May 6, 2022

Top 5 Steps To Fulfill Your Sexual Fantasies And Enjoy Better Sex

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Believe it or not, but everyone in this world craves for love, not only in an emotional way of expressing but also physical and that is why every men and woman have their own sexual fantasies and they want to fulfill their sexual fantasies.

It might be having sex or just a casual cuddle at night. You might feel a little conservative when you need to ask for it, but it is essential. 

Not everyone in this world can survive without a real romance, as it is on everyone's mind. Trust me you too want to fulfill your sexual fantasies.

You might feel it unessential at the start in fear of offending your partner, but there is a high chance that your partner feels the same.

People are using cock vibrator to satisfy themselves rather than asking their partner out.

It should never be the case for either boys or girls. The society thinks that the youth craves for it, but it is not the case.

The youth has sex on their brains but fail to admit.

Society pulls them back to even think about satisfying their desires.

If you are willing to fulfill your sexual fantasies but not getting a chance, this is it.

Get up and decide at once. Your partner will understand the need as it might be the same for them as well. One needs to open up to make it happen.

The days of dreaming and fantasizing for sex are over.

The days are gone when you are allowed to have sex only after marriage. It's time now to fulfill your sexual fantasies.

One thing is a compulsion that both individuals should be ready for it.

Without an agreement, sex is given a different name. Dating and romance fantasies are independent of gender.

No one has got the right to judge you on your sexual desires. Most guys or girls out there think fantasies are all wild.

It should not be the case. Fantasies also include a casual date, romantic cuddle, or just sex.

You need not come in a hot avatar of a naughty nurse or use a remote control butt plug to fulfill your sexual fantasies.

The key to every fantasy comes from the porn movies you watch. 

The fantasies might include having a good time in the pool, in the locker room after your sports training and much more.

Some of the fantasies are real weird while some are cute. People get frightened very often when they have to use the word 'Sex' to their partners.

You do not know how the person will react, so you decide to stay put. Why not make it sudden?

Making it sudden will eventually bring more interest to your partner's mind.

He or She will take an interest in what is building up in your mind for so long. If it is mutual, then you two will connect.

There are specific steps that will make your sex life just like a film style romantic drama. You will get to live your fantasy and also know your partner better.

When you are with your partner on your bed, and your mind starts to wobble, mind the bed-rules.

You will not want your night to be ruined by your excited mind. 


The five steps to fulfill your sexual fantasies would be:

#1. Give a Slow and Steady start.

Do not follow the clingy tips from the porn movies as you will get a straightaway rejection.

Avoid making it a costume sex night, where some people find it wild some hate it.

Talk to your partner and make them feel special. Talk about the dream you had about this special night.

Tell them about their presence in the dream. Make them connect before you step in.

It doesn't matter if you are in a long relationship while the thing that matters is how you treat your partner in bed.

Avoid going indirectly; it will eventually end up making you feel that you fail to satisfy your partner.

Talking and opening up might give you a chance to know some fantasies from your partner's end as well.

You would be hoping that for sure. Talking is the first step of seduction.

The way you speak and express brings in more fun in lovemaking.

If you both hurry in finishing the job, you might miss the fun. It becomes more of casual sex, and lovemaking is something different.

2. Discuss and make plans together

Make plans upon watching an adult porn movie or a lingerie showdown.

Play sex games to make it more interesting. Strip games are popular when it comes to a honeymoon night.

Porn movies might make either one uncomfortable so decide upon getting an educational sex movie which will comfort both.

The film will teach you positions, try different. At times, allow your partner to plan.

It will make them even more happy and excited.

If you want to dominate your partner with your fantasies, then you might miss some of their fantasies.

Satisfaction is the ultimate goal of sex for both.

The more creative you are with your plan, then you will inch a little more towards satisfaction. 

Girls can plan a vibrating cock ring to begin the process of seducing their guy. Go ahead and make plans for the best experience.

3. Learn to listen and to obey your partner

It is more of a necessary step which is essential not to give more fun but to create a cozy atmosphere.

If you can make your partner feel comfortable with you, that will make your night even amazing.

If you are a master in listening and obeying, you will see your partner's sexual fantasies unfold. Do not push your fantasies upon your partners.

If you force your partner to listen and follow you, it won't work. Obeying and learning must be mutual, and you will see how far it will excite you.

Play games to decide who will make the rules and go along accordingly.

Games are not restricted to sexual ones but any games.

The games can be who finishes the glass of wine first or a simple game of cards. The winner decides, and the loser obeys.

4. Fulfill your sexual partners but also respect your partner.

Some fantasies might end up dominating your partner. You might end up disrespecting your partner, and the worst part of it is you won't be aware of it.

The first tip is, therefore, essential where you need to talk and know your partner better.

You need to explain your fantasy to your partner to make them co-operate. If your fantasy requires planning, do not hesitate to go for it.

Some fantasies do not require planning and can be brought in as a surprise. Go for a drive or a romantic date, create the atmosphere.

Make them feel special before you disclose your fantasy to them.

Your partner is going to love and respect your desire when you make them feel special

Asking straight away for sex will get you rejected. Mind your gentle nature when you approach your partner.

5. Build the love-atmosphere to fulfill your sexual fantasies.

Plan a romantic date for your partner and do not disclose the fantasy you have.

Let it be a mystery, till your partner realizes it. When you take them out on a drive or date, it will eventually happen and arise in their mind too.

Most girls out there seek respect from their guys rather than just being a sex object.

The respect should come from the heart else ladies are master to identify that. If you win her from the heart, you are the winner forever.

These are some simple gestures essential for two individuals to satisfy their wild lovemaking fantasies.

You need to know that everything comes with efforts.

You need to put in effort and courage to break the ice and restrictions. Come forward to share your physical necessities with your partner in a decent manner.

Follow all of the five steps to fulfill your sexual fantasies and make your special moment memorable. 

I will stop here. If you loved reading this guide please do not forget to watch this amazing video here.

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