May 5, 2022

The Feminine Qualities in a Woman That Men Cannot Resist

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I am sure you know a lot about the feminine traits and feminine qualities in a woman that makes you irresistible to man.

But do you also know how to exude feminine energy or how to possess those feminine traits that men love. if yes well and good, if not do not worry, today you'll learn exactly how to develop the secret feminine qualities.

Note that developing feminine qualities and feminine energy can be challenging. 

Having to hold back your tongue, wanting to step in and lead, it may drive you nuts! But do it, because the results can be miraculous for your relationship.

But trust me if you follow my method you can make a man do anything you want.

It's because you trigger your man's masculinity.

Men are attracted to women because of their feminine energy, feeling nature. 

Men chase women with this feminine qualities – it’s how you supplement his masculine traits.

When you learn to be natural by releasing your feminine energy, you automatically become alluring and seductive and that makes him feel inspired to give you all the love and compliment in the world.

But this is usually not what you let ourselves be – especially not if you’re used to being independent, go-getters in the rest of your lives.

Being in your masculine – or boy – energy works wonders in your career(and taming the kids). But NOT in your love life.

It's hard for a man to fall in love or stay in love with you and see a future with you if you are not sharing your feminine self and feminine qualities with him.

What does this mean? It means it’s time to let the girly, feminine, feeling, sensuous being that's hidden deep down within you come out and play! 

Now during this week, you to want to convey as much submissive feminine energy as possible.

And that means dressing the part and acting more feminine than you usually do.

But let's not forget, the main power is not in the outfit, it's in your feminine behavior.

But for the sake of being vague, here's a few ideas of things to wear during this week.

Things to wear:

★ Dresses. Sun dresses, knee cut skirts, pencil skirts, pleated skirts. And stick to bright colors.

★ Wear stockings rather than uncovered legs. Have the classic pure look and keep away patterns. Light brown or approximate black are amazing colors to try. Your sexy skirt will give you the the feel of having your legs on display, so don't wear non-transparent.

★ Try wearing flat shoes if you don't prefer wearing high heels. The point is to wear something that is plain and simple, but at the same give a classy feeling. This is not about being “extra sexy”, but more about having the “girly feel”.

★ Avoid the "just rolled out of bed" look. Don't wear anything that hides your shape. Whatever you wear, people who see you must feel that you've really given time into putting your look together.

★ Red and pink lipstick and neutral eye shadows always helps to give that feminine look.

★ Please ensure that your lips looks juicy by applying lip balm if you're not much into lipstick.

★ A beautiful looking silk scarf.

★ Pearl earrings or other studs.

★ A adorable headband.

★ A ribbon hair barrette.

★ Few thin silver bracelets.

★ Sexy perfume for an amazing smell or scented lotion is mandatory.

★ Rings that are simple but attractive in looks, but not too bulky or fancy.

Now that you have your look, let's go over body language to enhance your feminine qualities even more. 

As much as your garments say about you, your actual body language says 10x more.

So here's a quick crash course on powerful feminine body language:

A Short Crash Course On Feminine Body Language So, what is feminine body language?

Well, simply put, it’s carrying your body in a way that shows off your best physical traits, shows good health, demonstrates confidence and positivity, and accentuates your femininity energy.

Most think it's about over-sexuality.

Yet, that's far from the truth. It's all about appearing soft, vulnerable, and at the same time confident and in control.

Start by standing or sitting up straight.

Lift up your chin and back.

Let your shoulders relax.

No one looks sexy hunched over with their eyes to the floor.

Oh, and bad posture also makes you look shorter and fatter than you really are, which means it's impossible to get that athletically toned body, no matter how much time you spend at the gym, until you learn to walk tall.

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Here's a to-do list on feminine body language:

1) Keep your shoulders BACK! Don’t swing them when you walk. Remember you want their breasts to be seen, but you don’t want them to flop or wiggle.

2) Keep your knees together. This makes you rotate your hips for a feminine walk.

3) Take smaller strides. When you walk, place one foot in front of the other, this will give you that feminine hip sway. The rest will follow.

4) Keep it tight! This is the #1 posture rule. Women take up less space than men.

This might seem obvious, but I’m amazed at many girls forget to keep their legs together and their elbows in.

Open body positions are associated with the display of power, hence men do them.

Besides making you look more passive and feminine, a closed body position makes you appear physically smaller.

5) The Curve. Feminine, sexy women are all about accentuating their curves, including the way they hold their bodies.

The next time you’re standing in line somewhere, notice how many women put their weight onto one leg, thrusting their hip out.

This creates an S-shaped curve in the body. Also notice how men tend to stand with their weight evenly spread over both feet.

You can create this S-curve with your body when you are sitting, too. Either cross your legs or put your weight onto one hip.

6) Keep your back straight. You always want to have a straight back. Always. Even when you are seated. This will change the way you look completely if you are not already doing it.

7) Walk with your hips. Attractive men tend to walk with their shoulders; attractive women tend to walk with their hips.

By hips I don’t mean swaying them like what you see in the catwalk, I mean a very slight unnoticeable sway.

8) Voice. Work on softening your voice this week. No yelling

This whole week, adopt these body language traits.

And you also want to be passive and understanding and graceful and playful.

Throw any acts of seriousness out the window this week.

Whenever you interact with your man, show him compassion and give him sincere compliments. And be vulnerable.

This will make your man want to play his natural masculine role with you more and more.

You see, a girl could hold her own and make her own money – but being feminine is about respecting the role of the man and allowing him to do something for you.

How long should you do this method? I would say try it for a week, and see how your guy reacts to it. If it's positive, keep it up! Experiment.

Test the way he reacts to you in this mode versus your normal mode. And toss aside the things that have no effect.

One thing I recommend you keep doing, like forever, is the feminine body language.

It will do wonders not just for your relationship, but for your own confidence.

You'll notice that you feel more at ease in all aspects of your life during this method.

A Little Side Bonus: During this week you'll notice the glancing eyes of other men. 

Because your entire mindset, body language and psyche is in "feminine mode". And men pick up on these cues visually and subconsciously

So don't be surprised if you get hit on more than often.

I will stop here if you loved reading this guide on feminine qualities in a woman then you'll also love watching this amazing video below.

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