May 6, 2022

Secrets To Awaken Your Sexy Inner Confidence That Men Find Irresistible

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Do you feel somewhere in your heart that your man is losing interest in you? Do you find yourself constantly comparing to other women? Do you wonder how some women very easily keep their men interested for lifelong? After all this, you may be wondering how to awaken the sexy inner confidence that men find irresistible?

Maybe you're different, but most women are keenly aware of how other women are dressed, how their hair is arranged, what their makeup looks like, how much they weigh, and analyze anything else they can make a comparison of.

But do you think all these stuffs make any sense to you when it comes to keeping your own man. No not at all 

To be honest I have seen many women complaining about there physical traits, there hairs, there body structure, but trust me all this things are immaterial. The only thing that matters is confidence as they say confidence is king.

But confidence in what sense, let's understand it but don't take it other wise no offense first up all. What is the use of that confidence if you cannot make your man fall in love and cannot create the right sexual chemistry with him 

Lets move one step ahead most women I know spend too much time focusing on what traits they lack instead of embracing the beautiful qualities they already have.

It's not the external appearance, but your internal beauty that counts and it is more than enough to awaken the sexy inner confidence that men find irresistible.

Trust me you are not the only one. In fact most women make this stupid mistake, which stops them from enhancing the quality of their own life including love life and they fail in attracting the right type of men into their world.

But if you want to finally get rid of this unhappy feeling of being stuck or held back and if you really want to awaken the sexy inner confidence that men find irresistible and find the right guy this post is for you.

What Will You Learn in This Post

  • Discover The Benefits of Building Your Self Confidence
  • Once You Build Confidence Learn About His Secret Obsessions
  • Silent Seduction Technique To Expose His Hidden Sexual Desire And Turn Him On

1. What is Confidence And How To Discover The Benefits of Building Self Confidence

Confidence is basically the act of thinking with confidence ( do not complicate it with over confidence) Just by thinking you are confident you can change your perspective towards anything in life.

Whether it's your work life or love life, it's all in the way you think and approach.

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Understand that confidence is a relative feeling, not a condition, you must believe in your mind that you can influence your own perceptions about confidence.

Learning how to manage your feelings (and the thoughts that drive them) is key. Your main goal is to work one particular thing in your life that you find difficult to increase a very specific type of confidence.

It can be anything like finding the right guy or fighting the fear of failure.

I really want to leave you feeling more confident by the end of this article or at least confident enough that you can become more confident.

As I said above it's all about how you pursue and follow the obstacles that come into your life, the journey to building right kind of confidence starts from your perception.

Meaning this feeling comes about as the result of the way you perceive yourself, your world, and your goals.

I know you are still not clear, but I will make it clear to you with a beautiful example that how your perception and thinking influence your confidence level. Read this beautiful example I have found it after lot of research.

Read This Example And You will understand how your perception and thinking influence your confidence level.

Imagine a deaf man walking along a set of railroad tracks on a warm summer day. There's a gentle breeze in the air, grasshoppers are hopping about his feet, and the occasional bird flies overhead.

He's enjoying an easy stroll down the tracks, unaware of the train barreling towards him from the rear.

(In reality, a deaf person would probably feel vibrations in the tracks if a train was behind him, but for the sake of this imagination example, let's believe he could not feel vibrations from the track).

In this situation, his beliefs determine the feelings he experience. He have lived near these railroad tracks for many years and he is confident of the train schedule.

He know trains do not run on this track after 2 P.M. every day. (Or at least, that's his belief and he is confident about his thinking and perception in this situation.)

If the train is coming at him at breakneck speed, and he don't know it, he will not feel afraid. Meaning his confidence is not determined by reality.

It is determined by his beliefs and his perceptions about reality as he is sure in his mind that train do not run on this track after 2 P.M.

Now, Let's change the circumstances of the situation and see what happens. What if he turn his head to look at a bird and catch a glimpse of the train coming toward him from behind? His feelings would instantly change.

