May 4, 2022

How to Seduce a Woman Mentally – Get a Limitless Mind Seduction Power

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How to Seduce a Woman Mentally - Get a Limitless Mind Seduction Power

Today, you are going to learn exactly how to seduce a woman’s mind, how to seduce her mentally.

We will unlock the secret emotional and psychological triggers that impact a woman’s passionate instincts and gives you the POWER to seduce your wife, girlfriend or fling like never before.

And I bet once you read this step-by-step guide on seducing her mentally (and sexually!) you’ll not only rock her world but she’ll also praise you privately with her girlfriends while gossiping.

You see, seducing her mind is the key to have her always thinking about you when she is thinking about sex (specially if you are dating a hot woman!).

This is what unique, confident and sophisticated smart men do.

And that, my friend… is simply irresistible to women.

We’re going to talk about planting the seeds of sexual desire in her mind so she thinks it’s her idea, and use her subconscious to your advantage to build a lasting bond.

Some would call it mind control.. because you will evoke strong physical and emotional desires in even the most snooty and disinterested women.  

We will explain each and every phase on how to seduce a girl mentally and in the end, you will get an incredible mind seduction power

Also, proven tips, tricks and tactics that will show you how to project yourself as a confident, smart and desirable MAN even if you are a nervous underachiever at heart.  

You will become indispensable, precious and the ultimate one for her… 

… even if you are not wealthy, even if you are not handsome. 

Ready? Let’s go.

Table of Contents

How To Seduce a Woman Mentally by Playing to Her Emotions

It has been proven time and again that the brain is our most important erogenous zone because without it we wouldn’t feel anything.

Emotions play an important role when it comes to seducing a woman mentally because emotions are associative and that’s what makes a woman want you and crave you.

If you can start planting emotional seeds and associate them with yourself, then being together and dropping those little seeds or plants or triggers, will elicit an emotion.

Seduce Her by Going Slow (And the Importance of Foreplay)

Wise men say only fools rush in” – Elvis

Most men forget about women’s emotions, and just go for vaginal penetration i.e the final climax.  

That’s a no-no.

They don’t realize that they need to go slow, under her emotions, give her proper foreplay and post foreplay comes the penetration part. 

Pro Tip: Foreplay and emotions are connected and foreplay is not just in the bedroom, in fact, foreplay happens outside the bedroom too. 

This is really important because what a lot of guys specifically don’t know is that women often start affairs because they’ve been treated like Madonnas and they’ve been treated like buddies. 

And there is a point where she comes to this horrible realization that she just doesn’t want to have sex with you

That’s exactly the place you want to avoid: the friend zone/no zone/definitely no sex zone.

I meet men in this place all the time where sex and intimacy are gone

No foreplay, just vaginal penetration.  

Please mark this down: Sex for a woman is not just sex; it’s a physical and emotional reflection of feeling desired.

And giving her your full attention will make her feel desired and more in love with you sexually and emotionally

Most men don’t realize that they need to go slow, give her proper foreplay and only post foreplay comes the penetration part. 

You need to learn how to plant a seed in a girl’s mind with the help of foreplay and nurture them into emotions and feelings that will make her long and crave for you. 

 So, let’s see how to achieve this.

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Listen, Understand and Learn Her Needs If You Want to Seduce Her

Do you know the secret of what women really want (and think they deserve!) in a loving relationship? 

It’s really not that complicated. 

It’s just that you acknowledge her needs. 

And you acknowledge by listening to her

Listening to her needs is the crucial stage when it comes to seducing her mind sexually. 

Listening to what she needs is learning what she likes

Really… if you pay attention to your girl, you should know what she likes (or what bothers her). 

Let’s see some examples about this, by enumerating some cool things to do to please her needs.

Understand Her Needs First Before Seducing Her

Now… you don’t have to do ALL of these things because not all women are alike… 

The key for success is to know exactly what she likes or dislikes

For example, some women really care about keeping the house tidy and clean, while others enjoy arriving home and throwing her day clothes on the floor. 

Anyway… here are some common examples of woman needs that you can easily accomplish.

Demonstrate you care with actions, not just words

That means calling her when you say you will, holding her hand when she is sick, helping her move the furniture around, etc. 

DO, don’t just talk.

