May 5, 2022

Texting – A Better Way to Express Emotions (For Smart Phone Users)

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Whether you are on a crush with someone beautiful or finding it uneasy to meet the person, texting surely works to express emotions.

You can actually state your feelings when you aren’t prepared for the face to face conversation. Surely, when the chat goes on and on, you would find an effective way of conveying non-verbal cues.

There are many reasons why you should consider texting your mate.

#1. Enhances romance

Nobody knows what’s making you mad when your mate is not beside you. But, when you send those three sweet words (I love you) you would actually be putting forth a romantic mood. In fact, you would be showing how much you care.

Just remember that you should be particular with words because the message would be recalled later. If it’s a break between the two of you, then think about something catchy or a sentence like ‘I am sorry. Hope we don’t chat for the last time.’

#2. Expect quick responses

If you’ve not been courageous to speak with your mate, then texting is a better option. You would not only be relaxed but also killing the obsession of something that wasn’t possible.

Moreover, you can expect easy and quick responses. It’s a perfect way to communicate whenever you are waiting for an answer. Avoid using abusive language because you are unaware about what the person is engaged with.

Not just that, being harsh can distract someone when she is busy with a meeting or focusing on completing things in the ‘To do’ list.

#3. Strengthens relationship

In case your mate is not able to contact you due to unavoidable reasons or poor network, then texting helps you stay connected.

Your girlfriend would know that you haven’t forgotten her even when she is having fun throughout the long distance trip.

Whatever it might be, you would be thankful in strengthening the bond and showing deep concern. Everything would seem better when both of you are a distance apart.

#4. Helps to express more

The type of messages totally depends on the gender. Findings reveal that women who texts often always seek for coming closer to their partners.

They come up with apologies, work their way out with problems or bring up issues that need to be dealt at some point of time. While this prevails, there are different reasons for men.

Most of the time, they send instant messages to keep them away from continuing the relationship. When men can’t bear to see pain and depression on a meet-up, texting makes it easier to covey feelings.

Besides, a few words help to mend the relationship just in case men change their minds in future.

#5. Brings in togetherness

When you wish to contact someone who is anonymous, then texting offers the right way. Different phrases, questions, and slang words would help you gauge outlook towards life.

As quick as click, you can immediately figure out perceptions and make out whether she is interested in you.

Remember, when you are the conversation starter you should know how to carry on. You don’t need a cell phone loaded with a messaging platform.

You can very well text after hunting the girl from a social networking site. Texting has no limits even when you are with a workout at the gym.

You can do it anytime and from any nook and corner of the world. Just be sure that you’re powered with the right kind of tools.

Sometime later, when you desire to maintain a relationship, you can always look for different texting modes.

While situations can restrict you, you can think beyond the conventional way. Surely, your friend would be overflowing with joy and surprised when she sees an unusual pop-up.

If you’re falling short of words, then you can select an emoticon. With the trend increasing day by day, expressing emotions through icons would just become simpler.

Apart from the usual satisfaction symbol, you can fill her up with a wink, grin, smile, smug or a kiss within clicks and in a jiffy.

As an alternative, you can consider sending an animated (GIF) image. These are best when you want to express from the bottom of your heart.

If can’t source these, you can pick from a collection featured online. Be pretty sure about what you want to send. The picture shouldn’t look weird or create embarrassing moments.

Moving ahead, you shouldn’t be over-exaggerating yourself. Rather, never leave a thought of delaying a response from the other end.

#6. Tools you could use for a text

When it comes to messaging, the choice is yours. You can strike a difference by opting out from the conventional trend. Everything can be done secretly when you don’t desire to disturb others around you. Here’s a list of tools that would help you in a better way.

#7. Social Networking sites

When you can’t hide your feelings in a busy place, you can always go for social networking sites. Quite frequently, you can view profiles on Facebook and start the chat.

Just the full name would help you trace the girl. As mentioned earlier, you can express the way you want. Send GIF images, emotion icons or simply be concise with text messages.

To add a personal touch, you can also send voice messages stretching for a minute or so. But, if you want to maintain a distance, then a wave would certainly work and make her understand how you wish to proceed. In case you can’t access a computer, then a Facebook messenger would aid you to stay connected.

#8. Instant Messaging Apps

When you have a smartphone within your reach, you can discover a new way through messaging apps. With the internet connectivity, you can set yourself free for chatting with anyone you love.

Sharing posts smartly would boost engagement and show what you’re up to. From a distance, you can also send notifications to impress her on Valentine’s Day, Christmas or on the birthday you never tend to forget.

Ultimately, she would love your style while emotions are aroused virtually. Since some of the apps allow you to send messages without spending a dime, you won’t feel the pinch.

You would definitely enjoy texting when some apps offer unlimited messaging services.

There’s nothing to worry if you don’t want your mate to disturb. At any point of time, you can set the status against your profile picture.

#9. Secret Chat Apps

If privacy is important to you, then you can scope out apps that permit you to message anonymously. It’s pretty much amazing when you mask your identity and are on the verge of being best friends.

With many other applications, you can give full attention. You know that there’s no barrier when both of you are online. Through the interactive and user-friendly interface, you can also get creative with your messages.

When you have left the mobile phone unattended, you can stay alert with flash notifications. This feature is just for you so that you don’t miss anything during the day.

Finally, before winding up, you can always use a live chat software with a different purpose.

Initially, using these might become awkward especially when you are not live for business dealings. But, the pros are much more than cons. Apart from being virtually present, you can go on for hours on end.

You can experience emotions just when you’re on a romantic date. Various modes can probably lead to a long lasting relationship.

Once again, you won’t have to drain your wallet or keep an eye on payments. Do understand that everything happens across the internet connection you have availed.

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