May 5, 2022

How to Emotionally Connect With Man To Keep Him Closer

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If you want to make a man chase you and have a lasting relationship, he needs to evoke that deep, intense feeling of emotional attraction. In other word you need to know how to emotionally connect with a man.

In this post you'll learn how to make a man commit effortlessly with alluring Connection, Chemistry, and have control over his desires and at the same time get his attention on you.

These are solid pointers to keep in mind when talking to any man you want more from.

Don’t worry about memorizing these or anything. Just keep them in the back of your mind.

Keep Things Casual and Light. Being formal, standoffish, and weird is not sexy or affectionate.

Think about it: do people say ‘Hey human, insert your tongue into my mouth and massage my tongue with yours’?


That would be super-weird and kind of … well, alien.

So, instead of asking a man flat out for what you want or what you’re hoping for it’s much, MUCH sexier and more effective to kind of beat around the bush and be vague,  playful and understand his behavior.

For instance, let’s say you’re in a long term relationship and you feel like the passion’s died down a bit.

You really want him to make love to you and so you think about asking him for sex.

What do you think would be sexier and more appealing: saying ‘Hey, are you down for some sexual intercourse?’

Or ‘Hmm … I’m so sleepy (mischievous smile.) You look tired too, baby. Why don’t you come take a nap with me? Come on, be tired. Let’s go lie down.’

See the difference? Hinting and being playful and not coming right out and spelling everything out is WAY sexier and more charming than just baldly stating the obvious.

Vagueness is your friend, because it lets his imagination kick into overdrive and paint the picture for you.

The Candle That Burns Twice as Bright Lasts Half as Long

That means, if you truly want to discover how to emotionally connect with a man then, don’t give everything away – and definitely don’t do too much.

There are times to give, sure, but it’s got to be a mutual thing. And frankly, both of you will feel better when he’s reaching out to you just a little more than you’re reaching out to him.


Because guys are hunters and they’re designed to want to be in charge.

So what that means is, if you can feel a guy pulling away or ignoring you and you’re knocking yourself out writing sexy messages, cooking meals, sending cute text messages and trying to ‘pull him back in’ …


You’ve got to pull back more and get some balance back.

If you want to keep his desire burning hot and bright and long, you need to PACE YOURSELF. A little restraint is a good thing.

It’s good to leave him hoping for more, thinking, wishing, savoring. Never let him know he’s got you.

Also, it helps to take a little bit of time between using these phrases on a man. Use one or two one day, then put a cork in it and save them till later in the week.

Discover those Amazing Phrases Here:​

Be Okay with Any Reaction He Has.

You’re not trying to create an ‘effect’ or saying something and then looking at him bug eyed to see how he takes it.

A really high quality man isn’t going to want a woman who’s tiptoeing around in total awe of him, worrying about saying the exact perfect thing at the perfect time, or stressing out over he’ll ‘react’.

It’s much sexier and more attractive to just be who you are and say what you want to say with a bit of confidence.

That just means don’t stress out about things beyond your control. Make the decision now to just be okay with ANY reaction he might have.

That core of inner confidence and strength – the ability to NOT be ruffled by his opinion too much – is paradoxically what tends to make a guy really fall hard.

Be A Challenge.

Be A Mischievous Pixie

Know why all kids love Tinkerbell?

Not because she’s pretty or ‘nice’.

Because she’s MISCHIEVOUS.

She’s a little bit evil.

She’s got a sense of naughty fun she ruffles feathers and she pushes the envelope unapologetically.

I want you to channel your inner Tinkerbell from now on.

So, when you’re saying something risky, keep it light … and tease, tease, tease.

Push the boundaries a little and then just act like it’s nothing.

Be casual and keep the tone light and fun – it’s much more playful and sexy than getting all heavy, talking about ‘feelings’ all the time, or constantly going on about the future and ‘what might happen with us’.

Just keep it in the now for the most part and try to have FUN with it. (Remember fun??)

Supplement Your Words With Physical Grace.

Okay, a few tips on being physically sexy no matter what you look like:

You don’t angrily claw your hair out of your eyes. You slowly tilt your head to one side and gracefully rake it out of the way with your fingertips.

You don’t gobble your food. You slowly eat it and sensually savor every bite.

Move slowly, with deliberation. This gives you a sense of PRESENCE, which makes heads turn much more than mere ‘prettiness’ could ever do.

