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How to Increase Stamina in Bed During Sex – Secret Revealed


For any man, sexual stamina is an important and integral part of his life. So, in this step-by-step guide, you’ll discover exactly how to increase stamina in bed during sex.

It’s because having an amazing sexual stamina always makes you feel like the king of the bedroom and at the same time it boosts your confidence level.

So, if you are with me, let’s discover the amazing secrets on how to increase male sex stamina in bed.

My first lesson in orgasm control

This is something that I read in a private lessons I learned in a course on male sexual stamina.

It is to contract the muscles around the anus and urethra the closer I got to orgasm – stopping myself just short of release – relaxing into the sweet orgasmic feelings

More on this later, but if you want to know the secrets to increase stamina in bed and enhanced sexual pleasure and sexual success then read on.

To Cum, or Not To Cum . . . That is the Question . . .

Secret 1 – Relax

It may sound somewhat boring and obvious, but relaxation is your first stepping-stone toward better sex via ejaculation control.

I have studied hundreds of methods and techniques for cum control, and it has to be said that for me, the best of them have relaxation at their core.

This includes mental relaxation as well. You’ve probably noticed that when you are on the verge of cumming, your body naturally tenses and your muscles start to contract.

This tensing up is an automatic response to ejaculation. However this tension is what causes you to cum – the tension in the body builds up, until there’s nothing left to do but explode!

So it stands to reason that relaxing your muscles, as you reach the intense level of extreme arousal just before orgasm, is your first step toward controlling ejaculation.

When you relax into the sensations, by letting go of muscle tension and allowing the sexual energy to spread through your entire body, you build on the sensations – reaching peak after peak of pleasure easily and automatically.

When you replace the mental and physical urgency to cum with relaxing into the sensations of sexual pleasure, you will delay ejaculation as frequently as you want and at the same time you’ll be able to make love to your woman like a pro.

If you are like me, then you may also notice that there are mental loops playing in your head during sex.

For me, it’s a simple question like “Should I cum now?” Yes, this simple command can be very annoying when you are trying to alter your neurology.

It always makes me laugh how loud the voice in my head can become – to the point of screaming for me to cum.

This is why I often imagine a large volume-control knob in my head – and when the “to cum or not to cum” voices start, I simply turn the volume down. Way down.

So, needless to say, if you are a quick-shooter, it can take time to change the habits of a lifetime.

But give your mind a simple instruction NOW. Greater cum control = better orgasms for me and better sex for my lover and I can please her sexually even more.

Secret 2 – And now breathe . . . 

Controlled deep breathing is extremely important if you want to control your arousal level and hold off ejaculation.

There are several schools of thought about breathing technique when it comes to delaying ejaculation. You can either:

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1. Breathe in deeply and hold the breath for several seconds until the need to ejaculate subsides – imagining the sensations spreading all over your body – from the tip of your cock, to the tip of your nose, to the tips of your toes.

2. Breathe short, rapid breaths – like a quick sipping sucking in – to avoid ejaculation. (Don’t hyperventilate!)

3. My favorite: a slow, controlled circular breath – equal parts inhalation and exhalation. Round and round the breath goes, like slowly pedaling a bicycle.

This type of breath stimulates the relaxation response in the body – which will make your partner feel very connected to you.

As you practice, you will want to experiment to find out which breathing method works best for you.

Personally, I use them all at different times – sometimes within the same orgasm control practice session.


Secret 3 – Strengthen your sex muscles

Sexual stamina and strength has little to do with how many reps you can do at the gym, although being fit is likely to enhance your sexual performance.

Strong PC mu​​scles Mastering ‘Ejaculation’”) are the key to ejaculation control and multiple orgasms.

Orgasm begins in the prostate, and learning to apply pressure to the prostate by squeezing strong PC muscles is vital.

When you can do this effectively, not only will you have more orgasms, you will also have stronger orgasms.

Plus the action of squeezing the prostate helps to prevent it from swelling or becoming hardened, and this is important because it helps to prevent prostate problems from occurring in the future.

Your PC muscles act like a valve around the genitals and can be contracted –or opened and closed if you like.

It is responsible for the rhythmic contractions you experience in your anus and pelvis when you orgasm.

The PCs in the male are located behind the testicles, along the perineum and in front of the anus.

To help locate the PC muscles you could try stopping yourself mid-flow during urination because these are the muscles you use to stop yourself from peeing when you need to go – but just can’t find a toilet or a tree.

Here’s how:

1. Find it. First you need to locate your PC muscles and the easiest way to do this is to place two fingers just behind your testicles.

Now imagine you are peeing but halfway through stop that flow.

The action of stopping should make you feel a physical contraction just where your two fingers are. If you felt it, then congratulations – you have found your PC muscles.

2. Squeeze. Now that you’ve found it, you need to give it a workout to get it really strong.

Remember: strong PC muscles = better, stronger orgasms. Contract the muscle in sets of 10 repetitions holding for 2 to 4 seconds per rep, before releasing.

