May 6, 2022

10 Crucial Dating Tips For Men To Remember Post-COVID

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Last year the COVID-19 virus forced the halt of most of the world’s social lives. Venues were closed indefinitely, events and trips were canceled, and social distancing requirements were implemented.

The isolation from society has left people weary of returning to “normal” and unsure of how to proceed with their lives now that restrictions are being lifted.

The dating scene has undergone a massive shift post-COVID. With it being necessary to shift to online and virtual dating, it was harder to make connections.

Now, many women are still hesitant to simply switch back to in-person dating like nothing happened.

As a man, it’s important for you to keep these dating tips in mind to help her feel comfortable and safe and get you a better chance at another date.

Here are 10 important dating tips for men.

1. Start Online.

One of the most important things to make a date successful is to keep her comfortable.

Just because you’re allowed to meet in person doesn’t mean she’s ready, especially if you met online in the first place.

Offering to have your first date virtually shows that you respect her boundaries, and that you are willing to put her safety first.

This will lead her to think of you as a protector and increase her attraction to you. 

You can have dinner together via Zoom, and if she’s willing to give you her address you can order her dinner to be delivered to her with a delivery app like GrubHub or DoorDash.

If she doesn’t want to give you her address, offer to pay her for the dinner via CashApp or Venmo. That way you can still provide for the date.

2.Take It Slow

Women do not like to feel rushed into things when it comes to dating. Letting her know that you care about what women need will go a long way.

Going along with the first tip, you’ll want to respect her boundaries. Set the expectations early so you know where her limits are.

For example, she might want to have two or three virtual dates before meeting in person.

Remember, you want her to feel as comfortable as possible and you’ll have to put your own interests aside for the time being and show her that you care.

Letting her set the pace helps her feel in control of the situation and she is more likely to open up to you in that case. At the end of the night, don’t go in for a kiss unless she does first.

Stay flirty and give her a hug at most. This way she will be on her way home thinking about almost kissing you, and you’ll be able to build some anticipation for the next date.

3. Be Honest

When you’re interested in a woman and hope to have more than one date, it’s important to build trust. COVID-19 guidelines brought out a lot of debate in people as to what they believe is right.

Being honest about these kinds of things is one thing that people seem to be keeping a priority even after restrictions are being lifted.

You may be willing to see other people while you get to know her, but she may be more interested in exclusivity to keep her potential exposure limited.

Talking about these kinds of things upfront can potentially save you both from heartache.

For example, if you don’t see eye-to-eye on mask wearing and social distancing, you may not be a good fit for each other.

4. Be A Good Listener.

When it comes to the actual date, conversation is arguably the most important part.

While she will of course want to hear about you and get to know you, don’t hog the conversation.

Try to avoid talking too much about work, it tends to dry out the energy unless your work is particularly sexy. Keep the mood flirty and light.

Talk enough about yourself to let her know you, but be careful to not overshare. Women want to feel like you’re truly listening, not just waiting for your turn to speak.

Ask her to elaborate, make eye contact with her (but not too intensely), and participate. When it is your turn to speak, relate to what she is talking about.

Tell a short story that relates to the topic. Maybe share something slightly embarrassing that happened to you so she knows you know how to laugh at yourself.

5. Go In With Confidence

You might not want to admit it, but if it’s been over a year since your last date like it has been for many people, you may not be the most confident in stepping back out there.

After spending so much time inside, self-care routines began to slip. Gyms being closed for so long also hurt fitness routines. You may be experiencing some anxiety over your appearance that can lead to other problems.

Performance anxiety can be extremely common when you don’t feel confident in your appearance.

Luckily, there are options for getting ED treatment online that can help alleviate some of that concern, and you’ll know that won’t be an issue when the time comes.

You can also boost your confidence by cleaning up your look.

Get some fresh new clothes, go back to the barber and get a fresh haircut, or get your teeth whitened. Take some time to get yourself back on track before you put yourself out there.

6. Be Flexible

Keep in mind that right now most people are somewhat anxious about returning to “normal.”

