May 5, 2022

How to Kiss a Girl – Your 11 Step Guide to Deep Erotic Kissing

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Before you learn how to kiss a girl? First, you need to know why do we kiss?

Kissing or kinky kissing or erotic kissing whatever you say, the truth is kissing is an extremely important part of the human sexual experience.

It’s oftentimes the first sexual contact you have with a potential partner. If it goes well, there will likely be more kissing, more sexual activity, and maybe even love and a relationship.

If it goes badly, many times the interaction might end there or soon after.

And that is why for a guy it is significant to learn how to kiss a girl and at the the same how to get a girl to kiss you.

But this still doesn’t answer the question why do we kiss each other.

There are a few theories. When you look at sexual relations in the animal world, humans are some of the only animals that engaging in kissing behavior in the way that we do.

Chimpanzees and bonobos kiss, but studying their behaviors have shown that while they do kiss in a similar way to humans, they still don’t have the intensity and frequency in their kissing habits that we have.

There are several theories out there about why we kiss, and believe it or not, there are scientists who dedicate their careers to studying this particular phenomenon.

There is some debate on whether or not kissing is a learned activity or an instinctual one.

Ninety percent of humans kiss and that 10% provides some support for the theory that the behavior is learned.

The most commonly known and accepted theory on why we kiss is because it feels good, plain and simple.

We humans react positively to feel-good activities, and if it’s not hurting anyone, why not do it more?

Another theory, backed by a recent Oxford University study, says that kissing is the way we choose a partner.

In the book The Science of Kissing, the author tells us that “women are seduced and attracted to the scent of men who have a very different genetic code for their immune system in a region of DNA known as the major his to compatibility complex.”

In plain English, when our faces are close together we can pick up on phermones that give us information about whether or not this would be a good potential mate, biologically speaking. 

If the answer is yes and we find that our mate has a good genetic potential, it increases our sexual attraction to them.

This study also showed evidence that compatible kissing is linked to happy long-term relationships

Bottom line? Kissing is important. Even after you have established a strong attraction with your partner, kissing is important for communicating affection and attachment.

Enough data - now lets find out how to kiss a girl (real juicy kinky kissing stuff)

#1. The Mouth, The Best Erogenous Zone?

There are many different erogenous zones in the human body.

The mouth may one of the most important ones.

Not only is it, in itself, a key erogenous zone, but it is also one of the most popular body parts used to stimulate all the other erogenous zones.

Knowing how to use your mouth, tongue, and lips to please your partner is key to becoming a sexual genius.

The mouth and tongue are full of nerve endings which make the area particularly sensitive to stimulation.

On top of that, the hormone oxytocin is one of the chemicals produced during kissing, the same hormone that is released after an orgasm or when a mother gives birth or breast feeds.

It’s often called the “love hormone” because it promotes loving feelings and connection.

The three different types of romantic kissing that a person usually experiences are:

1. Lust - unbridled, raw sexual attraction for your partner

2. Romantic love - the thrilling, giddy, butterflies in your stomach feelings you have when you’re with a new love

3. Attachment - security, affection, and comfort found with trusted long-term partner.

Each of these different kinds of kisses will activate different kinds of brain chemistry.

Generally speaking, the one that we’re most interested in when it comes to erotic kissing is lust.

Testosterone is the hormone triggered in the body when both men and women begin to feel lust.

The other types of kissing are just as important because they will help your relationship solidify and grow.

When you’re in a long-term committed relationship, you probably won’t have just one kind of kissing.

Each interaction will likely combine bonding, attachment, romance, and good old lust.

When it comes to this guide, we’re interested in maximizing the amount of lust that your partner is experiencing, while not forgetting that those other types of kisses are just as important.

You must wondering when will I talk about the main topic how to kiss a girl and get her to kiss you.. . Just hold on Dude, this is really an interesting guide trust me just keep reading.

