May 4, 2022

Exposed – 17 Multiple Orgasm Secrets No Woman Can Resist

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Many of my male subscribers keep on asking me? Is it possible to give a woman multiple orgasms?

Well my friend the answer is Yes! A woman can have multiple orgasms! Biologically speaking, of course.

However, there are some steps that must be fulfilled in order for her to truly be comfortable enough to let go in all areas.

Because that’s the secret of multiple orgasms: letting go completely, so that you can enjoy the pleasures that your body is able to give you.

Follow these 17 steps and she’ll be soon on the list of the happy few that master the fine art of multiple orgasms.

Step 1. Find the chemistry.

First of all, a woman has to feel that there is a genuine physical attraction coming from your part.

It’s essential that she feels a chemical harmony when physically close to you. So show her that you want her more than ever, and that there is no other person with which you’d share this intimate moment.

Pheromones are also important in the process of attraction.

If you want her to feel deeply attracted to you and vice versa, why not use the power of these little wonder chemicals.

If your body lacks them (it’s been bound to happen) you can choose a perfume or body oil which is pheromone-based.

I personally recommend Wet Pheromone Alluring Body Glide.

With its subtle, alluring scent, this silky, water based formula will unleash a whole new level of subconscious attraction between the two of you.

You will feel like ripping each other’s clothes off on the spot!

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Step 2. Connect psychologically.

A woman must first be comfortable emotionally in order to be able to succumb to the ultimate pleasure you can give her.

Make sure she’s emotionally complete, relaxed, and whole as a sexual individual.

Achieve this by discussing eventual sexual issues with her. Ask her if she’s willing to try new ideas or put to life her utmost fantasy.

A good communication will ease things for her.

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Step 3. Plentiful, fabulous foreplay is important to give her multiple orgasms

This step is probably the most difficult to pin down because it’s such an individual thing.

What was adequate for a former girlfriend of yours may not be enough for her.

Moreover, what’s enough for her one day may not be adequate the next time.

In my articles, I have reached to the conclusion that women need anywhere from five to forty-five minutes of foreplay.

The average seems to be around ten to fifteen minutes.

Milk this time of all its benefits by trying everything: kissing, touching, massaging, oral sex, everything that you think will work for her.

From time to time, check things out with her, though.

You can do this either verbally- “Do you like this?”- or by observing bodily reactions such as her eyes closing, pupils dilating, vulva becoming wet, or legs stiffening.

Also, remember that good foreplay is 90 percent mental.

If the mood is right, you can both enjoy it much better than the usual.

So make sure she’s in the mood… to experience an out-of-body euphoria such as multiple orgasms.

Step 4. Breathing techniques.

Because of stress, many women don’t breathe properly.

Unknowingly, many have actually reversed the natural air flow direction, therefore increasing the level of body stress.

And stress breeds anxiety, which is the most fearful enemy of sex drive.

Before and meanwhile penetrating her, slow things down and ask her to take long breaths.

Better yet, accompany her and breathe in tandem.

Breathing you keep your body full of oxygen, which makes your whole senses much more alert and ready to receive pleasure.

Step 5. Make noises.

Sex sounds are natural. So, if she’s one of those women that stop themselves from screaming during sex, tell her to forget about that.

Sequential, multiple orgasms are all about letting loose, and by letting out natural noises, she’s exchanging energy with you, letting you know how exactly she is feeling everything that you are doing.

Step 6. Choose the right positions.

This does not necessarily mean that you need to try twelve positions in one night in order for her to orgasm, but experimenting is definitely good.

Also, you don’t have to change the entire position; you can experiment with various tilts and angles of penetration of the same position.

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Step 7. Open up and let go.

Finally, if she wants to truly feel the power of complete and utter body excitement, she should let go of what she previously envisaged sex should be.

Say no to prescriptive methods or ritualistic techniques.

Let go of your ideas of sex and orgasms and attend to the energy at hand, to what you are experiencing right now.

It won’t be long until the flow of orgasms will flood her whole body and spirit.