In less than a second, his sense of safety and confidence would crumble, and he would scramble off the tracks in sheer panic.

In this mental experiment, his feelings changed, even though his reality did not change. The train was barreling toward him, yet he felt confident.

It wasn't until he had thought that led him to understand that a train was barreling toward him that his confidence turned to panic.

The bottom line is it is our thoughts and perception about reality that determine our feelings and the level of confidence, not reality itself.

I believe now you got my point the same holds true in your relationship with the man you love, it's not about your external appearance.

In fact it's the inner confidence that determines your reality with your men meaning how confident you are. 


2. If You Want To Awaken The Sexy Inner Confidence That Men Find Irresistible You Must Learn About A Man's Secret Obsession

Knowing the hidden drives that fuel a man’s obsessions provides you with true power over his life.

Note that you are reading these line this instance because you desire to be his secret lover. which is the prime reason, I want to reveal you the hidden secret obsession every man has.

It is a drive that goes to the core of his being. In a word, it is the desire for potency. More than anything else, a man craves to have his influence on his world. He desires power. This is fact whether he accepts it or not.

It is a primal drive, which means it is basically a source of motivation at the root level. As such, it is not something he can think his way out of resist, or reverse.

Being a woman if you can learn to perceive it, the next step is to learn to use it, to tame it and control it.

It is like a wild stallion with vigorous, youthful energy. As such, it is equally dangerous and wildly independent.

But with the right gentle touch, that raw power can transport you further than you could ever travel by your own power alone.

But for you to understand that formula, I must first uncover your mind to a series of insights and secrets about a man's mind. To that end, let us begin.

Never ever Make Him Choose between You and the Adventure He Craves

Have you ever thought why all the fictional novels and movies geared toward men involve a hero on a journey toward increasing power and accomplishment?

The male hero faces all sorts of trials and in the end emerges more powerful, gathering knowledge that ultimately help him to attain success. Men crave adventure and power.

That driving force is inbuilt in every man. It’s been documented by numerous sociology and psychology studies that toddler boys show a preference for tools (e.g. toy trucks or a stick) even before socialization reinforces that instinct.

Meanwhile, girls are driven more toward attachment, connection, and toys that reflect that basic drive ( like dolls and games that are geared toward sharing rather than competition)

If you pit yourself against his primal drive for adventure, you will be in a never-ending battle. Instead, why not get the best of both worlds?

Become a part of his mission for success, and he will appreciate his relationship with you more than you could ever imagine for supporting him and becoming an integral part of his life journey.

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Make Sure in This Process You Are Not Getting Over Fascinated

Of course be a part of his life journey, but don't ever try to push him to love you this is a big mistake most women do.

It will make him think of you as a needy woman and no men would prefer to live with a needy woman no offense but just do as I say and believe me slowly and steadily, you will be able to transform your relationship into something more appreciating and satisfying.

Believe it or not, all men are wired to fall in love with you. But the point is let him feel that love for you on his own. It would just be a matter of time until your feminine qualities triggered his love instincts.

Deeply wired in his brain are all the instincts needed to cause him to crave your body, your presence, your gaze, and your friendship. Man is not meant to be alone

With that being said, if this is true, why is he so hard to pin down? Why do his interests seem to scatter in so many directions. It comes down to the many distractions in his life.

In this modern world, his primary drives can be met in many ways. Only the things that fascinate him will capture his attention long enough to secure his deep investment.

Humans are fascinated not only by things they desire, but also by things that disgust or cause fear in their mind. We can simultaneously feel fascination and horror toward stories we see in the news.

Some talk shows capitalize on our fascination with the unfolding drama of obnoxious people. We can barely stand to watch such shows, yet we find it hard to flip the channel to something else.

Of course, we are also fascinated by things we crave. We are fascinated by strikingly attractive celebrities.

