May 5, 2022

How To Have a Healthy Happy Marriage (Starting Today)

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How to Have a Healthy Happy Marriage - Tips

Wondering how to have a healthy marriage? You have come to the right place as we will unveil 7 amazing and simple tips on how you can start having a happy, healthy marriage today.

Well, in today’s world, living a happy married life is getting more and more complicated, due to a busy working schedule of couples, different hobbies and interests, lifestyle and so on.

I am not happy in my married life” - nowadays, so many couples repeat this phrase at least once after the initial honeymoon phase has faded away.

Despite  happy marriage wishes, and blessing that couples receive from friends and relatives, many marriages end up in a divorce.

So,what is a healthy marriage?

This is something that every married couple needs to understand.

The secret key to a successful marriage is overcoming troubles and facing good as well as bad circumstances together, which helps to build a happy marriage and a happy and successful married life.

Also, it is essential to have a mutual understanding in relationships.

Signs of a happy marriage include:

  • Mutual understanding between partners.
  • Mutual support
  • Healthy communication
  • Regular intimacy
  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Healthy marital boundaries

Below are some useful tips you start using today on how to have a healthy marriage.

1. Be Friends With Each Other

One of the most important rules for a happy marriage is to be friends with each other.

Friendship holds the key to a successful marriage, so to create a long-lasting and a beautiful relationship you need to be friends at first. 

Friendship is the most valuable relationship one can share with anyone.

We might be very good at love, but if we do not learn how to convert that love in a friendship... it’s not going to work.

Most marriages fail not because partners don’t love each other; they fail due to the lack of trust, proper communication, and understanding.

This is breaking marriages apart all around the world and its kind of ego issue to me that we don’t communicate openly and hesitate to talk to our partner. 

Just imagine when we were kids how we use to play with our friends, shared our feelings, hanging out without any hesitation.

Same should be the case with our marriage too, consider your spouse as the other kid you would wish to play with.

Don’t you think if you include this one tip in your marital life your whole marriage would feel so joyful?

Make sure you are excellent friends, remember one thing - romance, intimacy, and excitement is good, but it won’t last forever, with time... romance will fade, but friendship will not

If you ask me “How to have a successful marriage?” I will suggest you be friends first and then a married couple.

Also, a healthy marriage contributes to reducing stress by  mutual support of partners to one another, who are actually friends.            

Here are some simple tips on how to become BFF (best friends forever) with your partner:

  • Share your thoughts, dreams, and goals.
  • Find something in common (hobbies, interests, working moments).
  • Try to travel a lot.
  • Communicate with the mutual circle of friends together.
  • Do the house deals together (decorate your home, buy furniture, or choose curtains f.e.).
  • Educate your kids together.
  • Do not expect a lot from your partner.
  • Do not have arguments without a strong reason.
  • Learn to say “sorry”.

Your story with these small ‘rules’ -  is the story of a happy marriage, where partners understand each other like a friend.

2. Reduce the Social Media Impact

Today’s generation has a lot of impact on social media in their lives.

Even married couples are busy making new friends on social media; they spend time interacting on Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media platforms. 

This change has adversely affected their personal lives, enticing them to search for love and attention outside their marriage; as a result, the percentage of trust in unions has declined substantially. 

There is no transparency left in marriage, and couples are tempted to check their partner’s cell phone to take a look through their messages and emails, they want to check as they are in fear that some stranger might try and destroy their married life. 

What’s essential in this scenario is that we need to bring transparency in our lives, which will automatically build the lost trust and help to have a healthy marriage.

The Key to a successful marriage is spending more time with each other rather than spending the whole time on social media.

It is good to use social media for fun, but not on the stake of marriage.

On the other hand, social media is now used for working moments, and you should understand that.

There are a lot of SMM strategies, social media trading, blogging, and so on. In this case, you should overcome your jealousy and let your partner spend time online.

Moreover, if you do not spend time online, you become unsocial, which means that you won’t know what is happening with your friends, miss some important world news or even lose an excellent opportunity to work at home.

Find the time for it without putting the marriage at risk!

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3. Romance and Intimacy

Another recipe for a happy marriage, is romance, intimacy, and kinky sex stuff. Regular physical intimacy is vital in a healthy marriage

Appreciate each other say "I will miss you" while going to the office, kiss each other, these small little gestures keep the connection alive

Try to make a call at lunchtime, have some romantic talks, and make a plan to spend a romantic night together

It is a great idea to have virtual sex and dirty talking or just to send your partner an intimate photo of yourself. 

