May 5, 2022

Why Men Pull Away And Withdraw 8 Shocking Reasons You Must Know

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Why Men Pull Away and Withdraw

Why do men pull away and give mixed signals are types of questions every woman has asked herself at least once in her life.

If your man is pulling away early in the relationship, or you two have great chemistry but now he pulls away and does not return any of your phone calls or texts, then look no further because this is the right article for you.

Table Of Contents - Why Men Pull Away and Withdraw?

Why men pull away? - Intro

Knowing how the female brain works, you have probably given some thought about making him want you badly and come back, but that is not helpful in this situation.

The first step in resolving this problem is to determine the reasons for him withdrawing or losing interest.

Why do men pull away? Is it because they have lost the interest, or the chemistry is slowly fading away, or something else?

Men withdraw for all sorts of reasons

But, unless you identify the reasons the man you are dating pulls away, finding the lasting solution for your problem will be very hard.

Now, if you, despite being frustrated by his behavior, want to understand his nature and fix problems in your relationship, devote a few minutes of your time to read this article because it contains interesting and, above all, helpful suggestions on how to pull a guy back in and get his attention back on you again.

1. You are feeling anxious or frustrated if he pulls away after getting close

Men are often fickle and inconsistent and this is no different when they are in a committed relationship.

What they like the most is their freedom and independence so it is quite difficult for them to commit to one person only.

The fact that they start pulling away at some point is in line with their nature and as such, they demand deeper understanding.

At one moment he will profess his undying love to you, and at another, he will suddenly pull away and withdraw emotionally as if you two weren’t in a relationship at all.

You should not take this seriously. If he withdraws, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you. It is just that he feels too connected and needs some personal space, to preserve this sense of independence and not lose himself.

In this type of situation, it is best to avoid feeling anxious or frustrated because that would immediately ruin your relationship.

Give him the time and space he needs, and remember, if he is the perfect guy for you and willing to work on making your relationship a long-lasting one, then these pulling away phases will shorten with time and ultimately end.

2. You are clingy and needy around him

Another possible reason for men pulling away could be that their girlfriends often have the tendency to be too needy and clingy.

How can you know if you belong to this particular type of women?

There are numerous signs which could indicate this kind of behavior. Let’s check out most common ones:

• You like to be around him all the time.
• You are continually interfering with his arrangements.
• You constantly pamper him and please his every desire.
• You like hanging around his place a bit too much that you don’t want to leave even when he asks you to.
• You desperately try to please and impress his family members.
• You need to know his whereabouts all the time.
• You put him and his needs first neglecting your own plans and wishes.
• You openly show signs of jealousy and sarcasm when he’s in the company of other women.
• You drop the L bomb every second of every minute of every single day.
• You have the same opinion about things like him just because you are afraid disagreeing with him on any topic would push him away and make him love you less.

If a few too many abovementioned statements apply to you, then you may just be too clingy and needy.

However, there is no need for you to fall into the pits of despair. On the contrary, the real problem lies in overdoing these things.

Like with everything in life, you just need to find the right balance so your relationship grows strong and stable.

3. Your relationship is full of ifs or buts  

Every relationship is different and special. Some are built on love and trust, while other function on frequent conflicts. 

It is okay to fight with your partner since only through this will you recognize and determine whether you are right for each other.

Also, if you are questioning your relationship, that usually means that you are mature enough to appreciate the time and the effort you are investing in building this relationship.

This does not mean that you don’t respect or love your partner.

Men usually start withdrawing early in the relationship because they might not be ready for a new relationship after all, or do not see you two having a future together.

In this case, it is for the best to accept the true state of things and move on as love isn’t something that can be forced.

4. You don’t respect him enough

Most than love, men yearn for respect not only from the people in their surroundings but also from their partners.

This statement poses following question: Do you really respect your boyfriend?

Although this question may sound confusing, it demands to be asked.

For example, you two are at the party together when you start talking with your friends and gossiping not paying enough attention to your man.

He may notice this and be offended so prepare for this situation to be mentioned in your next big fight.

To avoid this, make sure you are attentive to his needs and wishes.

Men and women are very different

When they acknowledge these numerous differences, their relationship can only be fruitful.

Men admire and appreciate when women respect them.

If they aren’t respected in the relationship, they may withdraw themselves.

