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7 killer tips on how to date a guy you like

How to date a guy you have crush on what skills do you need?

It sometimes can be very complicated as you don’t know how to start and were to find the answer on how to date a guy. I believe there is no rule in love and dating. The only what matters while you date a guy is to try and keep your date interesting and adventurous. You will definitely need some dating ideas or dating tips on how to keep him interested. Casual meet and date are two different things in order to date a guy you need to keep him interested. While you are making your preparation for your adventurous date try and give hints to your guy about your excitement. Remember do not reveal just give hint to keep him interested and excited. I will try to share some points for those girls really wishing to date a guy they like to convert their crush in to a happy relationship.

How to date a guy

1. Create interest
A date should not be boring as it will create disinterest in both men and women. To get started with the conversation a simple dating tip is that there must be something special about that guy that is why you liked him and wanted to date. To keep the date interesting talk about that special thing that you like about him which will keep him interested too. Everyone likes to be praised and talked about them so start the conversation with things he likes which will start endless and healthy conversation. It will also help you to learn more about your guy. Note that it is exciting and adventurous to date a guy as long as you only try to fit in each other’s shoes and be yourself. Don’t try to mould things just be natural.

how to keep him interested


2. Look attractive
Every girl wishes to look attractive and beautiful while dating a guy of her choice. A girl needs to be confident of her looks without getting overwhelmed with the situation. Try to look natural avoid too much makeup a bit of lipstick and hair style will do. Don’t push yourself too hard to look good. Be what you are and love yourself make your original beauty shine so that there are no hidden surprises later. No doubt it’s a fact that men see how beautiful and attractive a woman is before they take interest in her. It is unfortunate but true that first thing a man seeks in women is her external appearance how she looks. Physical traits in women matters a lot to any men. If you have enough money than go to a stylist and if you don’t have than do it at your own. Wear something that looks good on your body and suits your personality do not try and experiment too much. Few simple things like bit of lipstick to make your lips more appealing. Little bit of eyeliner to make your eyes look catchy. A sexy and appealing dress which fits properly on your body and you are done. This will help you land adventurous date with your crush.

compliment your men

3. Make him ask you again for second date
It is important to create good first impression while you date a guy you like. We have tendency to focus on things that are actually not very important like what to talk, how to dress up and many other things. No doubt to create a good first impression on your date all this things are important too to keep him interested. But the most important thing to focus here is what you will achieve at the end of the date. If everything goes well you will surely have great chance to meet up again for the second date. A quick cute first date tip you can use here is by keeping up the mystery. Make him feel wanting for more leave enough mystery for him so that he is curious enough to ask you out for second date. Just give him little details about you remember only little details. Like your hobbies, your daily routines, romantic ideas that you prefer, your views on love, what you think of sex. Trust me this first date tips for women or any girl would work like charm and it will keep him interested too.

first date tips for women

4. Give attention and make him feel special
Everyone likes to be attended in a good way. Men likes to be complimented too so when you are out to date a guy make him feel special and important. Make him feel that he holds very special place in your heart this will keep him interested and happy too. Tell him you love the way he smiles, the way he walks just flatter him around little bit not much. Make eye contact in between while talking and ask questions about his life, family and hobbies. You can say so much with your eyes and it helps to analyze what’s going in the guy’s mind whether he is enjoying your company or getting bored. Eyes give specific signals about your facial expression which can be helpful to check whether you are able to keep him interested or not.

keep up your confidence

5. Push him to know you more
Show up your attitude in a positive and attractive way. Don’t change your appearance just to impress someone. Men always like confidence with beauty in women. This is one quality that attracts men a lot. No men wish to date a woman who is desperate and needy. Be high on your confidence and appearance your confidence will be highly impressive to someone you want to impress. Show your confidence in your words which will make him feel the urge and excitement to know you more.

avoid friend zone

6. Avoid getting too much into friend zone
In order to date a guy it is important to know him and to know him you have to be friends with him initially. But I believe you have to take care when you do this. Best couples are friends first and that friendship later forms great relationship. But it is important to understand that you are a woman who wants to be his life partner and not limiting your relationship to only friendship. Once you get in to a friend zone he will only see you as friend which will be a downfall for you. Try to keep proper balance between love and friendship show your feminine side too to make him understand that you are here to form a long term relationship.

Flirt with your guy


7. Flirt with him little bit
The best way to attract a man and catch his attention is by flirting. Men enjoy being flirted as flirting can lead to all sorts of things. Flirting creates a pleasant environment and you lose all your focus and concentrate only on the person you are attracted too. The best way to flirt is to tease. Teasing can be funny, notorious or seducing. Try sexual flirting to seduce him but this tip is to be used only when no one else is around or else it could be embarrassing for both. You can even touch him arms or touch him with your legs. After all guys love woman who are simple and cute in public but turn out wild cats in bedroom. If you really want to know how to date a guy follow this flirty pick up lines and just keep it adventurous like this it will help you to win his attention and keep him interested.

These are some of the points on how to date a guy you like. But before you try to attract him make sure you look attractive first. It helps to boost up your confidence too so look great, feel great and be confident while dating your crush.

I hope you found the post on how to date a guy useful. If you really liked it please share and comment below.

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