May 5, 2022

This is What Makes a Man Emotionally Attached to a Woman

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So what is emotional attachment or what makes a man emotionally attached to a woman?

To be honest creating a deep emotional connection with a man and making a man feel good emotionally is a tool that every women wants to have in her arsenal.

But research says only 5 percent of women are able to keep their man hooked and create that never ending emotional attachment.

So ladies, if you want a sneaky way to make your man or any man stop everything he's doing and jump to your beckoning?

Well then The emotional attachment is your method! ***WARNING*** Now before we go any further, you need to use caution when using this emotional attachment method!

This is really not a method you should use unless you really have to.

The method should only be used if you feel your guy has lost all passion for you. 

And if you're going to use it, do EXACTLY as it says!

DON'T use it often! But seriously, this emotional attachment method is extremely powerful, yet it could backfire if you don't follow the instructions.

So, What makes a man emotionally attached to a woman?

Let's begin Step 1 - Choose a time you're not with him and you're driving. Preferably night time.

What you will do is send him this text, "Driving right now and a truck with 2 guys has been following me the last 20 minutes"

And that's it! What's gonna happen is his alpha male switch is going to instantly be flipped on, making him pretty much drop everything he's doing to jump to your rescue.

The point this recreates that emotional attachment and emotional connection that has started to fade away.

He will probably call you right away, and as soon as he does immediately tell him they finally turned away.

NOTE: Be sure to immediately tell them they stopped following you, because last thing you want is for him to call the cops, or worse show up with a bat or gun!

He's will probably want to meet up with you right away to open up emotionally with you, so meet up if you can.

This will strengthen the emotional attachment method even more.

So next thing you'll do is simply thank him for making you feel safe.

Then, a week later, thank him again over text or in person with a message like this,

"Hey babe just wanna say thanks again for last week for making me feel safe. 

You always do"

Why It works:

Like I have said in many of my previous blog posts that, all men are always waiting for the opportunity to prove to the woman they can protect them.

All men have that "hero instinct" deep down in their primal brain.

And you just gave him the chance to use it!

This emotional attachment method taps into his damsel in distress drive again.

Just knowing you called him, even before the police, will intensify his attraction for you because he knows he's the man you trust with your own life.

And there's nothing more attractive to a man than a woman who surrenders her feminine self to him. 

The Results Of Using This Emotional Attachment Method:

● He will feel closer to you and a new deeper bond will be created between you two, because he was the "hero" who got to save you.

● And not only will he think about how you're doing in that moment... He will feel more protective over you in the long run.

● He'll want to spend more time with you because he'll feel he needs to be the masculine power to your feminine vulnerabilities.

● He'll feel a need to be in your presence more often.

● Don't be surprised when he texts you more because now he'll always be wondering how you're doing.

Like I said, use this only if you must. It's definitely not something you want to do occasionally. You might only have to use it once, ever.

● You can easily use this on the Ex you want back or even a guy you've wanted.

What you'll do is the exact same scenario, except the text will say

"Hey sorry to be texting you this but you're the first person I thought of, I'm driving right now and a truck with 2 guys has been following me the last 15 minutes. 

He will probably tell you to drive to his house, and if he's your Ex?

This is your chance to rebuild!

● If you don't have a car, you can simply say you're walking and 2 suspicious characters are following you.

I hope you got it in few simple steps what makes a man emotionally attached to a woman?

Step 2 - What else you can to keep him emotionally attached and make him miss you like crazy.

There's a country song by the late great singer Dan Hicks called.. "How can he miss you if you don’t go away?"

That’s one of the most honest, and revealing song titles about relationships I've ever heard.

Isn't it true though? Aren't those lyrics the most honest lyrics ever?

When you and your guy spend time apart, then reunite, it's like the relationship is brand new again.

It could be a weekend, a month, or even a long distance relationship where you two only see each other 3 months out of the year.

Distance does something very powerful in fueling relationships.

And the lack of it can be of the biggest things that make relationships go stale.

When you spend too much time in each others presence, more than likely one side of the relationship starts to feel smothered.

And it's usually the guy. And he'll start to slowly fade away.

And what do women usually do? You smother him more!

With my experience with women in past, I truly believe it's in their nature to smother their guy when he pulls away.

Well, half nature and half experience. You meet a great guy, and end up smothering him because you are afraid of losing him and being alone again.

The other half--experience--because most girls have been in a relationship with a great guy and out of nowhere he seems to lose interest and drift away. 

So what do you do? Smother him more! Smh.

And this is the exact opposite of what you should be doing. Because this destroys his attraction towards you. (forget about the emotional attachment)

I don't personally know one woman who's never been the clingy girlfriend at one point in her life. But that's not what makes a man emotionally attached to woman.

