May 5, 2022

Relationship Quiz Test For Women (How Well Do You Know Your Man)

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I’ve written this short report on relationship quiz as a response to the literally-hundreds of emails, messages, and occasional hand-written letters (yes, really) that I’ve had from women everywhere who want to know the answers to 2 simple questions: 

Why don’t I have a great man yet?


I have a great man already, but why does he seem to be DRAGGING HIS FEET?

Read this short relationship quiz test to the end (and take the pop quiz first) and you’ll know EXACTLY how much your own actions are currently helping (or hurting) your relationships with men.

And you’ll get the incredible, intuitive, life-changing solutions to the 3 worst mistakes that most women accidentally, and FREQUENTLY, make that repel great men.

But first, a word of warning:

This relationship quiz is not for the faint-hearted or easily-horrified. 

A lot of what you’re about to read is extremely politically incorrect and goes directly against the advice most other books and magazines are giving (Cosmo has a LOT to answer for.)

Instead, this is for women who want to get the bold, scary, freaky, ugly TRUTH about men and love… and who don’t mind getting their fingers dirty in the meantime and understand what men really want.

So if you want to know what really works to get (and keep) the man you truly want.

If you’re ready to go beneath the surface and find out what’s lurking under the tip of the iceberg.

Then you’re about to discover some shocking insights into the minds of the world’s most desirable men, and how to not just ATTRACT, but literally enchant (and keep) their hearts.

And that’s the case whether you want to make ALL men want you – or just one, special one.

So, are you ready?

Let’s go

Relationship Quiz: How Intuitive Are YOU About Men? 

Let’s play a game!

First, answer these questions with brutal honesty … and I’ll show you how in-tune you really are with what men really want.

(This might freak you out a bit. Most women are WAY off the mark and had absolutely no idea.

But take the relationship quiz test first, and we’ll go from there … answers later in the article .)

Ready? 9 simple questions … go!

What is any guy’s least favorite activity?

Watching Rhythmic Gymnastics on TV and drinking tap-water while munching on raw veggies and bean dip

Talking to a girlfriend about her weight, fat levels, and body image

Being asked about previous relationships and being forced to discuss ‘where he went wrong’

Sitting down to a State of the Nation conversation about his true feelings for you and what he wants from the relationship

How can you tell if a guy’s really into you?

He’ll compliment you on your appearance a lot (and you just know he’s telling the truth)

He smiles when you walk into the room

He takes you out on really classy dates to the best restaurants in town

He brags to his friends that he’s dating you

He introduces you to his family

He’ll ask you to become exclusive with him. Voluntarily. And he won’t stop bugging you until you agree.

What exactly makes a man fall in love and what do most guys really want in a girlfriend?

Beauty, humor, and the ability to do lots of kinky gymnastics in the bedroom

Ladylike behavior in public, sex mania in private

A sweet nature, integrity, and at least reasonably good-looking

A best friend he can also have great sex with

A strong woman he can respect, and who makes it clear she respects him also

What does it mean when you sleep with a guy (and he works REALLY hard to give you a good time?)

He likes you

He wants to see you again

He thought you were cute and you seemed available

All of the above

What’s the best way to really rock his world?

He gets drunk and tells you his most dynamite fantasy, and the next time you sleep with him you act it out.

You’re out on a date and you lean across the table and whisper, “I’m not wearing any underwear right now …”

You come round unexpectedly to his house with nachos, beer, and his favorite movie

You tell him you can’t live without him

5. Should you ever propose to a man? 

Sure. If you really love him, why shouldn’t you be honest about your feelings?

Yes, but only after you’ve been exclusive for at least a year.

No. That’s weird. Why would you put yourself out there like that?

No. Even if he really loves you, he still needs to EARN you.


6. When will a guy really fall in love with you?

When he comes over and finds you doing the gardening in a bikini and stilettos.

When you’ve been together for more than three months.

When you cook him breakfast after morning sex.

When he realizes you’re the girl he’s been waiting for his whole life and he can’t risk you getting away.

7 If you’re dating a guy and he blatantly checks out other women in front of you, what does it mean?

Clearly he’s being disrespectful to you and is probably not a great choice for a serious relationship.

He’s probably going to lie and cheat on you sooner or later.

He thinks you could be more attractive and irresistible to him, so is getting his eye-candy wherever he can.

He secretly wishes you’d lose 10 pounds and wear tighter clothes.

He’s a red-blooded male with 2 eyes that work.

8. What’s the one thing that a self-respecting guy will NEVER put up with in a woman?

She gains 50 pounds after they get married.

She joins a cult.

She starts getting loads and loads of plastic surgery.

She sometimes makes fun of him in front of his friends.

And now, the answers to your relationship quiz test.

1: Rhythmic Gymnastics, admitting he’s wrong, and analyzing a girl’s fat levels and body image are hardly any guy’s idea of a good time but getting quizzed on his feelings for you and where things are “headed” is about as enjoyable as getting a bucket of dry ice down the front of his pants.

