May 4, 2022

Sensual Massage: The Ultimate Playground of Pleasure for Couples

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Do you know that the benefits of sensual massage are numerous?

Not only can a sensual massage boost your emotional, physical, and mental health, but it can help improve your relationship with your partner both inside and outside the bedroom by strengthening intimacy, encouraging trust, and increasing sexual desire.

In this article you’ll learn how to give a sensual massage to each and every body part of your partner’s body.

#1.The Full Body Long Stroke

This sensual massage technique is pretty much just like it sounds.

You start from one end of her body and move down or up to the extreme opposite end.

You can cross over to the opposite side of her body, as well, and then continue up or down.

Do this move often, as it will stimulate large areas of nerve receptors on your partner’s body and increases her pleasure and arousal.

For this example, start at the top of her body around her head or shoulders and then move down all the way to her feet.

For a highly sensual effect, use both of your hands on one side of her body and gently float them over the top of her skin.

This is not meant to be a firm or deep touch, just a very soft gliding movement.

The idea here is to make her nerve endings tingle with delight and pleasure.

So, from her shoulders, begin floating your hands over the top of her body and lightly graze the sides of her breasts.

Continue over her belly, around the curve of her hips, and down her upper leg.

Next, dip down into her thigh, down over her shin, and then slide your hands the rest of the way down to her feet.

You can either reverse this motion and go all the way back up to her shoulder/neck/ head area or move around her body to the opposite side and continue up from there.

Don’t be afraid to try both.

Also, be sure to try different directions and combinations.

This technique is really fun, sexy, and very stimulating for her.

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#2. The Wrap-Around Hug

Women like strength in a man, and one way to demonstrate your strength is to give her a firm massage “hug.”

This particular hug maneuver will give your partner a sense of safety as she experiences your power.

She will also experience a sense of vulnerability as you “take” her into your arms.

It’s a very primal move that can help heat things up a bit more.

Although sensual massage is generally very soft and gentle most of the time, throwing in some manly moves once in a while can be really seducing for her.

The hug maneuver is the perfect technique to for this.

With your hands placed flat on each side of her body, begin to move them underneath her backside until you completely embrace her body with your hands and arms.

While you’re down in the vicinity, it’s a nice time to kiss her chest in between her breasts.

Try a few small kisses around the edges of her breasts as well, but try not to go for the nipples right yet.

Teasing her in this way will increase her anticipation as she wonders even more when you are going to go all the way with your manly desire.

Important note! Keep in mind that this particular massage technique is new to her, so she may not understand what you are doing at first.

So don’t spend too much time holding her in the hug maneuver and kissing her breasts, as she may mistake this to mean you are done with the massage and just hugging her.

By now if she is letting you go this far, it’s not going to be long before her desire for sex erupts and her body begs for you to have your way with her.

This is the fine art of sensual massage at its best.

It’s a game that teases and tantalizes, and builds in intensity, as it slowly but confidently moves closer and closer to its stimulating and exciting climax.

Now, as you are pulling your hands back out from behind her back; pick her body up slightly so that her back is arched.

Then, with the ends of your fingers, apply a bit of pressure and depth into her back muscles and along the sides of her body as you pull upwards.

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This gives a very strong and relaxing effect to her muscles and relieves a great deal of tension.

After this, you can continue with your hands up to her chest and breasts by bringing your hands together just about where her upper stomach meets the bottom of her ribcage.

And then run them up through the center of her chest above her breasts, then split your hands apart towards either side of her body and then bring them down her sides while skirting her breasts.

Now, bring your hands all the way down her sides to her hips.

Then, bring your hands together again at her stomach and repeat this move a few times with every upward and downward movement circling over her breast until you finally reach right over the top of her breasts and nipples.

This is a very sensually tantalizing and teasing move that will be fun and extremely exciting for both of you.

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#3. Sensual Long Stretches

The point of doing long body stretches like the ones you are about to learn is that they not only help to release tension and stress along large muscle groups, but also create the opportunity for you to get physically closer to your lover’s body while performing them.

It also projects a very strong, masculine quality to her, which is that you are in charge of her body at the moment—a very sexy trait in her eyes.

Begin by applying a slight downward pressure on top of one of her knees and bending her body delicately to one.

Next, using your free hand, stretch her arm up over her head until both of your arms are completely outstretched.

Using the hand you are holding her hand with, slowly run it down her arm and over the side of her body that is facing you.

Continuing to press her leg down, reverse this move by running your free hand again up her sides and back up her arm all the way to her fingertips.

Repeat this up and down movement a few times as it is a very stimulating technique that she will no doubt love.

Remember while doing this not to overstretch her in any way.

If she expresses any pain or discomfort, stop immediately and continue massaging her elsewhere a lighter or different technique.

Massage moves such as these can feel extremely good to your lover, as it is similar to having yoga stretches done on her.

There is another form of massage that also performs stretches like these called “Thai Massage.

”During a Thai massage session, the practitioner will go through many movements completely stretch just about every muscle in your body.

It’s worth getting a Thai massage just to experience the extremely pleasant effects and to get a better idea of what to do when you try them.

To give her a stimulating long muscle stretch across her shoulders, arms, chest and belly, grasp both of her hands with yours and extend her arms up over and behind her head.

Next, in the reverse direction, bring her arms back up over her head and back down to the sides of her body.

This particular move will open up your partner’s breathing, relieve tension, and create more blood flow in muscle groups in and around her upper torso.

It’s also very sexy for her to have your body and face placed over her chest and face.

Repeat this particular move a few times. But, again, remember to be cautious when applying downward pressure onto her arms.

