May 6, 2022

Reasons She Stopped Having Sex with You – Find Here

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​If you are someone who is struggling to keep the spice alive with your partner than you need to learn this 4 reasons she stopped having sex with you.

Well many couples start having sexual problems at some point of their relationship or marriage.

It’s a miracle if a wife and a husband continue to experience the same passion, they have been feeling for about 10 or 15 years.

To tell the truth, even 6 years seems to be a little miracle to me.

Well, the one thing you should know for sure is that your wife loves you.

She is married to you, she enjoys spending time with you and loves taking care of all the family.

The fact that she lost the passion does not mean she does not love you anymore.

Simply make an effort to save your sexual life and follow our tips.

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#1. Start with her mind to make her want sex with you.

Don’t show her your sexual desire immediately, especially if both of you have just came home from work. Show your presence first of all.

The thing is that a girl will not get turned on right after you start touching her breasts. Don’t start with physical.

Let her know that you are there for her.

#2. Remind her how supportive you can be. 

Ask her about her day. The best is when you ask about an issue you have known about for a while.

For example, you got to know that she had an issue with her client at work – ask if everything is okay with it.

Say that you are proud of her and believe that she is worth of promotion thanks to that decision.

Keep being interested about her relatives and friend. Ask a few questions about them.

Show that you appreciate her desire to earn money and be independent and to take care of your house.

Take a second and recall all your latest promises to your wife or girl. If there is something you promised but did not manage to do, then do it right now.

This is the best moment to fix a table (which have been broken for about 5 months already) and get all the possible benefits out of it – I mean sex (passionate sex).

This will make her realize that you care about where you both live, care about the ambiance, care about her and her wishes.

Don’t worry if she does not comment it. She will notice that you did a great job, trust me. However, it does not mean you cannot try to run into a compliment.

#3. Take care of her energy level.

Why not to offer your beloved to relax and have a rest? Energy is essential if your couple experience some sex problems.

It often happens that a partner or partners just do not have enough energy to have sex. Try to restore her energy level if this is the case.

Suggest her to take a nap. If she likes the idea, let her sleep. Do a few useful things while your beloved is having a nap.

Cook a dinner or buy some grocery, for example. Well, you may actually do whatever you want.

The major conditions is do it quietly and do not disturb your girl.

By the way, showing your sexual desire while she is asleep is also a bad idea. Let her have a rest.

Suggest her to go out. Reveal your ideas. If you suggest a movie, it should not be erotic.

Don’t make her think that your actions are leading her right to your bed. It kills all the romantics. Don’t drink too much alcohol if you take her to a restaurant. Be a gentleman.

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#4. Take care of the location.

Show your beloved that you love her body. Let her know that you like to touch her even if this will not lead to sex.

Show that you care. Suggest the right location where both of you will spend a great time? relaxing and talking. Why not to have a warm bath together.

Besides, what can be better than a pleasant aroma, warm water and a beloved person next to you. Such bathing is relaxing and incredibly romantic.

Pay attention to small things, as well. Try small touches, for example. Give her small and gentle touches during the evening.

They will definitely start the fire in your bedroom soon, especially if you combine them with a few warm word about the meal or her look.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article on reasons she stopped having sex with you. If you really loved it please share it with others and do not forget to watch this FREE video below.

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