May 5, 2022

What Attracts a Woman to a Man (Do’s And Don’t Men Do Not Know)

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So what attracts a woman to a man or what attractive male characteristics women find most admiring?

Dude, even before I reveal secret behind what traits attract a woman to a man emotionally and physically.....I want to warn you... So listen close.

Let’s be honest, guys. The pickup-artist stuff is for kids and this article on what attracts a woman to a man is for serious dudes who wants to create that long lasting attraction and love in a woman's heart and mind.

This guide is not for guys who want to learn how to trick women into bed, how to fool a woman into thinking she likes you, or how to get the dumb ones to believe all your lies.

If that’s what you want, LEAVE NOW.

That’s not what we’re about here (and the material you’re about to learn won’t work for those sorts of goals anyway.

This stuff works for the smart, sexy, high value women only.) And attract a high value women requires some serious conversational skills and confidence.

So by continuing to read now, you’re agreeing to leave all that little-kid stuff behind in the gutter and COMMIT to BECOMING the kind of guy who amazing women are just naturally attracted to.

Moving on.

The thing about women is – and most guys DO NOT get this – is what they find attractive is actually pretty straightforward.

(Truth: most women are amazed that guys find them so complicated.)

First up, here’s what you dont need to worry about any more …In other words, we will learn first about the DON'T'S

Heres what you DONT NEED TO HAVE for her to WANT YOU:



Rippling abs

Giant biceps

A cool car (or even any car, period)

A long string of previous hot girlfriends/hookups

A sweet job

A hot apartment

Blah, blah, blah.

Here’s the thing: this might sound insane to you right now, but in all honesty, women dont CARE about any of that.

And that’s GOOD NEWS.

That’s not to say that looks don’t matter at all.

Women are attracted to man with their looks and physical traits.

They do appreciate good looks in a guy, and if you’ve got the jawline of Bradley Cooper or the torso of Ryan Gosling, that’s going to help your cause a lot.

But believe me you don’t NEED any of that stuff to attract a gorgeous women FIGHTING to be part of your world.

Because women are (duh) different from guys.

Guys go crazy for looks, because looks in a woman is what makes men feel attraction. 

But what makes WOMEN feel attraction has nothing to DO with all that stuff.

And while she’d probably rather you looked OK and at least made some sort of an effort with your appearance (grooming is one of the key signals of a high-value, charismatic guy, and we’ll go into how you can use that to your advantage in detail) …

… just like she’d probably rather you had more assets than debt, and a well adjusted family instead of a crazy evil one …

… the truth is that NONE of that actually MATTERS when shes feeling ATTRACTION for you.

If a woman wants you – because youve triggered the instinctive, primal attraction FEELINGS deep inside her gut – she can’t argue with it. She won’t WANT to argue with it.

She won’t even care what her friends say.

I’ve seen tall, gorgeous models hooking up with (even moving in with) tiny little balding pudgy guys literally three times their age, and loving it.

all because those guys knew how to MAKE her FEEL ATTRACTION.

Trust me. That’s the only thing that matters.....

For now, all you need to know is that if you’re short, skinny, fat, bearded, balding, poor, jobless, or living out of your car, that’s not a problem unless you MAKE IT a problem. 

Because you can still make her feel attraction anyway. (And trust me: she WANTS you to make her feel it.)

What she does care about is that you can make her FEEL INSTANT ATTRACTION  

… and you’re about to learn exactly how to do that…

… which means you get to leave your story behind to learn what attracts a woman to a man instantly and what attractive male characteristics you need to possess.

That’s the one where you tell yourself all about “why” you “can’t” get the really awesome, super-hot, super-high-quality chicks to actually be with you.

Yup, that one.

Sorry, it’s all bullshit. Chuck it in the trash, NOW.

In fact, if you’re thinking that story to yourself as you read this, I need you to forcibly rip it out of your cranial cavity, boost it in the trash, SET FIRE TO THE TRASH CAN, and only then come back and keep reading.

So now you know the basics of what women are NOT attracted to.

How about what they are attracted to? 

Well, in my experience and the experience of thousands upon thousands of my female clients and online followers on especially Pinterest, there are certain specific things that cause a woman to experience instinctive, gut-level attraction that she cant argue with:

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Confidence is one of those thing what attracts a woman to a man.

This is a big deal to most women.

