May 5, 2022

How to Flirt With a Girl (10 Tips to Unlock Her Legs)

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I bet you’ve heard this advice: Girls want what they can’t have” “You got play hard to get” And the advice is true When you do it RIGHT. In this guide today, you'll learn exactly how to flirt with a girl like a pro.

Well to be honest whether you are a man or woman one thing is certain that the art of the relationship is pretty complex nowadays.

In fact, it has always been. Probably, one of the hardest parts is the beginning of it, getting to know your date and showing yourself in the best light.

And unfortunately, not all men know, how to flirt with a girl like a pro.

One of the most important thing to be noted when it comes to attract a woman and getting her addicted to you that women always notice how you carry yourself, rather than your looks of the number of zeros on your monthly check.

This is something that any person who wants to create a dating website would tell you.

The biggest trick of flirting is to grab the attention of a lady and let her think about you well.

Moreover, let her think about you even when you are not around.

Flirting is to shift a formal conversation to informal and even more intimate one, but flirting with a girl like a pro means you can do it in the most careful and natural way so neither your words or gestures look vulgar or annoying.

So if you are wondering about how to become a flirt guru, this list of 10 tips is for you.

#1. Make Eye Contact

Imagine that you are in a bar and you see a girl you like, what is your move?

Your have to make eye contact with her.

This is the first step that you have to make – to find out whether she is interested in getting to know you.

Making eye contact is the easiest thing to find that out. If she responds you with looking back – you are on the right track.

Just do not stare at her for too long. That will only make you look like a creep.

Also, do not forget to smile, make it look sincere.! It is impossible to flirt with the annoyed face.

#2. Learn How To Listen

Women love when they are being listened to.

This is probably the easiest way to win her heart, by simply listening to what she has to say.

Just do not make it look too forced, try to engage into conversation as well, ask follow up questions.

It would be a great idea to refer to things that she already mentioned before, this way you will show her that you paid attention to what she shared with you.

Also, make some remarks about yourself, it would be weird if she was the only one whom the conversation was about.

#3. Do Not Force It

Making the right approach might seem too stressful after all those romantic movies that you have seen.

It is not going to be in slow motion in real life.

However, do not let that stop you from coming up to her and starting a conversation.

You know, it goes different with every relationship, with every person. Don’t expect one scheme to work with every lady you ask for a date.

And, by the way, do not try to look cool, just be yourself and be confident, women like that.

#4. Do Not Lose Interest

You have to show her that you are interested in getting to know her even more.

Pro Tip on How to flirt with a girl - Do not look away at your phone or your watch. It will embarrass her.

She might think that you got bored with her and probably are not thinking on how to escape her company.

Get engaged in the conversation, be relaxed and confident.

This is not only about being a good listener, you have to be interesting enough so that she wants to listen to you as well.

#5. Reach Out

Getting in touch (literally) is a great way to flirt with a girl, however it might be tricky.

You definitely do not want to seem inappropriate, so try to find something that would lead to physical contact.

For example, you could compliment her ring or interesting nail polish and touch her hand

Another great way is to touch her elbow while crossing the street. These small things matter, trust us.

#6. Be Respectful When It Comes to Flirting With a Girl.

It is extremely important that you treat her with respect all the time.

Do not forget that you two have just met and she does not know you.

Therefore, some jokes might make her feel confused, save those up for later if you two will get along after your first date.

Just be a gentleman and treat her like a lady.

#7. Do Not Forget To Have Fun

Remember, that flirting should be fun and playful, you are not on a battlefield, where one wrong move might make you lose it all.

The more relaxed and confident you feel, the easier it will be for you to get alone with her.

Do not make a purpose for yourself like getting her number or taking her out on a second date.

The more you focus on that, the bigger is the chance that you will fail.

#8. Be Careful On Topics of Discussion

The best way to keep the conversation is to follow the flow.

The worst you can do is to start questioning her according to your prepared list of questions, better tell her about the last movie you’ve watched or about a music concert you want to attend.

If there is an awkward pause, simple admit out loud that you don’t like awkward pauses “so maybe let’s talk about…” and suggest any topic she might like.

#9. Do Not Be Scared To End It

Sometimes, it happens that when you approach a girl and start talking to her, you realize that you two are not getting along.

Things like that happen and there is no shame in thinking about stopping flirting.

Just do it politely, it is not her fault that you do not like her.

Tell her that it was nice meeting her and that you have to go meet a friend.

Most likely she will understand a hint and appreciate your politeness.

#10. Do That More Often

Basically, the more often you flirt with girls, the easier it will be for you to overcome your fears of approaching them in the first place.

Flirting with a woman does not mean that you will necessarily have to make some serious steps.

The least thing that can happen to you is the broadening of your social circle.

Just imagine how many amazing people you might meet! Finally, you can actually meet your significant other.

Conclusion on How to Flirt With a Girl

Flirting with a girl is quite a complicated process.

However, that does not mean that you cannot enjoy it!

The most important thing is to be yourself and respect her feelings, any woman would love that.

Do not stress yourself out with the thought that it might not happen the way that you imagine. After all, things rarely turn out to be that way. Just be flexible.

Meet her and start talking, as simple as that. All that already might be the first step to something greater and bigger. Just give it a chance to happen.

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