May 4, 2022

How to Arouse a Woman Sexually (14 Steps to Learn Her Brain Chemistry)

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Today I’m going to teach you how to arouse a woman sexually and convince her to sleep with you.

I know very well that’s a dream come true for you and most guys to learn the secret sauce behind how to arouse a woman sexually.

Trust me you can condition your woman into immediate arousal in mere seconds – at your whim.

All you’ve to do is read this powerful article till the end to learn the EXACT ways to sexually arouse a woman.

Once you've put this tricks into practice, she will immediately drop whatever it is she is doing and want to have sex with you.

I know this sounds amazing and you probably think it also sounds impossible, but I’m going to lay out the exact steps for you to follow and you will see that achieving this is actually much easier than you may think.

I mentioned the word “condition” earlier. What I’m teaching you here is actually a proven psychological phenomenon known as conditioning.

Note that sexually arousing a woman is actually a ‘Condition”

A condition in which a girl is sexually excited and ready to sleep with you.

I’m sure you’ve heard about Pavlov’s dogs, but would you have guessed that the same technique could be used in your sex life to please a woman sexually?

Not until now.

History tells of a Russian scientist nerd named Ivan Pavlov. He ran a study where he rang a bell and fed his dogs at the same time.

His dogs, therefore, began to associate the sound of the bell with being fed.

After using the bell during feeding time repeatedly, they would salivate anytime they heard the bell, even if they couldn’t see the food.

Pavlov thought he could explain the universe of human behavior with this theory – which he couldn't, but he did give us insight into this concept that living things can be conditioned to respond to certain stimuli in a certain way.

These conditioned responses, once associated to a certain stimulus, can trigger actual sensations in the body, even without the actual stimulus being present.

In the dogs’ minds, the bell came to represent the serving of food, just the same way as seeing their food being brought to them would.

In this article, we are essentially going to figure out what your “bell” signal will be, and we will replace food with sex. Simple. And it works wonders to excite a woman sexually.

By combining the “bell” with sex, you are going to train your woman to respond to the signal with immediate sexual arousal.

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#1. Here is how I accidentally discovered conditioning in my own sex life. 

I had a girlfriend who loved giving head. She was an expert at taking me right to the edge of cumming but would then pull me back.

Letting the intensity build and build.

These blowjobs would always end in either me returning the favor and giving her oral sex or our having sex to make her orgasm, so I wasn’t the only one getting all the pleasure.

She had long hair and usually wore it down. I didn’t like having an obstructed view and I could tell that it really got in her way, so (being the gentlemen that I am),

I naturally began holding her hair back for her in a type of gentle but firm ponytail grip.

I wasn’t pulling on it (I didn’t want to make it difficult for her to continue what she was focused on), just loosely holding it back for her.

One day, she was in the kitchen cooking and her hands were covered in goop. Her hair was getting in her face, so she asked me if I would pull it back for her.

I grabbed a hair tie and began running my fingers through her hair scooping it up into a ponytail. She started getting in mood.

Before she even consciously knew what was happening, she leaned her body into me and began gently rubbing her ass on my cock.

I could tell she was incredibly seduced and turned on.

It was then that I realized that my pulling her hair back had become a signal to her.

She had become conditioned to think that my pulling her hair back = sex.

I understood that arousing a woman sexually is also about understanding her sex drive.

Once I figured that out, I realized I had tapped into a powerful trigger that I could have a lot of fun with.

If we were out waiting in line somewhere, I would casually run my fingers through her hair and pull it back into a ponytail and give a little tug.

She would give me THAT look. The look that says, “I want to devour your whole cock in my mouth right now.”

And she'd snuggle up closer to me.

If we were watching a movie together on the couch, I would play with her hair and slowly pull it back away from her face. Needless to say, we began having to re-watch a lot of movies.

I could just send a text that said, “Come over NOW. Bring a hair tie.” and she would be there in her mind immediately.

A benign thing like a ponytail became an incredible sex symbol for us.

Ponytails aren’t even remotely naughty, but the meaning of ponytail had become a sexually-charged stimulus for us.

The key here is that the stimulus was simple and clear and it got her sexually aroused and excited enough to sleep with me.

#2. A ponytail was our Pavlov’s bell. 

We eventually broke up but have kept in touch. She tells me that, to this day, she thinks of me when she pulls her hair back.

And, she says, that no one else has ever found a way to make her so horny with something so simple.

#3. Success! Everybody wins!

Ok. So now I want you to be a sex scientist. First, I will need you to understand exactly how conditioning works.

Let’s use my ponytail example from above.

Before Conditioning Period: pulling her hair back into a ponytail = no response

During Conditioning Period: pulling her hair back into a ponytail + blowjob (and later sex/oral sex for her) = orgasmic bliss for both of us.

After Conditioning Period: Pulling her hair back into a ponytail without a blow job = anticipation and desire for orgasmic bliss.

#4. Find Your “Bell”

You need to decide what object or action you want to use as your “bell” with sex.