Be ready for some shuttering movements from her part!

Part 2) Simultaneous orgasms

Ask women all over the world what their number-one sex wish is and it’s this: they want to climax with their partner, at the same time.

It’s not the easiest thing to do, though. And you can blame biology for this one also.

Because it has put men and women on opposite poles: you are doing your best not to orgasm to quickly, trying hard not to explode, while for her, triggering her orgasm feels like a major project.

Step 8. Vary the menu

Since I know you want to grant your girlfriend her wish.

The chance of getting to the point of no return together- I am going to help you help her, by telling you what exactly you should be doing so that she gets turned on and hot and bothered just as quickly as you.

Step 9 Kiss her more.

Right out of the gate, most men make the mistake of giving their girlfriends the same warm-up as ever: you enthusiastically grab her boobs and rub her between the legs and expect her to be eager for moving on to full penetration.

This is wrong. Unless she’s already super horny, you should try and turn her on above the neck first.

How do you do that? Prolonged lip action, of course!

“Kissing helps spark your arousal”, says Barbara Goldsmith, author of Emotional Fitness for Intimacy.

Exaggerate your mouth moves so she can adapt to your rhythm, gently suck her lower lip, flick your tongue against her mouth, and vary the pressure with which you press your mouth against hers.

This strategy almost always works because we tend to mirror what our partner does, so soon she’ll be just as turned on as you are.

When you are ready to increase the intensity, kiss your way down from her ear to her neck and collarbone.

Step 10 Learn the fine art of cunnilingus. 

I know you love going down on your woman, but you may skip or rush through it because you have no clue what to do.

I remember once, I was talking to a patient, and she told me how she “trained” her husband to do the best cunnilingus she’d ever had.

She gave him a crystal clear demonstration of what she wanted by saying,

“This is what I’d love you to do to me down there”, and then she pulled him towards her for a steamy kiss, using her tongue to demonstrate what she would like him to do.

This is a great method, and I’m almost jealous that I didn’t think about it first, since it really gives great results.

Start the cunnilingus session as you’d start a kissing spree- with light pecks and tongue flicks, and work your way up into a deep powerful kiss.

If you want to know if she likes it but don’t dare ask, pay attention to her body language.

If she’s angling her body towards your face, it means she wants you to use more pressure, meanwhile is she scoots back, it means you are going too hard.


Step 11 Choose peak-friendly positions.

While some women can orgasm via vaginal stimulation alone, constant clitoral action is required to take most of them to the edge.

That’s why having an O via intercourse can be tricky- she needs to be in a position that lets you touch her clitoris with your hands or rub against it with your pubic bone.

I personally recommend spooning with both of you lying on your sides, facing the same direction- or doggie style.

Both of these positions make it quite easy for you to reach your hands around and stroke her clitoris while you thrust.

If you want to make sure she likes what you are doing, take her hand and encourage her to guide you towards her hot spot.

If her clitoris is too sensitive to touch, at first, try caressing the surrounding area at first, shifting the pads of your fingers above, to the side, or bellow to keep the feeling going without overloading her.

Or try slipping the bed sheet between her body and your fingers.

The ongoing pressure, even if not direct, will help build her orgasm. For a hands free move, try this variation of the missionary: place one pillow under her bum, which will prop up her pelvis.

Lie on top of her, your legs between hers. After you enter her, shift your body forward, so that your pubic bone rubs against her clitoris with each thrust.

Step 12 Go all the way. 

At this point, you’re so close, it’s crucial that you keep doing what you are doing.

Press harder if you are in missionary, or if you are stimulating her clitoris with your hands, try more firm movements for more intense pleasure.

Almost there but she fell off the tracks?

Get back were you were with a little tongue action from your part for a few minutes.

Retracing your steps will bring her back to the brink and push her beyond it.

Step 13 Longer lasting orgasms

An hour-long orgasm? Seems too good to be true, right?

Well, it actually is true. I was in disbelief myself, until my wife succeeded in having one.