And no, it’s not about being “sexually confident” or “cocky/funny” or any of that stuff.

It’s just any kind of confidence, in any kind of situation (although obviously social confidence will get you the most payback, since more women will see it and want it.)

Look at it this way:

You know when you go to a bar, and you see 2 types of people?

There’s the louder, more active, more expressive “fun guys” in the middle …

… the ones waving their arms around, looking each other in the eye, opening their mouths really wide when they laugh, and using big loud voices and big loud facial expressions …

… and then there are all the people round the outskirts.

The ones talking in quiet voices, staring at the floor a lot, making very little eye contact, checking their phones a lot …

… and generally showing LESS energy, and looking kinda SHY AND BORING.

Which of these two groups do you think women are more attracted to?


The guys in the middle.

The guys who are having a great time, communicating openly and loudly with each other, laughing uproariously, the guys who seem really loud and confident and like they dont give a shit about anything else except having FUN.

Those are the guys who, when they walk into a bar, WOMEN WILL START TO EMULATE.

They’ll start talking louder themselves, touching each other more, looking at each other more, and generally putting it way out there that they’re ready to be approached.

This is how confidence works and this is what what attracts a woman to a man instantly at first sight 

It makes her want you on this primal level where she doesn’t even realize it yet – she just knows she wants you to come talk to her.  

There are all sorts of reasons why women dig confident guys.

I don’t have time to go into them right now. (Plus, all that psychology 101 stuff is boring as hell.)

But what you DO need to know is, women like confident men who look them in the eye, express emotions strongly and clearly using their facial expressions, and who dont get all distant and weird and caught up wondering whether she “likes you”.

If you can be really present with a woman when you’re talking to her, and not breaking off to wonder whether you’re too boring, or worrying about work, or wondering if you look stupid …

… if you can actually be there with her and PROVE IT with big facial expressions and lots of focused eye contact …

She will start to respond to you INSTINCTIVELY.

(She might not rip off her panties and throw them at you, but she will start to think of you as a sexually intriguing “potential”.

And as you’re about to see, you can do a lot with that.)

Heres what confidence IS NOT when it comes to attracting a woman.

  • Checking your phone all the time to mask your anxiety. (Hint:
  • she can see right through that little technique.)
  • Going all distant and quiet and stuck wondering if she likes you and how you’re coming across.
  • Looking at the floor, over her shoulder, or anywhere else except openly and strongly into her face for at least fifty percent of the time you guys are talking. 
  • Having a really quiet, expressionless voice.
  • Having a really blank, expressionless face.

Women arent attracted to shy, because ‘shy’ means SHE has to carry the conversation.

And while polite girls will do that to be nice, they won’t be FEELING the ATTRACTION.

It’s much better to be loud and confident -even if you sometimes say dumb stuff - than it is to be quiet and blank and expressionless.

Heres a cheat sheet to being confident and attractive to a woman that you can use ANYWHERE:

As long as you can look a woman strongly in the eye and use your face to show emotion when you’re talking to her, she will perceive you as a confident man.

Remember, showing emotions openly and powerfully is the CORE of being confident.

And women like guys who show what they’re feeling on their face.

So: use your eyebrows more.

Open your eyes wider when she says something “shocking” or funny.

Grin WIDELY. Look alive, man! PROVE to her that you’re there with her, you’re listening, and you’re REACTING.

Because if you go blank, shell notice it.

There is no quicker way to make a woman start to feel uncomfortable, uneasy, and “off”. Ugh.

On the other hand, using big facial expressions and reacting to her visibly actually makes her feel safer with you (because she can tell what you’re thinking).

It creates a “current” of emotion in all your interactions with women, and you’ll look strong, confident, and POWERFUL.

(And other women will see this happening and want a piece of it for themselves, which the one you’re talking to will then notice and use to increase how high value she thinks you are.

Women are perceptive, and she will notice other women even glancing at you with that interested “hmmmm” look on their faces.) 

All that will create a sense of ease and relaxation in her, she will feel like youve got this so she doesn’t have to, and she will start to relax around you and FEEL the beginnings of interest … which paves the way for attraction.

Ok, what else do women like and what other attractive male traits she wants to see in you?

The sense of being in control: a man with a plan.

Okay, so nobody likes to be bossed around by some bossy guy with control issues.

