May 5, 2022

Why Do Girls Like Bad Boys -11 Strong Claims Prove It Read Them Here

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Wondering Why girls like bad boys. Then you should check out this post.

The definition of good boy from a girl’s perspective is "he is nice but definitely not hot" and for a bad boy is “she would say he is jerk, but she wouldn’t resist herself giving a sexy glance from the corner of her eyes”

The bad boy even though all the girls hate him still there is inner desire in them to find some love and peace in his arms.

Why do girls like bad boys why the charm of a bad boy image is so desirable that even when the girls know someday he would betray and force them to live in the darkness still pursue him?

Even though she know this fact somewhere in her heart, still get attracted to fall in love with him.

Do you know why? It's because most girls around the world want to have some sort of experience with bad boys.

Such is the popularity in spite of girls knowing very well that the relationship with a bad boy would not last long.

What is that crave that pushes good girls to chase bad boys. Let’s find out in the post below why do girls like bad boys.

11 reasons why do girls like bad boys

#1. Bad Boys are instinctive and Real

The difference between good boys and bad boys is that they are too nice. On the other hand bad boys are instinctive and they keep it real.

Good boys always try to be nice with girls and they don’t feel the urge to disturb the nicely arranged flowers.

Whereas bad boys walk through the fine line and show the girls their real image in mirror when required. They keep things clear that they are not here to please or pamper you.

#2. Bad boys are Exciting

Bad boys are definitely exciting and adventurous that is the reason most girls are pulled by their gravity.

They are so eccentric in their personality that some girls simply cannot resist it.

No doubt all their behavior and actions are out of the book of rule, still they hold some kind of unrevealed mystery that catches all the girl’s attention.

They have aura of self confidence, excitement and are always full of energy.

The thrill of being with someone wild who can add little spice and drama is one of the most important factor why some girls like bad boys.

#3. Bad boys are wild when it comes to sex

Every girl wants to have a great sex life, by the word great I want to say is that there is not huge but little difference between great sex and wild sex.

A good boy would never initiate for a wild sex, he would always be afraid to try adventurous things, even if he would be willing to build the courage for wild sex.

He would hesitate and think twice before initiating which keeps the girl desperate and wanting for more.

Research says that 80 percent of girls at some point in life love to have wild sex.

They also know that their wild desire can be fulfilled by wild and eccentric bad boy. Bad boys are very good in spanking, biting, building sexual tension through hot and steamy foreplay.

In general they are master of everything in the book of kamasutra.

They possess inbuilt characteristics of how to be wild in a bedroom which is the reason why do girls like bad boys as they crave to experience that thrill of sexual tension while getting dominated by a bad boy in bed.

Bad boys love wild sex

#4. Bad boys are a challenge

It’s in the genes of girls that they are known to make a man perfect from having bad image to a good image.

Some girls take bad guys as challenge to make them perfect.

They feel deep in their heart if they could change his bad attitude and save him with her love and affection. He would never leave her and love her for the rest of the life.

Most girls also fall for them because they know that it’s the bad boy who can protect them from the negative world.

#5. Once they decided they get what they want.

When it comes wanting something, they are fucking awesome booming with confidence and very well know what they want and how to get it...such is level of confidence they possess.

They are always straight to the point no if's and but's. Unlike good guys they aren’t shy to tell girls what they want and that's the reason good girls also like them.

The belief they have within themselves is so high that they naturally assume that every good girl likes them even without significant proof.

Without a single thought in their mind they’ll go for it and will just fucking do it, if they got refused in the process, it doesn't matter to them either, they just move on to other tasks as if nothing care free and naturally born to win and this is why good girls also like bad boys.

#6. They have their own style and fashion script.

Being a man myself this is one trait about the bad boy image I admire the most. No matter what happens they have their own set of style and fashion script and they stick it. 

No matter what the world around them thing or feel around it.

They choose their clothing as per their taste and not b someone else's recommendation which makes even more alluring and attractive compared to other guys.

Just like their fashion traits they also possess a strong body language to compliment it.

#7. The opposite always attracts

We all know that negative and positive attract each other.

Same holds true for good girls and bad boys too.

There is no doubt for a good girl to survive in a relationship with bad boy is really tough.

Both possess different characteristics one is wild and eccentric and other is sensible and soft.

Though both are different still a good girl finds hell lot of reasons to chase him. It’s because they are too sexy to resist.

Have you ever seen a bad boy who wasn’t hot?

They know very well what the girl wants to hear from him, and have natural perfection in pressing the right button to ignite the tempo in a good girl.

#8. Bad boys are like a magnet

Why do girls like bad boys?

The most significant factor that pushes girls to chase bad boys is the ability to create natural magnetic attraction to make a girl irresistible.

They don’t care about what she would think, they are spontaneous and clear in their thoughts and decisions.

They are very skilled in their spell casting words and visual communication to make a girl feel awesome.

This natural traits of magnetic appeal and self-confidence is special characteristic which is very unique in them which is the reason why do girls like bad boys as they find it really impossible to ignore and resist the magnetic appeal bad boys possess.

The opposite always attracts

#9. Bad boys keeps their integrity at first place

Bad boys knows very well how to treat a girl with mystery to keep her guessing.

Many times nice boys change their behavior after they see a pretty girl. It’s not the same with bad boys, they would never alter their values, belief or integrity for any cute girl next door.

That is there greatest strength and quality which separates them good boys. 

Beauty don’t matter to them they live with their own set of rules which is common for all girls they meet.

They love to treat all girls equally and keep them under check all the time.

#10. Bad boys keeps her guessing all the time

Imagine being in a relationship with bad boy and you are having hot and interesting conversation on phone.

The moment you find the conversation is getting spiced up and you start to enjoy it. He would disconnect the call saying he has got some important work to do and he would talk later.

At this point of time, being a girl you are speechless and totally lost out of words.

It’s because he wants to keep you guessing and thinking to keep the thrill alive and push you wanting for more and more.

On the other hand the nice guy would never hang up the call in that situation and that’s the reason why do girls like bad boys because they are really unpredictable.

#11. Bad boys possess Elements of Mystery

Bad boys has some kind of elements of mystery and danger involved in their characteristics which is the reason why do girls like bad boys.

They have the ability to build strong and emotional connection with girls, without themselves getting emotionally involved.

Lesser the emotions more the girl gets dragged towards them and most important part is it all happens naturally and the girl don’t even understand.

By the time she realizes she is madly and deeply in love with them. All this traits of bad boys proves that being bad is more valuable and rewarding than being good.

My conclusion on this topic is that no girl can live happily with a bad boy.

Still being a good girl if you really want to be with a bad boy. You need to change him from top to bottom to make him settle down with you forever.

What I want to say you is girl’s keep the adventure and thrill involved with the bad boy aside and understand that you don’t need a good boy.

You need to change the bad boy into a good boy. You need to change that rigid, asshole, untamed, spontaneous and put a gentle man’s collar on his shirt.

It would make you proud and feel good that you made it possible that was impossible. So girls if you are ready to take this challenge than get ready to chase him. But hold on, think twice before you go ahead.

I hope you found the post why do girls like bad boys useful. If you really liked it please share and comment and do not forget to watch this amazing video below.

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