May 5, 2022

How to Control a Man and Get Inside His Head in 8 Amazing Steps

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Have you wondered how to control a man? In fact, how would you feel if you could wrap your man around your fingers by appreciating him?

How good you would feel if you could connect with him on an emotional level. Just think about it, believe me, that feeling itself is amazing.

And today you're going to discover how to get inside his mind, addict him to you in a nice way and how to chemically control his mind with your love, understand him and get him to commit to you and only you for life long.

Now, you need to understand that controlling a man's mind is not something evil, it's about loving him and changing him for GOOD and betterment of your long-term relationship.

So let us understand How to Control a man without letting him know.

#1. All men secretly want their woman to be a little bit in charge

Not like a ‘ball buster’.

Not like a ‘hard woman’.

But like someone he can look up to, someone he can respect, someone who’s ‘got his back’.

when things get rough. Someone he respects.

Bottom line? He wants an EQUAL.

And equality doesn’t mean you are each in control equally all the time.
It means sometimes he’s the strong one and sometimes you are.

#2. Equality in a relationship means sometime’s HE’S the strong one and sometimes YOU are.

This method will help you turn the tables on that man.

It will allow you to make all those wonderful things happen, on your own terms and on your own timeline - all without having to beg, pout, ask, sulk, feel resentful, feel ignored, or EVER feel taken for granted.

Here we go.

Create Scarcity to Trigger His Prey Drive.

Any time is losing interest or he is pulling away, you’ve got to pull away too. This is how you cue him to come back again.

There’s a law in physics called the Pauli Law that states ‘two objects cannot simultaneously occupy the same space’.

So what that means is, if YOU are chasing HIM, he cannot simultaneously be chasing YOU.

#3. If YOU are chasing HIM, he cannot simultaneously be chasing YOU.

That’s physics. So, that means it’s up to you: you can either chase him, or be chased BY him. And men are born to chase that's what they want but it's up to you how you....entice him to chase you.

Dog owners know that if your puppy’s attention is wandering, the ONLY way you can get his attention is by calling the puppy’s name one time and then bolting in the opposite direction as fast as you can.

In other words, if you’re just sitting there within easy reach all time, that man’s going to get bored and wander away to sniff someone else’s patch of lawn.

But if you bolt? You trigger his prey-drive and keep the mystery alive.

This isn’t just for the sake of SAYING. This is how MEN work, too.

To reignite a man’s dying interest, you have to trigger his prey-drive to control him and get his focus back on YOU.

#4. If you’re always within easy reach, he gets bored. If you bolt, you trigger his prey drive.

Think about how this works in real life.

Imagine you’re listening to the radio. Your FAVORITE song comes on.

But then, halfway through, the station goes dead and all you get is dead air. Nooo!

You can bet you’d be pissed off and probably develop a weird hankering to listen to the rest of that song RIGHT AWAY.

Then, next time you hear it, you’d enjoy it way more than if this little experience hadn’t happened.

So far so good?

Now imagine your favorite song comes on the radio every time you turn the radio on.

Even just driving to the grocery store, you have to listen to it four times there and twice on the way back.

That song would get boring and ‘old’ pretty soon, huh? Before long, you’d be changing channels trying to find a new station and you’d go off that song so fast you wouldn’t even want to hear it again (even though it used to be your absolute favorite.)

This is just how the brain works with pleasure. If you can get your ‘hit’ of what you want every single time you want it pretty soon, the chemical rush of pleasure and adrenaline dies right down.

So the trick is to keep yourself just a LITTLE bit unpredictable if you truly want to learn the art of controlling a man's mind.

I hope you got the point.

#5. Sometimes, it pays to just do WHAT WORKS instead of what’s ‘fair’.

It’s a cliché, but it’s true:

You can either be ‘right’, or you can get what you want and give him what he wants.

The bottom line is, whatever you appreciate will appreciate.

That means, if you complain (or pull a sour face, or get silent and angry, or withhold sex and affection, or burn his toast at breakfast ‘accidentally’, or otherwise punish him) when he does something you don’t like and fail to lavishly appreciate what he does that you DO like what happens?


He keeps right on doing it. And he probably gets pissy and resentful of you into the bargain.

Because whatever you appreciate (ie spend time noticing) will INCREASE.

That means, if you quit with the complaining and nagging and negative feelings, and instead, just notice whenever he does something you like and REWARD him for it?

That’s when you get the positive changes happening at lightning speed.

#6. Set His Mood With Your Own Energy.

Do you know, when you bond with a dog, the first thing you make sure to do before anything else is to get into the right mood and mindset so I’m projecting the right energy.

The fact is, dogs (and men!) pick up on the energy you’re putting out there and respond to it instantly – often without even realising it consciously.

Famous trainer and behavioral therapist Cesar Milan was the first one to publicize the importance of your energy with an animal.

According to Cesar, any time you feel emotionally weak, frazzled, sad, tired, angry, or excited, a dog will pick up on this as ‘weak’ energy and will try to dominate you.

(It’s not that the dog is bad or evil. It’s that dogs need someone to be the leader, and if you seem ‘weak’ for any reason, the dog will try to fill that space himself, for the good of the pack.)

