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Married but still feeling lonely in a relationship

feeling lonely in a relationship

Why do i feel lonely in a relationship with my spouse.

We often think of marriage as signs of being in love and connected with our partner. But most of the times it’s not the truth, what we see from outside is totally different from inside. It is not necessary that marriage will protect you from dangers of loneliness. In fact it is totally opposite most married couples in the current era are feeling lonely in a relationship. It has been proved in recent study that most couples that are married or living together are unhappy with their partners and feel isolated even in their presence. There are times when you desperately want to feel connected but feel like a stranger to each other. What are the reasons for feeling lonely in a relationship let’s check out those reasons in this post.

1. As mentioned above we have a misconception that marriage saves us from the clutches of loneliness, which is actually not the case. Loneliness is again a feeling just like happiness is a feeling the only difference is loneliness makes us sad and happiness keeps us cheerful and bubbly. Loneliness in marriages depends on the intensity of your relationship with your partner. The connection of love and emotional touch is strong or weak it determines the status of your relationship. It is not a one day process it happens over time and gradually increases with the years as we get detached with our partner.

2. Feeling lonely in a relationship is because there is a chance that your husband is not able to connect with you the way you want him to. It happens in most marriages the husbands have no idea about the feelings of their wives. They simply don’t know anything about their physical and emotional requirements which is the reason why most marriages fail.

3. There is also a situation where you know your man loves you and you love him too. He is a good person good at heart not evil or selfish than what is the reason behind you feeling lonely in a relationship with him. It’s because he doesn’t understand your needs. He is not able to figure out your deepest desires that are left unsatisfied. The only thing that he has with him to offer is you physical sex. He might be giving you physical pleasure while making love to you during sex. But the moment sex is over he again gets into his normal mode which shows that he limits his love for you only till the time you both are physical involved. The moment sex ends love ends and it is a big problem which is a sign of a bad relationship.

4. Feeling lonely in a relationship can also be due to lack of communication or no communication at all. The unwillingness to have open communication and discussion creates a wall in a relationship. You might eat, sleep and live together but still you lack something. Things don’t appear to be normal and on track. It’s a fact that relationship involves two people and when those two people walk parallel holding hand in hand it helps to have a strong relationship. But if one out of the two changes track it ends the relationship altogether.

5. The little conflicts and arguments turns in chronic issues. In fact argument becomes the only time when your husband listens to you carefully. You try to put your emotional needs and problems but it makes no difference to him. On the contrary you get to hear only sarcastic and heart wrenching remarks which makes you feel sad and isolated. This small issues grow bigger and bigger and a time comes when you guys hardly talk to each other.

6. The emotional detachment with your husband also affects you mentally which forces your mind to look for love and affection outside your married life. You feel annoyed and guilty most importantly you don’t want to be called as a betrayer but the emotional absence of your spouse drives you to walk on the wrong road so called extra marital affair. You get so frustrated that you forget the difference between right and wrong.

7. A times comes when the married life becomes totally practical and loveless all the beautiful colors get filled with darkness all around. Conversations between couples too become very practical like Did you pay light bill, I have some work I will have my dinner later, make a coffee, I will come late tonight and many other practical phrases which has no love like feelings. This phrases becomes the only way of communication which creates natural feeling of emotional dissatisfaction and physical ignorance in your spouse.

Feeling lonely in a relationship means the communication is broken between partners. One’s you assume that you are lonely automatically the distance between couples is increase which is a signs of a bad relationship. In order to keep a relationship strong love, respect and proper communication is must to have. Once the hope of emotional connection is lost in a relationship it is difficult to regain it again.

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