If You Make A Mistake Or Do Something That Feels Weird Don’t Apologize. Just Call Yourself Out And Move On.

I have a friend who recently spat a big chunk of spinach out onto her date’s crisp white shirt at dinner when she was trying to tell a sexy story.

Instead of getting mortified - ‘Omg, I’m SO sorry’ - instead she just laughed, said, ‘Oh man, I just spat on you,’ and then kept going.

There’s something so much more relaxing and sexy and ATTRACTIVE about someone who can own what they’ve done and not freak out about it.

So if you screw up, just remember: it’s actually more relaxing and will make you seem more confident to quickly notice out loud what just happened, and then just keep right on going. Don’t let little mistakes trip you up or throw you off.

Phew! Okay, that’s enough foreplay. Now let’s REALLY get into it and learn more on how to connect emotionally with a man.

First: how to get a man’s attention and drag it 100% onto YOU (even when he’s obsessed with work, video games, his cell phone, or another woman)

Do you know why men typically stop paying attention to women?

Because they get BORED.

Remember, men are SIMPLE creatures.

They have SIMPLE desires.

Most men prioritize winning, fun/novelty, excitement, and PLEASING a woman.

In fact, most of their drives in life stem in one way or another from those exact things.

Take a look at any man’s life and you’ll see it’s true.

Work? He wants to be recognized and praised for being of value (by a woman) and he wants to WIN over other men.

Sports cars? He wants women to see him in his sports car and notice his masculinity.

And so on.

So to get a man’s interest in you, what you want to do is work WITH his natural drives instead of against them.

This is why begging and nagging and sulking don’t cut it, because they don’t burst him out of his emotional state.

They don’t make him WANT to spend time with you.

You can sometimes force a guy to do something he doesn’t want to, but if he doesn’t want to do it, what’s the point?

So instead, simply remember this quote from Thoreau: Most men lead lives of quiet desperation.

The average guy is BORED with his life and just looking for something – anything – to add some spice, novelty, and EXCITEMENT to it.

So this is where you get full permission to be weird 

Two things to remember:

link any statements here back to HIM, and 

be playful, not heavy or sarcastic.

Here’s an example.

For instance, my FOLLOWER Kim recently sent a pic of some massive sweet potatoes she saw at the grocery store to her husband.

They were HUGE, knobbly, and just kind of weird-looking.

So she snapped a pic, captioned it ‘weirdly massive sweet potatoes!’ and texted it to him, with the following message:

‘Look at these massive sweet potatoes! They are bigger than my head. They are even bigger than your hands, and that’s saying something. In fact, I can only think of one thing that they are NOT bigger than. Hmm … I wonder what that could be? ;)’

She took something completely random and weird, made it about him, made a joking reference to sex (even better), PRAISED him discreetly for having a giant penis (even if he’s got a micro dick, he’ll still want to hear how big it is) and kept it PLAYFUL and LIGHT.

Full points to Kim.

And her phone just about leapt out of her pocket with his response a few minutes later because most men are BORED BORED BORED and are looking for ANYTHING out of the ordinary to hook their attention and force it back onto you.

So here’s an example of how you can do this in real life AND LEARN HOW TO EMOTIONALLY CONNECT WITH A MAN.


(Note: this works great either via text, over the phone, or in person)

Step one, you say:

“I’m obsessed with something crazy right now’

To which he’ll either grunt … say nothing at all … or say ‘What is it?’

To which you then you say …

“How hard my heart pounds when you’re nearby. I can barely think straight’


“How utterly delicious you smell. I wish I could bottle it.’


“How you give me shivers all over my body just thinking about you”


“All the naughty, evil, fun, loving, awful things I’m going to do to you when we’re next alone’ Or,

‘That look of absolute focus you get when you’re on top of me’


‘How gorgeous you’d look on your back right now with me riding you until you can’t take any more’


“How I wish you could just take me right here, right now”


“How much I want you”


“How lucky I am to be your girl”


‘How safe you make me feel just being around you’


A little bit ‘off the wall’ (which is exciting because it’s something new, and remember, most men are BORED) and you’re linking it back to HIM in a way that makes him feel good, seduced and wanting for more.

Things to remember:

 #1. most men are BORED most men are DYING to be acknowledged.

 #2.  men get a TON of pleasure and self-esteem out of making a woman feel good 

You want to do something WEIRD and PLAYFUL to connect with him at emotional level and more importantly make it about him and how good he makes you feel.

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