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6 Amazing And Simple Tips On How To Have Healthy Marriage

How to have healthy marriage 

How to have healthy marriage? In today’s world living a happy marriage life is getting more and more complicated, due to busy life schedule of couples. Keys to a successful marriage is overcoming troubles and facing the good and the bad circumstances together, which helps to build a healthy marriage, a happy and successful marriage life. Below are some tips on how to have healthy marriage. follow this rules for a healthy marriage.

How to have healthy marriage

  1. Be Friends to have a successful marriage

One of the most rules for happy marriage or how to have healthy marriage is friendship. Friendship holds the keys to successful marriage, to have long and beautiful married life you need to be friends first. Friendship is the most beautiful relationship we can share with anyone. The fact is we might be very good at love, but if we do not learn to convert that love in friendship than trust me, it’s not going to work. Most marriages fail not because they don’t love each other, they fail due to lack  of friendship, proper communication and understanding. It is very common in marriages that we don’t communicate openly and hesitate talking to our spouse. Just imagine when we were kids how we use to play with our friends, sharing our feelings, hanging out without any hesitation feeling so relaxed. Same is the case with marriage, consider your spouse as that other kid you would wish to play with. Make sure you are really good friends, remember one thing that romance, intimacy and excitement is all nice, but it won’t last forever, with time romance will fade, but friendship will not. If you ask me How to have successful marriage, I will suggest you be friends first and then married couple.

social media

  1. Social Media

Today’s generation has a lot of impact of social media in their lives. Even married couples are busy in making new friends on social media, they spend time interacting on Facebook, Twitter and many other social media sites. This change has adversely affected their personal lives, enticing them to search for love and attention outside their marriage, as a result the percentage of trust in marriages has declined substantially. There is no transparency left in marriage, couples are tempted to check their partner’s cell phone to take a look on their messages and emails, they want to cross check as they are in fear that some stranger might try and destroy their married life. What’s important in this scenario is that we need to bring transparency in our lives which will automatically build the lost trust and help to have a healthy marriage. Keys to a successful marriage is spending more time with each other rather than spending whole time on social media. It is good to use social media for fun, but not on the stake of marriage.

romance is key to a successful marriage

  1. Romance and Intimacy

Keys to a successful marriage, is romance, intimacy and kinky sex stuffs. Touching each other often, regular physical intimacy is important in marriage. Appreciate each other say I will miss you while going office, kiss each other this small little gestures keeps the connection alive. Try and make a call in the lunch time, have some romantic talks and make a plan for the night to spend a romantic night together. This creates excitement and mystery and keeps the intimacy alive, you will be eager to leave the office soon, to meet your spouse and spend happy time with them. Keeping your physical connection alive is one of the keys to a successful marriage, it not only helps to have a healthy marriage, but also keeps you stress free and relaxed. Remember romance is an awesome stress buster, it is important to keep crave towards romance ignited.

appreciation rules for a happy marriage

  1. Appreciation

One of the important keys to a successful marriage is appreciating your partner in front of others. It is one of the important rules for happy marriage. It is good thing to do it builds your partner’s confidence, and develops sense of belonging towards one another which helps to have a healthy marriage. Everyone wants to be heard and listened, when you listen to your partner’s words, it proves that you care and respect their feelings. It shows you pay attention to their concerns, by listening them. By caring about their needs you actually build the base for your future life. What you are doing to them now, they will do it for you in return tomorrow. This is one of the important tips on how to have healthy marriage.

funtime for happy marriage

  1. Fun time together

When you get married things are new and catchy, so it’s obvious you would spend more fun time together, talking like friends and discussing things. But overtime things change and the ways of connecting with each other also changes, responsibilities, work pressure, family and children all come together in one place and your focus gets diverted. All this things doesn’t allow you to have fun time together. You lack romance, life becomes boring, full of stress and anxiety. But, to have a healthy marriage you need to take out some time for each other. Try to schedule intimate lunch or dinner, go for a ride, watch movie at least once in fortnight or month. Make commitment to devote some times for each other, what it will do is it will keep the excitement and suspense in your marriage alive.

forgiveness for a healthy marriage

  1. Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the attribute of a strong, weak can never forgive. Marriage is like a little baby it needs your love, attention and time. When your young child make mistake you forgive them as they are young and immature, same is the case with marriage. Mistakes are bound to happen in marriage, keys to a successful marriage is forgiving the mistakes and letting them go, without holding them tight. Don’t assume that your partner will always be right. We are human, we all make mistakes, when you forgive and forget in marriage, you raise the standard of your marriage and allow it to grow. This in turn make you more respectable and worthy in your partner’s eye.

Friends marriage is beautiful event, it occurs once in life time Click To Tweetand to have healthy marriage, it requires serious effort, dedication and positive connections between couples. There will be times when things would be vulnerable, differences and conflicts will rise. But all you need to do is stay calm without getting angry, remember anger always kills relationships. Be slow to anger have faith in each other, support each other in tough times and always thrive to improve on things. At the end of the day what matters is kind words of encouragement, little hug or a small kiss and it will do world of good to help you have successful marriage.

This are some tips on how to have healthy marriage, I hope you found the post on how to have healthy marriage useful. If you liked it please share and comment.

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