#2. Kissing is Good For Your Health

Your partner thinks it’s extremely important in your relationship, it feels amazing, you’re working a sexy erogenous zone… as if you needed another reason to love kissing, well, it’s also good for your health.

Here are just some of the many ways it makes you and your lover healthier:

Because kissing makes your body release oxytocin (that love hormone), it is also has a calming effect on the body and can be a great de-stresser.

A serious and deep make out session will work out all the muscles in your face (there are about 30 muscles activated in kissing), and that could keep you looking younger longer.

You burn a small amount of calories when passionately kissing.

Kissing stimulates brain activity. There is a huge section of the brain that receives sensation messages from the lips.

Remember how we mentioned they are full of nerve endings?

The brain receives more information about sensations in those little lips than it receives from your entire torso.

Kissing activates your brain!

In fact it stimulates 5 out of your 12 cranial nerves.

Swapping saliva helps to fight plaque in the mouth.

Sharing your germs actually boosts your immune system.

Dopamine and norepinephrine are released during romantic love kissing.

Being sexual in general is great for your health.

You probably don’t need a lot of convincing to be more sexual with your partner, but sex and sensuality are things that activate many areas of our brain, body, and psyche.

It’s good for your overall well-being.

So here it is how to kiss a girl finally the secret revealed.

We’re going to be discussing importance of erotic kissing.

Mouth kissing techniques: The body parts most important in this activity for you are obviously the lips, mouth and tongue, but that doesn’t mean that rest of your body can take it easy.

Erotic kissing should be a full body, complete sensory experience that also taps into her emotional and psychological being.

Remember, women consider kissing extremely important in a relationship, so you want to be able to really blow her mind.

One tricky thing with any type of sexual technique is that not everyone likes the same thing.

One important piece of advice that applies to all of my articles is to communicate with your partner about what she wants and likes.

There are many kinds of communication. One is listening. Listen for her verbal and physical clues.

You should be able to tell by the sounds she makes and the way her body moves if she is enjoying something.

Another is observation. People generally kiss in the way that they want to be kissed.

Pay attention to the clues that she is sending you by observing how she kisses you. Let her take the lead and see what you learn.

And finally you should ask. There is nothing wrong with checking in with your partner and asking her if she likes something.

She will love you for it because what you’re doing is focusing on her pleasure and trying to improve her sexual experience.

Let's begin and learn how to kiss a girl (erotic kiss)

#3. Keep your lips soft while kissing your women.

Having the perfect balance between soft kissable lips and a firm and confident pout is essential to a good kiss.

It’s kind of like a handshake, you don’t want to be a limp fish, but you also don’t want to break the other person’s hand.

#4. Get to know the buccal nerve

The edges (or border) of the mouth make up what is called the buccal nerve, an extremely sensitive area of the mouth. 

Try running your finger lightly around the border/edges of your lips.

You can probably feel a little tingle, even when you do it to yourself, so imagine how great it will feel when you use your tongue on her buccal nerve. 

You can stimulate this area in two different ways.

When you’re just getting started you can slowly run your finger over the area like you just did to yourself.

This will not only feel great, but it will also give the impression that you’re overwhelmed with how delicious and tempting her lips look.

The other technique that you can use a lot more is to run your tongue over the area.

Remember that a lot of pressure is not necessary here.

The area is ultra-sensitive and if you over stimulate an ultra-sensitive area, you’re not going to get the kind of response you want, you’re probably going to make the area numb to sensation.

Don’t overdo it with this one.

Kiss as you normally would, once in a while pulling back to gently trace the top or bottom edge of her lip with your tongue.

This gentle licking action will make her tingle in all the right places and will subconsciously get her thinking about other places you could try out your oral techniques.

#5. Sloppy, wet kisses.

Men generally like sloppy, wet kisses because saliva has traces of testosterone in it, but that doesn’t mean that women do.

In fact, most women prefer a less wet kiss.

Again, there aren’t any hard and fast rules, your best bet is to ask your partner what she likes and follow suit.

