May 6, 2022

Online Internet Dating Do’s and Don’ts You Must Know

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do's and don'ts of online dating

Online Dating or internet dating is normally referred to as a way by which a man and a woman are meeting socially to understand and assess each other as a prospective partner for their future intimate relationship.

Online dating or Internet dating is a method through which people make personal contact with another person using the Internet, mostly to develop or establish personal, romantic or physical relationships.

Online dating services currently exist with greater diversity, and it is more common now than before.

For online dating, you have to be very careful as it has many dos and don'ts.

Dating on personal meeting and dating online have some similarities.

The purpose of participating in either is mostly of the same. However, Jake from Masculine Profiles says that, before meeting or coming into online contact with any stranger, follow some specific rules of etiquette, and you will dramatically reduce your chances of coming across the person who does not suit you.

The Do’s of Online Internet Dating:

For online dating, you may follow the following dos for a happy experience and to restrict yourself from painful experiences.

1.  To meet in a public place:

It is your primary responsibility to ascertain the person with whom you are starting the online dating.

Apparently the person may be looking trustworthy in your computer, tablet, or cell phone screen, but actually, you have no idea about the identity of the person.

Therefore, it is ideal that before you decide to have an intimate relationship, you must meet the person in public, interact, ascertain your quarries and then proceed.

#2. Inform someone, either a friend or family member, where you are going:

 This is important for both men and women.

It is to avoid any unforeseen circumstances to arise that can put you into difficulty.

By indication of emergency, you may immediately be tracked by your friend or family member whom you informed.

#3. Always use your own car:

Don’t be on the mercy of a stranger and do not allow the person to pick you up for the date.

Using your own car is not forcibly making you dependent on a stranger.

#4. Carry money with you:

Even if you are the woman, you need to volunteer to pay or give your share to your male friend, with whom you have gone for a date.

Moreover, you are neither aware nor sure what kind of situation you may come across, so make sure you have some cash or a credit card on hand

#5.  Pay attention to your hygiene:

Women are usually very conscious of maintaining their hygiene, similarly, men who are on their first date must take care of their hygiene by making sure you don’t have body odour, dirty clothes or by  properly brushing your hair etc.  

#6.  Be polite even if your date doesn’t match your expectations:

A polite behavior always attracts the date, be it men or women. 

You may have a date but that may not be acceptable to you as expected and you do not wish to continue.

Still, being polite is important. Just reject if he/she asks on the phone for a second date.

#7.  Thank your date for a good time:

Despite the bad experiences you may experience during your first date, don’t forget to thank your date the good moments that might happen.

Look on the bright side. Who knows, he/she might ask for a second date whatever happens on the first one.

# The Don’ts of Online Internet Dating:

Above, the online dating dos guide you to ensure you do not take the risk or be reckless in the dealings that may put you into trouble as the person you are meeting is a virtual stranger whom you do not know about.

Similarly, the don’ts can help you enjoy better with your dating experience, and it can help you make a great first impression.

#1.  Don’t Meet the Person Immediately, Chat online for months before meeting:

While coming across a person during initial online interaction, you are actually unaware of the kind of personality of the person with whom you want to proceed with your intimate romantic relations. 

Many a time, the information given by the person you are dating online may not be true and may not match his personality.

You need to find the facts through your regular interaction during online chatting or calls, and try to match when you meet in person.

Avoid your fantasies before you are thorough about the person whom you intend to meet to advance your intimate relations.

#2. Don’t Agree to Go to His Place on The First Date: 

This is for the girls. Do not agree to sleep in his place. As you do not want your date to turn into a one night stand.

You are unaware of the person whom you are dating, and going to his home invites own problems.

You are unaware of the family of the person whom you are dating.

Under most circumstances, you will have no real idea of whether your date is trustworthy.

Going to their place not only increases the chances of danger but also increases the odds of something happening with your physical relations.

Even if both parties have fun on the first-date, be patient and avoid advancing any physical relations.

#3.  Never Send Indecent Pictures Before Meeting:

Many people reflect their perversion by sending indecent pictures reflecting their unhealthy and cheap mindset.

If you want to be intimate and you want to advance physically with your date, you should avoid sending any indecent pictures to keep the proof of your narrow mindset.

Once again, you don’t really know them personally.

By not sending any indecent pictures, you are protecting yourself from making your indecent pictures go viral on social media that may adversely have an impact on your job, and especially for women, it is simply dangerous.

#4.  Never Bring Friends or Family Members to a Date:

Dating is personal spending and sharing time between two individuals who want to advance into a relationship including the desire to advance for physical relations.

No third person is preferred which may cause intermission into your dating.

Exceptions may happen. In that case, they should be kept into a distance between both of you.

It is advisable not to bring anyone in between the two of you during your date.

#5.  Do not be late:

You must be sure that you are not late while meeting the person for a date.

If you are not punctual, it is incredibly annoying to keep your partner waiting.

If you are late, then it shows that you don’t value your time for a date.

Your partner may be left thinking that you are not serious.

You may miss the chance of meeting the person in real after some months of long conversations.

It will create a very bad impact on a person’s mind.

#6.  Don’t Wear Inappropriate Dresses:

Wear an outfit which is decent and proper and should attract each other.

Do not wear an outfit or do not go with improper hygiene, with bad body odour, improper savvy clothes and improper hair.

Similarly, you should avoid attire that exposes your body too much. That should be provocative.

#7.  Don’t barrage your date with messages afterwards:

After your first date if it is successful, don’t send too many messages frequently that may reflect your weakness showing more of your one-sided interest.

Proceed gradually maintaining your personality, for it will give you the advantage of attracting your partner towards you.

Online Internet Dating Conclusion:

The online dating is like interviewing for jobs, each member has tons of applicants and you have to choose one amongst them who suits your criteria.

The best thing is to follow the above dos and don’ts for your online dating. If you follow the same, you will be more confident.

There will be no doubt of landing into any difficulty and place yourself into excellent catch instead of going through one terrible dating experience after another.

If you loved reading this short but useful guide on online dating you'll also love this powerful video presentation below.

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