May 3, 2022

Trigger Words To Seduce a Man – 5 Proven Principles That Always Work

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Do you want to learn how to use powerful trigger words to seduce a man, but even before I reveal you the “Man Melting Phrases” you must understand something!

Remember even though men are deeply visual creatures an average looking woman who knows how to use her WORDS is going to have way more success with men than a hot woman with a dead brain.

I mean, as an example, just think about cliff hangers in a TV show.

Every time a good show finishes for the week, something AMAZING happens that leaves you on the edge of your seat and leaves you wanting more.

And those words flash up on the screen: ‘to be continued leaving you aching and wanting and DESPERATE to know what happens next.

All through the power of WORDS.

You can too use powerful trigger words to seduce a man and tap into his realm.

Words work and tantalizing words can add to the seduction level in man

And even though men are more VISUAL than verbal, the words you speak to him can literally create emotional physical sensations in his body and paint palpable pictures in his mind.

Any woman who wants MORE from a man will get incredible value and power from these emotional trigger words.

For instance, if you …

  • Feel like his attraction and interest is waning.
  • Are in a situation where he’s looking at porn or other women
  • Really like him and want him to feel the same.
  • Are about to get dumped.
  • Have already BEEN dumped.
  • Want him to upgrade the relationship status without you having to ask.
  • Feel like the passion has gone.
  • Aren't feeling your best physically and want to rekindle your own self confidence.
  • Want to give his desire a serious kick in the pants.
  • Feel like your relationship is just missing something.
  • Aren't as close as you used to be.
  • Aren't as close as you WANT to be.
  • Still love each other but aren’t in love.

If there is any kind of feeling of familiarity here at all, then these man melting phrases are going to push your attraction, chemistry, and connection with each other into hyper-drive.

This are Emotional Trigger Words that are going to change YOUR life, just like they already have for hundreds of other women.​

So before we get started, real quick, a few other IMPORTANT THINGS:

I can tell you right now that communicating with a man in this way will not only unleash his locked-away desires and feelings.

But also that most men honestly wish and hope and dream of a woman who can open up their hearts and minds in this way.

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EVERY man (even the players, even the commitment phobes) secretly dream of a woman who can take off the muzzle and unleash the power and passion and desire deep inside his heart.

Use these man melting phrases, get results, and your man will THANK you.

I personally promise.​

Along with trigger words we will also cover the Foundational Concepts That Are Super Important To Understand Before You Start Using These ‘Mind Control’ Phrases With Your Man.

#1. Important Foundational Concept Number One: Use Cliffhangers

If you watch TV, then you’ve already experienced the power of cliffhangers for yourself.

Simply put, a cliffhanger principle uses the concept of always leaving you wanting MORE. It’s a juicy, suspenseful twist in the plot usually followed by the words ‘to be continued’.


When you use the cliffhanger principle, you automatically stop yourself from giving too much away or allowing a man to get ‘bored’ with you.


#2. Important Foundational Concept Number Two: Men Are VISUAL and VISCERAL creatures (they like to see and feel things!)​

Guys are deeply visual creatures.

(That’s why they WATCH porn instead of READING erotic stories.)

They’re also deeply VISCERAL creatures. (That means they engage more deeply with the physical world than the purely intellectual world.

So what you want to do is focus on using your words to create a visual and visceral effect in his mind - to PAINT PICTURES AND CREATE FEELINGS IN HIS MIND.

Did you know that, simply by using words, you can literally create a physical effect inside his body?

Trigger actual feelings inside his mind?

Make him FEEL things physically without ever touching him at all? Believe me it will spice things up.

It’s true And it’s surprisingly easy to do, once you know how

Check out this example:

Let’s say you were talking to a guy about a theme park you recently attended.

Now, you could say something like this:

‘Yeah, so I went on the roller coaster. It was really exciting. I had a blast. It was scary, though.

Mehh … this is pretty bland. You’re conveying information, sure, but without any of the visceral PUNCH that creates that impact of emotion and feeling inside his body.

Why not use your words to actually make him FEEL something?