Be a little kitchen savvy

You don’t have to be Gordon Ramsay, but having some culinary skills beyond beans and toast will certainly make her life easier when she has a long day at work and she comes home to find the table is already set.

Be Someone she can trust

If she feels she can trust you, she won’t behave clingy and needy when you’re out with the boys.  

If you break her trust, nothing will be the same again. 

 Honoring this should be just as important for you as it is for her. 

Put yourself in her shoes

You shouldn’t sulk for hours to get your own way.  

Being able to put yourself in her shoes, and trying to see things through her eyes, even when it’s hard, shows her you’re making an effort to build a bridge between your way of thinking and hers. 

Stay Sexy

Seduction is a never ending game. 

After some time, many men just don’t care anymore about how they look. 

Wearing yoga pants and slippers all the time will certainly make her feel that you don’t really care how she sees you and it will spoil the mood. 

You wouldn’t wear that on your first date, right?

Make her feel sexy and desired

There’s nothing better than a man who knows his way around her girlfriend’s erogenous zones like he’s packing a GPS.  

Eye contact, hugging and kissing never gets boring for a woman.  

Tip: Now… don’t be a drag. You don’t want to be that annoying guy that is constantly over her, caressing her, trying to kiss her, while you are with friends, etc.

 This kind of attitude shows nothing but low confidence.

To be accepted – curved and all

Loving a real woman means loving real curves- and she does put on a couple of kilos, you love her enough not to mention the words “muffin” and “top” in the same sentence- or the same week.

Setting the mood

Setting the mood is the backbone of being intimately romantic and creating exciting variety in your love life, and it involves at least three different aspects of your lovemaking. 

1. Get ready mentallyThis refers to the importance of using your mind and will to fantasize about sex.  

For example, during a busy day, you should stop and think about sex and allow yourself to feel sexual and ready for action.  

However, thinking about sex doesn’t mean playing pornographic scenarios in your mind over and over again.  

You should fantasize about your partner, and set goals about what you’d want sex to be the next time you’ll have it.  

2. Be there emotionally. This means creating an atmosphere in which you can be rested, excited, and warmly intimate.  

Good sex is based on an emotional mood and atmosphere.  

It involves enjoying adventure, being stress-free, and feeling in love enough to focus on your sexual feelings. Great lovemaking is more about who you are rather than simply what you do.

 3. Create the perfect intimate ambiance. This means altering your surroundings. It involves creating an environment that enhances and stimulates sexual arousal and meaningful, exciting interaction. 

Ideas abound in this domain, all you have to do is choose what best suits you. 

My advice: create a romantic ambiance by putting to work all your five senses. It’s nothing short of simple!

Here you can find some ideas on how to achieve this.

How To Plant the Seeds of Sexual Desire in a Woman’s Mind to Seduce Her Mentally –  Step by Step

Planting the seeds of sexual desire in a woman’s mind is a process and not an overnight journey.  

If you follow the step-by-step process that I’ve laid down below, you’ll not only plant the seeds of sexual desire in her mind… 

…but you’ll also be able to take control of her brain (this is also called as “female seduction”,  “female mind control”, female mental seduction”, or “seducing a woman mentally”). 

Ready? Let’s begin.

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Step 1 – Make Her Feel Good About Herself Before You Seducing Her Mind

Seducing a girl with compliments is an amazing technique and also very effective.  

An experienced seducer uses it to hide his interest, and thus, play with his target to flirt with her, to lead a seduction game very subtly and in a seducing manner. 

According to Vancouver Sex Therapist Teesha Morgan, “Complimenting a woman gives her an added boost, improves her confidence in you, and clears her mind of any doubt about having a relationship or even sex with you”.

Here are some examples of planting the seeds of seduction in her mind by complimenting her sexually and also emotionally. 

#1. Hey babe! You have the most incredible curves I’ve ever seen in my life.

#2. Your lips are truly irresistible.

#3. You have the sexiest legs.

#4. Your beautiful hair makes me go crazy.

#5. Your one text in the morning filled my entire day with happiness.

#6. You look so HOT when you wear that red top. 

Once you start complimenting her she’ll get a rush from the flattery and you’ll then find yourself searching for any other body part to praise.  

This makes her feel good about you and the whole relationship. 

Pro Tip: This compliment technique will vary from women to women depending on the physical features, attitudes or things your girl does. 