Try at least 2 sets per day (i.e. 20 contractions) 3 – 4 times a week. It shouldn’t take you longer than 5 minutes at a time and you can do it anywhere you like.

Although you might want to be alone as people may wonder why you have a distant gaze on your face!

I like to do it on the subway, or in my car. I like to give people something to wonder about. But that’s just me.

Secret 4. Squeeze some more . . .

Once you have practiced PC contraction repetitions for 3 – 4 weeks you should have a stronger muscle set down below.

So now it’s time to intensify the workout. Performing exactly the same exercise, start to squeeze for longer time periods – 5 seconds is good.

But don’t release after 5 seconds, this time hold for another 5 seconds.

Then slowly release the squeeze to a count of 5 seconds, don’t just let go immediately after the 10-second period is up.

This exercise might not sound like much, but it takes strength and control to be able to do it properly so start slowly and build up until you can do up to 10 repetitions.

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I cannot emphasize enough how strong PC muscles = Powerful orgasms = Better cum control = Better sex for you and your partner now.

If you put in the effort with these simple exercises you will, within a month, be able to last for longer during sex, and you will begin to experience intense orgasms beyond any you have had before.

Secret 5 – Play (with) yourself first . . .

The fifth secret you need to know is one that will come as good news. Frequent masturbation is one of the keys to better sex – so it’s important that you enjoy it and practice often!

Masturbation is the easiest way to tap into the sexually sensitive part of your being.

The Taoists viewed it as a physical exercise to help them learn ejaculation control while also learning how to circulate life-enhancing sexual energy throughout the body.

Pornography and masturbation

Personally, I love porn. All kinds. I’m very open and free with my use of porn.

That being said, I also like to take periodic breaks from porn – including days or weeks at a time.

Everything works in cycles, and porn should be no different. Sometimes it’s frikkin’ awesome, and other times it’s nice to give your central nervous system a rest.

I have found that porn can stimulate sex drive – even when I’m not particularly feeling sexual. So I find that taking a break can be refreshing.

The great things about porn include sharing what visually seduces you with a partner and vice versa.

It’s an excellent way to enhance communication and sexual honesty in your relationships.

I personally encourage open and direct communication when it comes to porn.

Putting your porn tastes out there and having porn as a part of your intimate relationships can give you and your partner a ton of fun and pleasure.

However when it comes to advanced masturbation techniques for ultimate success, the focus needs to be on the sensations experienced within your body.

Porn can help get you to an intense state of arousal and this is a good thing.

Once you are there though, I want you to shift the focus to what’s going outside to what’s going on within your body and/or your partner’s body.

Playing sexually with ourselves is an excellent way to learn more about our sexual selves and our sexual energy levels.

However it’s also important to point out that though I might masturbate frequently – more often than not, I will not ejaculate – and instead spread the sensation throughout my body.

In this way, I have been known to have some marathon masturbation sessions that could go on for an hour or more – and doing that leads us back to the power of ejaculation...


Practice makes the master-bater!

Secret 6 – Put your Hands Together and Make Some Noise.

Sound and movement is a huge part of controlling your orgasm. I love shaking my body, shaking my head – as if shaking off the cobwebs – and making noise.

All of these things disperse the energy of the focused, penis-centric orgasm.

The closer you get to cumming, think of splashing around in chest-deep water, making noise, shaking your body, letting things shake, vibrate, and move completely relaxed and in the moment as you master that feeling and energy.

I suggest you communicate to your partners since it can be a little freaky if they don’t know exactly what is happening.

I like to tell my partners that, when I experience intense pleasure, my body starts to shake and move.

They really appreciate the communication, and always seem to enjoy the shake show.

Let your body, spine, and head move freely. This will help disperse the intensity of the orgasmic feeling throughout your body and allow every part of you to feel alive and awake.

It’s one of my favorite feelings in the world, and people are often asking me how I keep so young and fit. Well, now you know, and you can see the complete benefit in that, right?

Putting It Into Practice – Achieve Intense, Explosive Orgasms Easily and You Can Also Make Her Squirt.

So now we have revealed the 6 vital secrets to advanced male masturbation.

It’s now time to look at 5 simple techniques that can help you to avoid ejaculating.

See how easily you can create the stamina of a pro

The following 5 exercises show you how to have an orgasm without ejaculating – basically these simple techniques act on the parts of your body that are responsible for the control of the flow of semen during your orgasm.

You can practice these techniques on your own during masturbation or with your partner – it’s up to you.

You might not master the techniques straight away – so remember, practice makes the best master-bater and the greatest lovers, and the bonus is that the practice is always pleasure-filled and fun for you!

You simply have to train yourself to delay ejaculation – so be patient.

Exercise 1 – Just stop

Becoming aware of your arousal levels is vital to controlling ejaculation.

You need to work out when you are likely to ejaculate and then stop a few strokes, if going solo, or a few thrusts, if with a partner, before you “feel” your ejaculate approaching the point of no return.

