May 4, 2022

Dating Tips for Mens: 10 Things You Should Never Do on a First Date

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dating tips for men

Frequently, men feel like they should take the lead in a dating relationship. So if you want to take a woman on date you must read this 10 crucial dating tips for men.

Many women are comfortable with this. When people have met either physically or through online dating platforms, men often are the ones to ask women out on a date.

In taking the lead, men should be careful to be sensitive and considerate.

Therefore, men need to be careful. After a woman has agreed to go out with you, you must observe all the proper etiquette.

This will increase the chances of getting a second date. Therefore, this guide covers the 10 things dating tips for men. The do's and don't's on their first dates.

#1. Show Up Late

Women are the best time keepers, especially when it comes to dates.

They will take more time grooming and still show up on time.

Men, on the other hand, have the problem of showing up late for a date.

No matter how busy your schedule is, you should not show up late for your first date. It creates a bad first impression because it shows poor time-management skills.

Additionally, you still do not know what kind of woman you are about to start dating. She may be the impatient type!

#2. Poor Grooming

A first date is a time to shine and smell good through good grooming

Even if the date is after work, look for time to freshen up.

Dress for the occasion to show the woman that you put some effort into preparing for the date.

Fresh breath is part of grooming and should never be forgotten. How you look on your first date creates an impression of who you are.

#3. Get Drunk

Drinking a glass of wine or a couple shots of whiskey could be fine, but getting drunk is a not a good idea today.

The woman will feel excluded from the date and responsible to take care of everything by herself including you.

Your new date is not ready to carry you home because you are too drunk to walk.

It is also likely that a man is going to misbehave and annoy the woman if he is intoxicated. If you love drinking too much alcohol, this is the day to avoid it yourself.

#4. Highlight Her Weaknesses

The worst thing a man can do is to directly attack a woman about her flaws.

It will always be a turn off for her whether it is the first date or the tenth.

Even if you realize that she has a weakness as the date progresses, this is not the right time to highlight it.

After all, you hardly know much about her. Let it pass without correction.

You too may have flaws, and this is not the right time you want to hear about them.

Most women walk out of a date the moment a man starts to point to such issues. Be warned!

#5. Discuss Your Ex

The topic of how many ex-girlfriends you have had should be avoided or discussed with caution.

Most women do not want to know how many you have had and how you handled them.

If she does not ask, do not bring it up because it will definitely turn her off.

Likewise, do not ask her to discuss the relationships she had with previous boyfriends because you may bring up some discussions she would rather not have.

It is better to let her gain the confidence to discuss these relationships when she feels comfortable to do so.

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#6. Boast

What is the logic of working so hard to secure a date with the woman of your dreams only to start boasting too much about yourself?

According to reliable dating websites like Ero Date, women are looking for men who are not boastful about their bodies, past relationships, business achievements and properties but rather men who will listen intently and understand them.

This is not the right time to show her your muscles and physique in an obvious way; she may not agree to the second date in fear of more showbiz.

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#7. Ask for Sex

Men who ask for sex on the first date prove to the woman that they are after pleasure and lust rather than love.

Unless it is a casual relationship whose purpose is sex, a man should never be too obvious that he wants to have sex with her in the next minute.

It is important to give her a chance to get to know you more and gain confidence in you.

The first date should be the best time to make her want to see you again; probably she will give you a second date. 

Women who are rushed into sex feel used, and you do not want this to happen on your first date.

#8. Dominate by Talking Too Much

One of the biggest mistakes you can make on your first date is talking excessively and leaving too little or no time for the woman to say anything.

The bad part is that men who talk too much may end up offending a partner.

Women feel overwhelmed and bombarded by excessive talking.

They like expressing themselves and finding someone who will listen to them.

#9. Show No Respect

Men are supposed to show respect and love to women at all times.

The worst mistake that you can make regarding a woman is to disrespect her on your first date.

There are many ways this can happen including some seemingly small offences.

Your tone of voice as you address her or speak can show disrespect especially if you are the stereotypical man.

Even if the woman says something that you do not like, you should never respond in a disrespectful way.

Stay composed until the date is over even if you know that this is the end of the potential relationship.

#10. Agree with Everything She Says

Women vary, and some may bring up ideas that you do not agree with on the first date.

As a man of principles and standards, you should not agree with everything that she or anyone else says.

However, how you disagree or offer alternatives matters. It should be done in the kindest way possible.

Women like it when men offer solutions, and probably this is your time to shine.

I will stop here. If you loved reading this mini guide on 10 dating tips for men you'll also love this powerful video presentation here.

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