For this purpose, you can use messengers such as Telegram, WhatsUp, Viber, Snapchat, or Skype.

It creates excitement and mystery and keeps the intimacy alive; you will be eager to leave the office sooner, to meet your spouse, and spend a happy time with them. 

Keeping your physical connection alive is one of the keys to a successful marriage; it not only helps to have a healthy marriage but also keeps you stress-free and relaxed. 

Remember, romance is an excellent stress buster if you have some problems with your intimacy, it is better to visit a specialist. 

4. Show appreciation

One of the most important secrets to a happy marriage is appreciating your partner.

It is one of the most important rules for a happy marriage.

It is a good thing to do because it builds your partner’s confidence, and develops a sense of belonging towards one another, which helps to have a strong relationship.

Some tips to show appreciation and have a happy marriage are:

  • Try to say “thank you” from time to time.
  • Give your partner more responsibilities and appreciate the result.
  • Allow your partner to take care of you.
  • Do not be so ‘independent’ in the relationships.
  • Show your partner that you need him/her.
  • Say things like: ‘you are very important for me’; ‘thank you for being mine’; ‘you are my world’; ‘what will I do, if I don’t have you?’; ‘you make me happy’; and so on.

Everyone wants to be heard and listened.

If you learn to listen it proves that you care and respect the feelings of your partner.

It shows you pay attention to their concerns by listening to them.

By caring about their needs, you build the base for your future life

What you are doing to them now, they will do it for you in return tomorrow.

It is also the law of the universe.

5. Have fun time together

When you get married things are new and catchy, so it’s naturally for you to spend more fun time together, talking like friends and discussing ideas. 

But over time, things change, and the ways of connecting with each other also change, responsibilities, work pressure, family and children all come together in one place, and your focus gets diverted.

All these things don’t allow you to have a fun time together

You lack romance; life becomes boring, full of stress, and anxiety.

But, to have a healthy marriage, you need to take out some time for each other. 

Here are some ideas on how to spend time together:

  • Book a restaurant with - the best restaurant reservation software, which provides customers with a restaurant floor plan, menu options, prices, discounts, and special offers, and also with reviews. So, you can easily choose the best restaurant in your area and spend a beautiful and tasty evening together.
  • Choose a good film and visit the cinema, or it is also a good idea to order food delivery and to watch a movie at home.
  • Plan a journey to another country and spend some days only with each other.
  • Spend a night in a luxury hotel in your city and make this moment as romantic as you can.
  • Go for a picnic to your local park
  • Visit an amusement park and imagine that you have your 1st date
  • Visit the place of your first date

Try to schedule intimate lunch or dinner, go for a ride, watch a movie at least once in fortnight or month.

Commit to devoting some time for each other, it will keep the excitement and suspense in your marriage alive.

6. Learn to forgive

Forgiveness is the attribute of a strong-weak never forgive. - Mahatma Gandhi.

Marriage is like a baby. It needs your love, attention, and time.

When your young child makes a mistake, you forgive him as he is young and immature, same is the case with marriage

Mistakes are bound to happen in marriage, the key to a successful marriage is forgiving the errors and letting them go, and not to hold on them. 

Don’t assume that your partner will always be right.

We are human, we all make mistakes, when you forgive and forget in marriage, you raise the standard of your marriage and allow it to grow. 

That, in turn, makes you more respectable and worthy in your partner’s eye.

What to do to forgive your partner:

  • You should allow him/her to explain everything.
  • You should listen to his/her point of view.
  • You should imagine yourself at his/her place.
  • You should listen attentively.
  • You should give him//her a chance to fix the problem.

Healthy Marriage Quick Checklist

What to do to have a healthy marriage? Here is a quick checklist to help you having a healthy, happy relationship with your partner!

  • Try to be friends with your partner.
  • Do not let social media to make a strong impact on your relationship.
  • Save the romance and intimacy in your marriage
  • Appreciate each other.
  • Spend more time together.
  • Learn to forgive.


To be happy in your relationship and to have a healthy marriage, it requires serious effort, dedication, and positive connections between couples.

There will be times when things would be vulnerable; differences and conflicts will arise.

But all you need to do is stay calm without getting angry, remember anger always kill relationships. 

Be slow to anger, have faith in each other, support each other in tough times, and always believe in improving things for the betterment of your married life. 

At the end of the day, what matters is kind words of encouragement, a little hug, or a small kiss, and it will do all things better.

These are some tips on how to have a healthy marriage that I really hope you start using today!

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