#6. Give her a nibble

There is nothing wrong with using your teeth a bit when it comes to kissing, but knowing the right amount of pressure and amount is key.

While you’re kissing her, very gently take her bottom or top lip (not both at the same time) between your teeth and slowly pull back to allow her lips to slowing slide through your teeth.

#7. Sucking

Using a technique very similar to the nibbling technique above, you can lightly suck and pull on her lips with your own mouth and slowly release them, returning to kissing.

#8. Use your hands.

When you’re kissing her your hands should never be inactive.

Don’t let them rest alongside your body or leave them stuck resting lamely on her hips or shoulders.

Using your hands will heighten the kissing experience and bring it to a whole new level.

Women love to have their face, hair and head touched while kissing.

When starting out you can lightly stroke her face and hair with your hands.

This feels really intimate and will accelerate her getting into the mood.

Once things get going it feels amazing when you hold her face and draw her closer to you while kissing her deeply.

You can also stroke her neck, which has a lot of sensitive areas.

Feel free to let your hands explore her body the more intimate and passionate your kissing becomes.

Wrap your arms around her and bring her body in closer to you.

Push your hips slightly into hers.

This will send her a message that you are extremely seduced and turned on by her and you just can’t keep your hands to yourself.

That, in turn, will get her really excited, when she feels how much you want her.

#9. French kissing

There are many different ways to use your tongue when it comes to kissing.

Start by running your tongue along her lips.

You can also gently suck on her tongue, moving it in and out of your mouth sensually.

This will get her thinking about what other things you might be suckling later on.

When you slip your tongue into her mouth, make sure you’re not putting it in so far that she’s choking on it.

Kissing should be sensual not feel like an assault on her mouth.

Another fun french kissing technique is swirling your tongue around hers like you’re cleaning up an ice cream cone.

Engaging in french kissing while having sex and/or while your climaxing will send you both over the edge.

This type of full body connection and sensations are a huge turn on for both of you.

#10. Change it up

Although this section is solely devoted to mouth kissing, that doesn’t mean that you have to approach erotic kissing and licking in a particular order.

I will cover kissing erogenous zones and oral sex kissing techniques in some other guide, but it’s important to remember to change things up when you’re making out.

Switch to a hot and highly sensitive erogenous zone, like the neck or ears, while you’re kissing her on the mouth and then come back to kissing her deeply.

The key to a good make out session is variety.

If you do the same old thing over and over, it ceases to be hot and sexy and becomes boring and expected.

Know when to take control and when to let her take the reins.

Both can be extremely sexy.

By letting her take control you are showing her she has the power to direct your sexual experience.

For a lot of women this is a huge turn on

Remember that allowing her to take control doesn’t mean that you sit there passively, it means allowing her to demonstrate what she wants and then actively following her lead.

Other times it might be more appropriate for you to take control of the situation.

She will be turned on by your confidence and assertiveness.

It’s important to feel out the waters and be able to tell when she wants you to take over, or if she wants to be the one to take the reins.

When in doubt, pay attention to her body language and the signals she is sending.

The things that go without saying - But we’re going to say them anyway. Scent and taste are extremely important to a good kiss.

Make sure you’re clean all over your body and that you have brushed your teeth.

Sometimes we’re not able to sense our own bad breath, but this is a huge turn off, no matter how well you kiss.

#11. Extra-bonus activity on how to kiss a girl - Blindfold make out.

Whether you’re into using props, like blindfolds, in the bedroom or not, this can bring a regular make out session to a whole new level.

This is especially useful for women who might have trouble staying in the moment, getting turned on, or orgasming.

You will be taking away one of the most important senses and therefore her other senses, especially the sense of touch, will become even more sensitive.

She will never know what you’re going to do next so each kiss, caress and lick will excite her even more than when she’s anticipating it.

Well, I'll stop here. If you loved reading this lengthy guide on how to kiss a girl you'll also love this powerful video presentation. It's not about kissing but it can certainly change your sex life and relationship with the woman of your dreams.

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