May 4, 2022

How to Make a Woman Want You – 8 Sneaky Ways to FLOOD Her Mind

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Do you always keep wondering how to make a woman want you or what tricks to apply to make the girl of your dreams want you or even sleep with you?

It’s a dream of many guys to learn the secrets of how to make a woman want them. But very few master this art of being amazingly irresistible to a woman.

An example to start with – Just to heat things up. It has not much to do with this article.

Suppose you’re outside staring at the mountains and suddenly you look down and you see her ass – round, shapely; it’s the thing that really turns you on about her in this moment.

And as you look at her ass, the words come out of your mouth: “Your ass is turning me on so much right now.

I just want to bend you over, lift up that tight, hot skirt of yours, pull down your panties, and spread you open wide. Right in this moment your ass is irresistible to me.”

So what’s going on here? This statement underscores the fact that all women need to feel irresistible that you are just simply overwhelmed by her.

What I’m about to teach you is what I call how to make her want you or how to seduce a woman mentally.

The Sexual Singularity consists of cultivating and creating her irresistibility.

And when you cultivate that in yourself, of course, you cultivate that in her. Women want to feel desired.

Feeling desired feels delicious. This is what men think when they look at a woman, one that you’re into and you know those feelings are reciprocated, and your desirous gaze reflects that everything in your body has come alive.

That you’re imagining her being with you sexually and all the possibilities you can share, and you actively cultivate appreciation of all the things that you love about her that manifests itself as “irresistibility.”

And her irresistibility is irresistible for you. In addition, her knowing she’s irresistible to you makes you irresistible to her. That is the Sexual Singularity.

So let’s go over the steps, and then we’ll talk about how to cultivate those in your life to get her addicted to you and make her want you desperately.

#1 But first why is this important to you?

It’s important to you because if you understand what makes a woman want you and you understand how to arouse her and fan the flames of her desire for you.

And her feeling that she is irresistible to you, it’s going to create a very deliciously wonderful sexual environment of pleasure.

And that’s what we’re interested in here.

So the first thing to understand is that a woman’s not going to feel like having you inside of her vagina until all of the erectile tissue in her body is puffed up and alive and filled with blood.

And this is the same for you; I mean if your cock isn’t hard and filled with blood, you know, it can be awkward.

Remember your turn on is very obvious, her turn on, because a lot of it is happening inside her, is not so obvious.

So in essence you have to understand sex drive in women because female sexuality really starts inside her mind, but it also starts outside in.

In the same way that your cock needs some kind of stimulation, maybe it’s visual stimulation, maybe it’s mental stimulation, maybe it’s actual manual stimulation, so does her pussy.

And one of the things that starts that fire, that ignites the fire of the Sexual Singularity is this feeling that she’s irresistible.

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#2 So how do you begin to cultivate irresistibility to make a want you and sleep with you?

The first thing is to understand that there are many components to how this works.

There’s a physical component, there’s an emotional component, there’s a mental component.

And those three components comprise the Sexual Singularity. So, I want to make sure that I’m stimulating each of those components.

I want to make sure I’m stimulating her physically, stimulating her emotionally, and stimulating her mentally.

#3 Why is this article so important?

It’s because as you’ve already learned and you will continue to understand, language is your way in to her mind and into her emotions.

Language of dirty words is the sexuality hack to get her in the mood for sex.

And understanding the power of language is like having a superpower: Speaking your sexual desire to her and stimulating her mind with details and specifics is exceedingly intoxicating and powerful.

So we’re looking to awaken her with physical, emotional, and mental stimulation in order to make her want you.

#4 So what’s the physical?

The physical is the sequence that turns her on. Everybody has a sequence. You have a sequence. What is that sequence?

It is all the things that make you want to have sex. It’s what I call the Erotic Activation Sequence.

If you think about it in terms of her and what’s happening, the best way to access this is to have a discussion with her. You can say,

“Hey when was the last time you were really, really turned on? Let’s go back and think about what happened.

What was happening that those heightened sensations were created?” Because there was a sequence of events.

Many of them were probably in her unconscious mind.

And the beautiful thing about making a woman want you is if you understand how much of her turn on happens in her unconscious mind.

And if you understand that language is the key, you can actually start planting those seeds to trigger her turn on immediately, right now, today. And that is exciting.

Those seeds have to do with making her feel like she’s irresistible and surrounding her with your safe and nonjudgmental nature as well.

So, not only does she want to feel irresistible, but she wants to feel that when she comes out of her cage that you’ve got her.

That, you know, you won’t be looking at her and saying terrible things.

Now this is what’s so interesting. This is real life I’m sharing with you, this is reality.

I was just speaking to a woman the other day and one of the things she said to me was that, as much as she wants to open up, her experience has been that when she does, guys freak out.

#5 Now why do guys freak out?

They freak out because they’re insecure and they’re stuck in the fucking Madonna Whore Complex. Right?