We are fascinated by the methods someone used to attain unusual wealth. We are fascinated by the dessert tray displaying a tantalizing array of mouthwatering delights.

Once again, the answer comes back to his most primal drives. All of the things that fascinate him activate his drive to do, be, or accomplish.

A man with a phobia of lizards experiences an instant and powerful drive to stamp the living smithereens out of that creature as it scampers across his living room floor.

We are fascinated by things that are highly relevant to our basic needs and drives. Avoiding a lizard's presence fall into that category, so a lizard in our personal space grabs our attention.

Do you understand now how to do it? If you’ve been paying close attention while reading, you already have the answer. Are you ready? Here it is.

You can fascinate your man by stepping into the already existing stream of his basic drives. Things that are relevant to his basic drives are what gets his attention.

Don’t let yourself become irrelevant to his drives. Specifically, you must become the one person in his life connected to his drive to feel that he has a purpose and that he has the power to succeed in that purpose.

Believe me this is really a powerful secret to awaken the sexy inner confidence that men find irresistible.

I hope now you have a decent idea of his secret obsessions and desires, all you need is to walk with him in the journey of his life without expecting anything in return and eventually your this kindness will keep him interested in you forever.

3. How To Use Curiosity Based Words And Phrase To Make Him Want You More And More.

Even before you start using the text message tricks understand What is your main goal? It’s to trigger his natural instincts.

And to bend those drives toward a beautiful relationship with you by making him fall in love.

And what is that natural instinct again? It’s the drive to build his life around things he can influence, people who need him, and situations where he can actually have a meaningful impact.

Basically, it’s the male desire to gain a sense of social significance by doing things that make him feel like a provider.

Try to be that person, who is more significant to him. He starts to revolve around you as if you are the center of his universe. That’s the goal.

But when you send a text message, you are usually going to be dealing with something much more specific. So you have to apply that big, more general goal to the specific circumstances of your current relationship

Basically you need to use the curiosity intensifying words to trigger his desires and needs which will eventually create the curiosity in his mind to be with you.

“Curiosity is the lust of the mind.” — Thomas Hobbes

Ok, now enough discussion lets come to the point and see some examples of curiosity intensifying words and phrases which will help you to know the phase of your relationship and make sure you use them from time to time and when he is in good mood.

Trust this curiosity based words is what men find irresistible and it's something that they crave too.

  • “I just remembered the first thought I had when I met you.” 
  • “There’s a specific feeling I have whenever I’m around you.”
  • “I bet we have something in common and don’t even know it. Maybe it’s a place we both like to go. Or a person we both know. Or something we both like to do for fun. But neither of us have any clue what it is.”
  • “I’m feeling pretty good. Thanks for asking! I’ve been in a good mood all this week. I think I’m looking forward to my trip.”
  • “There’s something about you that just makes me feel comfortable. I think I might’ve just figured out what it is.”
  • “I remember the exact moment I realized I was going to go out with you.”
  • “There’s something about you that made me want to talk to you. Can you guess what it was?”
  • “I feel like something changed in our relationship somewhere around three weeks ago. Did you notice it, too?”

This questions starts a beautiful conversation and grabs his curiosity. What changed? Was it good or bad? Where are you going with this?

Then, once you have his undivided attention, follow up by praising something about the relationship. Maybe, “I just feel a lot closer to you.” Or, “I’ve really appreciated how much you’ve been there for me.

I hope this part is clear to you all, even if it's not use this phrases on him and slowly you will see good results one more example I would love to show a very small one.

If you are already in a relationship with him tell him - I want to try something new in bed tonight".

This one I encourage you not to answer. Instead, tell him, “I’ll show you tonight.” I can guarantee you he’ll be thinking about your date all day! Push him to come to you instead of you running behind him.

Remember, you don’t have to use any of these exact phrases. They are meant to be templates. You can– and should – create your own. Or mix and match these. It’s really about what works best for you.

