May 5, 2022

Why Men Leave Good Women (The Untold Truth Revealed)

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Why men leave good women even when they love? Read below to find out the exact reasons.

Remember, men don’t have different feelings from women. They just have a different style of expressing them.

So if you want to know why men leave good women then you also need to know what’s he’s secretly afraid of, ask yourself this:

What are YOU secretly afraid of?

Chances are, his fears are just the same as yours.

Not feeling inspired? Here, let me give you a hint ... following are the top fears of the men surveyed to create this article.

He’s secretly afraid that you’ll transform into his mother which is the reason why men pull away and leave women they love.

Men are afraid of ending up with the wrong woman.

He’s not worried that you’ll get old and wrinkly one day (because he knows he will, too.)

He’s worried that you’ll gain fifty pounds and turn into his mother: someone who nags, who pesters, who tries to control him, who he doesn’t even recognize and could never conceive of going to bed with.

You don’t have to stay young forever. But you do have to stay invested in being a dream girl: someone who makes him feel amazing when he’s with you.

“I left her because she became too controlling. I had to put my foot down. She wanted to tell me what to do.” - Daniel, 55

He knows your relationship will have its ups and downs. That’s okay.

He just needs to know that you - the woman he cares about, is wildly attracted to, and who he chased down like a prize - he needs to know that woman isn’t going anywhere.

He’s secretly afraid of needing more than you’re prepared to offer.

Men need reassurance and validation just like you do. He wants to know that you think he’s hot, that he looks great in his suit (and out of it), and that you like spending time with him.

No need to go overboard or give him a sappy Hallmark card-style speech about how he “completes you” or how you “always knew the two of you would be together”.

Just pay a bit of attention to his good points ... and let him know you notice.

He’s secretly afraid that you’ll lose your attraction to him.

As you now know, most men are strongly focused on their achievements. One way of achieving is to work hard, get promotions, and bring home the bacon (or at least try.)

But another big way of achieving is with you.

If you’re not attracted to him - if you’re bored, if you’d rather watch Desperate Housewives than roll around on the couch, if you crack jokes about how your sex life has vanished down the toiled - he loses status in his own eyes.

He loses face.

He feels like less of a man.

And then he associates those feelings with you.

But if you are attracted to him, and if he can FEEL that attraction, that will make him feel like he’s cock of the walk.

And he will appreciate you more for it, too, because men fall in love based on how a woman makes them FEEL.

So if you’re attracted to him - and why else would you be with him, right? - make sure he knows it.

Don’t worry so much about saying it; instead, show it with your actions. Show it with your expressions.

Show it with who you are when you’re around him.

Men are afraid of losing status, of not being able to keep themselves together.

He’s secretly afraid of showing weakness and looking needy.

If he’s had a really tough day, he probably doesn’t want to talk about it, because he doesn’t want to dwell on it and he doesn’t want to make it seem worse.

He wants to be strong for you, not fall apart in front of you.

When a woman fails to do all these tasks that’s when a man leave women they love.

“Sometimes we get concerned about looking needy to a woman ... and then we do something hasty like pull away, even though we actually like her and want to be together. We’re just trying to be protective of ourselves.” - Steve, 39, on men’s greatest fears

He’s secretly afraid of BOREDOM.

He’s afraid that things will get stagnant and old and predictable.

As far as most guys are concerned, the perfect blend in a woman is something like 3 parts stability to 1 part free, untethered spirit.


That’s the ideal. Ideally, you have some responsibility, so he can trust you; but at the same time, he can’t just sum you up in one sentence, either.

He doesn’t always know where you’ll be or what you’ll want. And THAT is exciting.

Men like uncertainty.

We like to be kept on their toes.

We like it when one day you wear jeans and no makeup and the next day you get all dolled up in a cute dress and mascara.

We like it when sometimes you want to eat pizza on the couch and sometimes you want to go out dancing all night. We like to not always know what’s coming next.

Remember: men have a much more sensitive “boredom radar” than women do.

If he is starting to pull back, have nights out with his buddies every Friday and Saturday, if he seems less interested, it’s probably because he is.

So mix it up. You guys aren’t roommates. You’re lovers.

Find your unpredictability, book some fun dates (a concert, a hike, a trail-ride, whatever), break out some different outfits, and shake it up at different stages of commitment in your relationship life.

He’s secretly afraid you’ll force him to sacrifice his dreams for “The Relationship”.

Know what a vision of hell is for most men?

He’ll be dragged from his life of autonomy, independence, and relative freedom bypass the part where you’re all loved up and can’t wait to roll around in bed with him all night and go straight to the part where he can’t even go out on a golfing weekend with the guys any more without you giving him a hard time about it.

Granted, you may be able to play it cooler than that insane, credit-card-slip-checking woman from The Hangover.

But how do you feel when he goes to Vegas with his buddies for the weekend?

How do you feel when he’s invited to a stag night?

How do you feel when he wants to travel round Australia for six weeks with his best friends, and you’re not invited?

You have to look at it this way: most women have NO IDEA how to let a man celebrate his freedom within the bounds of the relationship.

Because they … don’t … GET IT.

They don’t get the fact that, just because he wants to go off without you for a while doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you anymore.

They don’t get the fact that men need to have “guy time” just as much as YOU need “alone time”, “girl time”, or “quiet time”.

They don’t get the fact that going off without you is actually his way of recharging his batteries so he can be a better lover, a better boyfriend, and a better, smarter, more enthusiastic, funnier, easy-going, AWESOME boyfriend for you.

But YOU do.

You get what all those other women do not that “man time” is not a threat to you, the relationship, or your future together it’s actually his way of improving himself and giving himself MORE energy for you.

So you have a choice: either you piss and moan and drag at his ankles … try to force him to invite you along … and generally make a nagging, boring “Mom” of yourself or, you can be the ultra-cool girlfriend he’s always secretly LONGED for who “gets” that he needs to live his dreams.

Eeven though those dreams may not be YOUR dreams) and who trusts him utterly to enjoy himself, have fun, be a man, and come back to you afterwards with photos, funny stories, and lots more love for you.

(And PS … give him his space without giving him a hard time … let him chase his dreams … and I guarantee you that he’ll wake up on Sunday morning with the taste of stale beer in his mouth, wondering why the hell he thought it would be fun to spend the weekend without you, and secretly wishing he was home with you right now.

That’s going to do more for your relationship than ten thousand hours of whining and crying because he didn’t invite you along.

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