So you have to destroy that complex. You have to blow that up. You have to realize it is completely made up.

And every time you put her in that box, you are getting less and less access to sex.

The first thing you can do when it comes to making a woman want to sleep with you is you need let a woman know I have zero desire to put her in any of those boxes.

Make her feel free. No pressure at all. Freedom is the best way to making a way to woman’s heart and making her want you.

I literally blow up any thought she has about the Madonna Whore Complex.

That’s what I use to do. I do that simply by explaining that I don’t want anything and I don’t need anything. If I do want anything, what I want is for her to feel free.

I want her to be in her sexual power, not controlled, not contained in any way, just free.

Next I want to let her know the things that really specifically turn me on about her. That is key if you’re cultivating your relationship.

You can just have a cute phrase or a sentence. You really have to seek and find and cultivate and call out the things that you love and appreciate about her.

Where it turns into irresistibility is when you activate the sequence of those things – those that turn you on and those that turn her on.

That sequence of dirty talking leads to the inevitability of irresistibility. That’s why it’s so important when it comes to making a woman want you and crave you.


Point #7.

So right now, I want you to write down 3 specific things that turn you on about your partner. Remember this details will make her want you. I will tell you how just continue with me.

I’ll give you a minute. Write down 3 specific things. Specific. Think details, lots and lots of detail. What turns you on?

What specifically turns you on about her? Now I’m kind of a brain geek so if her mind doesn’t turn me on, her other attributes actually aren’t going to be enough for me to be like, “Wow you are irresistible.”

So I’m looking for, in my partners, things about their brains that turn me on. What is it about her mind?

What is it about her, could be other things, like her work ethic, her grit, maybe the way she moves or dances, the things about her where you look at her and you say, “That is fucking hot, and I love that about you specifically.”

So you know, continue to cultivate. Also, think about physical things:

Maybe it’s the shape of her pussy, maybe it’s her ass, or her feet, or her lips, her eyes, the color of her hair, the way her jawline connects to her neck, her hands, her wrists.

I mean we could go on and on and on, but you want to find those details that lead to the inevitability of her irresistibility.

This is key to making her crave you. So pick 3 things, write them down, note the specifics. If you need to pause reading, just pause and pick it up when you’re ready. I’m going to move on now.

So now, I’ve got my 3 things.

The outcome is a beautiful result: 1 + 1 + 1 = She’s ready to be your sex slave.

Point #8.

And point #8 is to communicate these 3 things to her, plus how that activates her irresistibility.

For example, take the sequence that I opened with: I’m looking at the mountains. I’m appreciating her. I’m appreciating the moment. I’m appreciating her hair. I’m appreciating the way she’s dressing.

And then I come down to this appreciation of her ass. And I communicate this to her.

And then when I say, “And what I’d love to do right now . . .” I let her know what I really want to do.

I would continue with “. . . is bend you over, pull up your skirt, pull down your panties, and have you spread your ass and your pussy for me.

And I want to grab my cock in my hand and I want to feel you. I want to just feel you and look at you and be turned on by you.

And then I want to fuck you. Raw and animalistically. Right here. Right in the middle of everything.”

So what’s beautiful about this is I can have this, literally have this conversation, anywhere.

And if you think about many of the techniques in this article, some of which you will learn and some that you have already learned, these great techniques apply these principles.

So the idea is be communicative. Communicate the specifics so that they lead to her irresistibly. It’s inevitable. And that feels really good. And that’s makes her want you.

This is where, when you’re actively expressing the things you appreciate about her, that you begin to cultivate depth in the relationship.

Any yahoo can say a bunch of lines that don’t have any meaning or connection to her, but when you can find those things, cultivate those things, and pull them out, you are activating her sexual hormones.

It’s a powerful technique. It activates a deep primal power inside her. It activates the language and emotional aspects of her brain, and it takes care of the physical, emotional, and mental stimulation.

When you have those 3 things happening, then you are activating her sexual sequence, and that activation activates her urethral sponge.

In fact, it activates all the erectile tissue in her pussy and in her body: her nipples, the tip of her nose, her lips; this is all erectile tissue. And it can feel really, really, really good.

Also I may increase my reassurance of her safety by adding to the language by performing some cupping, where I put my hand under her ass or I reach around behind her, and you know this can feel really good, too.

So not only am I saying words that create irresistibility, but I’m creating some physical closeness.

One of my favorite things is to come around from behind and put firm pressure on her breasts and gently squeeze them with the entire palm of my hand.

Remember, do not be grabby – grabby is bad for the most part.) So, it’s like I’m trying to palm a basketball.

My hands are spread out and I’m just adding some pressure and I’m breathing with her, but there’s this sense of holding her breasts firmly while I’m whispering the things that I’m appreciating about her and the things that make her specifically irresistible to me.

That is what you need to do to make a woman want you.

Enjoy. Have fun. Play around and share your experiences and ideas. And I will see you in the next article.

Before that I want you to Watch this video below.

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