If you compliment a girl for having sexy boobs but in reality her boobs are not so good (or she thinks they are not good) it will backfire.  

Then, for example, you could say “You look so hot when you are concentrated in work”, it doesn’t always have to be a physical compliment. 

Be genuine, every woman has good qualities, and they are not only physical.

Step 2 – Talk Dirty To Seduce a Girl and Plant The Seeds Of Sexual Desire

A common misconception is that dirty talk has to be raunchy and vulgar.  

But that’s not always true, in fact dirty talk is about creating the sexual environmentin your lover’s mind by using dirty words and phrases.  

According to The Janus Report talking dirty involves verbalizing the sexual fantasy and the sex action that’s going on in your partner’s mind. In other words, turning a woman on mentally

You see, “Couples say all kinds of dirty things when they are sexaully aroused” says Barbara Keesling a psychologist and author of books such as “The Good Girls Guide To Bad Girl Sex”. 

She explains that if you want to tantalize a woman and engage her sexually you need to say dirty words and build the anticipation of wanting to have sex with you in her mind.

Here are some examples of Dirty Talk To Seduce Her Mind

The dirtiness of your sexy messages will depend on the stage your relationship is

To keep things easy and simple for you, these Dirty Talk and Seduction Examples, will go from simple, to sexy to very explicit, so they can fit your situation.

#1. Simple Sexy Messages (not very dirty) 

  • I want you here right now! 
  • You are going to be in so much trouble!  
  • Your [body part] is so beautiful. 
  • Dirty thoughts running through my mind.
  • You feel amazing, you know that? 
  • You are so… incredible. You leave me breathless. 
  • My body aches just imagining your touch. 
  • You turn me on like no other woman. 

#2. Sexy Talks (A little bit dirtier) 

  • Want to know something? I am so hard for you.
  • You know exactly how to satisfy me.
  • No woman has ever controlled my mind with sexy daydreams like you do. 
  • You are ridiculously sexy.
  • I love how much pleasure you give me baby!
  • I really love your… smile and the devilish look you get in your eyes when you want me.
  • I love the way you… tease my body until I can hardly stand it make me feel so sexy.
  • What an incredible, intelligent and sexy woman you are. 

#3. The Explicit Dirty Talk (So dirty that it convinces your mind of having sex in real life) 

I am craving… 

  • …your touch, your body, your pussy, your ass.
  • …I am craving your lips and tongue exploring my body.
  • …the way you give head.
  • …being skin-to-skin with you.
  • …cumming in your pussy/mouth/ass.
  • …being between your legs.

Guess what I’m thinking? 

  • …what a sexy woman I have.
  • …I can’t wait to be pounding you deeply.
  • …dirty, naughty, sexual things about you.
  • …about the other night and how connected I felt to you.
  • …all of the ways I could make you cum.
  • …all of the places on my body I want your mouth.
  • …all of the places on your body I want to kiss and lick.

 Do you see where this is heading?

These words and phrases not only helps to plant the seeds of sexual desire in her mind, but she will be emotionally and sexually attached with you…

…because after planting these seeds, when she is thinking about sex, she will be thinking about you.

And she’ll never want to look at any other men, but you and only you.

Step 3 – Treat Her Like a “Queen” and Not Like a “Whore” or a “Slut”

Once you’re at a certain level in a relationship with your woman it’s time to build a strong sexual bond with her

Here’s how to do plant the seeds of seduction in her mind

Learn to know and ask what her desires are (sexual and emotional both).  

Learn to know what her needs are, and in the process tell her what your wants are

The only way you can ask for what you want is to get to know what she wants first

And if you’re one of those people that fantasizes about porn and certain things you wish your lover would do (or you wife or your girlfriend)…  

…and you don’t have that talk…  

…then you’re really keeping her from being able to experience that side of you, which she wants to do.  

Reason being, most men try to judge a woman’s character the moment she starts to open up. 

And… if a woman shares her sexual fantasies most men think of her as a “whore” or “slut”. 

Don’t do that.

She wants to see you turned on. She wants to participate in your pleasure because it’s awesome.  

Guys are in these marriages where nobody’s having sex and they’re like, “Oh, I have sex like once a month” or “The last time I had sex was three months ago.” “She’s such a blah, blah, blah”… 

They’re always dogging her, and all I can think of is like, if she had the opportunity, she would be fucking like a rock star if the right experience came up.  