(Except in certain bedroom situations, when that can actually be a lot of fun for most women. .)

So for the record (and I can’t believe I actually have to say this out loud), I’m NOT saying you should be creepy, aggressive, or domineering.

But, most women will respond STRONGLY if you seem like the kind of guy who always knows what he wants to do next.

Women hate it when guys leave all the details up to them.

She doesn’t want to tell you what time to pick her up, what to do on the date, or whether you should kiss her goodnight.

She wants you to ALREADY KNOW what you want to do, and then for you to DO IT. Without pussyfooting around.

By all means, gather information about her to make a smart choice.

Figure out what food she likes, whether she hates the outdoors, whether she’s allergic to pizza.

But, DON’T start pussyfooting around and leaving details and decisions up to HER.

Here are some ways you can seem like a man who’s IN CONTROL and also the man most women will be attracted to.

Act like a leader. If you’re in a social situation and you want to go check out the other bar or the band playing in the next room, don’t say stuff like,

‘Hey guys, why don’t we go and check out the other band?’

Questions are lame. Just SAY what YOU WANT to do … and then go DO IT. Example:

“I’m going to go check out the band.” Then, get up and do it.

Don’t hang around awkwardly to see if anyone’s going to join you. Just go.

Stay visibly in control of your own mental state. Guys who get mad easily, who kick and scream, or who sulk about stuff are demonstrably NOT in control and NOT strong men.

Women like guys who are dominant and in control … which means being in control of your own emotions.

Don’t freak out about stuff, don’t throw sulks, and don’t get needy and weird.

Be financially in control. Don’t talk about how much debt you’re in.

Don’t go on about credit cards or student loans. If money is an issue for you, make a plan to pay off debt, stick to it, and figure out ways to balance your budget in the meantime.

Just don’t TALK ABOUT IT all the time (or, in fact, ever. Later on, when you’re all lovey-dovey, you can start to open up. But not yet.)

Remember, you dont need money to get amazing women falling all over you.

It’s the freaking out, whining, and hiding from debt that turns women off. 

Be physically in control. Fidgeting, nail biting, and leg twitching are all signs that you arent in control and not confident at all. 

Move like a dude who’s dominant, even over himself: slow, strong, MANLY movements. She will notice.

1. Youre passionate about something (ANYTHING.)

Partying doesn’t count as a passion.

Meeting girls doesn’t count as a passion.

But women LOVE guys who care about something strongly, and who expend energy getting GOOD at it.

That something can be pretty much anything (other than doing beer bongs and plotting new ways to get hot women to like you.)

But you get bonus points if it’s something physical and/or something that other people will admire you for.

I’ve got one client who’s really, really good at yoga.

Most guys would immediately think, WTF? How can you be GOOD at yoga? But he makes it work.

He trains hard, he competes in the national competitions, and it’s a physical sport that people – especially women – respect and admire.

Plus, he can show it off at parties, which means he gets extra status and all her girlfriends will see him and go, “Oooooh!”

(Women love being able to show off in front of their friends, and having a high-status guy – a guy who’s GOOD AT SOMETHING – makes her seem high-status.) Bingo.

2. Become High Value                                                                                    

High-value (“alpha”) doesn’t have to mean what most guys think it means.

You don’t need to lord it over other guys, pump up huge muscles, or arm wrestle anyone who looks at you sideways.

All you really need to be ‘alpha’ is your own little sphere, somewhere in your life, where you are SUCCESSFUL.

This can be your job, or it can be something else, a hobby you do on the side. Whatever.

Incidentally, money has NOTHING to do with being alpha and successful.

As long as you get recognition and respect from others, and you’re GOOD at whatever it is, that boosts your social value to massive standing and women recognize and love that.

Again … partying and beer bongs don’t count for this.

3. You just need to be awesome at little things that matter to a woman and these little things what attracts a woman to a man.

Doing little things that I mentioned above in the right manner is the driving force behind her attraction for you.

And it will get you inside her head and have her wondering about you, thinking about what you’re up to, and WANTING YOU every night long after she was meant to be asleep.

To be honest there is a lot to cover, but I cannot cover every thing in one single post. 

But what I share here is precious than gold use this information properly and she how confident you will become and how women will start to notice you.

I will stop here. But before that I want you to watch this amazing video presentation if you seriously want to Unlock Her Legs For You.

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