May 3, 2022

How To Make Penis Thicker And Longer – Your Complete Solution

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how to make penis thicker and longer

Dude, Are you wondering how to make penis thicker and longer? If yes, do not worry this is going to be your go to guide to make your penis larger, thicker and longer.

I know you're a little insecure about the size of your "man muscle", and your ability to give a woman mind-blowing orgasms in the sack, you're not alone when it comes to penis enlargement issues. 

Trying to make your penis bigger is an insecurity faced by millions of sexually active dudes all over the world.

The reality is that most men are packing an average-sized penis length that's maybe acceptable to their partners - but a huge part of enjoying great sex is mental, and if your penis length is too small in YOUR mind, it will affect your sexual stamina and performance in the sack.

It won't matter to you that your partner is okay with the size of your penis, because if you think it's too small, then there's going to be a part of you that doubts her sincerity when she says it's fine, and again - that's going to lead to performance issues. 

In the end, it's not only about learning how to make penis thicker and longer. But it's also about how good you are in bed even when you do not have a bigger penis.

If you're reading this report on methods for penis enlargement, then odds are that you've tried other solutions you've found online, and been disappointed by them.

I totally get that, because in doing our research while building the LEGENDARY ENLARGEMENT FORMULA, we went out and purchased and tested a lot of products to learn how to make penis thicker and longer.

The sad truth truth is - method for penis enlargement SUCK. We'll get into the specific reasons why that's the case later in this report, but for now, just know that we understand that frustration.

That's one of the things that prompted us to put LEGENDARY ENLARGEMENT FORMULA in the first place!

This short, free report on how to make penis thicker and longer is packed with no-nonsense secrets about your real "best friend" that you'll thank me later.

It's amazing when you think about it- the average sexually active male thinks about sex thirty times (or more) in a day, but most men actually know surprisingly little about making their penis, longer and thicker in girth.


How To Make Penis Thicker And Longer - This Report Will Show You Exactly How To . . .

Before we get started though, let's get one thing out in the open right up front. This report on how to increase penis size and length is created BY a man, FOR men.

It contains language here and there that some people might find offensive.

If that's you...if you're uncomfortable with the use of certain terms ("pussy", "cock" and the like), then you should know right up front that you'll find them in this report.

If that bothers you, your best option is simply close this bigger penis blueprint report and not read it.

On the other hand, if you're cool with that (and I suspect that most of the people reading these words will be), then let's get down to business and find out EXACTLY how to make your penis thicker and longer.

Most Method For Penis Enlargement Are Waste And Never Work.

If making your penis larger is a topic you've been researching for any length of time, then you may have seen various ads scattered across the internet talking about "one weird trick" to make your penis larger, or some such NONSENSE.

Don't Bother.

In most cases, the ads don't tell you exactly HOW they pose to add size to your dick. They wind up trying to sell pumps, gels, creams, or in some cases even penis enlargement INJECTIONS that are supposed to put your cock on steroids.

(Man, I cringe just thinking about a needle going anywhere near my junk!)

Let's take these one at a time and dispel some myths on how to make penis thicker and longer. 

First of all, there are topical creams that will increase blood flow and circulation around the area you put the cream on.

Icy Hot is one example of this, though, as you can imagine, it's probably NOT a great idea to slather Icy Hot on your cock. I can promise that you won't like the results.

Now, it's true that blood flow is critical to getting and maintaining a good, rock-solid erection, but the amount of increase you'll see from the application of a topical cream or gel is miniscule.

You'll wind up paying top dollar for almost no impact.

Even worse, if you DO see a noticeable increase in your penis length (which is very rare), the effects of this penis enlargement method will only last for as long as you keep applying the overpriced cream, and maybe an hour or so after.

In other words, you're not really solving the problem. You're getting a temporary boost in your penis length, but you're also getting on a treadmill- having to shell money out month after month, if you want to keep enjoying the benefits of having a large penis.

The Penis Enlargement TRAP.

The Big Pharmaceutical companies do the same thing when they sell desperate dudes pills like Viagra or Cialis.

See, in those cases, they're not really SOLVING a problem, all they're doing is treating a symptom, and once you're on that treadmill, it can be very hard to get off of it.

You get hooked on the "temporary penis enlargement fix", and that's exactly what they want.

As long as they can keep collecting money from you, that's a win for them! You're like their own personal piggy bank.

It's the exact same thing as those charlatans selling their "miracle penis enlargement creams" and gels.

Don't be a sucker, okay?

Don't fall for those scams that promise you to get a large penis, and don't let anyone turn you into their own personal piggy bank.

Penis Pumps Another Scam That Promises To Make Your Penis Bigger.

Other programs you'll find online are all about the "penis pump". Now, these pumps ARE based on a kernel of truth.

Doctors really do sometimes recommend that their patients use a penis pump to increase penis size and make your penis larger.

But here's the catch: unless you're in a VERY small subcategory of patients whose doctors recommend this treatment, it's probably not going to do much good for you.

Sure, just like with the creams, there will be a brief window of time shortly after you use the pump that your penis will look and feel bigger, and then it will go away.