As I said above, once you’re at a certain level in your relationship start exploring her mind to seduce her mentally without judging her.  

Let her feel confident with you, let her know she can trust you and see how these little things will build the plant seeds of sexual desires in her mind.

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When Seducing Your Wife Or Girlfriend, Don’t Just Talk, Do

We mentioned this earlier in this post, but since this one of the biggest mistakes men do when seducing a woman… we need to make a separate section to reinforce the message. 

As much as women may love to hear the sweet things you have to tell them, you know what they would love more? 

You actually acting out those things you say.

In essence, instead of trying to seduce her with words, seduce her with your actions.

  • Call her.
  • Send her flowers when she least expects it.
  • Offer to make her dinner.
  • Think of any nice thing you can do for your woman and if you believe she will love it, then do it.

Your actions are supposed to tell her of how much you adore and treasure her

You want to make her fall completely in love with you. 

DOING, besides talking, is the cornerstone of any seduction process

Imagine if it was the other way around. 

What if she said “Oh, baby, when you come home I am going to suck your cock so hard.” 

Now, let’s pretend you arrive home and nothing happens. 

That little deception is the same thing that happens to her when you just talk but don’t do what you say.

Needless to say, if your actions can stir her emotions, this will pique her interest in you and once you are able to get her attention, you have successfully gotten down the foremost technique in how to seduce any woman.

Why Women Lose Interest in Sex and Also In You (And How to Prevent This From Happening)

Now, planting the seeds of desire in her mind alone won’t help to sustain her sexual interest and emotional attachment with you. 

Here’s what you need to understand to ensure she never cheats and never lose interest in you.

Step 1 – For a Woman Love & Sex should be like one sees in the movies: intense and passionate

Sex involving two partners shouldn’t have anything to do with the Angels from Victoria’s Secret catalogs, Megan Fox, or any TV/movie love/romance/sex scene that once impressed you so deeply that it’s actually become a part of your sexual repertoire. 

Sex doesn’t have to be loud, it doesn’t have to be graceful, and you don’t have to roll your eyes to the back of your head to show your pleasure

Sex is much more comfortable and exciting when you don’t impose the rest of the world and its judgments on the act

Sex is such an intimate and personal experience, and it is so good that things are like this, that it’s no use for you to burden it with old fashioned and untrue cinematic myths.

Once you understand step 1 now comes the execution part.

Step 2 – Women want erotic, passionate and mindful sex

I am going to try and explain this as clearly as possible.  

The first thing you must know is that true passionate and mindful sex takes both time and courage to achieve, because before you can attain it, you must reveal your soul, not just your body.  

Being naked isn’t about taking off your clothes; it’s about taking off your mask and revealing the feelings at the core of who you are. 

When your clothes are off, all your partner sees is your body, but when your emotional walls are down, SHE can see much more- how much you need her emotionally and sexually. 

The almost universal desire of women for this kind of passionate sex is a major reason for the enormous popularity of romance novels and soap operas. 

Women of every age, search for their fantasies in these stories. In them, you find story lines that focus on couples who have hot, erotic, sensational sex. 

The bottom line: emotional connection improves sex, not the other way around.  

Given that fact, my advice for you, if you want to discover in your real life the kind of intimacy and passion you see in the movies, is to stop moving into intercourse so fast.  

Take the spiritual nourishment that comes with embracing, touching, talking, and bonding in an intimate way.  Go slowly, take your time, and never, ever rush into bed. 

The punchline is go slow, do not rush to ensure she never loses interest in you. 

This takes us to the final part which is how to go slow, fulfil her sexual needs without becoming her boring “slave”.

Final Section And The Most Important One: Why Women Cheat In a Relationship? (And What You Can Do To Make Sure She Never Ever Cheat On You)

Women cheatwhen they want something that is actually lacking in their relationship. It can be sex or emotional connection. 

In the above section, we already discussed how to make her feel special by complimenting her along with the right skills to plant the seeds of seduction in her mind. 

But there’s one more thing that forces women to cheat that is lack of spice in your relationship. 