Some ideas to consider:

A certain cologne. I have a friend who has a “fuck me” cologne. His girlfriend absolutely loves when he wears it.

They’ve been together for a while and have two young kids, so they began planning their sex dates.

He made it a ritual to only wear this cologne on the days when they have their sex date planned.

It became a really erotic reminder, whenever she got near him during the day, of what they had planned for later.

Playing a certain Pandora/Spotify Station or the same song. I have a “Sexy Yum” Spotify station that I always play during sex.

My girlfriend told me that once she was out and about running errands and heard a song from the station and felt her panties get instantly wet. That makes me happy.

Make an aphrodisiac drink. My friend bought a tea that was supposed to increase libido and enhance orgasm.

He would set the mugs on the dresser by the nightstand and he and his girlfriend would drink it before sex.

Soon just seeing a mug on the dresser would turn her on.

#5. Light a candle or burn some incense.

I had an email subscriber who used to joke about this Venice Beach hippie she was dating.

He would always have Nag Champa burning in his little studio apartment.

The sex was great, but they didn’t last. However, even today (years later) she told me she can’t go into any little hippie store without getting horny and wanting to flirt with the sales guy if Nag Champa is wafting in the air.

#6. Coconut oil.

Coconut oil is a great moisturizer and natural lubricant. A friend of mine started using it with his girlfriend and she loved it.

Soon it became code for "I'm horny." He would put the jar on the nightstand and would wait to see how long it would take her to notice and then jump his bones.

Think of a habit, toy, or fetish you or your partner already use during sex. Fetishes and toys are perfect for this type of conditioning and arousing a woman sexually.

And, if she already associates it with sex, you are even further along in the conditioning.

Grab a journal and jot down some ideas. It’s okay to try out one or two ideas to see what you are most comfortable with before you move on to step 7.

#7. Use The Item

Once you’ve decided on the item you want to use as your “bell,” you need to plan and remember to consistently and intentionally use the item.

Simple as that. Use the item during sex.

Let’s continue outlining these steps, assuming you choose to use coconut oil as your “bell” item.

#8. Use It Some More

The next few times you plan to initiate sex, use the coconut oil. Step three can last a few weeks or longer depending on the frequency with which you have sex.

#9. Test Her Response

After a few times using the coconut oil, test whether she’s begun associating the item with sex.

Pull the coconut oil out and begin to rub it on your body like lotion.

Maybe mention that your skin has been feeling really dry lately and you need to moisturize it. See what she does.

Does her attention perk up? Does she smile at you teasingly and offer to rub some on your back?

Does she begin to hint or flat out ask for sex? If the answer to any of those is yes, then the conditioning has begun to take hold.

If the answer to this question is no, DO NOT WORRY.

Remember, this technique is one that takes time to develop and make her sexually excited and aroused.

 So just continue working Step 9. Every so often test her response to the item outside of sex.

#10. Tease

After the conditioning has been cemented in her brain, you can begin to tease and toy with her.

For example, if you see a coconut candle in a store, you can simply ask her to give it a whiff and see if she gives you that knowing hungry look.

You could casually leave a jar of it lying on the bed when you leave for a guys’ night out so she sees it, but you aren’t there.

Or, if you meet up for dinner one night, you could ask the waiter if they use coconut oil to fry their vegetables and watch her squirm in her seat because she can’t wait to get you out of that restaurant and into her bed!

#11. Bonus questions:

How many times will I need to use my item during/before sex before she gets conditioned?

That depends on how close she is paying attention. It might be a few times, it might be many. Just stay consistent with it over time, and every so often, try out Step 4 to see if she responds to the item when you show it to her outside of sex.

#12. Should I call her attention to the item/signal?

Not directly. I wouldn’t say, “When you see this coconut oil that means we are going to have sex” right off the bat.

But you could casually mention things like, “I love the smell of coconut oil on your skin.” That could be enough to trigger her to begin to associate the oil with sex.

#13. What if she notices I’m always using this item/signal with sex?

Chances are she won’t. However, if she does catch on to what you are doing, just stay cool and play along.

If she says, “Hey, I’ve noticed that every time we have sex lately, you are playing that song. What’s up with that?”

You can casually say, “Oh really? I hadn’t noticed. Maybe that’s our song...” or turn the question back on her: “You noticed that song, huh? Do you like it?” There really is no wrong way to respond.

If she notices the pattern, that just means that she is paying attention and she’s already associating the song with sex. Which is good!

The point is to remain playful and confident.

#14. What if I forgot to use my item during sex?

That’s okay! Don’t stress about it if you guys get spontaneous and you forget your “bell.” You can just use it the next time you have sex.

Remember, this technique is one that takes time to develop in order to arouse a woman sexually, so a couple of times without it won’t matter.

I will stop here. I believe you really loved this article on how to arouse a woman sexually.

Now, before I stop I would love to recommend you a powerful system that will help you to convince any woman to sleep with you.

Without wasting any time I urge you to Watch This Powerful Video Presentation Here:

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