You could say something like this instead:

‘So as we were queuing for the roller coaster, all I could feel was my heart starting to pound in my chest and my breath coming short there was this electricity in the air, everyone was giggling nervously, and I actually felt a little sick to my stomach imagine that feeling in the pit of your belly where it just feels like a knot of snakes are wriggling and writhing around, that’s how I felt.

Then, as we got on, my palms were WET with sweat and I could feel this huge goofy smile spreading over my face as I imagined what was coming next.

And as the cart started moving, my stomach just JOLTED and my heart beat out of my chest and all I could feel was my skin tingling and my heart racing …’ etc, etc.

Can you see the difference? How one of those stories just conveys information blandly, while the other one takes you on a journey and makes you FEEL something?

You don’t have to get as detailed as that, but it’s good to describe things in a VISCERAL sense when you’re talking to a guy; just focus on describing the feelings that are happening in your body and you’ll be golden

Bonus points: in the example above, I used the Golden Power Word.

This word is GUARANTEED to get any guy’s attention and instantly create a powerful visceral and visual effect in his mind, heart, and body.

Can you guess what it was?


Give up?


It’s imagine

Any time you say the word ‘imagine’, you practically force the person you’re talking to really get emotionally involved with what you’re saying and come on the journey WITH you.

(Want proof? Just try not to IMAGINE thinking about a giant purple gorilla right now! Hehe

So: to grab his attention and take him on that all-important journey WITH you, just focus on describing feelings in your body - and every so often, throw in the word ‘imagine’

#3. Important Foundational Concept Number Three: Men Are SIMPLE and They Communicate SIMPLY.

Most men are MUCH simpler than women emotionally and are a LOT more blunt and to the point when they communicate.

So what that means is, some of these phrases might push the envelope a little for you. They might feel a little ‘uncomfortable’ or not ‘subtle’ enough.

And that’s okay. In fact, that’s perfect!

Listen, if staying in your comfort zone was going to work for you, then it would have done so already. So it’s time to get a little UN-comfortable. (Nothing you can’t handle though, trust me. And the results are worth it.

Guys don’t communicate like women. They don’t have the natural facility for verbal complexity.

I mean, you’ll almost never see a guy sitting around, analyzing a conversation for emotional nuances or reverse-engineering an email like you see women doing all the time.

Because guys are SIMPLE.

They COMMUNICATE simply.

Most of the time, with a guy, what you see is what you get and you need to understand what he want.

So, if you expect your guy to talk to you like you would to another woman – or if you try to talk to HIM with the same level of complexity you would one of your friends - then things are probably going to explode in a big mushroom cloud of confusion and pain and anxiety and unmet expectations.


And you don’t want that, do you?

So: don’t expect him to talk to you like he’s a woman And don’t expect to be able to talk to HIM like he’s a woman.

Just treat him like what he is – a guy – and keep it simple, and you’ll do great.

#4.Important Foundational Concept Number Four: Giving You Pleasure Gives Him More Pleasure Than ANYTHING ELSE​.

Shhhhhhhh …. here’s a little secret:

Mother Nature designed men with a shockingly powerful ‘design flaw’ that enables you to reach inside his heart and tug on his heart strings any old time you feel like it.

Here it is:

Guys get more pleasure from pleasing YOU than they do from anything they physically experience themselves.

For instance, most guys enjoy sex WAY more if the woman is enjoying herself – much, much more than if they simply had an orgasm themselves.

And when it comes to conversation, the vast majority of men are completely focused, not so much on what HE thinks of YOU but on what YOU think of HIM.

If he senses that he’s giving you pleasure and making you happy, this makes chemicals explode in his brain and his entire body is saturated with a wash of pleasure and this glowing feeling of masculinity which is deeply satisfying and addictive to a man.

Simply put, men are designed to care more about your pleasure and to SEEK IT OUT as his most incredible reward.

Men get UNBELIEVABLE amounts of pride and pleasure and joy and self-esteem out of making a woman feel good.

In fact, guys are really generous this way – nature’s wired them to get most of their pleasure from YOUR pleasure.

So any time you want your man to feel incredibly good about being around you and to want MORE of you, you just have to show him that he’s making YOU feel good and he will automatically love it and want more because that’s how nature created him.

Just a handy little trick.

#5. Important Foundational Concept Number Five: Men Like To Feel Like They’re In Charge. Trust Me On This.