The dog will act scatty, aggressive, fearful, distracted, or he just plain won’t listen.

Same thing with men. If you try to interact with your man when you’re feeling angry, resentful, pissy, negative, or in that state of mind where you’re prone to emotional outbursts, things will not go well.

So, the point is set his mood before you get into his mind and in a peaceful way and that's the only way to do it. Remember there's no place for aggression as it will ruin things.

#7. When a man gets rewards from his woman for doing what she wants, he becomes EAGER to ple​ase.

In fact, it works so well that this step right here is what one of my email subscriber lovingly dubbed the ‘generous genie’ technique, because she noticed that, when she used it on her aloof, withdrawn man, he suddenly became absolutely DESPERATE to grant her wishes.

From being stubborn, withdrawn, and totally on the defensive, when she used this method, he unbent completely and started eating out of the palm of her hand.

He became eager to reach out, come closer, and basically give her the universe.

Case in point: recently, Troy and Elizabeth were shopping together for refrigerators. Troy wanted the boring, brushed-steel one. (Troy was also the one who was paying.)

Elizabeth wanted the cherry-red, limited-edition refrigerator that cost $100 more. There was only one left, and then the line was discontinued. That’s the one she wanted.

Troy hated bright colors. He didn’t like the red fridge. And hey, it was his dime – who could blame him for getting the color he wanted?

Elizabeth was being her normal sweet, loving self.

‘You should get the color you want, baby,’ she said. ‘You always take such good care of me, you make me so happy, we could have no fridge at all and I’d still be happy to be with you.

It seriously doesn’t matter. Plus, it’s your money, you’re paying, you should choose the color you want.’

So Troy ordered the fridge, they went home, and waited for the delivery.
The next day, Elizabeth came home and found a beautiful, cherry-red refrigerator sitting in the kitchen, and Troy standing next to it with a sheepish smile on his face.

‘I just wanted to see that beautiful smile on her face when she realized I’d done something nice for her,’ he said. ‘I hate that red color, but it was worth it to have her squeal like a little girl and throw her arms around me. Hearing that I’m the best boyfriend in the world?

That’s something that any man will jump through hoops to hear.’

#8. If you want to learn how to control a man than you also need to learn how to "Ignore Whatever You Want Less Of"

This is SUPER simple … but many women find this hard to do, simply because you are so deeply conditioned to talk and talk and talk about what you like, what you don’t like, and everything in between.

The basic technique is this: if you want a man’s behavior to change, simply withdraw your presence either a little or a lot, based on how bad the offense was.

Basically, it means you just go a little bit ‘aloof’. It means you stop reaching out. It means you kind of give him the ‘cold shoulder’ a little bit.

I know this is politically incorrect and reading about this might make you a little bit mad.

But the truth is nagging does nothing but create resentment and anger on BOTH sides.

Asking him for what you want won’t work either.

Because men don’t respond to WORDS.

Because men don’t respond to WORDS. They respond to ACTIONS.
And the most powerful action of all is YOUR ABSENCE – emotional and/or physical.

So the next time he does that thing AGAIN (whatever it is) that really, really bugs you … just withdraw a little bit.

Give him the space to REALIZE what he’s done, and then make amends and fix things FOR you.

Let him share with you an Example to Illustrate my point.

Anna and Laurence were in the sixth week of their relationship, and Laurence’s habit of constantly talking about his ex was starting to get on her nerves.

But Anna was smart. Instead of pouting, whining, sulking, or saying, ‘Can you please not talk to me about your ex?’, she simply took action.

Next time Laurence brought her up – ‘Hey, Helen and I used to have brunch here every Sunday morning! The pancakes are excellent here. Helen used to say the maple syrup was fake, but I checked and it’s not’ – Anna simply withdrew a little bit.

She stopped being her normal smiley self. She stopped responding with enthusiasm to his conversation. She stopped gazing into his eyes lovingly.

She wasn’t mean.

She wasn’t mad.

She wasn’t cold, stony, or abrasive.

She simply … went within a little bit.

And after 3 minutes, Laurence noticed.

‘Hey …’ he said awkwardly, sliding his hand across the table onto hers. ‘I’m sorry. It’s me talking about Helen, isn’t it?’

Anna looked at him and pulled a wry face.

‘Yeah, I’m sorry,’ he said. ‘That’s not very cool of me, is it?’

Anna squinched up her mouth jokingly and kept looking at him.

‘Okay,’ he said, ‘I won’t talk about her any more. I’m sorry.’

And that was that. No nasty build up of tension. No resentment. No curt, cold argument.

Nothing major at all.

He just noticed what he did and took steps to fix it

Because Anna was able to give him the ROOM TO DO SO.

I hope you got my point.

To be honest, I can go on and on writing but that's not the goal. The goal is to help you to have better control on your man's mind, get inside his mind but in a peaceful and playful way.

And i believe these 8 points will certainly help you to do so.

Now, before I stop I would love to recommend you FREE 5 day seduction secret CRASH course that has the power to change your whole life.

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