May 5, 2022

How To Be Sexy For Your Man (7 Romantic & Seductive Steps)

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Learn step-by-step how to be sexy for your man right now

How’s your love life going? How do I know if he loves me? Does he still love me? Will be come back if he leaves you.

These are some weird questions that go through your mind. There is a situation when your man is not treating you the way you want.

The spark and intensity that used to be there now it seems to have faded away.

You feel dependent on him to be loved and pampered.

Every problem in your relationship turns abusive and somehow ends up coming back to you.

Though you know in your heart you love your man, still, you are in a confused state of mind.

The passion and intimacy have disappeared the flames of love have vanished.

This situation arises once in every woman’s life and it’s because of lack of the X-factor in your relationship.

So what is the X-factor and how to keep him interested the answer to all this question lies in staying sexy and confident?

Yes, the X-factor lies in two words and those two words are being sexy and confident, but how to be sexy for your man.

Let’s learn a few good steps on how to be sexy for your man that will change your love life forever.

#1. Make your appearance seductive and sexy.

The best way how to be sexy for your man is by looking sexy attractive and seductive. Men are pictorial by nature.

They try to visualize the things in their mind that they see in physical appearance. They get turned on if you look sexy and seductive.

It is important for a woman to concentrate on how she looks in front of her man. Just apply to seduce red lipstick with a sexy dress on your body highlighting your physical traits.

Trust me it will blow his mind, lipstick forces men to think of sex and gives a pleasant hint of sweetness when he will come close to kiss you and your sexy dress will make you look like a bombshell.

Use a seductive perfume to make him go insane with the sweet fragrance of your body giving a sweet surprise to drive him close to you.

If you want to bring back the early days of excitement again in your relationship you have pulled out all this beauty shop formulas every now and again to impress your man and keep him interested only in you which holds the key for healthy relationship.

#2. Be clear and bold

To be sexy you need to be clear and bold in what you speak.

To be sexy you have to be creative and to be creative you need to come out of your comfort zone.

What are the things to say to turn a guy on believe me it’s very easy just send a sweet text message but with little dirty lines saying:

I was eating a chocolate, I wish you could take a bite and lock my lips into yours and get messy to feel the extreme pleasures.

And he will be astonished by this words and your sexy mood will turn him horny.

Be open to your man try out new things if you are in a mood to have some fun in the night just speak out to your man about your craving.

But make sure you are choosing the right time to seduce him.

It can be that he is having some work pressure or he is not in the mood.

So it’s better to avoid those tense situations try these things when both are free to have a memorable night as you guys had on your first date.

#3. Surprise once in a fortnight

Remember one thing sex and romance is not planned. It’s spontaneous and trust me the best sex is always unplanned.

But you can innovate and plan new things to surprise your man to blow away his mind.

One best way how to be sexy for your man is by surprising him with your transparent sexy lingerie when he comes home from work.

Just pull off all the lights keeping only the zero bulb and you in a sexy pose lying down on the sofa.

The moment he pulls the lights on he will really be surprised to see your sexy avatar and rest will be history.

I think you understand it better what should be the outcome of this surprise.

But remember one thing try this only occasionally to keep him interested which will further keep your relationship interesting.

#4. Sensual massage twice in weeks

Massage is again one of the best ways to reconnect with your man.

A man really love massage and if they can get it from their spouse or girlfriend then it’s more than awesome.

Try a simple but sweet and sensual massage.

It’s often observed that after the first few months of a relationship the sexual feeling slowly fades away.

Most of the time sex becomes only a formality a simple to and fro intercourse and done.

In the process, we often ignore the other 75 percent of each other’s body which actually gives the most pleasures.

I am talking about the initial foreplay while making love to your partner.

A sensual massage to one another while making love can help both to explore each and every part of your body and also make both the partners emotionally available touching one another and looking at each other’s expressions.

Tell me what could be sexier than that.

#5. Don’t throw all your cards in one go.

It is important for you to keep your man guessing. Don’t throw the menu directly on the table.

Let him have the starter first and then move ahead for the main course.

What I want to tell from this is just take it easy push him to crave for more and leave him wanting.

Let’s come to the point eating a chocolate once in a while keeps the craving for it alive in your heart.

Same goes for sex it is a good idea to avoid sex someday. Let the passion build give him a passionate kiss, let him explore your body from top to bottom.

But stop right there let the intensity build and leave it for the next day only if you can control. Trust me the next day will be one of the best day of your life.

I know it can get him furious but sometimes it’s a good idea to hold on.

I know some of you might not agree with my thought but I would suggest you react according to your situation.

I will leave this option to you but this one is again a great idea on how to be sexy for your man.

#6. Be an amazing kisser.

Many people don’t take kissing seriously but I believe it’s the best way to start a romance and get going with your partner.

It’s the best foreplay to turn your man on and get him in mood straight away.

Take initiative to kiss your man, if a kiss is done passionately it builds the intensity for a great foreplay.

While kissing touch him sensually and massage his scalp starting from the back end of the neck and moving upwards on the scalp sensually curling his hairs moving your fingers gently.

Also make use of other parts of your body to touch him slowly with a passion which will ignite the hidden fantasies forcing him to go in the honeymoon phase again.

#7. Be Confident.

You try all the above steps but you are not confident enough to execute them trust me you won’t be sexy at all forget about seducing you will have a hard time impressing your man.

Remember intense love comes from within yourself unless you feel sexy from inside you won’t feel confident and if you are not confident you cannot express your sexiness.

Nothing will please your man unless you believe in your heart “yes" I am sexy and that is the reason why he is with me.

Be bold and confident from inside. Being sexy is not about having a curvy figure or sexy legs, or rosy lips it’s all about how you treat yourself and what you think you are.

So if you really want to have the best answer on how to be sexy for your man than the only one word that I can suggest is confidence

This are some of the techniques on how to be sexy for your man.

But let’s keep sex apart for some time as sex is only a part of life which is important to keep the relationship moving and desirable.

But phenomenal love life doesn’t come from two unsatisfied people coming together to create one full life.

Phenomenal love comes from two fully satisfied people who is willing to improve their already full and phenomenal love life.

To be honest, being in love is one of the greatest joy in the universe which is something we all deserve to feel and experience.

I hope you found the post on how to be sexy for your man useful. If you really liked it please comment and share see you another day in another post, till then goodbye and have my best wishes.

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