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How to Seduce a Woman Mentally – 6 Tantalizing Ideas For Smart Men


In this article, we are going to talk about how to seduce a woman mentally. We’re going to talk about planting the seeds of sexual desire in her mind at the mental level.

Remember, most relationships fail because men only look for sex without mentally stimulating a woman.

The idea here is to get her turned on and seduced mentally and get your fantasies met while she’s thinking that it’s her idea.

So we’re going to talk about this in depth in this article on how to seduce a woman mentally.

There are all kinds of things that we’re going to use to seduce a woman, but we’ve spoken about several of these techniques already in my past articles.

#1. Emotions Matters

As I said above emotions play an important role when it comes to seducing a woman mentally because emotions are associative and that's what makes a woman want you and crave you.

If you can start planting seeds and associate them with yourself, then being together and dropping those little seeds or plants or triggers, will elicit an emotion.

Now here’s the thing you need to know.

This is really important because what a lot of guys specifically don’t know is that women often start affairs because they’ve been treated like Madonnas and they’ve been treated like buddies.

And there is a point where she comes to this horrible realization that she just doesn’t want to have sex with you.

And that’s the place you want to avoid: the friend zone/no zone/definitely no pussy zone. And I meet men in this place all the time.

I also meet women in this place because they find themselves in this box of comfort, and it’s not that their relationships are necessarily bad, it’s just that the passion is gone, the seeds of excitement, the things that are unusual and interesting and stimulating are not there.

You need to spice things up in your relationship to make it work for life long.

And that’s what happens when we treat our partner like she’s a Madonna.

This is very common when guys are getting into situations where they have kids and begin thinking, “Oh this is the mother of my child so I can’t you know, have anal sex with her.”

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#2. Why women lose interest in sex and also in you.

In response, women will become bored and start to look around. Yes, they may feel guilty about having an affair, but you know the bottom line is it creates excitement and energy.

So by your sharing fantasies and ideas together, and by your planting seeds of sexual desire for things that you’re into and consequently introduce her to, there’s this very powerful bond and connection and sharing that can happen.

Of course, you bond with oxytocin by sharing personal and private thoughts and moments; also powerful, fantasies build trust and they bring people together.

That’s what’s so amazing about planting these seeds of desire to seduce a woman on mental level.

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#3. Women have choices so, be cautious.

When you have your beautiful woman and she really has unlimited choice with men, having these seeds that stimulate her are very important.

And I happen to making love to a woman feel things in her body. This to me is super exciting.

So what I like to do is engage her mind, by trying things out; I find that I can stimulate this energy of excitement and joy and enthusiasm.

And this, of course, builds connection and depth.

And if you do these things right, you will be the best lover she’s ever had because most men are having sex like 15-year-old boys: still watching porn or humping Playboy Magazine centerfolds.

There’s not a lot of care or understanding that go into their sexual fulfillment, but once you begin to understand her sexual desires using these techniques you will realize that you have sexual leverage and growing confidence in your relationship; she will always come back for more as a result.

She’ll feel herself blossom with you, and in blossoming good things happen.

So, busting the buddy frame, the Madonna frame, is as simple as stimulating her mentally.

#4. The Porn Destroyer Technique

Now, one thing that’s fun to do is to go online together, and this is what I call the Porn Destroyer Technique.

The Porn Destroyer Technique is basically getting rid of the shame that we feel around porn.

What I love to do is go to a website – you know you can find anything you can imagine:

You Porn is a great one, xHampster. You can go on and on and on and just search together and find things that look interesting.

Now what’s really cool is you could actually have some “favorite” porn clips that you are in to that you can pull up and say, “Oh,” with interest in your voice.

You know, in a way, it’s kind of fun because you plant the idea by just showing the idea.

So if you really like, let’s say anal sex or you have a foot fetish or maybe you want to be dominated, you can bring up porn that exists already and show that and share it and talk about it.

The bottom line is, no matter how she feels to begin with, once she’s been exposed to the idea, the seed has been planted.

So if, for example, you’re with a partner who does not particularly like to have her feet and toes worshipped, you know, show her a video, talk about it, and if you find the right video – where the girl who’s having her feet worshipped is into it – then you’ve just planted the seed.

Whatever the specific flavor is that you’re looking to experience with your partner, show them an example of that and you have just planted the seed.

If she flat out rejects the idea or pushes back, obviously just drop it.

But what I've noticed is that I can plant these little seeds and she’ll eventually come along for the ride because something that is at first disgusting or a turn-off, can arouse enough negative energy that, once channeled, the activity can turn into positive energy and become a turn-on.

Note that these are small kinky sex stuffs that arouses a woman sexually and turns her on and pushes her to keep coming back to you again and again.

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#5. The power of sexual energy.