Follow up these long stretches by using a light, continuous stroke around the circumference of her body, starting up her arms, then working your way to her shoulders, neck, and chest, and then back down the sides of her arms, over her belly, and down her legs, all the way to her feet.

Now, on to her legs

#4. Legs and Thighs

Without further ado, let’s get to the sexiest and most sexually arousing area of your lover’s body—her legs and thighs.

After you’ve thoroughly primed her libido with the previous massage techniques, it’s time to go for the gold.

But before you do, start out with a sweet long stroke completely around her body.

Placing both of your hands onto one of her legs (either one will do), begin moving them up her leg to the side of her body and continue up over her arm, up to her shoulder, and then up to the top of her head.

Repeat the same movement down the opposite side of her body all the way down to her feet.

Lightly touching and grazing sensitive and sexually arousing areas of her skin are highly encouraged with this move, and you should feel free enough at this point to tease her most private areas.

Once you’ve finished moving your hands up her body in one long stroke, you’ll want to move them back down to her legs, where you will begin your ultimate magic.

Starting with one leg at a time, with palms facing down, place both of your hands on top of that leg just above her ankle.

Now, using long slow strokes, massage up and down lightly the length of her leg.

As you begin moving down from the top of either leg, let your hand drift and glide smoothly into the sensitive area of her inner thigh, then move down to her knee, over her shins, and all the way down to her foot.

Repeat this move a few times over each leg and every time you do, come a bit closer to her vagina as you dip down into her thighs.

You can even begin to ever so lightly graze her vaginal lips with the tips of your thumbs or fingertips to help prepare her for the erotic phase of the sensual massage.

If she lets you go this far and loving it, it’s time to crank up the heat.

So the next technique is to lift up one of her legs by bending it at the knee.

Next, place her foot flat down on the surface she is lying on.

By lifting her leg, it will create even more access to her inner thigh and other sensitive areas on the backside of her leg.

This will allow you to massage deeper, further, and get closer to her most sensitive and intimate areas of arousal.

A great location you can now easily stroke is the backside of her upper leg – this area is especially arousing in this position as you can massage all the way from the backside of her knee all the way down to her buttocks.

In this position, begin by rubbing her calf muscles gently with both of your hands in an up-and-down motion.

Do this a few times and then move your hands over the top of her upper leg and then down towards her hip.

As you come back up, with your hands now placed on either side of her upper leg, delicately stroke her inner thigh.

Repeat this move several times.

Next, with a downward stroke, move your hand completely underneath the backside of her leg and stroke down towards her butt and even go underneath it a bit.

On the way back up, stop at the skin behind the backside of her knee, and lightly stroke around there with your fingertips.

The sensations of this combination will surely ignite her fire of sexual desire.

Another effective move for increasing her desire for sex is to place both of your hands on the sides of one of her legs, just above the top of her knee (while it is still in the bent position).

Next, make slow circular motions while you run your hands down her thigh.

As your movements get closer to her vagina, let the fingertips of your hand on the inner side of thigh lightly graze the outer lips of her vagina.

Do this a few times up and down on each thigh area of both her legs.

It will drive her absolutely crazy with desire!

When working around these highly sensitive areas, make sure to check in with your lover to see how she is feeling.

If you notice her expressing any uncomfortable feelings in any way, stop for a moment, give her reassurance, and move on to a less intimate part of her body for a while.

And, likewise, if she is moaning with pleasure, it’s a sure sign that you are moving in the right direction and a clear signal that she wants you to give her more.

Don’t stop and ask her if she wants to have sex.

No words are necessary. Her body language will be all that you need to know what she wants. So be sure to watch and listen!

This next move is similar to the previous one, but takes things to an even more exciting level of exploration.

Pick up one of your partner’s legs at the knee, but instead of placing her foot down, place it over the top of your inside shoulder and let it rest there.

The underside of her leg is now completely exposed and her genitals are in a very vulnerable and suggestive position.

Here you can rub the underside of her upper leg, the top of her upper leg, or do slow circular movements on the sides of her legs as previously suggested.

The access you get on the inside of her thigh is also very good.

Rub your hand up and down her inner thigh lightly and sensually, with each pass coming closer and closer to her vagina, until you lightly graze her outer lips.

At this point, you can get a bit more direct with her vagina; especially if you notice her slowly rocking her pelvis each time your hand approaches the area.

This is a sign that your teasing moves have aroused her sexually and she’s ready for more.

But don’t take things too far just yet.

To progress, simply start by running your fingers directly over her vagina, and then later your hand.

Just be sure to be very gentle and then move back to her thigh and buttocks.

This is a five-star sensual massage maneuver and a great for getting her ready for more erotic techniques!

So, now you’ve learned many of the best sensual massage techniques and strokes to really soothe, relax, and sexually arouse your lover.

But remember: this is only the primer!

The techniques discussed and suggested are only guidelines to get you started.

The real fun begins when you allow yourself to fall into the moment with your own creative strokes, moves, and techniques, so we highly encourage you to experiment and have fun.

The key is to stay alert for whether or not she is experiencing pleasure or discomfort.

Always go in the directions of her positive moans, groans and other pleasurable expressions, and to shy away from any moves and techniques that bring on any discomforting sounds or indications that she is not enjoying the experience.

Sometimes in the beginning of a sensual massage, women can be quite uncomfortable with the situation of either being nude or where the session might end up.

By taking the time to really tune in to her needs and desires and follow the path of her pleasure, you will always create the most pleasant experience possible.

This holds true for whether you and your lover (or potential lover) are new together or have known each other for a lifetime.

The slower you take it, the greater the connection and the more trust and intimacy you will build—two very essential ingredients for a successful relationship.

By the time you get to this point of your massage, your lover should be very ripe when it comes to her level or sexual arousal and desire for sex.

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