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What do women want from men in a relationship

What do women want from men

Every women in the world desires to be loved by a man of her choice, qualities women wants in her men varies from women to women what are those personality traits that attract a woman towards men? Lets go little deep, many men wants to get the answer to this question, what are the qualities women wants in her men, what does it takes to impress a woman. Well it’s not an easy task since, all women has different likes, dislikes, perception, opinion, demands and choices. But, it is still not an impossible task, if we have the below 8 qualities women wants in her men then you are surely on the road to win her heart.

what do women want from men

  1. Protect

When you talk of security every woman gets a bit tense, whether her guy would be able to protect her physically in vulnerable and dangerous situations. A women always prefers a man who is capable of protecting her in any circumstances, it makes her feel secured and raises the value and respect of the men in her eyes.


  1. Trust

Trust is the top priority for success of any relationship, without trust no relationship cannot exist. Trust is one quality women wants in her men, since it is the base of any relationship. It takes time to build trust and seconds to break, once broken very difficult to regain so, it is important for men to keep the trust of her women alive and this will help in the growth of their relationship.


  1. Enigma

A woman loves a person who is full of enigma. A mysterious person always catches a woman’s attention. It creates a sense of eagerness in a woman to know the hidden mystery in her man. She continuously strives to discover new things about her partner. She craves to know the hidden part of your life other than what she sees in everyday life. The more you hide, the more she tries. It keeps her interest in you alive and juicy.


  1. Possession

Everyone wants some space in their life. Same is the case with women they wants to have their space too. The moment she realizes about your possessive nature, a sense of insecurity creeps in her mind. They like man who are easy going and does not tie them down. A man who trust her and allow to go out with her friends without getting irritated. They prefer someone who understands that there is a life beyond love and relationship.


  1. Humorous and funny

Every woman wants to be with a man who has a good sense of humour, someone who can make them laugh, only a funny guy can make you laugh by making his own humour. Going out with a humorous person never gets boring. It is exciting because every woman likes a man who can lighten up the mood. But, what important is humour should be natural and inbuilt. You need to be effortlessly humorous to be able to make them laugh without trying. This is again one of the qualities women wants in her men. If you can make them laugh, you have a better chance of winning their heart.

qualities women wants in her men

  1. Be committed

Commitment is also one of the qualities women wants in her men, for success of any long term relationship commitment is a very important factor. If you show signs of discomfort and arrogance, than she will always be doubtful about you which is not healthy for any relationship. You need to win her trust and prove she is the only woman matters to you, spend more time with her, plan and talk your future. This small little thing builds connection and raises the level of commitment.

love and trust

  1. Love and Respect

Love and respect are two top notches which can make or break any relationship. If you don’t love her why she will stay with you, you need to support her when she is sad and going through a tough time. If you can stand by her side in her difficult times, you win her love and respect as it shows you too love and care for her, you are concerned about her and consider her problem as your own problem.


  1. Confidence

Every woman wants a man who is full of confidence, woman don’t like passive man with no solid plans, no clears intentions. They like men who are clear in their thought and precise in decision making skills. Confident men are sexy and straight forward in their relationship. If she can trust your decisions and movement, than she will always be in your hands as she will be able to carry your confidence in her life too.

This are some of the important aspects and qualities women wants in her men. But, if you ask me it depends on women to women what she wants everyone has their own choices. Surely if you have the above qualities you can be the dream man for any women.

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