This is part of what I’ve been talking about in most of my articles. That energy is energy.

Sexual energy is energy whether it’s I’m disgusted, I’m appalled, I’m turned on, I’m scared, I’m in an erotic bliss state.

The bottom line is that you and your partner are feeling things in your bodies and sex happens in the body.

So if you’re feeling things and if she’s feeling things you guys are doing great.

You are creating emotional intensity to seduce her mentally, and it allows you to share these inner, typically private worlds with one another, worlds you wouldn’t normally share.

That’s what makes this so frickin’ awesome.

I love this technique because what you’re doing by planting seeds is you’re overcoming her moral codes and her shame and her guilt regarding her body.

By speaking about these things, by touching them, by planting little ideas, by discussing sexual things with her, you begin to recreate or de-contextualize or even anchor sexual energy to you and to the idea of widening your sexual activities.

This makes it really, really powerful and incredible because it’s like she has something, you know there’s something, like a little tingle inside of her that’s already beginning.

And if you, for example, want to have a threesome, find some lesbian threesomes, some lesbian porn, find things where there’s a lot of turn-on but not a lot of shame or blame or awkwardness.

You want scenarios where you can see that those participating are really enjoying and engaged in the idea.

Now here’s the fun part. If you plant the seed, then poke the idea every once in a while, you’ll see and feel progress.

I like to poke the idea during foreplay or during sex or even after sex, post orgasmic. I might just nurture that little seed, just tweak it a little bit. Think of it as putting water on the seed.

So let’s kind of break this down which will help you to stimulate and seduce your woman at mental level.

Step 1: Find what you want, what you’re into.

Step 2: Plant the seed. Talk about it a little bit. Throw it out there into fertile ground.

Step 3: Look at some porn together. Have her show you things that turn her on as well.

Start a conversation and think of porn as a wall of paint chips at the hardware store.

Figure out what color to paint your house by looking at chips and settling on some samples. Bring them home and test them, talk about them, try them on.

Porn is like a bouquet of colorful paint chips; try on different flavors and have discussions about them. It’s important to demythologize and “unscary” porn for her.

There are so many cultural mythologies about porn out there, when really it’s just such a great tool for communication and for coming to the realization that whatever you’re into, somebodies already doing it.

So have conversation, have communication.

Be present with her regarding how she’s feeling about porn because if you show her something and there’s a little bit of disgust, no big deal. You’ve planted the seed.

It’s funny how disgust can turn around into something she’s actually curious about and into.

Understand that planting seeds is a process. You water seeds by pinging them every once in a while.

Then in a sexual situation make sure you bring up the topic again. Circle around it, very gently.

You’re just sprinkling water, not opening up a fire hose on it.

You’re just tweaking the idea. You may have to plan on a longer planting cycle to get her comfortable with the idea of whatever it is you want to try; it could be weeks or even months.

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#6. Make sure to comfort her.

Now with all of these techniques, remember to come back to your body.

If you show her a porn scene that you love and suddenly she stops breathing, you want to remind her to breathe.

You want to comfort her, you want to let her know that she is secure in the universe with you.

That she is safe, that the world is safe with you in it, and that you guys are safe together.

That everything is cool no matter what you’re into, no matter what you’re looking at, no matter what you’re discussing, that you really want to give her the sense, and this should be true, that you want to be with her.

That you want to share these things with her specifically because you guys have chemistry, because you want to know her more, you want to go deeper, you want to get to know your lover.

This is really really important when it comes to understanding how to seduce a woman mentally.

And you also need to understand that by having these discussions, you’re breaking her out of the Madonna/Buddy frame, which is the ultimate goal because that limited framework sucks for everybody.

So what I want you to do is plant seeds to seduce her. Remember: anything that you want is possible.

My experience shows that women are sexual badasses and they are open to anything if you present it correctly and you give the seeds time to bear fruit.

If you start pushing an agenda, right in that moment, or your technique is shitty, then they’re going to push back.

But if you gently plant seeds, it will even come to the point where she feels the blooming garden was her idea all along.

And then the idea itself stimulates emotion for her, and emotion is a beautiful thing. It can create overwhelming, irresistible passion in the relationship.

And then you can feel like you can be your true selves together, which is what she wants.

And so this is what I want you to play with, and know that it creates more safety, more peace, more connection, more depth.

Let her know, at every turn, that this increases your desire and enhances her beauty and your appreciation and adoration of her.

Tell her that you want to see her go deeper.

That you want to see her surrender and give in to sexual experiences, to really unleash her sexual energy and unleash her power and live full throttle at her full potential.

I will stop here. I hope you enjoyed reading this powerful article on how to seduce a woman mentally. 

Just Watch It, It’s Powerful and You’ll Really Thank Me After Watching.

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