That's because your penis is swollen, and the swelling fades in time. It's got nothing to do with ACTUALLY making your penis bigger.

No worries though- I'll show you the right way to do it! The LEGENDARY ENLARGEMENT FORMULA walks you through absolutely everything you need to know to safely and naturally increase both your penis length and it's girth, without investing in any expensive penis enlargement creams or pumps.

Try for

Click here and try Legendary Enlargement For Yourself.

Oh, and before we move on to the next secret on increasing your penis size, let’s talk about those injections for a second, just to say this if ANYONE suggests that you inject anything into your cock…run in the other direction!

Not only will it be ineffective in terms of making your penis bigger or thicker, even if it DID work, just like with the other things we’ve talked about, the effects will be short-lived.

But that’s not even the main reason not to use this penis enlargement methods – you don’t want to do it because it FREAKING HURTS!

Why would you ever want to do this? Anybody who tells you it is necessary is flat-out lying to you, and they’re probably more than a little bit sadistic.

It’s just not something we’d ever recommend for increasing your penis size, and you won’t find any mention of it as a strategy in the tested and proven LEGENDARY ENLARGEMENT SYSTEM.

Single-Point Solutions Tend To Be Ineffective in Making Your Penis Thicker And Longer.

This is a big one, and it’s one of the major reasons that so many of the so-called penis enlargement products available for sale are a total waste of your time and money.

They’re basically one trick ponies when it comes to making your penis larger and thicker.

They hype up their “method” or their “secret” in their online ads, and then, after they take your money, they try to sell you something else.

"Use this penis size increasing cream. Inject your cock with this expensive thing we’ll sell you. Buy this expensive penis enlargement pump".

Something close to 90% of the solutions out there are one dimensional. They’ve got one trick up their sleeve, and that’s it. There are a couple of problems with that approach, though.

First, let’s face it, when it comes to increasing your penis length, it isn’t a one size fits all world. Every person is different, and because that’s true, some kinds of penis enlargement methods and solutions and certain approaches will just work better for some than they will work for others.

Take Penis Enlargement supplements for example.

Certain penis increasing supplements can be an effective way to help bulk up your penis, but because your metabolism is different than mine, certain penis enlargement supplements are going to work better for me than they will work for you.

There will be other supplements that work better for you than they do for me, and some supplements only address part of the issue. There are things you can take to give you a firmer erection.

There are other things you can take to naturally increase your testosterone levels. Still other will help improve your blood flow, but if blood flow isn’t the real root of your problem, that’s not really going to help you – see what I mean?

That’s why one dimensional solutions usually aren’t worth the money, 

because the one thing they’re recommending may or may not have much of an impact for you.

What you need then, is a multi-faceted penis enlargement solution. One that attacks the ENTIRE problem from top to bottom, and across multiple vectors.

Even better, the ideal penis enlargement program will offer a wide variety of different possibilities within each of those vectors, to give you maximum flexibility and choice.

Think about a weight lifter.

If you go the gym, and the only kind of lifting you do are biceps curls, you’re going to increase your muscle mass right?

Sure you will, but the problem is- the only part of your body that’s going to see the benefit are your arms. What about your legs? What about your chest? What about your abs?

In the world of weight lifting, those things matter too, and if someone tried to sell you a program “guaranteed to increase your muscle mass” and all they told you to do was to get a gym membership and do a bunch of curls, you’d feel cheated!

Your penis is the same way. The process of safely and naturally increasing your penis length and penis girth isn’t just about exercise.

It isn’t just about stretching, or diet of taking penis enlargement supplements, or psychology…it’s about all of those things.

If you try to fix your penis size problem by just attacking one dimension, it might work for you a little.

But imagine how much better it would work for you if you attacked the WHOLE problem, across all of those dimensions.

That’s where the magic is, and when you do that, that’s when you see maximum results.

That’s exactly what you get when you try out the LEGENDARY ENLARGEMENT PROVEN PENIS GROWTH SYSTEM.

We don’t take a one dimensional approach to increasing your penis size.

We’ve spent thousands of man-hours looking at the problem from every angle and designing a comprehensive solution that works for EVERYONE interested in increasing their penis length and girth, and the best part?

You can download the program immediately and start using it right away, just by clicking here.

What’s more, you’re not only going to learn how to make penis thicker and longer. But you’ll also discover how to get better at pleasing a woman sexually in bed.

Secrets To Lasting Longer Longer in Bed Along With Having a Larger Penis.

Heck, I even arranged for one of the world’s most famous male porn stars to contribute his personal secrets for lasting longer in bed and giving women multiple screaming orgasms.

When you’re going through the LEGENDARY ENLARGEMENT SYSTEM and using the simple tips, on making your penis larger in size and girth, you won’t just have a longer, stronger and thicker tool.

But you’ll also know how to use that tool to the fullest, and blow your woman’s mind like no other man can.

Which leads me to the next secret.

A Big Dick On Its Own Ain't Gonna Satisfy Her.