It might sound a bit obvious, but this simple technique is your first step to better orgasm control.

Most men need to stop for 10 – 30 seconds to let the urge to cum subside.

Once you master this one technique, you can literally have sex for hours if you so desire.

Exercise 2 – Squeeze those PCs 

As you’ve been following the guide and training this area already, you should have a set of good, strong PC muscles. Vital for better sex!

Basically when you feel yourself getting closer to ejaculation you squeeze the PC muscles as hard as you can.

This will allow you to experience the wonderful contractions of orgasm but should stop you from spilling over into ejaculation! Squeeeeeze and breathe. I sometimes even growl like a lion. It’s pretty awesome!

It can take some time to master the process of stopping orgasm by squeezing the PCs so this might be one exercise you want to practice alone until you can get the feel of it.

Exercise 3 – Pressing the prostate

For this ancient Taoist technique, you will need to locate an area along your perineum that links to the prostate.

You will feel this point as a small ‘dimple’ in the skin just in front of the anus. This is a really simple technique and it’s a powerful one.

Once you feel your arousal rate getting close to the point of ejaculation press firmly on the dimple with your 3 middle fingers until the desire to cum subsides.

You can also practice this exercise during intercourse without needing to withdraw.

Exercise 4 – Pull your testicles

That’s right. Pull those suckers. When you’re about to ejaculate your testicles pull up closer to your body as this helps the testes to push out semen.

So it makes sense that if you (gently) pull them back away from your body you will hold off ejaculation.

To do this circle the entire top of the sac with your thumb and first finger – or get your partner to do it – then all you need to do is pull down gently but firmly. I call this my emergency brake system.

Exercise 5 – Squeeze the penis

Squeezing the penis is a tried and tested method of delaying ejaculation and is often recommended by doctors and sexologists to those who are suffering with the problem of premature ejaculation.

It’s a simple and effective technique for anyone who wants to become a better lover.

So once again when you feel the urge to cum, use your thumb and first two fingers to squeeze the penis.

You can squeeze around the base, the middle or the tip of the penis.

Different parts of the penis work better for some than for others, so a bit of practice will help you find which part of your penis, when squeezed, is the best part for stopping ejaculation.

This can be awkward at first so it’s another good exercise to try out when you are going solo.

The squeeze should last for around 10 to 30 seconds depending on what length of time works for you the best.


All of these techniques can be used either when you are alone masturbating or with a partner.

It’s important to point out, however, that if you use these techniques with a partner, you want to communicate ahead of time what exactly you are up to.

This is key because for many people ejaculation is equivalent to complete satisfaction.

If you don’t cum, partners may think they are doing something wrong – and not pleasing you.

Practice the techniques all you like when you are on your own, but when you are sexually engaged with another person, you need to respect that this is not just about you and that your partner is not just someone for you to ‘practice on.’

Communication is key to developing mastery.

And Now . . . my ‘Dynamite’ Secret Sexual Brain Stimulating Technique

For those of you interested in dramatic, deep-brain sex orgasms, I want to share a secret pleasure technique, viewed through the lens of brain science.

Let's begin with a basic brain cell primer. The off-the-rack brain cell is called the neuron. Axons are very long projections or cables of neurons from the brain that offer feedback about the surrounding environment.

Over time, glial cells wrap around the axon projections and form a myelin sheath – a kind of fatty insulation – which increases the efficiency and speed of electrical waves moving up and down the axon.

We aren't born with this insulation, but we develop it over time – through repeated use of particular neural pathways.

The tip of the penis is at the end of one of these long projections from the brain.

Therefore, the penis offers an opportunity for us to "wire up" and insulate a rich pathway of pleasure.

My secret technique is intended to do just that. Even if you have little or no feeling, just relax, practice the exercise daily, and watch what happens to your sensations, feelings, and your ability to control your ​​orgasms.

To experience the full power of the technique, take a deep breath now, and imagine the tip of the penis as a feeler, a sensitive fingertip extending out directly from the brain, passing sensory-rich information about our sexual environment.

Now imagine the tip of the penis is wrapped in beautiful, golden threads of pulsing light that travel to and from your inner brain to the tip, pulsing a gentle current of pleasure back and forth.

Take another deep breath, and notice the pulsing awaken something deeper inside. Let that warm feeling expand in your body.

Feel the glow from the tip of your penis to your brain. Notice how the brain awakens.

Send the awakened pleasure back down to your penis, and circle it back up again. This is The Golden Circle of Pleasure.

I run The Golden Circle of Pleasure within myself all the time. I love the way it makes me feel inside.

We can use this technique anytime, anywhere, to feel awesome in our brain and body. Nobody has to know why we look like the cat that ate the canary.

That will be our secret to increasing your stamina in sex.

I will stop here. If you enjoyed this post on how to increase stamina in bed then, you will also love my powerful recommendation below.

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