Think about that situation for a minute. By him drifting away, it makes you want him more, it makes you do things to try and win his attention back, it makes you chase him.

Well it's time to use this power to get him to cling and chase you!

As I said above this emotionally attachment when used in the right manner works like charm.

And you must use this method when your guy has been pulling away in the relationship.

It's for when your man is taking you for granted, and downright ignoring you.

I wouldn't advice you to use this method if things aren't that bad in your relationship.

It's somewhat extreme. So only use this emotional attachment method if you've been getting neglected by him, and you've tried to get him to focus on you, yet he still refuses.

Only resort to using if you absolutely have to. It's one of those methods that nearly borders the line of manipulation.

So use your own morals and judgment here.

This emotional connection method is about transferring the feelings of rejection and loss he's giving you onto to him and getting him to open up to create new kind of emotional connection again.

What you're going to do is pull away yourself! And in a dramatic fashion.

You're going to disappear like a ghost!

Once again How to do it: Choose a day, any day.

Now for the next 24 hours, unplug from your guy.

No calling. No texting.

No interaction with him at all.

You may even want to do this for 48 hours.

The whole goal of this is to trigger his "chase mechanism".

You want him to realize you have your own life. 

You want him to realize you will never be that clingy girl.

You want him to realize you are an independent girl who WILL have a good time whether he's there or not.

Trust me doing this is what makes a man emotionally attached to a woman. 

Once he understands this, he will feel a need to pursue you more.

He's going to wonder, Where did she go? Is there someone else?

Why did she disappear?

And it doesn’t matter if all the thinking taking place is actually negative in nature, it only matters that 'thinking of you' is actually taking place in his mind.

This will make him feel a need to win your attention back.

And when you do get back in contact with him?

Simply tell him you've been busy doing the things you love.

Play it cool. Keep it short and sweet.

And let HIM do the work to win your attention again.

Now don't come across as if you were ignoring him on purpose.

You want this to come across as you were caught up in your own life.

Now there are two levels to this emotional attachment method.

Because you may say, "I live with him, it's impossible to do this!"

Well here's how you can apply this method.

Choose 3 things you normally do everyday. 3 things your guy knows you do like religion.

It could be talking to him during your lunch break at work, texting him throughout the day, etc. 

Choose three, and don't do them. You want to be occupied in activities that take your focus off him.

Also, on this day, be more silent. If you're naturally really affectionate?

Don't be this day. The whole goal is to make your guy wonder why you aren't focused on him anymore.

Make him realize you need to be pursued again.

And if you live with him, another alternative way to approach this is to simply stop "mothering" him.

Because think about this: before your man had you in his life, he wore a fresh pair of socks every day, he made his own meals, he survived all by himself.

He is very capable of doing these things himself.

And since he's taking you for granted? Stop doing these things!

Why It Works: You have to realize that your guy is used to having you around.

He is accustomed to being able to call and talk to you, or send an email or text message and get a prompt reply.

By not knowing where you are or what you are doing, you will begin to get inside his head and make him feel the loss of you.

And at the same time he will want to get emotionally attached and connected with you.

The feeling of loss affects a man very deeply.

They can't stand to lose. I mean, just watch them play a game and you will see how hard it is for them to lose.

This is how the male mind works. It’s also a scientific truth that uncertainty heightens romantic attraction.

So if you’re worried he’ll think you’re not interested and then be gone for good, don’t bother thinking that.

That’s your insecurities talking, that’s you thinking you’re not good enough.

But YOU ARE good enough. Have faith in yourself that you’re worth it – and that he thinks you are, too.

You see, when he’s uncertain as to whether or not you really like him, it’s actually a good thing. It keeps him interested

It keeps him coming around. It makes him want to win you over. It makes him work harder at the relationship.

Think about this: When a man disappears on you, and you worry that he may be gone for good, when he resurfaces suddenly, do you kick him to the curb?

Never right? You feel a sense of relief, happy he came back to you.

Well, it works the exact same for men. When you disappear on them suddenly without warning and then resurface out of nowhere, they’re unlikely to kick you to the curb.

Rather, 9 times out of 10, he's thrilled you’ve returned.

You can use this emotional attachment method subtly and not so extreme also.

Here’s how:

● Keep your texts shorter than usual. Stop sending the page long texts.

● While sitting with him, don't point your body towards his.

● Keep eye contact at a minimum.

● When you two are out in a social setting, focus on talking and having fun with the other people there.

REMEMBER: Only use this method if he's been completely neglecting you. This is more of a "last straw" method.

So ladies I will stop here. I believe you really admired reading this amazing guide on what makes a man emotionally attached to a woman.

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