Sure, every guy wants to please a woman. And most of us sure wouldn't mind adding some extra penis length and girth, to make the ladies salivate as soon as they see that weapon between our legs.

But when your goal is to be the best lover she's ever had (and ever WILL have), you have to bring more to the table than just a big, thick cock.

First of all, you need to make sure you can get it hard on command, and KEEP it hard long enough to get the job done.

The LEGENDARY ENLARGEMENT SYSTEM covers these topics, as well. And if you suffer from ED (Erectile Dysfunction), I would also highly recommend you try out this course from Hard Wood Tonic.

So once you've added some extra penis size and girth and you know you can get it hard any time, any where, and KEEP it stiff as a baseball bat.

Well then, you need to make sure you've got the right "moves" to get her off. To rock her world.

And that's why LEGENDARY ENLARGEMENT is more than just a proven system for all natural penis enlargement- it's also your guide to becoming a SEX GOD who knows how to make love to a woman and BEG you for more, and literally get ADDICTED to having your rock-hard dick sliding in and out of her!

Porn is NOT Your Friend

Porn is NOT Your Friend.

So now, let's talk about porn. Who doesn't love porn, right? Come on, be honest - everybody loves it, and sooner or later, everybody watches.

And why not? You don't even need to pay for it nowadays! The internet is flooded with free dirty movies.

You almost can't avoid it. Even if you do a fairly innocent internet search, you're bound to see porn links included in your search results, or ads popping up.

It's probably the single biggest category of content on the web and when it comes to millions of men who can't perform in bed like they used to, it's part of the problem.

Sex, as you know, is as much a mental thing as it is physical. Remember how in the last section, we talked about the size of your penis isn't the only thing that matters?

It also matters how good you are in bed. How good you are when it comes to seducing her mind, body and soul. This is where porn can sometimes work against you.

Now, I'm not saying don't watch porn at all. Sometimes, you can watch to get new ideas for things to try, and sometimes, you can watch porn with your partner for an extra hot, kinky experience, but there are a couple of different ways that too much porn can actually hurt your sex life.

The first way is psychological. You know what I'm talking about. You watch all these porn videos where the male stars are sporting gigantic cocks, and you can't help but do a little mental comparing, right?

That doesn't do you any good because you feel you penis length, penis size and penis girth is small compared to those male porn stars.

And although the female porn stars act like they're thrilled by the hugely hung studs, most women don't actually NEED a dick that big to have multiple explosive orgasms.

In fact, those freakishly big dicks often make them feel more pain than pleasure.

Also, when you watch too much porn, and all it does is set up for failure in the sack, because your cock probably isn't nearly that big.

On top of that, you may feel disappointed in yourself because you can't get your partner to have the same screaming, body-shaking orgasms that the porn chicks SEEM to be having in the videos. (Usually, they aren't cumming at all, They're acting.)

There's one more psychological component worth mentioning here. Most of the female porn stars in the videos are smokin' hot, with perfect bodies. 

Odds are, they're hotter looks-wise than the woman you're with.

Over time, you're training your brain to be turned on by the "porn star look", and the woman you're dating starts seeming like she doesn't measure up.

As you know, it's hard to get it up and keep it up if you're not really attracted to the woman you're having sex with, and that's going to impact your sexual stamina and performance in bed.

So there you have it, friend - some juicy secrets on how to make penis thicker and longer. The information in this report barely scratches the surface, though - We've got so much to share with you inside the "Legendary Enlargement System"

Conclusion - How To Make Penis Thicker And Longer.

Now, I do understand that every guy is different, and your reasons for wanting to increasing the length or girth of your cock will be different from someone else's.

Maybe you're dating a lady who just loves the way a big, thick cock looks, and it's as simple as that.

Or it could be that you're genuinely a little on the small side, and you're ready to move up to average penis size, or bigger than that.

Or maybe you're already pretty darn big, but want to pack a tool in your pants that is guaranteed to make women gaze upon it with wide-eyed AWE.

And then once you bury it deep inside of her, her eyes roll back in your head because she's NEVER felt so fully satisfied!

Other guys may have found their way here because they bought some junky penis enlargement product that promised them the moon, and then under delivered (probably due to the fact that so much of the junk out there only tried to give you a one dimensional solution, as we talked about before).

Whatever reason bought you here, our answer is the same. We can help. We've done the hard work and the research. We've seen LEGENDARY ENLARGEMENT get amazing results for guys of all ages, from all walks of life.

We've taken the time to do it right, and have crafted a multi-pronged, multi-faceted approach to penis enlargement that is simple, safe, completely natural, and allows you to SOLVE your situation- once and for all.

Our reason for doing so is simple. We understand that different approaches will work better for different people, and in order to maximize our program's effectiveness for everyone, an end-to-end, top to bottom, tip to base solution was needed.

If you're looking for a safe, all natural, effective way to increase your penis length and girth, AND be the SEX GOD with "all the right moves" who gets women ADDICTED to them.

Then the solution you've been looking for is just one simple mouse click away.

Try for

Click here and try Legendary Enlargement For Yourself.

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