One last thing:

Guys are a lot more dominant than women and typically need to feel like they are the ones moving things forward in the relationship.

So for example, if you want him to upgrade your relationship status, you can definitely ‘help things along’ by ethically manipulating him and triggering certain feelings inside his body but you still want HIM to be the one doing the actual asking.

Because for something to have any value to a man, he needs to feel like he SAW it, he WANTED it, he STRUGGLED for it, and then (finally) he GOT it.

(this is a big part of why I’m not a fan of women proposing to men. It’s just not as good)

So why the heck is this, anyway?

Well, evolutionarily, men are the hunters.

That means men are wired to chase and to derive massive amounts of pleasure and satisfaction from a ‘successful chase’.

Operative word here being CHASE.

I bet you’ve known a man or two who likes to hunt, right?

Think about what that entails: him and a bunch of his buddies go out and stock up on supplies, dehydrated foods, rifles, and those ugly orange fluorescent jackets and gloves they all have to put on

Then, they all pile into a car, drive for nine hours, and hike several hours into a patch of forest full of bugs and snakes and spiders and crawling things, where they “sleep” uncomfortably for a few hours before getting up at the crack of dawn and hiding in a freezing cold deer hide for hours on end.

FINALLY, after many hours of discomfort and boredom, he makes his shot and kills the deer.

OH MY GOD! He did it. He’s so proud of himself.

All of his friends yell in triumph. High fives all round. Much manly chest-bumping and fist-bumping.

Then they all take turns standing over the dead deer and taking photos to record the moment.

After a few celebratory beers, he lugs that deer home and lovingly does whatever guys do to dead animals before eating them (ewwww.)

He hacks up its body and carefully whittles its haunches into steaks and wraps them up and freezes them and thinks about how delicious it’s going to be savoring each succulent bite.

(The back of his mind knows it’ll probably be gristly and dry as hell. But that doesn’t matter. That gristly dry meat is still going to be delicious, because it’s HIS.)

Then he puts up the antlers over the mantelpiece and stares at them every day, thinking of how hard he tried to get that deer, how much effort it took, how hard it was and how FINALLY he was the one to take the one shot that brought it down.

He feels proud.




And NOW imagine what would happen if you went out, bought a deer at a stockyard, shot it yourself, dragged it over to his house for him, and left it on the front doorstep.

Do you think he would be as excited about that deer as the one he found himself?

The one he hunted himself?

The one that he brought down all by himself, thanks to his skill and fearlessness and masculine ability as a hunter?

No freaking way

Because the chase is IMPORTANT to men

In fact, the chase is AT LEAST as important as the actual ‘prize’ itself.

What I’m trying to say here is, I don’t want you feeling ‘guilty’ or ‘manipulative’ by allowing a guy to fulfill his most natural instincts and drives as a ‘hunter.’

You’re not ‘manipulating’ him in the evil sense. You’re giving him a GIFT.

Because he NEEDS that feeling of hunting, of seeking, of trying and striving and eventual TRIUMPH in order to feel like a MAN.

And, um

‘Feeling like a man’ is a BIG deal to men : )

So I just want you to keep in mind that all of what I’m about to teach you is designed to work WITH a man’s natural wiring, to create the most powerful impact as easily and quickly as possible.

So he thinks about you all day with a goofy smile and a glowing pit of desire in his stomach.

So he fantasizes out loud about you so often that his friends accuse him of turning into a love struck teenage girl

So for now, I want you to just remember five things:

1) What guys respond to is the chase, so don’t give everything away all at once and ALWAYS leave him wanting more.

Remember, cliffhangers : )

2) Men are visual and visceral, so when you’re talking to a guy, describe things in terms of how they FEEL in your BODY.

If you want him to fulfill you, desire you, want you and crave you, go with what WORKS (that means painting pictures in his mind.)

3) Men communicate simply. Don’t overanalyze.

4) To give a man the greatest pleasure he’s ever known (and make him crave you like candy), show him that he’s giving YOU pleasure.

5) Men like to feel like they’re in charge. Let him be the one to move the relationship forward.

​I will stop here I hope you enjoyed reading this article on emotional trigger words to seduce a man mentally and physically.

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