May 6, 2022

How to Make a Man Feel Appreciated and Loved – Easy Tips For You

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Appreciation is a beautiful word that goes a long way in life when used effectively. The same holds true for your relationship too. When you make a man feel appreciated, he wants to give you the world.

In this article you are going discover how to make a man feel appreciated and loved and that too in simple ways.

When you see what he does and appreciate him for it, he feels like the king of the castle.

And this makes him want to treat you well, pull you close, and give you everything.

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This is one of the BEST ways to easily understand a man, open up and give you more love, more affection, more sex, more ANYTHING … because it works. And most women never have a clue that it does.

So what’s the best way to give real appreciation? The kind of appreciation that puts pep in his step and that draws his love towards you like a magnet?

Well, a little bit of public bragging goes a LOOONG way.

If he fixed something around the house, wait until you’re in front of some people and SAY IT.

‘John fixed the sink last night. I was so relieved! He’s so handy with tools.’
‘Brad makes the BEST grilled cheese sandwiches.’

‘I’m pretty lucky, because Mark always spends so much time with the kids. He’s so good with them.’

I have a friend, Ashwini, whose husband of five years always feels like King Kong, because she builds him up for what he does well.

Now, this couple is BROKE.

Ordinarily, this would be enough to make any guy feel flat-out miserable about himself, because ‘money and career’ is one of the key areas that makes a man feel like a man.

(For the record, the other area is pleasing you in bed.)

So: Ashwini and Raj live literally hand-to-mouth. They have zero savings, and instead of living in their own place, they move around a lot and ‘house sit’ for other people.

But Ashwini is smart. She knows what’s important to his ego (and what will make their relationship a happy one.)

So she takes EXTRA care to build him up about everything.

And if you saw this couple – well, their smiliness and lovey-doveyness and constant touching and hugging and laughing and loving would be enough to make any woman go green with envy.

At first, I just thought, wow, those two are just insanely in love. Lucky them.

But then … I paid a little more attention.

And I noticed that she always has something incredibly sweet to say (often in public) about anything he genuinely does well (i.e. no ‘false compliments’!)

For instance, recently they went on trip at Manali a beautiful place in India.

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They couldn’t afford a hotel (or even a motel), so they just trusted to luck and crashed on the couches of people they met while they were there.

This kind of financial insecurity would be enough to make most women pretty freaked out – and probably ruin the vacation.

(Not all of us want to sleep in the dunes or crash some total stranger’s house when we’re trying to relax for two weeks!)

But Ashwini always found something great to say about Raj's capabilities that built him up and kept him eager and emotionally connected to give her more, do more, be more because he was hooked on the way she had of making him feel like a king.

The best way to motivate a man to give MORE is to build him up. When you make him feel like a king, he wants to give you the world. But most women make the mistake of NOT appreciating and loving their man enough.

If you truly feel that you are not getting enough from him, and you feel it is incredibly hard to make yourselves find things to be thankful for, to appreciate out loud, to build him up about.

Then you must read this BUTTERFLY EFFECT EXPERIMENT. This will help to understand how to make a man feel appreciated and loved.

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Men are funny creatures.

We kind of wait for you like we wait for a “signal” - like a green “go light”…

So we can get into action!

So we can be a hero.

And nothing makes a good man more motivated that supporting and growing the joy in the woman he loves.

If you aren’t radiating your joyful light – he will not be motivated to get into action and be your hero in supporting it.

We are literally “turned on” - like a light bulb – by the power of your feminine joy.

It wakes us up to the joy of life – and gives us a beacon to follow.

Radiance and Joy Are Your Best Aphrodisiac

The problem is that too many people go out to try to “find” love.

The crucial skill here is to CREATE love.

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And you do that by generating joy and radiance in your own life.

Because radiance “radiates” outward – and magnetizes healthy, high esteem men.

There are so many ways to “wake up” to the joy of simply being alive.

There are so many ways we can do this…

Forgiving someone or making amends. Pursuing your dream art or skill or project – even a little a time each day. Waking up your body’s joy by starting a dance class or yoga or throwing out your old clothes and getting a great makeover. Surrounding yourself with friends or children or animals that you love…

These are not just “good ideas.”

Joy is
what turns men on.

Here’s a quote from Adam that I absolutely love:

Let me share some lines by inspirational dating coach Adam Gilad, CEO of the Daily Dater, sums this up so perfectly.


To a man, radiance and joy are the most powerful turn-on EVER.

In fact, here’s a tip: radiance and joy are the most powerful turn-on EVER.

Your very own feminine joy and passion.

And guess what’s the most ‘contagious’ emotion that inspires him to step up, slay dragons for you, support you, and FIGHT for whatever makes you happy.

He falls in love with the EMOTIONS HE FEELS in his own heart when you’re nearby.

He falls in love with how he sees HIMSELF when he’s around you.

It’s simply that men base their own self worth on the type of woman they have in their life.

Note: this is NOT a call to start giving too much of yourself, stressing about his state of mind, or mothering him!

In other words …if you can make him feel appreciated and loved, he will consistently feel good about HIMSELF when he’s with you, he will fall in love with you, because men fall in love with how they feel about THEMSELVES when they’re with you.

He falls in love with how he feels about HIMSELF when he’s with you.

If you can make a man FEEL GOOD about himself when he’s around you, he will fall in love and STAY in love … as long as those good feelings last.

See, he doesn’t fall in love with ‘you’.

This is a true emotional blind spot for a man.

No​te: A Man Falls In Love Based On How He Sees Himself In
Your Company.

Believe me if you seriously wish to learn how to appreciate a man then, you must apply the Butterfly Effect in your to spice things up in your relationship.

Doesn’t have to be huge. It’s the butterfly effect and it works like crazy.
So just remember, one tiny change from you creates MASSIVE changes later on.

You’re so strong.’ ‘You fixed my sink! I love a handy man.’ ‘This coffee is amazing.’ ‘You have the cutest dimples.’ ‘You’re so good with my dog.’ ‘You work so hard.’ ‘My friends all think you’re cute.’

‘You drive so well!’ ‘Thank you so much for moving the couch for me.

If he won’t do anything spontaneously to please you, ask him to do something for you (guys like doing favors) and then comment on THAT.

Treat it like a scientist and ‘experiment’. See what happens.
Wait until he does something you like, and then comment on it.

So: be the bigger guy. Make the first move.

You make one tiny change, your partner has no choice but to change too. It’s the butterfly effect.

You make one change; your partner has no choice but to change too.

And when you act more appreciative to a man? It makes him want to give you MORE.

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And believe me the butterfly effect is enough for you to ACT more appreciative towards him, even just for one evening, one hour, one moment.

A butterfly flaps its wings in Tokyo, the weather in New York is different. This is a real thing. And it exists in your relationship, too.

In case you don’t know, the butterfly effect comes from chaos theory, and states that a small change in just one TINY thing can create massive differences later on.

It’s the butterfly effect.

Noticing just one of these five things, and really feeling grateful for it emotionally (not just intellectually or mentally) really can make him want to give you EVERYTHING and chase you for life time.

Is it his smile? Does he have a sexy voice? Do your friends like him? What do YOU like about him?

And yes, make them specific.

Right now, I want you to take a pen and paper (or a word document and your fingertips) and write down five things that you are specifically grateful for in your partner.

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