Just like we cannot eat the same food everyday, in the same way having sex in the same pattern everyday kills the intimacy and romance

In order to keep that sexual spark alive you need to try variety of sex ideas and hot sex moves that’ll force your woman to keep coming back for more.

Follow These Steps to Make Sure She Never Ever Cheats You

1. Do it in the Shower, not in the Bedroom Everytime

A shower is not only meant to get you clean.  

It also has some pretty sensuous possibilities, and women often fantasize about being “caught” soaping themselves.  

So, if you want to see her smile, just step into the shower and ask, “May I join you?”. 

By giving her some wet, warm and soapy attention- don’t jump right from the start with intercourse- she’ll feel appreciated and cared for, not merely a sex object.

If she wants to do it right then and there, you know what to do, but if she doesn’t, it doesn’t matter, the shower in itself should have given you a nice clean start to the rest of the evening (if you know what I mean).

For more on shower sex here are some kinky ideas you can steal – 3 Naughty And Wet Shower Sex Games For Lovers

2. Touch her in other places

Couples that have been together for any length of time can fall into patterns of lovemaking.

That is, they caress one another in similar ways each time they make love.

At the risk of generalizing, men are probably quicker to fall into a pattern of going for the erogenous hot spots right away, forgetting about some of the subtler areas that might have been explored earlier in the relationship.

Surprise your partner next time you are in bed by touching her everywhere but between her legs or on her nipples, at least until she asks you to.

Instead, use your hands anywhere and everywhere else. There are plenty of erotic zones on a woman’s body, and they surely need more attention.

3. Talk dirty to her at the right moment

Using dirty words and talking dirty to your partner at the right moment can be extremely hot.

Before you do it though, make sure you are both comfortable with it.

Not all women want their partners puff them up with porn borrowed sex talk.

However, some honest vocal appreciation of her and the sex you share together can be very nice.

Let her know how she makes you feel, what you want her to do to make you feel good, what you enjoy about her body.

You don’t have to write a script, or be false. Just let her know that the things she does to you feel good, make some noise, and forget about being a gentleman. 

She’ll appreciate your openness, especially since men are known to not being that vocal in the bedroom.

4. Oral Sex… And that’s it

How about an evening when you’re allowed to use only your mouth in the process of lovemaking. 

This may seem like a challenge, but a little variety didn’t hurt anyone.  

So, the next time you are making love, touch each other only with your mouths. Keep your hands away. 

Kiss, lick, nibble, and suck all over each other. 

Let your mouth roam where your hands would otherwise. 

Brush your lips along her neck, run your tongue down her spine, nibble the curve under her breasts, and draw circles on her stomach with your tongue.

Try not to use your hands except for support or until you just can’t stand not to use them. It should be a delicious evening.

5. Pick A Date Night

For some couples, there is a question of when to make love.  

If one is in the mood, but the other isn’t or the other way around, you might end up fighting and adding pressure or doubt to your relationship. 

An excellent solution is to pick one night a week that is date night no matter what. 

As an experiment, agree on one day of the week that the two of you will meet for sex.

Don’t let anything interfere, not even a bad mood, because each of you has to be able to depend on that meeting. 

If one partner really doesn’t feel like full sex, then the deal is that you will still help the other enjoy some sexual pleasure.

6. Give Her Attention

Everyone loves attention; yet we are often self-conscious about asking for it.  

One of the simplest ways that you can give attention to the lady in your life is to pay attention to her hair.  

It may seem a simple thing to you, but she will love it if you offer to brush her hair. A little bit of pampering feels really good. 

For a woman, so much of what is sexy is not actual sex but the ceremonies between men and women, before and after sex.  

This is a great ceremony, one that she will love. As simple as it is, she will find it most romantic.

7. Cuddle first

Couples that have been together for awhile sometimes lose touch with the simpler physical moments of their beginning. After awhile, you tend to just start in the middle of lovemaking, skipping the preludes. 

I know the jokes about men not being good at cuddling and finding it awkwardly romantic, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it too.  

Make the house quiet, hold each other and stroke one another. Recapture the simpler time in your relationship, when this kind of physical communication was important. 

Both of you will benefit from this return to some of your earliest forms of lovemaking, when just holding one another was charged with electricity.  

Sometimes the best way to heat up your sex life and bring back the lost sexual intimacy is actually slowing it down, and a few minutes of cuddling before you turn the pleasure thermometer is a great way to do that.