She may be undecided about how far she is willing to go and just how fast she is willing to get there. If she changes her mind and wants to cancel, be a gentleman about it.

See if you can find out why and try to alleviate her concerns. Show her that you are willing to try to make it work. She will feel heard and she will know that you’re willing to prioritize her feelings.

Maybe you can suggest a different venue, or to move the date online so she can be in her comfort zone.

If you’re in the middle of the date and you feel like things are a bit stale, don’t be afraid to be spontaneous and offer to take her somewhere else.

It helps to have a plan B for cases like these and you can whisk her away to a completely new date. Be assertive but not overly forceful and she will be excited and intrigued

7. Choose The Right Venue

While we’re talking about suggesting a different venue, let's go over what to look for in a date venue.

If she’s on board with meeting in person, the right venue can make or break the date.

Go too casual and you’re basically asking to get stuck in the dreaded friend-zone. If you go too romantic it might seem like you’re trying to move too fast.

Movies are a hard no for the first few dates because it eliminates the opportunity to talk. Be wary of places like bars that are too noisy for you to talk to each other.

Start thinking outside the box rather than just going to dinner. Sometimes, forced conversation over dinner can put too much pressure on you both and leaves both of you unfulfilled. Plus she’s probably been on enough boring dinner dates.

The best venues are unique and memorable, like setting up a special picnic in the park or doing something adventurous together. If you both enjoy nature, spend the day outside (which is great as far as COVID safety) and go on a hike.

Go to a local thrift store and challenge each other to pick out the craziest outfit. Carnivals may seem a bit cliche, but they can be a lot of fun if you embrace the cheesiness and make her laugh a lot.

8. Have Good Manners

There seems to be an ongoing debate about whether or not chivalry is dead.

No matter what you believe or how traditional your values are, having good manners is always attractive.

Women are used to analyzing how men act already, but the pandemic has definitely heightened those concerns after realizing that their own health and safety can depend on the actions of other people as well. Your best bet is to stick to the basics. Turn your phone OFF.

If you look at it during your date you’re telling her that you’re bored. Offer to pay, but don’t be pushy if she wants to pay or you could turn her off. Also, make sure she gets home safely.

Walk her to her car or open the door for her cab. It will show her that you are a gentleman and reinforce that sense of protection you want her to feel around you.

9. Maintain Some Mystery

If you have ever felt like you’ve rushed into a relationship, you know how quickly those sparks fizzle out. In the spirit of taking things slower, don’t share every detail of your life with her right away.

Keep some tricks up your sleeve to keep her guessing and she will stay interested longer. This is especially important if she seems to want to move quicker.

For example, at the end of the night she may be hinting that she wants to go home with you. Don’t give in so quickly, and play some hard-to-get. Be careful to not let her think you aren’t interested, you just want her to think that you aren’t so easily available.

10. Follow Up

Finally, make sure you follow up with her afterwards. This is a fine line between maintaining mystery and being honest.

The key is to not play games with her in the long run. If the date went well, tell her you want to see her again before you part ways and try to set up a second date at that moment.

Text her a day or two later to tell her you’re thinking about what a great time you had and that you’re looking forward to next time.

This will let her know that you’re thinking about her and she won’t be waiting or wondering about your feelings. If she rejects you after the first date, don’t panic.

Take it like a gentleman, and still follow up with her a day or two afterwards to thank her for a good evening.

She will appreciate your politeness and there won’t be any hard feelings. It’s never a good thing to burn bridges, and maybe she’ll know someone she can set you up with.

Approaching a date after the COVID-19 pandemic is a bit different than it used to be. 

The most important thing to remember is that social anxiety is heightened for everyone, and she is likely just as nervous as you are, if not more.

With so much uncertainty over the last year, providing a sense of security will go a long way.

Sweep her off her feet with your charm, your manners, and your initiative, and the likelihood of a second date will be much higher.

No matter what happens, put her needs and concerns first. Treat her with dignity and respect, and act like a gentleman, and the rest will fall into place.

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