May 6, 2022

14 Things to NEVER Do in Bed if You Want to Make Her Feel Good

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Today, a lot is said about what needs to be done in bed, how and why.

Most of the articles tell about the importance of sex in the life of a man or a woman and about what should be done in order to make a partner feel really good in bed.

But there is also the other side of the coin and there are so many mistakes men make in bed, which in no case should be allowed during intimacy. So, more to the point.

#1. Do not kiss her at the beginning.

When a man does not kiss a woman on the lips and goes straight to the erogenous zones, the girl perceives that as if she is paid by the hour and therefore you are in a hurry, skipping something that you do not consider important. A passionate kiss is an integral part of foreplay.

#2. To breathe hard in her ear.

Once in school someone told you that girls like it. But there is a huge difference between erotic breathing in the ear and the way people try to blow out the candles on the birthday cake. It is unpleasant.

#3. Do not shave.

When you look like a porcupine with your bristles and scratch the girl's face and hips, she does not like it. How quaint!

And the way she turns her head from side to side is not a passion, she just tries to avoid a painful touch to the bristles.

#4. Squeeze her bosom.

The majority of men do that roughly as a housewife checks the watermelon for ripeness. You have to be gentle and careful.

#5. Bite and twist her nipples.

Why do men bite nipples with such frenzy? The nipples are very sensitive. Do not bite and pinch. You should better lick them.

The same thing is with twisting. Do not twist her nipples with a thumb and a forefinger, as if you are setting up a radio receiver! Pay attention to the whole bosom, do not concentrate on the separate parts.

#6. Ignore the rest of the body.

Men are often mistaken, thinking that the female body map contains only three objects: the western and eastern bosom hills and the vagina.

But there are still a lot of areas that men ignore for some reason, hurrying to visit this short list of attractions. Pay attention to the rest of the body at last!

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#7. Do not take off her panties.

If you are not pretty handy with your hands and you can get tangled up in her panties with your fingers, there is nothing pleasing to her. Just ask her to take them off or take them off yourself.

#8. Do not have a condom.

Somehow it happened that it is considered to be a man's concern. You put it on, you care about it.

#9. Attack the clit.

Direct and strong pressure is very unpleasant, so gently move your fingers along it up and down.


#10. Being obsessed with the vagina.

Most guys cope with the task of finding a clit without a map, but they still think that the vagina is the most important thing in sex.

In principle, of course, it is important. But you have to be careful: the main thing here is not to hurt.

It is best to concentrate on the clit during the foreplay, and only then gently enter the finger inside, if she likes it, of course.

#11. Being in a hurry.

When you just start the process, you do not need to go over to super speeds immediately, she just does not like it. Start with simple, rhythmic but not fast movements.

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#12. Being too assertive.

If you really try and put your penis in her as deeply as possible, it's not always pleasant and you can even hurt.

#13. Do not come too long.

It may seem strange to you, but if you think that not coming for an hour means a good sex, then for her, perhaps, is the numbness of the vagina.

In this case, at least buy new curtains, so that she could have fun, while you show yourself a marathon runner.

#14. Stop for a break.

Women, unlike men, cannot continue from the same place where they have stopped. So, if she is about to come, do not brake and do everything in your power to help her!

I hope you find this post on 14 things you should never do in bed.

So guys remember​ this tips before making love to your Babe.

Bye for now keep coming back on my blog, have an incredible sex life cheers!​

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