8. Undress for Success

Now that you’ve been together for awhile as a couple, when you go to bed together, you probably just get ready for bed separately and then meet in bed.  

Wouldn’t it be nice to recreate some of the earlier anticipation and ceremony?  

What better way than to completely undress one another, deliberately, enjoyably. 

If you have gotten into very casual clothes once you got home, when it’s time, get dressed again.  

Put on some nice music, maybe some candles, and go through a ceremony of undressing one another before you make love.  

Appreciate every bit of skin that is uncovered. You’ll have the double pleasure of spending the day thinking about it, and then doing it.

9. Sexy Scrabble

To heighten the experience of love and lust for each other, play a game of sexy scrabble together, using erotic words to spark your sexual imagination.  

First, each of you should separately write down what you’d like your partner to do for you if you win the game, and put those desires in an envelope- no peeking!  

Rule: it must be something sexy, and it can’t include intercourse. 

Up the ante of your sexy scrabble game by making it strip scrabble.  

In strip scrabble, all the words you are allowed to use are hot, teasing, passionate and dirty, and when you strike a double letter your partner has to remove an item of clothing.  

When you hit a triple letter score, your partner has to remove and item of clothing and use the word in a saucy sentence to you. You’ll be laughing and lusting in no time, so that no matter who scores the highest, you both win.

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​10. Use Your Penis in a Non-Penetrative Play

Your penis is not just good for intercourse, it can also be a seductive tool of foreplay, if you know how to use it.  

Many of the couples that come to me for sex advice agree that non-penetrative penis-vagina play is extremely arousing.  

Here’s what you should do: Once you are both naked and eager for more, start by massaging her breasts with your hands, while your penis slowly tickles her genital area.  

Once you feel that is getting wet, take your penis in your hand and rub it up and down on her vulva.  

If she’s extremely excited and moaning for more, spread her wetness up and down her clitoris, to stimulate the head of her clit… but with your own little head.  

Be gentle, this is a sensitive area! Since you are not going to enter her, use your erection to touch her everywhere down there, stimulating both her inner and outer lips.  

The psychological thrill for her, knowing that this is all about external play, will have her curiously wet until she comes.

Be her clitoral climax cupid, shooting her up to seventh heaven!


If there is one thing I want you to understand from this article is that ANYTHING you want is possible

Women are sexual badasses and they are open to anything if you present it correctly and you give the seeds you plant time to bear fruit. 

If you start pushing an agenda, or your technique is not good enough (or even childish), then you won’t achieve what you want. 

But if you act like a smart, sophisticated man, gently planting the seeds, comforting her when she needs it, it will even come to the point where she feels the blooming garden was her idea all along. 

And then the idea itself stimulates emotion for her, and emotion is a beautiful thing.  

It can create overwhelming, irresistible passion in the relationship. 

And you will be front and centre of that emotion. 

She will crave for you. 

You will be irresistible for her and no other man will be able to compare with you, no matter if he is better looking, more wealthy or more well versed. 

You create a safe and erotic place for her than noone else can. 

There is no competition for that. 

She will surrender to you and unleash her sexual energy, her sexual power and live full throttle at her full potential. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this step-by-step guide on seducing a woman mentally and if you really liked it do not forget to watch this free video below.

FAQ’s on How To Seduce a Woman?

#1. Is seducing an attractive woman hard?

1. Be super confident. Confidence is the key to winning or seducing a woman which is something most women find attractive in a man.
2. Wear Your Amazing Smile.
3. Talk sexy Not Vulgar and Sensibly.
4. Compliment Her on Looks.
5. Show Your Assertiveness.
6. Be Honest.
7. Be Patient.
8. Treat Her With Love And Respect.

#2. How do you turn a girl on emotionally?

1. Hold her hands.
2. Gaze into her eyes with love.
3. Give her a hug.
4. Give her a hot massage.
5. Send her flirty and naughty texts throughout the day.
6. Try kinky sex ideas (read here for more)

#3. What is the best part of seducing women?

When it comes to attracting or seducing a woman the right personality and body language matter the most.

Try to subtly touch her sensual body parts and make eye contact. Make her feel special.

And as far as clothing is concerned wear something that attracts a woman’s attention and craving for you.

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