When I heard that a group of sex researchers had devised a technique that would yield an hour-long orgasm, my jaw hit the floor.

I was obviously intrigued by the concept, and also skeptical. Here, I explain the theory and help you make the most of your girlfriend’s orgasm.

According to Steve and Vera Bodansky, co-authors of The Illustrated Guide to Extended Massive Orgasm, what happens physically when a woman is about to climax- her muscles tense up, she breathes more shallowly and feels a huge release- actually rip us off in the orgasm department.

“When you tense up, your blood vessels constrict, reducing the amount of oxygen and blood coursing through your body.

This causes your orgasm to be shorter than it should be”, they explain.

Their theory: a woman can transform the entire sexual experience into one long, continuous orgasm by reaching the brink of climax without actually tipping over the edge.

They call this the hyper-aroused orgasm.

Other experts don’t agree though. They claim that while these techniques can generate extreme bliss, most people wouldn’t consider the outcome an actual orgasm.

“There might be a handful of women who can have a true orgasm for minutes, maybe even an hour, but it’s not possible for the majority of people”, says Lou Paget, author of Orgasms: How to have them, Give them, and Keep them coming.

Even if a 60 minute climax isn’t on the cards for everybody, staying at the brink of climaxing for an extended period sounds pretty good, and is definitely more pleasurable than a 5 seconds orgasm.

Here’s how to help her get there.

Step 14 Use teasing touches.

The key to reaching the about-to-orgasm zone is to get her crazy turned on and then dial it back when she nears climax.

Once she has calmed down, build up the sexual tension again. This ebb and flow of tension keeps her in an elevated state of pleasure.

Start by fully exploring her erogenous zones, rather than zeroing in on the bull’s eye right away.

Lingering on the surrounding areas boost flow, which increases arousal and sensitivity.

It also enhances anticipation so that when you finally do turn your full attention to her genitals, they’re more responsive.

Stroke her inner thighs, gently massage her pubic bone, or brush against her vulva while kissing. You can also tantalize her by kissing and licking from her lips down her breasts and belly, pulling away when you are about to reach her genitals.

Swirl your tongue around her breasts, moving in tighter circles as you approach the nipples.

Another option is holding a finger above her clitoris and telling her how you are going to stroke it before making contact.

This heightens her awareness of the spot and makes her crave your touch.

Step 15 Use both hands.

Touching her with both hands creates a multisensory experience.

Stroke her clitoris with one hand, and with the other, caress her labia or lightly push one finger inside her vagina, toward her G-spot.

Have some lube handy in case she is not lubricated enough.

This also increases her sensations. My absolute favorite: Slippery Stuff Lubricant, a unique silken liquid that enhances the pleasure of intimate contact without leaving a sticky residue.

Step 16 Vary the speed.

Switching rhythms will keep the momentum going without making her orgasm too quickly.

When touching her labia and clitoris, start with long, flow strokes, and then pick up the speed, using faster, shorter strokes.

Once she’s quite aroused, bring her back down by slowly, gently caressing up and down the length of her labia.

During oral sex, warm her up with licks all over the place, and then move solely to the clitoris, which is where she has the most nerve endings.

To intensify things, move your hand firmly and rapidly up and down her vulva while you are simultaneously sucking on her clitoris.

Change the pacing during intercourse as well.

Fluctuate between deep and slow penetration and quick yet shallow movements, where just the tip of your penis enters her.

Occasionally, shift into high gear wit hard, fast penetration.

Step 17 Stop and start again.

Another great way to keep her simmering is to take mini-breaks mid-action and do something different.

Instead of moving linearly from manual stimulation to oral sex to intercourse, try mixing things up. Press pause during oral just to kiss her for a minute.

If she’s super worked up during intercourse, pull out and spend a few minutes stroking her.

Or rub your penis against her clitoris.

Not only does this give you a chance to catch your breath, but it also introduces hot new sensations for her.

When you jump back into the action, she should be more riled up than before.

I will stop here. If you loved reading this article then you’ll love this POWERFUL VIDEO PRESENTATION BELOW.

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