May 6, 2022

How to Train a Man to Respect You (Steps That Never Fail)

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If you have been wondering how to train a man to respect you or how to train a man to treat you right then you are probably going to hate what I'm about to say.

But realize, I say it all out of love and connection with you as my loyal subscriber.

And I really want you to have that feeling in your mind and heart - that your man treats you with priority, he treats you right and with all the respect and love you deserve.

Learn here how to train a man to respect you Here it is:

The reason your guy is taking you for granted and showing you no affection or attention may be your fault or maybe you are too feminine with him.

Now before you go sending me hate mail, here's why I say this:

People only treat us as bad as we let them.

So basically, your actions may have allowed your guy to treat you the way he treats you.

You are communicating some kind of subliminal message that this is okay for him to not give you attention

So what do you do to change this? Is it too late? Will you forever be stuck in this "I don't exist to him" rut? Not at all!

The beautiful thing is you can change the way he treats you.

And it all starts with you gradually setting new boundaries in your relationship, and setting new expectations of respect and right treatment.

Before we actually how to train a man to respect you and treat you as priority. First, lets look at some typical actions you may have done to cause his actions towards you:

● Letting your opinions or your point of view to be looked over.

● Brushing aside every time breaks promises instead of confronting him, and letting him know this is not acceptable.

● Apologizing to him over things you haven't done or saying "sorry" all the time like you're apologizing for your existence.

Nagging him about how he spends his time or constantly probing him about his where he's at.

● Portraying yourself to him and others like a victim in the relationship.

● Making excuses for his bad behavior every time he disappoints you.

Texting him constantly in an obsessive or possessive way. 

● Exhibiting or talking about a fear of abandonment, as this is what tells him it's very easy for him to control you and make the rules of the game because you will do anything necessary to keep him in the relationship.

● Displaying jealousy of other women. When you display these behaviors, a guy feels he's got you in the palm of his hand.

And he'll eventually lose respect for you, and won't feel the need to treat you right or with priority or "wow' you again, ever.

So the solution starts with YOU.

First thing you have to do is raise your self esteem.

And the easiest way to overcome this, and get him flooding you with attention again?

Become busy. And more importantly? Become independent.

Become Miss Independent!

Go into Miss Independent Mode! This is more of a "mode" than it is a method. 

The idea is to unplug from any thoughts of needing your guy to give you ANY attention or any kind of emotional attachment (just for a while of course)

Your goal is to flip the routine!

Everyday he comes home, and you do the EXACT same things... and he expects you to do the exact same things.

Which leads him to acting out the exact same way.

It's almost like you are living a scripted life. You need to flip the routine to train him to treat you with respect and priority.

And it all boils down to this statement:

The easiest way is to change the people around you is to change yourself.

So here's how to start. Grab a pen and pad, and make a list of:

1. All the fun things you used to do.

2. All the fun physical activities you used to do.

3. All the people you used to hang out with.

4. All the places you used to go to but haven't been in awhile.

5. Hobbies you haven't done in years.

6. New things and places and activities you've never done, but want to do.

Don't be scanty with this list, spend some time and write down everything.

Take a break, and do something completely different.

Then come back and write again.

Doing it this way will put your subconscious to work, and will help you remember things you totally forgot about.

Now that you have your list, what you want to do is pick 1-2 things from your list, and do these two things this week.

Then gradually add something off your list every week Here's an example of the first list you can do:

Things probably you've always wanted to do:

-Start a blog

-Learn belly dancing

-Learn a new language

-Make your own jewelry

-Get into photography

-Make candles

-Start a garden

-Learn pole dancing

-Learn about real estate

-Learn to ride a motorcycle

-Overcome your fear of public speaking


-Take a self defense class

-Travel to another country alone.

It could be anything that you wanted to do but you neglected it for your relationship.

Remember the entire focus of this guide is to learn how to train your man to respect you, treat you right and treat you with priority.

So continuing with your list of things like:

-Paint and draw

-Yoga everyday

-Make risque costumes


-Knitting-Write everyday

-Swim a lot

-Ride horses

-Ballet as a little girl

-Read a lot more

-Journal more

-If you are married take your daughter or son to the big playground across town.