So the answer is D: “Sitting down to a State of the Nation conversation about his true feelings for you and what he wants from the relationship.

” Trust me: when he loves you, he will TELL YOU (and show you … and show you … and show you.) You won’t have to ask. And if you, there’s probably something wrong.

2: The answer is F: he actually SAYS THE WORDS that mean, if you agree, you’ll be seeing him and ONLY him from now on.

(Yes, he’ll probably do all the others as well, but when a guy’s really feeling it, he’ll tell you … he won’t want to take the risk that you’ll get the wrong idea.

No, he doesn’t want you to be his best friend (notice how guys act around each other if he wanted someone to have farting contests with, he’d literally be dating his existing best friend), and while ladylike behavior and the occasional pole-dancing bonanza are great, for most guys the KEY to his feelings for you is respecting you … and knowing that you respect him too.

So the answer is E: “A strong woman he can respect, and who makes it clear she respects him also.” (As you’re about to discover, RESPECT is literally more important to a man than feeling loved.)

Sex has nothing to do with emotions for most guys … nope, doesn’t mean he wants to date you, and nope, doesn’t even necessarily mean he LIKES you (that’s just how guys are wired.) Oh, and his ego is probably tied to his ability to give a woman an orgasm, too – it’s nothing personal (sorry.) The answer is C: “You’re cute and you were available.”

6. The answer is B: no underwear on a date. You just can’t beat the naughty foreplay in public.

(Disclaimer: unless it’s your first date … in which case he’ll still have sex with you after dinner, but then he’ll high-tail it out of there and relegate you to ‘booty-call’ on his cellphone. And probably dine out on the experience for a month.)

7. I’m going to ruffle some feathers here, but the answer is D: “No, even if he really loves you, he still needs to EARN you.

” As you’re about to find out, no matter how much a guy loves you and no matter how much you think he ‘deserves it’, most men don’t respond well to being pursued.

It’s not a nice surprise and it won’t make him love you more. It will make him feel cornered and emasculated … and on some level, like you’ve given him some kind of ultimatum.

Truthfully, he wants to feel like you’re the prize that he chased down and eventually WON. And he can’t feel that way if you’re the one doing all the chasing.

(Besides … if you’re really honest with yourself, I think you’ll admit that you’d really rather be asked anyway.)

8. The bikini and stilettos option is just insane, and expecting a guy to fall in love after sex is just plain nuts.

And come on, you KNOW there’s no time-line for true love. The answer is D: “When he realizes you’re the one for him and he can’t let you get away.”

9 All guys check out other women. ALL GUYS. (Yes, including your dad, your boyfriend, and that grade male geography teacher who works at the all-girls’ school.)

And you know something else? You do it, too. Everyone notices a good-looking woman, because the human eye is drawn to beauty; it’s not always a sexual thing, just a ‘2 eyes that work’ thing.

It doesn’t necessarily mean he’s being disrespectful to you (although if his head is spinning 360 like something out of Poltergeist, you may feel otherwise), and it definitely doesn’t mean he’s going to cheat on you.

It just means he’s alive and he’s a man. End of story. (Hint: best way to deal with female eye-candy?

Point it out yourself and enjoy the view WITH HIM. Trust me, he noticed her before you did anyway, and this way you can pick up sneaky self-esteem points on the side.)

10: Making a guy feel disrespected is flat-out the WORST thing you can ever do to his feelings for you … yes, even more than gaining fifty pounds, even more than drinking the Kool-Aid, even more than cutting yourself open and inserting bags of silicone into your body here and there.

The answer is D: “She sometimes makes fun of him in front of his friends.

” More than anything else, he craves your RESPECT and your belief that “he can handle it” (whatever ‘it’ is). Making fun of him in front of his friends is just pouring lemon-juice into his paper-cuts.

If you want a loving, authentic, happy relationship with ANY man … just don’t go there.

What To Do With Your Relationship Quiz Answers 

How’d you score?

Were you way off the mark?

Or maybe you realized you actually know MORE about men than you may have realized?

Either way, don’t stress too much about your score.

It’s really just a fun game designed to open your eyes to the fact that men don’t always function the way you think they do … and underneath it all, he has dreams and desires of his very own (that are VERY different to your own dreams and desires!)

Matter of fact, that’s one of the most valuable facts you can ever discover about succeeding with men and relationships:

The simple fact that his dreams are not your dreams.

Even with a man you think you know better than anyone in the whole world, I guarantee you there are whole sides to his personality that you don’t know ANYTHING about.

And that’s why you’re reading this book, right? To discover the hidden facets of what makes him tick that he doesn’t know how to tell you about himself.

So you can be the woman who gets the man she wants (and keeps his heart forever, almost without any effort at all!)

Okay, now that you know where your own personal ‘Ground Zero’ is with guys, and where you’re currently at with your understanding of men (and don’t worry if you’re starting from absolute scratch)

It’s time to take it to the next level. I will stop here. If you loved reading this article on relationship quiz test for women then you’ll also love this amazing video presentation below…..Don’t miss it just watch it and you’ll thank me later.

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