5. You relationship lacks sexual intimacy

One of the most noticeable differences between men and women is that men are usually the ones who seek fun and sexual experience without getting emotionally attached in the first place, while women need to develop emotional connection and then have intercourse.

It is quite common for men to pull away after they feel the lack of sexual intimacy.

At the beginning of a new relationship, the physical attraction between two people is incredibly strong.

But as the relationship progresses, that attraction can start to slowly fade away, and that is when most of the men pull away.

They may no longer be attracted to you.

To avoid this from happening to you, you have to come up with new and exciting ways to spice the things up in the bedroom and stop the spark from dying out.

6. You try to look attractive especially when he’s around

There is no denying that men like beautiful women who care about their appearance.

Moreover, their initial impression is based on women’s attractiveness and their physical presence.

This is because most men are visual types and they often like to let their imagination run wild and visualize certain things.

On the other hand, most women do not realize that men like when their girlfriends pay attention to what they wear and how they look in public, and when they look especially attractive for their men.

This is particularly important in the later stages of the relationship when the initial fiery passion starts cooling off.

What can make your man pull away is certainly if at any moment he notices that you don’t take care of your looks or you simply don’t look sexy for him and his eyes only.

What to do in this situation and stop him from pulling away?

You should put in a great deal of effort into looking attractive for him.

This will make it easier for him to fall for you and be drawn to you.

Just try to be the best version of yourself and make an effort because that is what counts.

He will notice your effort and love you even more because of it.

7. You hide certain things from him

Women often tend to be secretive and hide some things from their men.

But if they hide and suppress their feelings and don’t share their concerns with their partner, then there is a breakdown in communication and this can seriously damage their relationship.

Men love transparency and not be kept in the dark.

If they sense there is something you are hiding, they will most certainly withdraw themselves.

Relationships are built on mutual respect and trust and there shouldn’t be any boundaries when it comes to sharing your concerns and emotions.

Feel free to share things with him because only through this will you have a steady and healthy relationship.

8. He is seeing someone

There is always the possibility your man is not being honest with you as he might be seeing other women behind your back.

Not returning any of your calls or texts, or making up lame excuses for not being able to see you are just some of the signs that your man is losing interest and might be sneaking around with someone else.

• Are you fighting these days more often than usual?
• Are these fights about little and insignificant things?
• Does he constantly bail on you?

What to do when the man suddenly pulls away?

The first and foremost is to find explanation for this action without obsessing about him.

You should not be pushy or furious

Only when you are relaxed and cool will you actually manage to fix your relationship.

Timing is everything. Find the best moment and try talking over things with your partner.

 For this to work out, try talking to him when he is in the good mood and willing to cooperate because good and effective communication is the key to a successful relationship.

The careful and practical approach will help you overcome this problem.

During this conversation, be open and direct, and ask him about the relationship, what does he want out of it and how does he feel about you, and whether some things could be improved.

Listen to him carefully and don’t interrupt him.

Try to be understanding because that is how your relationship will grow.

See if you are on the same page and want the same things in life.

If that happens to be the case, then you will have a much stronger relationship and you two will be much closer.

FAQ about Why Men Pull Away

Why men pull away?

Men pull away for all kinds of reasons.

Among the most common ones are their high demanding and clingy women, forced and conditioned relationship, lack of sexual intimacy and respect.

These are followed by their loss of interest, and dishonesty.

Why do guys pull away and give mixed signals?

Guys like their freedom more than anything else in the world.

It is in their nature to act independently.

When they feel too close and connected to some girl, they immediately pull away and give mixed signals so as not to lose themselves and their freedom.

What should I do when he starts to pull away?

Firstly, don’t act all frustrated and furious.

Instead, be calm and try to find out what are the reasons that led to him pulling away.

Secondly, be open and confront him.

Tell him how you feel and try to work out your issues together.


In the end, one thing you should always remember is men pulling away and giving mixed signals is a part of their nature.

It is not in any way happening because of you or something you had done.

They are known for unpredictable behavior but you cannot help falling in love with them.

What you can do to make these withdrawal phases last shorter is to pay special attention to his actions and upon noticing even the slightest inconsistency stop, breathe and ask yourself why this sudden change of his attitude.

Finally, bearing all these pieces of advice in mind will surely help you overcome the withdrawal phases of your man or at least make them last much shorter.

Good luck!

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