When He Tries To Groom Himself.

If a guy tries to look good and dress better just to seek your attention it means he is totally into you.

Whenever you are around he will try his best to make the best possible impression on you.

At the same time, if he really has a good sense of class and style, he will try to look good in normal clothes without looking too flashy.

Grooming maturely is an attractive quality of a perfect men. Maturity, after all, is what separates the men from the boys.

Maturity shows masculinity and commands respect, and it’s a quality that is hard to find in most guys you meet.

But if you are able to see all this characteristics in him and more importantly he's grooming and doing everything to impress you and only you, then it's a clear sign that he likes you.

15. How To Know If a Guy Likes You When He Opens The Door For you.

To be honest opening the class room door or car's door for a girl, whatever it is but it's a classic gesture of showing respect and love towards the girl you love.

If he's willing to do this it's clear sign that he likes you.

Opening the door for you proves that he care about and think about you, rather than just himself.

If he's doing this, rest assured he is slowly falling in love with you and you make sure you are not letting this guy slip from your life.

I am telling this because in today's fast generation this qualities are very rare to find and you should feel lucky if he's doing this for you.

16. How To Tell If a Guy Likes You When You Are His Top Priority.

When you become the top priority in his life, it is simply a sign that he's into you. He will talk about the entire happenings of the day.

More importantly he will treat you with more love and respect than he treats his other friends, it means that you are a top priority for him and he never want you to go away from his life.

In the real world it's tough to find a guy who give so much importance to you leaving other important things behind.

If you happen to find one make sure you capture his heart and never ever lose him, you never know the next one maybe good or bad, but definitely not like the first one.

Do note my words, if you reading this line you will definitely remember my words.

17. How Do You If a Guy Likes You When He Gets Jealous Of Your Guy Friends.

To be honest if there's no jealousy there's no love, it's as simple as that. If he likes you only as his friend, he would never get upset when you are around with your other guy friends.

He won’t be concerned much as it is none of his business.

But if he likes you more than a friend, he will be bothered if you hanging out with other guy friends.

The sense of insecurity will be permanently ingrained in his mind. Even if he tries to avoid thinking he just can't stop you imagining with other boys.

He may try to hide his insecurity by saying that he is just trying to be protective, but that's not the truth believe me.

The point is he's afraid you might fall in love with any one of your guy friend and that is something he never ever want to see or even imagine in his worst nightmares.

If you see this kind of behavior in a guy it's a clear sign he likes you from the core of his heart.

18. How To Tell If a Guy Likes You When He Tries To Come Closer To You.

If you are having a nice conversation with him, you will observe that slowly he tries to come closer to you. Note that it's not because he wants to touch you in a wrong way or get physical.

It's just that he cannot control his movements when you are with him. He might come pretty close to you or lean in, and it means something is going on there.

It is clearly a sign of interest, but do watch for guys who have wrong intentions and you can judge it from the way they approach you.

Be careful to choose between the right and the wrong guy, after all at the end of the day what matters is being safe and sound in the right hands. 

19. How To know If a Guy Likes You When He Tags You On Facebook.

If he likes you, he will definitely find your Facebook profile, as now a days social media is one of the easiest way and the most convenient way to stay in touch with someone.

It might be that talking to you as in person might feel little awkward or scary to him.

At the same time it will be easy for him to initiate conversation with you on Facebook.

He may even start tagging you in his posts and status updates uploading love and relationship related pictures to give you subtle hints that he's interested in you.

And when he chats with you if he is not willing to end the conversation and if you have to forcefully end by saying good night, it's a clear sign that he appreciates chatting with you.

20. How Do You If a Guy Likes You When He Admits It.

There are instances while talking to you, he will admit the fact that he likes you, of course he will not directly propose you or ask for a date, but you can definitely see in his eyes the intensity and love he has for you.

It's an obvious sign that he wants to hook up with you, if you happen to find such a guy who every now and than shows subtle signs of true love and care towards you, just go for him before it's too late.

21. How To Tell If a Guy Likes You When He Just Can't Get His Eyes Of You.

No matter how hard he tries, he just cannot stop himself looking at you. He loves you beautiful body and I believe there's no harm in that.

If he is looking at you with eyes full of love and not lust you shouldn't mind.

He's thrilled with your magnetic looks and sexy hips which are like a magnet and he just can't stop looking at them.

No matter how hard he’s trying to look uninterested, his eyes speaks his heart's desire as you walk in front of him, he checks you from head to toe, when you talk to him he look at your sex lips and he simply loves what he sees.

These are true signs of interest and cannot be ignored, but do watch out his intentions and be assured what he exactly feels for you.

22. How To Tell If a Guy Likes You When He Agrees On Everything You Say.

No matter what you say or what you do, whether it's wrong or right he simply agrees to everything you say.

To be honest it's kind of weird as far as I'm concerned, it's because one must have their own point of views.

But he believes you are right in everything you say and do, maybe he doesn't want to hurt you.

It's definitely a sure shot sign that he likes you which is the reason why he making every possible effort to please way and not to hurt you. 

Tip: If you find a guy like this make sure you tell him not to agree on everything, doing this shrinks his real character and thinking which is not something that you would appreciate as a girl. But use this tip after you are confirmed in your mind he is the one for you, it will also make him feel appreciated and he will think of you highly in terms of understanding and maturity level.

23. How To Tell If a Guy Likes You When He Tries To Guard You.

Suppose you both are at common friend's birthday party in a night club or any pub or disco, it's obvious there will be lot of fun, but rush too.

In such a situation he will always try to guard you from drunk guys messing around you or someone trying to touch you or maybe even trying to flirt with you in the unethical way.

You may also notice that when people are pushing you around, trying to pass by in a busy club or disco, he positions around you so that no one even come close to you even by inch.

He will always hold your hand to ensure you are safe with him. If it's cold and chilly out there he will offer his jacket.

After the party end he will make sure, he drops you safely and peacefully at home.

Maybe he’s trying to show gentleman qualities, but more often the case is that he simply likes you and wants to make sure you don’t get hurt.

24. How To Know If a Guy Likes You When He Gets You a Ring.

This one is quite obvious that he likes you from the core of his heart and want to have long term relationship with you.

If he tries to touch your fingers secretly trying to get your ring size, it's clear sign he is interested in you and wants to marry you.

It maybe that he starts discussing on financial matters and also want to seek your advice in his personal life including financial and non financial matters.

Girls good guys are hard to find and if you happen to meet one by chance make sure you respond positively as I said above the next guy maybe good or bad, but he will definitely not be like the first one. Take my words.

25. How Do You If a Guy Likes You When He Asks You For A Date

Now, this one is a bit tricky as he is not your boyfriend so he cannot directly ask you to go on a date.

But he will definitely find some good excuse to ask you for a date, like lets have lunch together or go for a coffee.

He may also try to convince you by saying there's a newly opened ice cream parlour around the corner "would you like to come along with me, only if you don't mind"

Note that he actually want to go on date with you, but he is trying to manipulate things so that it doesn't seem obvious. This are clear instances that prove he is interested in you and want to be with you.

I believe I have provided you with enough reasons to find out that he likes you, now it's up to you to ensure that you are not letting this slip (Note only if he is a good guy than go for him).

Now if you have really found the love of your life and want to make sure that he remains in the confines of your heart, I would suggest you to watch this free video here and see how it will transforms your relationship.

I would love to thank you for reading this long post, I appreciate your presence if you really enjoyed reading please do not forget to share it with the rest of the world and also do not forget to watch the free video once, it's worth watching. Keep coming back see you again have my best wishes.

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