4. The Urge Of Sex Just Can't Be Ignored - Learn Some Silent Seduction Techniques To Turn Him On.

Now that you are quite comfortable with verbal form of communication with him, now it's time to take your relationship status to the next level.

Note that this silent seduction technique is meant for couples already in relationship as well if you are eyeing a guy and seeing him as an ideal soulmate for you.

Body language is a powerful form of communication that is often overlooked by many men and women. Researchers say that 50% or more of our communication takes place through body language. Many times, we use it subconsciously

Some of this stuff is innate. However, when you practice and train yourself to intentionally and purposely use seductive body language, it can be a potent component of your seduction toolkit.

The idea behind the silent seduction technique is to put him on a slow slimmer which will eventually put his entire focus on you. Believe me almost every inch of your body can be used for flirting and silently seducing your man.

1. Intimate Eye Contact

Eye contact is a powerful way to connect with you man, while talking to you man look into his eyes tells him he has your undivided attention.

It makes him feel acknowledged, heard and important. Eye contact can also be made more romantic by locking eyes and holding each other's gaze for sometime it is really beneficial in building a sense of emotional connection with your man.

Practice from time to time to have eye locking sessions. This can be when you are talking face-to-face, or it can also be times when you just steal a glance and have a moment of staring lovingly into his eyes.

If you are single, strategic eye contact is how you get guys to flock to you like bees to honey. If you like a guy stare at him, of course it will feel little awkward initially, but look at him to make him feel someone is staring him.

If he happens to look at you just smile making eye contact for second and turn away. Repeat the process twice and the third time make sure you hold your gaze for 3 to 5 seconds chances are he will himself approach you.

Trust me girls eye contact is one of the best ways to awaken the sexy inner confidence that men find irresistible, I advice you to try it and see how it transforms your life.

2. Facial Expressions

Smiling is the most obvious way to show interest and pleasure and it is one of the best silent seduction technique that can drive him crazy for you - The closed lip seductive smile and half smile and playful smirk looking straight into his eyes in the flow of conversation can turn things hot and kinky.

Do this when you know he is looking at you. Dip your head slightly forward and to the side and look downward. Then, while your head is still tipped forward, slowly raise your eyelids and make eye contact with a coy smile. It may feel a little exaggerated at first so better this one in the mirror first.

The point of this type of gaze is two fold. One, you look a little mysterious when you delicately look away – he wonders what you are thinking. Then, when you make eye contact in that coy way, it’s like you caught him staring at you and you like it.

3. Sexy Walk

When you know his eyes are on you, add an extra swing to your hips and a sway to your walk. You don’t need to do it in a way that makes you feel ridiculous, but giving him a little bit of a show is fun. Strut your stuff! Why does a sexy saunter turn him on? It is confident and bold. It also showcases your curves. Plus it sends a subconscious message of fertility with all the hip action.

Go ahead and practice this one at home, alone. Put on a pair of sexy shoes and turn up some tunes. Pretend he is watching you walk away and has his eyes on your booty and hips.

Stand up straight with your head up, shoulders back, and boobs out. When you walk, you are going to move your hips in a slightly exaggerated way from side to side. Let your arms swing loosely and naturally.

Try out a few different struts from mild to totally over the top. Watch a video online of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show – your goal is a milder version of that. Channel your inner sex symbol if you need to. Practice until you find a style that feels good to you. Then, the next time you have the chance to strut proudly, try it out.

To be honest there are many silent seduction techniques that you can try, but I believe this three are more than enough to get things going in your life.

and if you want some more techniques and ideas to make things better in your life, there's a complete program that can transform your relationship with your man. If you want you can watch the free video here or read below for more information.

I have really tried my best to provide immense value in this post to help you transform your love life, if you liked it please do not forget to share it with the rest of the world and do watch the free video it will definitely transform your relationship.

Bye for now have my have a nice evening see you some other day in a brand new article and Please do not forget to share this article on your favorite social media and also share your thoughts in the comment section.....Would love to here from you.

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