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Signs you are not in love anymore

Signs you are not in love anymore

As we grow up in life we are taught that being in love is the best feeling in the world. It is natural and spontaneous, you will feel it when it happens, the feeling of butterflies in the stomach, feeling happy from inside. 

You see someone and fall for them. He is so smart and unique, or she is so remarkable and fantastic. Our passion ignites the moment we see them and we ask our self is this a feeling of love?

We fall in love go along with them. The world seems to be wonderful and at your feet, everything seems to be placed in order for you perfectly. We go along and live our passion for as long as they last. Because we believe that the connection between both is strong.

Signs you are not in love anymore

After some time things starts to change, reality knocks the door and we discover the real person behind the scene. Its human nature when we go through initial romantic phase of a relationship, everything seems to be fine. When the romance is over things change dramatically. Suddenly the person you loved so much appears boring and unappealing.

I am not saying that it happens in every relationship but, in most of the relationships it’s the same story. Now, the question is why does it happen?

Its infatuation and attraction, not the real feeling of love. Getting attracted to someone is fine, its human tendency to pick the best flower in the garden, because of its external beauty. We have a habit of judging things from its external appearance without going deep into it.

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Relationships built on infatuation and attraction don’t go the distance they are temporary and based on personal satisfactions. The sign of a happy relationship is the unconditional love both lovers share even after spending many years together. But, if the relationship starts to lose passion and romance, the feeling of selfishness and insecurity creeps in. This is when we start to dislike and hurt each other, which gives a sign you are not in love anymore.

You might be spending good time with your partner, but deep inside you are dying, you are not happy. One of the most important aspects of relationship that holds both the partner together is the feeling of belongingness and togetherness. The desire to spend time together. But, as romance and love fades away from your life, you tend to spend less time together which give definite signs you are not in love anymore.

signs you are not in love anymore

In the initial romantic phase of a relationship how hard you rush to meet your partner to spend time and be together. In the initial stage of any relationship everything is new and happens for the first time in life. So its natural you will be freaky enough to rush to meet them. But, as time passes by you get bored repeating the same thing again and again, and it gives clear signs you are not in love anymore.

Some times when you are not in a good mood, you are tensed for some reason, you might explode on your partner which is totally acceptable when you are angry. But, in the earlier part of your relationship you wouldn’t had fought, since the relationship was new and attracting. But, now you are constantly wanting to fight on small and pity issues which indicates you secretly wish to breakup with your partner and this is also one of the signs you are not in love anymore.

Love is mentally and physically both. It is perfectly normal to make love with your partner and it’s important and healthy for any relationship. Since, it strengthens your relationship, builds trust and responsibility towards one another. If you have lost the eagerness to make love to your partner than you should give it a try once, as it provides mental satisfaction, kill issues between partners it heals the heart. But, if you really not convinced from inside to make love to your partner than, it shows signs you are not in love anymore.

I believe it is very easy to identify a couple from there body language and movements, whether they are a happy or unhappy couple. The way they talk to each other, hold their hands and move along. If your lover goes to hold your hand and you lift your hand up trying to curl your hair with the hand he went to hold than it is a clear signs you are not in love anymore.

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To be in love is one of the best feeling one can experience in life. Love has its own different stages and each stage is different from the other by all the means. In the initial stage as explained above when romance is at peak in the winters but, what when summer comes? True love is eternal and cannot be switched on or off on your will. It is a consistent feeling of longetivity for the whole life without accepting anything in return. It is emotional connection of pleasure we receive from our partner in good and bad circumstances which proves the gravity of love between couples.


If you don’t have the above feelings in your heart for your partner than this are the signs you are not in love anymore.

I hope you found this post useful on signs you are not in love anymore. Please share and comment below.

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