All the places you used to go to but haven't been in awhile:

-The art gallery

-The local women's craft meet-up

-Ballet studio


-Walk the track at my old high school

-The Farmers market to buy fresh vegetables and fruits

-Ride the bike trails

-The local swap meet

-The dog park And here's a few more ideas to engage you.

Get back into shape! This should be your first step.

If you've gained a few pounds, start getting active again.

Now I don't mean go on fad diets or do joint collapsing boot camp style workouts like P90X. Screw those!

Find a physical activity you used to do and enjoy.

I think the biggest problem with getting into shape with women is they try a bunch of new diets and workout plans. (speaking from my wife's experience)

Well why not just pick a physical activity you actually used to enjoy?

Were you a swimmer in high school?

Get back in the pool and do some laps.

Did you like hopscotch as a little girl?

Grab a piece of chalk, go into your driveway or garage, and hop away to your favorite songs in your iPod.

If you're like me and most women, you despise gyms.

Well screw the gym! Pick the physical activities that don't require the gym.

The key is to do something you ENJOY, so it doesn't feel like you're killing yourself and at the same time your little ignorance will make him wonder and he will eventually start to treat you with respect and at priority. 

Remember our main goal here is to make your man do what you want and it is to train him to treat you right. . .

At the same time this list will also freshen you up and boost up your confidence level as a woman.

● -Connect with old friends! High school friends, College pals, peoples you grew up with, family you haven't seen or heard from in years, anybody.

This is great because the simple act of connecting with old friends and family will trigger your old behaviors and feelings and habits you may have lost.

One thing, be sure the people you connect with are positive and you have good memories.

Because last thing you want is to trigger bad feelings and memories.

If you live in a different state or country and can't physically meet, simply pick up the phone and call.

● -Do all the fun activities you used to. Were you big into drawing portraits?

A violinist back in high school?

Did you love curling up on the couch and devouring a good book a week, but haven't in years? Do these things again! You need to reconnect back with YOU.

● -Leave the house! Before he gets home go out to eat and then call him to tell him you had an errand to run.

● -Go shopping. Buy sexy lingerie, and wear it around the house casually and don't even lead him on...your goal is to feel sexy again by yourself.

● -Make plans without him. Call up a few of your girlfriends Get dressed up in a sexy/cute outfit and go out without him.

To make it more effective, wear a sexy outfit you know he likes.

Choose a place where other men will be. Like a bar or club or night social area. And when you're out with the girls? Take a TON of pictures.

Doing these activities will steer your focus OFF your guy.

And that's the point of becoming independent.

Choose activities that don't include him. When he does something you don't approve of, call him out on it immediately.

YOU have to make the rules! You basically want to "put YOURSELF first to ensure he treats you with respect and priority from now on".

And when you do this? Everyone else around you will follow suit.

As you know,  women(especially with kids) spend 99% of their time catering to everyone else around them.

Now don't go to the extreme level and come across as a total bitch.

That's not the point. What you're trying to convey is you're fine without him. You have a life without him.

This will pull him towards you because he'll feel the need to win your attention again.

Being positive, happy and preoccupied with your own affairs is extremely attractive and sexy

You want him to realize that you are willing to walk away if your needs aren't being met in the relationship.

This "Independent Mode" mindset is awesome because while you're doing it, you'll be reminded that some of the things you lost during the course of your relationship were the things that made your man fall in love with you. 

You used to be independent, you had vision, you had goals, ambition. You were fun to be around, you were respectful of who your man was and what he wanted out of life.

You had set boundaries. You rooted for him.

Those are just a few examples.

And you're going to show him that you're still that person he had fallen in love with.

Because this list will make you believe in yourself again...which will make him believe in you again.

You have to find yourself again. How long should you do it?

Forever honestly. Make it a habit to start putting yourself first.

Make it a goal of yours to go back to the ‘you’ that you used to be.

 When you take on this ideology? Watch how much more your man(and all men) start paying attention to you!

I will stop here and I am damn sure you loved reading this article on how to train a man to respect you.

Now, before I stop I urge you to Watch This Amazing Video by my friend Felicity Keith Dating and Relationship Expert. Trust me just watch this and your man will crawl over a broken glass to be with you.

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